SID: Now, in the resources we’re making available, you teach on how to steward these encounters, explain that.

DAVID: So I think there’s a heart of expectation. There’s so much power in the word expectation because we wake up in the morning believing that God’s going to move. I don’t plan of what to change if God shows up, I plan for God to show up and then we can make the adjustments there because we were willing to give Him preeminence. We want to give Him first place in everything that we’re doing. God’s always moving. It’s by His nature, He’s moving, He’s doing things in our earth. And if we have eyes to see what He is doing and take our eyes off what He isn’t doing, then I think that will create an excellent spirit of expectation.

SID: You also talk about revisiting these moments.

DAVID: So an encounter, I think anything given from heaven to earth is eternal because it came from eternity. Now, some of the times when heaven touches us, our spirits can absorb like a sponge a lot more than our minds can at the moment. And so on some of my encounters I’ve revisited them. I would pray and meditate and go back into the encounter. I would revisit that encounter and then realize, oh my gosh, God did so much more in that moment than I realized my first time through. God is so good, so glorious. And just a moment in His presence energizes us, it transforms us. I got delivered from things I didn’t even know I struggled with in God’s presence because it sticks with you. It energizes you, and it fuels you for the future.

SID: In this stewarding, you seem to be very careful that it’s not a natural thing, and you don’t want to attribute a natural event to God Himself.

DAVID: We want to protect the integrity of the encounter. Whenever we go into an environment, we observe what’s happening in the natural, we felt the voice of God blow through many times but I’m also making sure I don’t attribute the wind of God to the fan that’s sitting right next to me or to the air conditioner. One time, the wind of God came into a group of youth students that we were ministering to. Now, it’s one thing to feel the wind of God by yourself, or to pray for someone in the prayer line, but the wind, that God isn’t something you can fake for a room full of teenagers. And so that was challenging because I knew the Lord wanted me to share this encounter with them. There was a talk about purity and wow, what if we highlight purity, with an extravagant touch of God’s presence? And so after the talk on purity, I said, “I think God really wants to touch you guys. I feel like the wind of God is going to blow through the room.”

DAVID: I thought I was going to have to pray to coach them into it, before I could even open my mouth the wind of God blew through the room. The teenager’s eyes went wide open, their mouths dropped.

SID: Talk about grabbing a teenager’s attention, when a wind blows in a room, if that doesn’t do it, I don’t know what will.

DAVID: One young man began jumping up and down going, “I’ve never seen anything like this before.” When you have His presence, He authenticates His presence. You don’t have to fake the encounter, you don’t have to manufacture something because people know when you’re being genuine, they know when you’re being sincere. But I want to make sure I’ve measured the environment so that our testimony is true when people hear it.

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