KEVIN: Yeah, but we need to be, we need to become like children again. The way the Earth is right now, the world system is very complicated. We were not made that way. We’re not made to be in a broken world. So you have to remember that. We are fallen and we’ve been redeemed in our spirit, but we need to get our soul and our body in line with our spirit.

SID: What does God’s voice sound like?

KEVIN: A loving father. And it’s very reassuring. He’s standing on our future. According to Psalm 139:5, he is standing on our future and he’s paved a way to it. So he’s bidding us to come to our future, which is his now.

KEVIN: … just read, just our thinking and be transformed, because the soul needs to be transformed by the renewing of our mind, by the word of God. That is what Paul told us in Romans chapter 12. So that’s what we need to do. Then we need to tell our body, like he told in Corinthians, he said, “I discipline my body daily,” so that after I preached Christ said, “I, myself, am not a castaway.” In other words, your body could rule you and your mind could rule you, but your spirit is supposed to rule you. We are born again. We’re new creatures. And that’s where God speaks to us in the spirit, in our spirit. That’s where he speaks. He’s spirit. He speaks spirit to spirit. That’s the key. There is so many voices right now out there, but there’s only one that we need to hear, and that’s the commander of our faith. That’s our father. That is the Holy Spirit who has been sent, all three of those are talking to us because they are in us.

KEVIN: The God inside of us, this is the hope of glory. And every Christian needs to get this way. We’ve only got a short amount of time before we’re going to be tested again, and we need to hear God’s voice.

SID: Now, you and your wife. I see you pray in tongues for hours and hours and hours. Why do you?

KEVIN: Because I saw in heaven, praying in the spirit connects us with the books of destiny that’s in heaven, because the spirit of God is taking hold of us and helping us to intercede on behalf of the perfect will of God for our life. There are books in heaven, Sid, and God sees those books because he wrote them, and the angels are told to enforce those books in our life. And I agree with it every day. Sid, I recommend that everyone agree with their books and pray in the spirit because that’s what we’re doing. We’re opening the pages of our books and the spirit is proclaiming what God has already ordained.

SID: I just can’t wait for you to hear about Kevin’s five-hour visitation, it just happened recently, with Jesus. It will change you. It’ll change you forever.

SID: Kevin, I saw you looking out, and what were you looking at during the break?

KEVIN: Well, I saw that the world as we know it, it’s going to change and get darker, but then I saw that it’s going to break forth with great light. I saw that next year there was going to be a breaking forth and that this broadcast and this network was a great part of transferring from the heavenly realms the message that Jesus has for this hour. And that is to look up, for your redemption is drawing nigh, and he’s preparing his bride. That’s what’s happening right now. And it’s a message of hope and God has not left us. He is with us in a mighty way, and he’s given us tools right now, down here on this Earth, to bring his kingdom and bring justice in this realm down here.

SID: Speaking of tools, why did you send me the four CDs of your recent five-hour visitation? Why did you send it to me?

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