Get close to those people, take them by the hand, we gonna pray one another, and you will see how many miracles God will do in a moment. The power of God is on her. What’s wrong with you? Watch out, watch out, watch out, watch out. Frank, over here. (To woman): Okay, what’s wrong with you? What’s wrong with your feet? Say it again? (Turns to others): Guys, don’t— hear my instruction before you pray for the people. I want you to hear my instructions. No impartation. Stay in somebody’s spirit unless instruction is given. So I want you to hear the instruction because I want you to do it in your street, with your family. (To woman): So what’s wrong with you? (Woman): Neuropathy in my feet, and pain from having breast cancer and chemotherapy from 2002, and my feet, I’m having trouble walking with them. Okay, the power of God is on her. Father, I command —can you pray in the Holy Ghost, my God, the power of God is on her. “Father, I command every sickness, every disease, when I count to three GO! Let your kingdom come, let Your will be done. One, two, three, NOW!” In Jesus” name. Pick it up and test her. Okay. Daughter, I want you to start moving your feet and running and jumping. You’re healed. You are healed. You are healed! There you go, there you go! C’mon! C’mon, put your hand together. C’mon! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! C’mon! HEY HEY HEY HEY HEY HEY HEY! Ahhhhh! Ahhhhh! Responding, she’s responding to the supernatural! C’mon, put your hand together! Ahhhhh!

GUILLERMO: My dear sister, you having fun. Tell me what happened? Tell me what happened?

WOMAN #1: — Woo, woo. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, whooo—(laughing)

GUILLERMO: Tell me what happened?

WOMAN #1: “Oh, I feel the spirit of God!” Ha, ha, ha, ha,


GUILLERMO: Ahhhh! Ahhhh! The Spirit of God came! C’mon, c’mon, put your hand together. She’s completely healed! She’s healed! C’mon, put your hand together! Okay, this is what is gonna happen: anybody sick or you need a miracle in your body lift your hand, both hands. So I want somebody to go in front of that person and take the person by the hand, please, right now, one, go, go, go. Both hands up, if you need a miracle in your body, healing, deliverance, any area, both hands. Frank, pray for him, pray for him right now. Lady, pray for another woman. Anybody, anybody, anybody else, Right here, right here. Need a miracle? You needed a miracle? Okay, you’re gonna need to come up here. Okay, listen, listen, listen. Now, before you pray take somebody by the hand, please. Look at the— face to face. Face to face. Face to face. Hear my instructions. These are my instructions. Do you believe you’ve been activated in the supernatural just now?


GUILLERMO: I didn’t hear you.


GUILLERMO: Okay. Do you believe you received an impartation what I shared with you?


GUILLERMO: Okay. Now, this is what I want you to do. Do you believe that you can bring the kingdom on earth as it is in heaven now?


GUILLERMO: Okay, now, ask the person what’s wrong with the person. And then the person said “Well, I’ve got arthritis,” like this woman who got just healed, or “I’ve got something in my ears.” Or depression. Listen, listen, listen, don’t, don’t, don’t yet— don’t pray, so whatever the person says, and then— listen, no, no, listen, listen— and then you rebuke, rebuke means “stopped,” and then you cancel, you cancel, you say well “I rebuke and I curse any sickness and disease from the root and from the seed, in Jesus” name let and Your kingdom come now!

Now after you do that, you take a step of faith. Remember what I say, you need to respond. So you check them out the way I showed it to you. You said, well, if you couldn’t hear, let me check you out. If you couldn’t bend— If somebody has metals in your body here, you got metals in your body? How many metals? Where? Where? Can you come up here, grandma? No? Can you stay there, no stay there. I want, I want— you also have metals? Where? Okay, lady, can you go pray for her here? And you also? Oh, Frank, can you go pray for her? Can we believe God can change those metals into bones and into flesh? No, you don’t sound so convinced. Can you believe it?

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