ROBERT: So often we are struggling and we’re distracted from being able to do what God’s actually called us to do because we’re so busy trying to survive. And I know that that’s the reality of people’s lives. I know that’s been the reality of my life in times gone by. But I have to say, when I discovered the courts of heaven, Sid, and I began to undo issues in my bloodline and some other issues, I’m telling you something broke and the blessing of God began to come.

SID: I believe that God is going to have so many believers prosper that I think the devil is getting nervous because all that money is going to go into expanding the kingdom.

ROBERT: I actually heard the Lord say to me, He said, “You will eat the fat and drink the sweet and send portions to those from whom nothing is prepared.” That’s out of Nehemiah 8:10. And I woke up one morning from a dream. And in the dream I’m seeing a Pakistani girl. She was not allowed to go to school in the situation she was in. And the Lord spoke to me and He said, “That’s the one I want you to send a portion to for whom nothing has been prepared.” And see, I believe God will trust us with money so that we can finance the kingdom of God, so that we can literally sow into those kinds of situations on assignment. So that somebody will get their needs met that otherwise wouldn’t get it met.

SID: How do you handle this? The Bible clearly says, “Jesus became poor.”

ROBERT: Yes. I do not believe that that spoke of his economic status as much as it talked about what he did for us on the cross. Because when Paul wrote that, he said that “He, for our sakes, even though he was rich became poor that we might become rich,” because the cross is a trade. The cross was a transaction where that Jesus took what was upon us and gave us what was upon Him.

SID: Another thing you point out, and I’m going to tell you some of the things you’re going to find on this show you’ve never even heard before. Deuteronomy 8:18. You’ve heard that before, perhaps. He gives us the power to get wealth, totally misunderstood. Explain.

ROBERT: Well, it says, “He gives us the power to get wealth that He might establish his covenant, which he swore to our fathers.” So there’s all sorts of things in there, but the first thing that’s very clear, He doesn’t give us wealth, He gives us the power to get wealth. In other words, ideas, creative understandings, favors, connections that come to us because the blessing of God is on us because we’re a covenant people. See, the Bible says he gives us power to get wealth. What that word get, it literally can carry with it the idea of conceiving something. So the way wealth can come is God can drop an idea into your spirit.

SID: But most of us think, and this might happen once in a zillion years, that we’re going to run to the mailbox and there’ll be a $10,000 check there. That’s not the norm, that’s the exception.

ROBERT: That’s exactly right because the way God gets wealth into our hands and makes us prosper is by releasing to us the power to get wealth. The blessing of God that’s upon us I believe as a result of us being his covenant people. And so again, when Jesus died on the cross, He dealt with sin, He dealt with sickness and He dealt with the poverty spirit that wants to control us and, this is what I tell people, [also] wants to determine for us our future rather than what God says.

SID: What does the Bible say about the great end time wealth transfer?

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