JOHNNY: Well, I would just tell you, I was one of those. I remember being 13 years old, and they had convinced me. You know the 10 horns from Revelation, the 10 European nations, and I’m 13 years old, and I’m like, “Dang, I’m never going to get a chance to even get married.” And I remember, and not only that, my friends of those days, this is over 40 years ago, that was the belief going on. We don’t have time to do anything. You don’t have time.

JOHNNY: As you say, the studies, we don’t have time to pursue dreams, to build anything that’s lasting. It’s why there’s been a kind of a microwaveable brand of Christianity where everything has to happen in the next few months, because Jesus is going to come too soon. And of course, lo and behold, now been married over 32 years. And so I didn’t need to really panic the way I did, but that has been repeated over and over because we’ve tried to fit in, I call it, end time-zitis. It’s a virus from the enemy that seeks to disempower us from fulfilling our assignment.

SID: So what you’re saying is, it’s not about a specific date, it’s a specific assignment. Now Johnny has a word from God that will totally obliterate, totally destroy your fear of the coronavirus, and the ones that are going to follow that. Be right back.

SID: Now, Johnny, God showed you, and didn’t even have to show you, you just see people. I have never seen such fearful people in my life. As God told you, “It’s an irrational fear.”

JOHNNY: Perhaps our most abandoned mission field is the mountain of media, as the church, as the body of Christ. And so, because of that, we really have just … There’s corruption, there’s evil. There is a whole agenda of fear and darkness.

JOHNNY: I list in a study that we have of Apollyon and Leviathan as the principalities of the mountain of media. That means they destroy. They twist things, and there is a whole work of the enemy. It’s a spiritual battle in there, but there are human elements to this. And I think we’re seeing played out before us, perhaps, a perfect demonstration of Mark chapter 4. Jesus, he calls his disciples, said, “Boys, let’s get on the boat and let’s cross over. We’re crossing over.” We’ll list that as his prophetic declaration, before they started the day.

JOHNNY: He did not tell them, “Now, listen, don’t be fearful because there’s going to be a storm that surfaces pretty quickly.” He didn’t tell them that part of it. It’s always interesting. When the Lord gives us prophetic words, He rarely tells us the challenge that’s going to be in there, and the challenge, therefore, is to believe what He said to start with.

SID: Now, the reason He rarely tells us is we’d say, “No, not me. Beyond my pay grade.”

JOHNNY: It’s exactly right. So he said, “We’re crossing over.” He had already declared it, God in the flesh, prophesied as we’re crossing over. They’re in the boat and a terrible storm surfaces. We could say, “The COVID-19 storm surfaces.” And so they’re looking at Jesus and he’s sleeping and he’s on a cushion, he’s on a pillow. And it’s like, they make a point biblically, he’s comfortably asleep. And they wake him up and say, “Master, don’t you care we’re perishing?”

JOHNNY: And so there are a set circumstances that have fed the irrational fear, but here’s the deal. The principle the Lord taught me is, when in a storm, don’t try to get a new prophetic word. What was true before the storm is still true. And so the reason they were upbraided for their small faith … You know, the Lord woke up, he rebuked the storm, calmed it. Then he upbraided them, and it seemed like, man, that’s pretty mean. There’s a terrible storm there. Why is he upbraiding their little faith? Because he had already prophesied, “We’re going to the other side.”

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