TRACY: And so then next, and here’s the thing you’ve got to clear your schedule. You’ve got to clear your schedule and you have to have an appointment with God. And you got to ask him first of all, “How do you want to meet with me?” Because God gets to say, because he knows what your life looks like. And so we’ve got to say, “Okay, God, what does this look like for me?” And so he’s going to tell you when to meet with him. And then you’ve got to go and meet with him because you’ve got an appointment, and guess what? God is already there. He’s waiting for you to show up, because he knows that you’re going to be there. So he’s waiting for you to come. It will be just like if I was working out and I had a personal trainer. You’ve got a personal trainer in the Lord and he wants to exercise your ears and your eyes in that place. And so next you’ve got to clear your soul. And this is something that I didn’t realize when I first started.

SID: What do you mean by clear your soul?

TRACY: Well, I have a very loud soul life, which means my mind goes a mile a minute. I’m a very busy person. I have seven children, I have 13 grandchildren. My husband has three businesses and I have a church. So very busy person. So when I come before the Lord, I’m coming with a very active life, and today even more so. I think people’s attention span these days are what, a minute. So when you sit down to be quiet, it’s not something that we’re accustomed to and we have to train ourselves to do it. And so I keep a journal next to me. And as I sit before the Lord, all of a sudden my mind will get really busy with everything I haven’t done or everything I need to do. So I’ll just list all of my to-dos and my laundry list, or people I need to email or whatever.

TRACY: And I do a brain flush. David commanded his soul to worship the Lord. And so what I’m doing is I’m commanding my soul to come into alignment with my spirit. And so my soul will come down and get quiet. And my spirit man rises up to connect with the Holy Spirit. And so in that time, I just then after I’d done that, it usually takes me about 15 minutes. Some people would take longer if they’re not used to doing this. God started showing up and he came to me. You know when you go to a conference or in a worship experience with a corporate body, you’re feeling the presence of God so thick and strongly. He started coming like that during my prayer time set. And I would be just weeping before the Lord. And he was just washing over my soul and taking things out of me like pride and idolatry and jealousy and envy and all of this stuff that was so dirty.

TRACY: And he was washing me with His word. You know, I’m reading the Bible, he’s washing me with his rhema word. And so during those times I would get so close to him and I would hear his voice. It was training my ears to hear that still small voice, not that booming, external voice, but the witness of the Holy Spirit. And so I became so sensitive to the witness of the Holy Spirit now, that wherever I go out in the world, I’m yielded to that and I can hear him or an impression that he’s giving me, and I’ll follow it right away. So again, it’s that worship of obedience and sacrifice.

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