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PAT: Hey welcome back to Something More! We are talking about Raising Burning Hearts and I am with Patricia Bootsma! And I’m going to tell you, you know my heart is so stirred right now! But let’s be honest! One of the things that Karen and I talk about a great deal is that no home is perfect.


PAT: We’ve all been through tough seasons. We’ve gotten too busy. We’ve been through seasons where the enemy has tried to sneak in the back door. Tell me about that. How have you and John handled the tough times?


PAT: The attacks of the enemy or even times where we forgot to set the alarm spiritually in our house.

PATRICIA: Yeah. Exactly. Well let me say this. We actually have a special needs daughter. So she’s 20 years old. It was from an immunization really when she was 18 months and that’s when everything changed. And so we’ve had to walk through the pain of that. If there’s a cross we bear it’s that! So it’s driven us to our knees many times. She has a developmental delay. So but we’ve used, you know, the same principles of speaking blessing. But there’s times of testing and any parent of a special needs child knows that you get really majorly stretched! I’ll just say this. That again God’s grace is sufficient! And we’ve had many Words about her being healed and so there’s been little by little milestones of coming in her speaking and her learning. But I will say this. That I just really do believe in the power of prayer! I believe that God answers prayer and He changes things! And so maybe sometimes there’s a delay but there is such an answer to prayer! I want to say this too. For example, we had one daughter who said Mom, I don’t have enough friends! You know? And I need more friends!     

PAT: We walked through that with our daughter!

PATRICIA: Yeah. And so we said well you know let’s start declaring that you’re going to have friends! So just make that a part of your declaration! Okay, God’s giving me new friends! I’m going to walk in new relationships. Honestly, within three weeks she had three new friends! One moved in. Another one there was some sort of reconciliation in their relationship. And then a third girl. And I thought, Wow God! You know You are the power of our words!  

PAT: Yeah!

PATRICIA: The power of our declaration has also been part of the equation! So yes, we’ve been through tough times. We have times where I need to say I’m sorry as well.

PAT: Right.

PATRICIA: You know I need to repent! I got healed of a lot of things from my childhood and therefore I don’t want to pass that on to my kids! But I want to say this to the viewers out there who are saying hey, I don’t even have kids!

PAT: Right.

PATRICIA: You know what is this all about? Well, the power of blessing, the power of prayer applies to all of us! But I also want to say this. That I have friends, for example, who wanted to have children. Couldn’t have children and they are just incredible spiritual parents to many! And so for some, there may be a call to spiritual parenting! I believe we’re all called to mentor!

PAT: Right.

PATRICIA: You know we’re all called to somehow affect –

PAT: You’re right about being a model!

PATRICIA: Absolutely. A mentor, a model to affect that next generation for the glory of God! You know can I just add this? I want to say this. I had this encounter with the Lord one time. My spirit really was in heaven, to be honest. And I see all these people and I knew they were my family tree and they were my aunts. And I saw my grandmother and I’m like oh my goodness! Like I’m not dead yet.

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