DONNA: Hello. Welcome to ‚ “Something More.” I’m your host, Donna Chavis. And, you know, I was thinking that sometimes in order to really appreciate someone and their ministry, it helps to know where they came from. And that‚ is what we are going to do today. We‚ are going to start with a little bit of background information on our guest who is all the way from Russia with us today, Natasha Schedrivaya. Hi Natasha.

NATASHA: Hi. Nice meeting you.

DONNA: Oh, thanks for being with us. Give us just a little bit of, just a brief history of your background.

NATASHA: Well, I was born again in 1990. I had just turned 30. Up until that time I grew up in three generations of Communists. I never heard about Jesus. I had never seen a Bible in my life. And my father was a political officer in the Soviet Army teaching Communist ideology. We were moving from one military base to another. So I grew up with no, with any notion about God as a reality.

DONNA: So, Communist and Atheist were where you came from.

NATASHA: It’s true. That’s true.

DONNA: Three Generations. And very strict and hard. I mean, sometimes we hear about the Russian people there. They’re very strict. They’re very hard. 

NATASHA: Uh-huh. Well, you know, the system was such that, you know, the life was tough. The life was hard. The ideology was, we were brainwashed by ideology. So, you know, by the age of 29 I just didn’t believe in, you know, in, well, I didn’t know anything about God. But, you know, my generation we were very skeptical already about the whole system.

DONNA: Yes. Yes.

NATASHA: And so I guess our generation was ready for the truth.

DONNA: Yes. Well, I, for one, am very thankful that you had a radical, radical transformation. And after that, you wanted to tell everybody about the good news of the Gospel. And you did something, Natasha, for years and years. All of your life you resisted.

NATASHA: That’s true.

DONNA: And I look at that word resisted. And that’s what you did. Not even politely resisted.

NATASHA: [laughs]

DONNA: And even some of your friends, you said, “Don’t talk to me about that anymore. I don’t want to hear it. I don’t believe it. Don’t call me. If I want to talk to you, I’ll call you.” Wow. That’s harsh. [laughs]

NATASHA: It’s true.

DONNA: So, you didn’t even just politely resist. You harshly resisted.

NATASHA: Uh-huh.

DONNA: But when you got born again God revealed a secret to you. What was that?

NS; Yes. And the secret is that my purpose in life, my purpose on this earth, is to make Jesus irresistible. When I preach the Gospel, or when I minister, my main goal is to make Jesus irresistible and to reveal God’s heart to people. 

DONNA: Yes. [laughs] And I mentioned that word, you resisted. Resist, resist, resist. So the secret that God told you was – Alright. Let’s get past all that. Let’s make Him irresistible. How did you do that?

NATASHA: Well, you know, I grew up, when I became a Christian in 1990 I was 30. And so I grew up in the faith movement. And it was wonderful. It was great. You know, the books were translated into Russian. I went to the very first Bible School that ever started in the former Soviet Union. And so we had all kinds of wonderful ministers, teachers that came from abroad and taught. And I was interpreting. So I grew up with them, you know, a strong foundation of faith. But, you know, somewhere, when I began to minister and travel, and study churches, somewhere down the line I realized, you know, in growing with my relationship with God, I realized that there is another way. Not just another way, there is, you know, there is always progress with God.


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