SID: Is this why He says Kingdom of heaven, Kingdom of God, our purposes to declare it? Is that part of what He means?

KEVIN: Yes it is. Sid, I’m telling you, there’s words that He gave me in this book that are beyond what you would hear. He went beyond and said the word “dominion.” We’re used to hearing the word “authority,” but dominion is a stronger word because it has to do with a King, a kingdom and his domain. So I’m seeing this book is being released at a time where we’re going to see a step up in the atmosphere of heaven on the earth in this coming year.

SID: You said actually these words paralyze the enemy and cause supernatural shifts. You’ve seen from heaven how these words are operating here on earth.

KEVIN: Yes, Sid. When you mention like repentance and the blood of Jesus, or talking about dominion, or the believer’s destiny, I saw waves coming out. There were shockwaves from the words, they were hitting demons and demons were acting like they got shot, like they had been hit with something and they were confused. They actually literally started to look confused, like they were stunned. So I thought, “Man, I got to tell people about these words because it looks like a lot of these words are being extracted from the Christians’ vocabulary these days, because they think they’re offensive.” Like blood of Jesus and crucified life, things like that.

SID: What happens in the invisible world when a believer knows … and that’s what you do, he teaches about these words. You see, it’s not just some magic thing where you say a word. You have to understand deep, deep, deep within what these words mean. You say not just people you see on TV, every believer no matter what your circumstances is called to demonstrate the Kingdom, is called to walk in the government of God, is called to present. There are people that you know that Kevin and I will never talk to, we’ll never even know them, that there is no better person on the planet than you.

KEVIN: Your relationship with God is your ministry. This next move is not about just the fivefold ministry, this next move of God is about the believer. The believing one shall have these signs following them. This next move is about the believer and their relationship with their Father God, and moving out and doing the works of Jesus. I saw this, I saw that everyone is valuable. They’re sitting in their homes right now, and the single mothers with their baby. And they have just as much power in their words when they release these into this realm.

SID: Before you got into ministry, you for many years, you were a flight attendant. How did this vibration on these words affect you just being a flight attendant?

KEVIN: Well, it was sink or swim for me. I was already trained for ministry, had been to college many years and was already invited. And then all of a sudden, I’m thrown into this secular job, you would say. I was in the marketplace. I had a sink or swim right then and there, I had to swim. And I’m telling you, every day I had to start using these words. I would have … Literally, I’d go to the hotels and I’d start saying these words and praying, and literally things would start falling off the shelves, things would start … Fights would break out outside of my hotel room. I would have all kinds of manifestations. I would just pace the floors and pray in the Spirit, and then I would have these words come up and I would start to proclaim those words. And it started to unravel whatever was working behind the scenes in the place I was at. So when I would go to work, same thing. I would start praying over all the drinks as I would serve the people. I started praying over them, then I’d start prophesying to the businessmen.

I started giving them words and people start crying, they said, “There’s no way you can know what you just said.” And they would give their life to the Lord. I would just grab their hand right there and lead them to the Lord real quickly. This happened many times and I realized that the believing one should stand up in the marketplace and minister, that this is my relationship with God. I didn’t need a pulpit.

SID: Wait, but you were out in the public.

KEVIN: Yeah.

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