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SID: Hello, it’s Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. My guest, Donna Rigney is a prophetess, she hears from heaven and tells us what God is saying. I want everyone to know you a little bit better. You were raised Catholic.  At age seven you bumped into an amazing friend. Tell me about that.

DONNA: Yes, I was a seven year old going to church, marched into mass Sunday morning with my family, and the way the church was set up was the children sat up front and the parents sat in the back. So I went to the front with my sister and sat in the pew, and I was just very well behaved. They had nuns there that watched you to make sure that you were behaving. And so I was kneeling down at the part of the mass where you kneel down with my little missal and I was reading the words in the missal, and all of a sudden Jesus appeared to me.

DONNA: I had never had an experience with Jesus before. I knew it was him. I don’t know how I knew, but I knew it was him. And off he took me into the spirit, I think to heaven. It looked heavenly, and at the clouds, it was beautiful. And he was so wonderful, so friendly. He cared about every single thing that concerned me as a seven year old. He cared about if my mother was angry with me, if I had a fight with somebody, he was talking to me about all the things that were bothering me as a child. And I just felt so completely understood and loved. I just… I could have never left him. And then all of a sudden it was the time of the mass when people had to sit down and everyone else was sitting down, but I was still kneeling because I was going with Jesus, I wasn’t in church. And the nun tapped me on the shoulder for me to sit down. And when she did, she brought me out of the spirit and Jesus was gone. I was devastated. From then on, I began searching for him.

SID: And this became a lifetime search. She even went… coming from a Catholic background, she thought, “Well where can I better find him then in a convent?” So you actually joined a convent?

DONNA: Yes, I did.

SID: Did you find your friend there?

DONNA: No, and I stayed there for two and a half years.

SID: So she left the convent and she starts… She’s still looking, in search, in desperate search, of this friend. And she got ahold of a book and in this book this man knew her friend and she got very excited. You might know who that man was. Pat Boone. She read his life story. And then you said a prayer of salvation, you got saved, you then got filled with the Holy Spirit. Did you find your friend?

DONNA: Yes, I did. I didn’t start having visitations immediately. It was a struggle for me to hear God speak. When I was going to this charismatic prayer meeting I was attending, people would say, “I heard God say this, and I heard God say that.” And I didn’t hear God say anything. So I was frustrated. So I would get alone with God and I would say, “I want to hear you. I want to hear you like everybody else does.” Every day I pursued him.

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SID: I’m here with Ana Warner, I believe that if you will sing to the people that are watching in their homes, in the studio audience, if you will sing just the song you sang for your husband when he was so critical, you thought he was dying or the doctors said that. You just sang Jesus. If you will sing that over people, I believe they’ll be healed and then I will sing in Hebrew the same thing that you sing. Then I believe we will start functioning and words of knowledge.

ANA: I’m excited you’re going to sing with me.

SID: Well, you haven’t heard me yet, but that’s okay.

ANA: Okay, stand. Do me a favor.

SID: I can’t believe I did this, by the way.

ANA: Me neither. Do me a favor and stand to your feet, please. Stay on your feet, really. Just be in the posture of receiving. All right. Thank you, Lord. Father, I just thank you for your fire that’s falling in this place, God. Father, we pray and we thank you for the freedom that we have in you. By your stripes, we’ve been healed. (singing). Thank you, Holy Spirit.

SID: (singing).

Audience: (singing).

ANA: Wow. Thank you, Jesus. Now somebody that is either here in the audience or you’re watching this now. I just get this word of knowledge for you right now. I hear the Lord saying that when I spoke that word earlier, I shared that story of a lady that had felt like she wasn’t good enough. I saw that word somewhere through the media that that’s for you. What that is is you’re actually up against a performance spirit where you feel like you’ve got to perform for your Papa Daddy’s love and you are chronically ill. There’s chronic illness, stuff that’s going on in your body and nobody can touch it. No doctor understands it. I see autoimmune problems. I see chronic illness, respiratory infection that never goes away. It just comes back all your life and no matter what you do you can’t get rid of this thing.

In Jesus’ name right now, I pray for your breakthrough in your healing. Father, I command that performance spirit to now go. You’re going to feel something lift off of you. Even in this very room, you’re going to feel it lift off of you right now. Performance spirit has been broken. Say this with me. If you would trust me, just repeat after me. I break my agreement.

