SID: 2015, the fire, a guide, and you’ll be amazed at the man that visited his church, visited him. What happened?

JAMES: Yes. The reason I wrote the book. It was a snowy night in February in 2015. I had a guest speaker supposed to come in. We were in the middle of worship, and he said, “I’m canceled at my connecting flight.”

SID: Was this the church you’re in now?


SID: And tell me just briefly what that…

JAMES: Absolutely. Historic church, New London, Connecticut, one of the first 50 churches ever in America, 750-seat sanctuary, but here’s the kicker. Jonathan Edwards, George Whitfield, David Brainerd. I have the notes. Some of the greatest awakeners ever in the history of America preached in that building.

SID: That was called the Great Awakening. And he has the building they preached in. Okay. So what happened that night?

JAMES: So the minute he canceled, I mean, obviously I could speak, but I felt a different presence in the room, and I knew that something special was going to happen. So I got on my face, I started praying, and I was going to set the pace for what He wanted to do. And all of a sudden, I looked, and in the front of the church on the right was a baptismal. Jesus is standing behind that, and I see fire bubbling from the inside of the baptismal. And the Father said this to me, “I am reigniting the fire of Awakening again. And my people will be like flames of fire. And it will go out into the street and bring in an end time Awakening.” And he said this, “It will not go out. My fire will burn in the streets. My fire will burn in the streets.”

That night, miracles took place. We were all undone. We knew that God was speaking clearly. The altar was filled. Worship, prophetic worship was filling the sanctuary. And I basically crawled back into my office. And as I’m in the office, we’re still worshiping through the wall, I hear an explosion. I mean, boom.

SID: A real explosion?

JAMES: Oh, yeah. In the natural. And we all got scared. I had ushers running to the door seeing what happened. Nothing. I’m like, “What was that sound?” And they’re looking, checking the premises. Everything seemed okay for a minute. So we’re still, they’re kind of now trying to get back into worship. There was a knock on the door that leads to the outside of my office. A woman in the church says, “Pastor, fire in the streets.” I said, “And it won’t go out this time.” She said, “No, no, no. Fire is in the street.” She said, “Not your vision. Literally.”

We ran to the street, and here’s what happened. And keep in mind the city’s like 200, 300 years old. A transformer exploded underneath the ground near our church. The word I got for the year was transformation. I get one word for the year. It was amazing. And what happened was when the explosion happened, it blew off manhole covers all around our church. Come on. The lids of men are coming off. And fire was shooting out of the street all around our church not even anywhere in the city, just right around our church, fire spitting out of the streets.

SID: That was a sign from God of your commission and your calling. You said something to me I’ve never heard before. I thought, if you’re really, really hungry for God, you’ll attract the fire. You said yes, but also the reverse is true. He told me if the fire of God comes on you, you will be hungry and repentant before God. I like it that way too.

JAMES: Come on. Hallelujah.

SID: Okay. You had a vision of the glory spreading. Tell me about that vision.

JAMES: Yeah. I feel that we are entering in this day. I was in prayer and meditation one morning, and I just had this vision and I was like, I felt this glory. I was laid out. And what I saw was a wave, a tsunami wave. And it was coming from east to west, right over the United States. And the wave was called glory. And the Lord told me that we are entering an era where this wave is going to hit. No man’s going to claim this. It’s going to be God alone. It’s going to be His presence. And what I saw in the wave was miracles and healings, every day occurrence, resurrections from the dead, glorified people stepping into their destiny.

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