LARRY: Well, Larry Sparks here, interviewing Sid Roth. I can’t believe how the tables have turned. This is such a joy. I’ve got to know, Sid, though, how did a traditional Jewish man come to know Jesus as Messiah?

SID: Well, I was raised in traditional Judaism. And as a result, I wasn’t told Jews don’t believe in Jesus. No one ever said that to me, but it’s almost in your DNA. It’s inbred. It’s them and us. And if you become them, you’re not us. And I wanted to be us.

SID: I remember as a young boy, my parents used to play, used to gamble. They were poker players, had their own poker games, and I was home alone at night. And I remember saying as a kid, “I wish they’d come home. I wish they’d come home.” As if I said it enough, they’d come home. And then I had the strangest thought. The thought was a question. What happens when you die? I blocked that from my mind for many years. And seems like life went fast, I went to college. I was a songwriter back then, believe it or not.


SID: And I wrote a song called, There Must Be Something More. And you know, I believe when an artist does something, whether it’s art or whether it’s music or whatever, they’re putting part of themselves in it. And that was the cry of my heart. There must be something more, and I had every option the world had to offer except one. Jesus. I would not believe in him. And so that’s actually been my story my whole life.

SID: At age 29, graduated from college, an excellent job, great career possibilities as an account executive with the largest stock brokerage firm in the world. My wealth would be assured. It was my great desire to become a mega millionaire before I was 30. I reach age 29, and I know I’m not going to make it in one year, and I’m married now, I have a child, I have a good career job. I did something I’m not proud of. I left my wife, I left my daughter, I left my job, searching for that something more. And I got involved in a new age meditation course. They told me I could know things that had never been programmed in my mind. And I thought, “Wow, if I can know things about the future, I then can make my millions in the stock market.” And so I took the course and I got more than I bargained for. The powers started growing. I’ll give you an example. One day, I just thought “I’d like to go into business for myself.” A man walks into my office, he said, “Sid, my partner and I have been observing you. We want to give you a free office, free telephone, free secretary if you ever wanted to start your own business.”

LARRY: That’s a good deal.

SID: I said, this power is really growing. I didn’t know it. He had a power of his own. He was a born again Christian, and God spoke to him, is what he told me later. Not at the time. And said, “Do you see that guy? You’ll never find someone more lost than him. I want you to offer him that.” And so I took the job, but then one day his partner got very upset with me. He said, “Sid, you’re involved in things that your own Torah says this is an abomination. You’re involved in meditation courses.” And they turned to the 18th chapter of Deuteronomy, and sure enough, it condemned all these new age practices I was in. Now, I didn’t believe the Bible was even from God at the time. But just in case, and so I said, “I’m just going to put this meditation stuff on hold and maybe I’ll read the Bible a little.”

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