SID:  Yes, Jesus appearing was instrumental. But what your mom and dad did I think that broke him more than Jesus appearing from what I’m hearing you say.       

ROBBY:  Yeah, yeah. I mean he could not— I would hear him tell the story over and over again afterwards and he couldn’t, he just couldn’t believe that people would be that loving, that caring. You know He had not experienced that at home. You know he had experienced a lot of rejection and a lot of hurt and so he was just shocked you know that there was just that much love. And after he told it to me I ran to my parent’s bedroom because I was just, I was just overwhelmed with emotion and I just literally burst in. You got to remember this was early in the morning, it was still kind of you know it was daybreak so it wasn’t fully light yet and I burst into my parent’s bedroom and it woke my dad up and he turned the light on and he said what did he do? You know cause he thought maybe something inappropriate had happened or that he’d scared me and because as soon as I burst in the room and I just burst into tears. And I through tears I told my parents you know trying to get the words out and choking through them I said I told them what he had just related to me. And I looked at my parents and I said “That’s what I want tosee the rest of my life!” I want tosee. Because you know, Sid, his face completely looked different. His, his— there was a sense in the room, I mean I was, I was a child and I’m nine years old but I could feel, I could feel something in that room. I could feel what I would now know as God’s presence, the reality of God’s tangible presence. There’s two people right now listening that are feeling that right now. They’re feeling that tingling—

SID:  No, there’s three, I’m feeling it too!

ROBBY:  —and that reality of God’s presence.  

SID:  There’s three. I’m feeling it too! (laughing)

ROBBY:  It’s right there I can sense it. I’m feeling it and I know and there’s two people—

SID:  Four, do I hear five? (laughing)

ROOBY:  And one of them. And yeah. You know one of them is somebody who’s battling— they’re struggling with drugs right now and right now Jesus is doing what he did to my friend He’s doing to you right now. He’s breaking the power of that addiction off you right now and it’s going now by the authority of Christ. We thank You for that Jesus! Yeah!  

SID:  Well, and let me take you, jump you a little bit. You’re now a youth pastor. You’re discouraged. You’re young. You get a phone call and there’s someone on the other line talkin’ about her dad. Well what happened?   

ROBBY:  Yeah. You know that was so incredible because I had prayed for so many people for healing and nobody got better. They got worse. And I was just—

SID:  I did the same thing so I can relate. Go ahead.

ROBBY:   I mean it—  

SID:  I had some—

ROBBY:  —it was like running joke.

SID:  But what, what, what, what, what. Did you ever have anyone ever die on you? I did!

ROBBY:  Multiple people!

SID:  Oh! (laughing)

ROBBY:  As a matter of fact it was a running joke. At the church where I worked at, the church where I was a youth pastor it was a running joke. Don’t have Dawkins pray for ya. He can turn paper cuts into cancer. (laughing) And so people— and I would pray for people and they got worse. You know and I mean it was just, and I was just like I’m going to save people’s lives and not pray for healing!    


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