JAMES: Thank you. Thank you. I’m James Durham. And it’s my habit and so if you’ll bear with me I want to begin with prayer. Is that’s okay with you? Now let’s go to the Lord in prayer. “Baruch atah Adonai eloheynu Melech ha-olam.” Blessed are you Lord our God, King of the universe. Lord, You’re the keeper of Your Word. And You are the keeper of Your people. You are the keeper of Your city Jerusalem. And Father God I want to pray for shalom in Jerusalem, shalom in all of Israel and shalom for everyone who is listening to this message right now. Shalom, shalom, shalom, shalom in the mighty name of Yeshua HaMashiach! Amen and amen.     


JAMES: Hallelujah! Well we just came from a series of meetings. We went on this really awesome trip around the world and in one place the heaven just literally opened and things began to manifest in the spirit and it was really, really awesome and I wonder would you like to have heaven opened today?


JAMES:      Hallelujah. Yes, Lord let the heavens open today and let Your Spirit fall afresh on us Lord! I tell you in that place we began to smell the sweet fragrances of heaven. And it was so wonderful and you could just pick up the movement of those fragrances around the room. Sweet, sweet presence of the Holy Spirit, of angels and even the Lord Jesus was in our midst. And I love it when God does things like that. You know we started with this worship and the worship team was the back-up team, not the number one team but I tell you their worship opened heaven and God began to manifest. And right away God began to release words of knowledge for healing. And I’m praying for that right now. How about you? Amen?


JAMES: Wow!(speaks in tongues) I’m feeling right now that the Lord is releasing a healing anointing here for someone who’s watching this or someone here right now in the left ankle. Are you feeling it? Someone needs healing in your left ankle just receive it right now in the mighty name of Yeshua. Now I’m feeling in my spine that God is getting ready to heal someone’s spine. If you need a healing in your spine just receive it right now. There’s an anointing, a presence. Heaven is open. Receive it now in Yeshua’s name. Someone is having trouble with chronic headaches and the Lord said enough is enough! Now is the time to break it off. So in the name of Yeshua we break off headaches from anyone who may be feeling it right now just receive that healing right now in Yeshua’s name. Amen? Amen. Hallelujah. Well if you have something else that you need healing for just go ahead and take it. When heaven is open—

AUDIENCE: Yes! Hallelujah.

JAMES: —everything is possible! 


JAMES: You know I believe that heaven is open all the time. The problem is not with heaven. The problem is sometimes we’re not open to see the heaven. Not open to receive what God wants to release to us. So I want us to just be really open today. Would you do that with me? Just open up your spirit right now that whatever God decides to release we’re going to receive it. Amen?


JAMES: Hallelujah. Well you know God told me to start thinking about and ministering under an open heaven. And one of the things I always do is I immediately go to the word of God and I began to research to see about an open heaven. I had been hearing some people talk about open heaven but to be truthful I didn’t know for sure if that was really scriptural or if that was really something that I should be ministering in. Well to my surprise, and I’m confessing now, to my surprise heaven, open heaven begins in the Book of Genesis and the Bible quits talking about it at the end of the Book of Revelation and all in between heaven is open and God is pouring out so much and we just need to be ready to receive it.

You know in Genesis we read about a man named Jacob who saw heaven open and he saw a ladder from the earth to the heaven and angels were    ascending and descending on that ladder. And they were ascending because they had completed their mission. They were going back to heaven to get new instructions, new gifts. Others were descending because they had fresh anointings, fresh gifts, fresh healing ministry to release. And he looked up and he saw the Lord standing in the opening. Well from then we just keep moving through the scriptures. You know Isaiah saw an open heaven. He saw God seated on a throne and His robe filled the whole temple. God is awesome! And Isaiah looked up and saw God. How many of you would like to look up and see God?

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