SID: Tell me about how angels are involved in the prophetic?

MICHAEL: Angels respond … The Bible says that angels heed the voice of God. So when we speak something God said, they hear it as if God was speaking it. There’s a great word in the New Testament, Sid, it’s called a two-edged sword. The Bible is called that. But the two-edged sword in the Greek is [foreign language]. [foreign language] means two, and [foreign language] means mouths. It looks like it means that there are two mouths to God’s Word. When God speaks to us by revelation … either a promise of Scripture coming alive, or a prophetic word, one half of that blade form that sword. But when we say what we’ve heard God say, we form the other half of the sword of the Spirit. So there is so much God needs partners to say. God can’t do it until we say it. And when we say what we’ve heard, we’re going to see what we’ve said.

SID: When we return, Michael will activate you in the prophetic and pray that your gift of prophecy will be released. I know you’re coming back.

SID: Michael, it changes someone’s life when you hear from God and tell them. Tell me about the mother that went to your church, whose son was in Africa that was actually in an insane asylum. What happened?

MICHAEL: Rose is one of our outreach pastors and she’s an immigrant from Africa. She came to me tearfully one Sunday and said her son had lost his mind, that witch doctors in that area had cursed him. He was a very prominent business person. They had locked him up. He couldn’t even speak, he was so dissociative. So he is literally now diagnosed as insane. I, in the parking lot of our church, I begin to prophesy in that moment. We began to speak God’s Word. Psalm 107:20 says, “He sent His Word and healed them and delivered them from destruction.” So we prayed for her son just for a few moments, and then I went about doing the services. And then the next Sunday, Rose came rushing across the parking lot. She said, “Pastor. Pastor. Pastor, my son was delivered. He called me the next day.” And when she asked him when he came into his right mind after being gone for a couple of years, it was the exact moment we were praying in the parking lot.

He said the glory of God came into his room and it was like chains falling off of his body, his mind, his soul. He actually stood up, knocked on the door and said, “I’m okay now. Everything is okay now.” And they let him go because they saw his life transformed.

SID: Tell me a time you were on the airplane, and there was a long haired, Jewish multimillionaire seated next to you.

MICHAEL: It was a great story. I was heading to Seattle from Phoenix and on the way there, I was tired and going to sleep. And there’s a person next to me who I think was flying Southwest Airlines. He had long hair and holey jeans. Before holey jeans were the in thing, he had holey jeans and sandals on in an airplane. So I’m finding that a little bit objectionable. But anyways, as soon as I closed my eyes, God starts talking to me about him. The Lord said things they were so different than my opinion. The Lord said, “Tell him that I’m going to make him a multimillionaire within 90 days, tell him that I’m his Messiah.” I had made these superficial judgments by his appearance. Here’s what he tells me. “He’s a Harvard graduated attorney that had just been made president of the largest record label company in the world. And they had just signed the biggest rock band in the world. He had just come from signing them on a contract.”

And he said, “Within 90 days, what you say will come to pass. ‘I will be a multimillionaire because I signed them.'” And then He told me he was Jewish. So as we’re landing into Seattle, he’s opening his heart to receive his Messiah. It was a beautiful moment that would not have happened without a prophetic encounter that he had with God.

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