ROB: And I said, well, I got in a fight with one of your congregational members. And he goes, who was he? I said, I don’t know. I didn’t catch his name. And he goes, tell me what he looks like. And I said, well, he’s about five, nine. And I said, he’s 300-ish type pounds. And the pastor goes, good. I know exactly who that is. And I said, well, praise the Lord. Why good? And he responds. He says, Rob, God used you to give that man what he needed. He said, but I couldn’t give him that. He said, God has called me to be the shepherd, the pastor, and I got to love him, but God loves him so much, he gave him what he needed. And he began to tell me the rest of the story. That man, that I’m speaking about today, still attends that church. He’s become an elder in that ministry, and he wears what took place that day on that altar as a badge of honor, because he knows that God mightily set free.

SID: Not everyone is called to be a prophet. It’s called the fivefold ministry, like Rob. But the Bible says all can prophesy. And you say, it’s simple to prophesy. If you’re an all and a believer, it’s simple, you say. Give me a few tips.

ROB: My favorite scripture is revelations 19:10. Worship God. The testimony of Christ Jesus is the spirit of prophecy. And as I begin to research and look and ask God for wisdom to teach this, he said, teach people how to give a testimony, teach people that when they testify on behalf of my name, the spirit of prophecy is released. He said, teach them to give a word of encouragement by the scriptures. He said, Rob, it’s so easy. He says, ask people that said they’ve never prophesied, if they ever wrote in a card, a scripture and gave it to a friend or a family member.

ROB: And so I began to ask people, have you ever prophesied? They said, no. And I say, have you ever written a scripture on a card, and given it to a loved one? Have you ever been asked—

SID: Texted the scripture.

ROB: Texted. Yeah. I even asked, have you ever been asked to pray for someone and suddenly in prayer, a scripture comes out? And they said, yes. I said, that’s the spirit of prophecy. I asked them, have you ever wore a shirt or a hat that has a scripture or a verse or a Godly saying? They say, yes. I said, you become a billboard. You are in motion, a spirit of prophecy walking through the earth, because when people look at the scripture, they can’t just look at it. They have to say it and they have to speak it out, or they read it out and it gets into the atmosphere.

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