ART: We’re back [music ends] with Jamie Galloway and where I want to go with you now is I want to talk about knowing God. You know we as Christians we know the triune God. Father, Son, Holy Spirit. They’re one God. But they kinda of reveal themselves in different ways to us. You know Jesus was the perfect revelation of the Father. If you’ve seen Him you’ve seen the Father. Right? But I think there are ways I interact with Him that just feel different. It’s almost like more brotherly than that’s my Father. Right?  

JAMIE: Right.

ART: So what first and foremost I mean when we’re talking relationship with God how does that work when you’ve got a triune God?

JAMIE: Yeah. And it’s very interesting because we have an invisible God, right, who’s made Himself visible to us in Jesus. And so now we can see who the Father looks like. He looks like Jesus. When I’ve seen the Father I actually remember when I saw Him thinking You’re just a big giant Jesus!

ART: [laughs] That’s good!

JAMIE: And He was so massive!

ART: Yeah.

JAMIE: But our relationship with the Father, with the Son, and with the Holy Spirit is so unique. And I liken it to a family. God is a perfect family. He’s a Father. He’s a Son. He’s a Holy Spirit. He’s one God. Three persons with unique qualities, unique characteristics, unique personality but yet all of them are in sync. There’s no competition.  

ART: Perfect Union.

JAMIE: There’s perfect union. So when the Father comes to me He’s always bragging to me about the Son.

ART: Huh!

JAMIE: When the Son comes to me He’s always bragging to me about the Father.

ART: Yeah.

JAMIE: When the Holy Spirit comes to me He’s always bragging about Jesus! He reveals and He takes those things that belong to Jesus and reveals them to me. And what I found very unique, about the Holy Spirit. He likes to reveal the things of God. God has things! Colossians 3 it says, “set your mind on things above.”

ART: Yeah.

JAMIE: Right? So God has things. And I remember when I was a little kid I used to go to my parent’s barn. They had a barn up in the woods and I would go through their things. And whatever I got to collect, bring home, whatever I’d put under my arms I got to keep. The Holy Spirit takes us into the things of God. Shows us. Whether it’s healing for eyeballs. Right? There’s spare parts, in heaven that you know they’re the things of God. So the Holy Spirit shows us those things and He reveals what is available to us; “Eye has not seen, ear has not heard.” Right? But the Holy Spirit, 1st Corinthians 2, searches the deep things of God! God is so deep He has to search Himself to find what He’s looking for. Right? And so when I see the Father He’s so big, so vast. And whenever I hear His voice He always calls me son.   

ART: Hmm!

JAMIE: Right? And whenever I see Jesus or hear Jesus speaking He calls me by my nickname! It’s an interesting thing. He calls me by the nickname that I had as a kid. And then whenever I hear the Holy Spirit it’s as if we’re having this dialogue without words.

ART: Uh-huh.

JAMIE: We don’t even need to say much to each other but we know what we’re thinking. Right? He knows what I’m thinking. I understand what He’s thinking. It reminds me of around the dinner table. It wasn’t my father, it was my mother who would say things without even saying things. 

ART: [laughs]

JAMIE: Right?

ART: Yeah.

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