SID:  —and “It’s Supernatural!” because that’s what we do. We equip you. It’s wonderful that Robby had all these things happen to him. I mean I’m overwhelmed with the experience that he and his family have had. But I want it to happen to you. You want it to happen to you. And more important than that God wants it to happen to you! He wants it. It’s His greatest desire! So, and we want to get you equipped. We want you to get Robby’s book, “Do What Jesus Did.” It’s actually the “Do What Jesus Did” package. 4 CD’s. We’re making it available for an investment of 39 dollars. Robby, I still can’t believe this story about your wife! She goes, she visits a woman that has a child who has been tremendously physically and mentally and emotionally abused. Take me from there.

ROBBY:  Yeah, it was actually she had two small children and she was pregnant with her third.

SID:  Oy vey!

 Robby: And she was 19 years old.

SID:  And she’s being abused that viscously? Hmmm!  

ROBBY:  Yeah, it was a terrible situation. The man that she was with he was just actually just a year older but he was a, had been in gangs and was you know just involved in crime life. Had been a drug dealer and was actually hooked on crystal meth. And, and her mother had sent some money because— He, he had started coming to the church. They both had started coming to the church and so he was, he was moving away from the gang life-style and, but the problem is is that was he trying to figure out how to still make the kind of money at work.

SID:  Right.

ROBBY:  And he was really wanting the drugs and the mother had sent some money for the baby for some formula and he wanted the money to go buy drugs and she wouldn’t give it to him and so he beat her. And my wife and kids had gone to show up. I was actually out of town at the time. And my wife and kids had showed up to their apartment which they lived in a real slummy place. It was really sad. And so my wife wanted to go pick ‘em up and say hey, let me show you there’s something free in town you can do. And she went there and the guy had already left. He had taken the money cause he beat her and so you know her hair was all messed up. She was bleeding. And so my wife cleaned her up and said well, you know the girl told her the story and she said well you’re going to come home and you’re going to live with us she goes, cause I’m not going to have him treat you this way, especially, you know, period,  but you know especially you know treating a pregnant woman this way.

SID:  But how did you feel at having 2 and a half children now come into your house?  

ROBBY:  Well we already have because we have six.

SID: Oh no! (laughing)

ROBBY:  So this was quite an addition! And here’s the other thing. My wife was already watching during the day three kids with pretty severe learning disabilities.  

SID: Whooo!

 ROBBY:  So we, you know this was adding—

SID: So how’d you feel? How’d you feel?

ROBBY:  —Not just three more children. It would be a whole total of eleven! (laughing)

SID: How’d you feel about it?

ROBBY:  Well, I mean it, we, we had big hearts and big desires—

SID: Okay.

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