MICHELLE: Yes. From that very next meeting, people began to be healed, set free. When I would travel in the nations, people would be getting out of wheelchairs and so on. One time I was going to the Philippines for a huge meeting in the Araneta Coliseum. And this meeting, when I started to land, in the morning as I was landing, the Lord said, I sent you here for one.

SID: I thought this was a big meeting.


SID: You were expecting tens of thousands.

MICHELLE: It was. Tens of thousands of people, and they were there that night. But as the plane landed, I heard Him say it so clearly, I sent you for one. And I knew the Lord was telling me He’s not going to bring that one to me. I need to look for that one because that’s what I learned from Mother Teresa. To go out and look for the souls. To seek for the lost, the hungry, the broken, those who don’t have anyone to love them.

MICHELLE: So I knew I was on a mission from heaven, not just for the tens of thousands that would be in the Araneta, but to find the one soul. So I went on a journey that morning, the next morning actually, and I decided to go to a place called Tala. Tala was a leprosorium, and I felt in my spirit that that person would be in the leprosorium. So I asked the nurse permission, “Can you take me through this leprosorium? Just take me through. I would like to give little gifts to the people, pray for them.” And I knew in my heart I would find that person there.

SID: I know you were looking for one, but what does it look like when you see a bunch of lepers? What did they look like?

MICHELLE: Yes. They were … Many of them had different forms of leprosy. And some of them were much more advanced than others.

SID: But you realize it’s highly contagious.


SID: That didn’t bother you?

MICHELLE: It didn’t because I was on a mission from God. So I went from ward to ward praying for the people and I thought, is this the end? So I asked the lady, I said, “Is there one more ward?” And she said, “Yes, but they’re not all leprosy patients. There’s some other patients, and I didn’t know if you’d like to go to that ward.” I said, “Oh yes, I would.” All of a sudden she said, “Half of the ward is leprosy. Half the ward is other diseases.” I walked in and there she was. She was sitting there. She was around, to me she looked like she was 10 years old. She was covered with leprosy from her head to her foot.

SID: Is that a painful disease?

MICHELLE: For some it is. For her particular type of leprosy, it was very painful. She had marks all over her face, on her arms, everywhere. And I stood there for a few minutes and then I said, “Hello sweetie.” I said, “Would you mind terribly if I put you on my lap, and if I got to meet you?” And she said, “No ma’am.” She was so polite. She said, “Of course.”

SID: I bet no one did that to her.

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