JOAN: Okay. Now let me sit down again.

Usher. Yes, ma’am.

JOAN: And then you bring them to me. Yes, you come, precious. You come up.

Woman #7: My ears sometimes ring at night and when I take a shower –

JOAN: All right. Sit down in that seat. All right? Now we’re going to go through this really fast. All right, you’re going to feel a pressure and then they’re going to pop. And it’s going to be over. All right? [spits in hands] Who else has hearing problems? Come up here. Each one of you that have hearing – only the hearing. Anybody here? A hearing problem? Okay. Come up closer to me. Okay. Father. Oh! You know you can feel a deaf ear? You can feel a deaf ear. The ear feels different. There’s a hardening about that ear. The ears get harder. God, I bind that Spirit of deafness! And Father, I ask You to lose it in Jesus’ name! Cause her to hear perfectly in JESUS’ – WOW! WOW! WOW! WOW! Did you see that Sid? WOW!

Audience: [clapping]

JOAN: Ahh! See I did that but I didn’t! Oh my gosh, you can hear!

Woman #7: Yes.

JOAN: What happened to you? What just happened to you?

Woman #7: Umm, it’s just you could feel the clearing. I think it was fluid in there and it’s gone!

JOAN: And it went that quick! [laughs] Have you ever been to a medical physician with that?

Woman #7: No.

JOAN: Oh, you’ve never been to a medical physician.

Woman #7: Whenever I take a shower I could feel it and I could feel when you did that. I don’t know.

JOAN: And it’s gone?

Woman #7: Yes.

JOAN: All right. Turn around.  Say “I can hear.”

Woman #7: I can hear.

JOAN: I can hear.

Woman #7: I can hear.

JOAN: Jesus has made me whole.

Woman #7: Jesus has made me whole

JOAN: I can hear.

Woman #7: I can hear.

JOAN: I no longer am deaf.

Woman #7: I no longer am deaf.

JOAN: I can hear.

Woman #7: I can hear.

JOAN: I’m free!

Woman #7: I’m free!

JOAN: He did as His word promised!

Woman #7: Amen.

JOAN: Lay hands on the sick and they will recover. Remember that!

Woman #7: Hallelujah!

Audience: [clapping]

JOAN: Speak the word of freedom and they will receive! God bless you, honey! God bless you. Come over here, honey. What have you got here? What? What is this?

Woman #8: Umm, I have endometrial cancer.

JOAN: Okay. Sit down, honey. Sit down.

JOAN: Endometriosis. You had endometriosis.

Woman #8: Cancer. Cancer.

JOAN: Oh, you had cancer. Okay. Where did the endometriosis come? You said that first.

Woman #8: No. Endometrial cancer.

JOAN: Oh, I see. Okay. All right.

Woman #8: And I’ve had surgery.

JOAN: Yeah.

Woman #8: In 2015.

JOAN: Yeah. Wait a minute. Wait a minute, precious. There’s somebody that really had a bad, bad hip. And the pain was excruciating and it’s been – that’s you? Oh. God has just healed you. God has just healed you! A very bad hip. The pain has been there forever. All right. Is that anybody that’s standing up here? Anybody? All right. Who in the congregation? Come on up, honey! Come on up. Run up here! Run up here with that green jacket on!

Audience: [laughter]

JOAN: Run up here! Look at that! All right! Could you do that before today?

Woman #9: It’s been cominÆ and goinÆ.

JOAN: Well God, we ask it never let it come again! Father, from the crown of her head to the soles of her feet heal her! Heal her, Lord Jesus! Come closer. Come closer. All right. Move that crutch, will you please somebody? All right. Just stand right here. Come on around here. All right. Stay around here.

Woman #9: [laughs]

JOAN: All right.

Woman #9: Ooooh! Ooooh!

JOAN: Oh. Yeah, yeah, yeah! That’s it! [slap sounds] In the name of Jesus!

Woman #9: [laughing]

JOAN: That’s it! [slap sounds] In the name of Jesus! In the name of Jesus! In the –

Woman #9: [laughing] She – [laughing] She tells it. [laughing] Speaks to it. That’s so funny! It’s like just so cute! [laughing] Isn’t that cute?

JOAN: [laughs] What do you mean cute? I’m 80 years old. There’s nothing cute about that!

Woman #9: [kissing sound]

JOAN: [laughing]

Woman #9: Yes, you are! You’re beautiful!

JOAN: I’m buying it and selling it if it’s cute!

Woman #9: Okay!

JOAN: Okay? [laughs]

Woman #9: Okay, me too!

JOAN: All right, now run!

Woman #9: Okay.

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