Audience: I break my agreement.

ANA: With the lie.

Audience: With the lie.

ANA: That I’m not good enough.

Audience: That I’m not good enough.

ANA: Because I’m a son or daughter.

Audience: Because I’m a son or daughter.

ANA: Of the King of Kings.

Audience: Of the King of Kings.

ANA: Now look at me. He loves you just as you are. You don’t have to be perfect. You’re free. You’re absolutely free. You’re free. You have the victory over this and your body has now been healed in Jesus’ name. Now, I just get this word, Sid, about this thing. When you get your healing and your freedom, it can’t come back. Now when it tries, you can stand up in victory and say, “No, I’ve gotten my healing in the name of Jesus so you cannot come back. The door has been closed.” God is raising us up like that so that when we think, oh, because often people get their healing, their breakthrough and then it’s some the enemy tries to come back at us and then we get discouraged and we move right back to where we were before. But hey, listen, that’s when it’s time, we got to rise up. No, that cannot come back in Jesus’ name.

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SID: I’m here with Dr. Kevin Zadai. For those of you that don’t know Kevin, in 1992 he was having a dental procedure, put to sleep and he died and went to heaven. And I have to tell you, Kevin, one of the greatest proofs for the skeptics… I’m sure there are no skeptics watching me right now, of course, but one of the greatest proofs I know of, of someone that died and said they went to heaven and came back, was he couldn’t play any instruments and today, how many do you play?

KEVIN: Right now it’s at 14.

SID: 14 instruments. I remember when I took lessons and I’ll tell you what, it’s not easy. It’s just much better to learn without lessons. So you’re at a pastors meeting, coffee shop, and something very supernatural started happening. These are properly mature pastors that were there.

KEVIN: But this is how the Lord works sometimes. He actually walked in, I saw him stand behind the ministers as they were seated. And in that time, the whole atmosphere changed. And Jesus said to me, he said, “Ask them Kevin, how they would live tomorrow if they knew they couldn’t fail.” And he stood there waiting for me to ask them. And I thought, at this point, they haven’t felt the shift in the room. So I did. I obeyed the Lord. And when I did, they just looked at me. “How would each of you live tomorrow if you knew that you could not fail.” And I explained to them that the limitations have been taken off their ministries and that it’s open heaven now. And the Lord was saying to us, we need to let the Holy spirit take us to heaven and look at our books. We need to pray in the spirit. We need to yield to the Holy spirit because he’s our helper. He’s the one that’s going to counsel us and show us. So this is how it all started with… Sid Roth: By the way, how did they take this? There are many pastors that unfortunately for lack of better words, think that they know it all.

KEVIN: Yeah, well the thing of it was, it actually stunned them and that’s how it goes when you’re dealing with both realms. This realm down here is a fallen world and this realm is slow. And so that’s how they responded to it. They had to let it seep in for awhile. But I can assure you that that’s what the Lord is saying to everyone right now in the body of Christ, is that the limits have been taken off and it’s your turn. That’s what he’s saying. It’s your turn to jump in.

SID: He gave you a phrase that it’s rigged in your favor. What does that really mean?

KEVIN: Well, when I was in heaven, Jesus showed me that everything was already written down before any of my days came into being that Jesus himself wrote a book about me before he breathed me into my mother’s womb. And he let me walk into his eyes and I saw myself being formed in my mother’s womb and I saw that the book was already written. Now everybody has a book, but if you become a Christian and you engage with God, then you can ask God to help you to fulfill what is the perfect will of God, which is those things that are written in the book. So the spirit of God is the spirit of truth. He wants to engage every believer and walk them right into the center of this. The only thing is is that it’s so intense in the perfect will of God that it causes you to go into a breakthrough mode where you break through from the enemy’s strong holds, but then there’s an overthrow where you literally throw the tables over that the enemy has set up. Everything that is against you starts to go into an overthrow mode where the demons start to fly out away from you because of what is happening from the other realm. It’s coming into this realm and manifesting. I’ve seen this happen. It happened to me and it’s starting to happen in our services and it’s completely hands free. I don’t even have to lay hands on people. The whole room fills up with the glory of God.

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SID: Hello, Sid Roth here. Welcome, to my world. Where it’s, naturally, supernatural. My guest, Dr. Francis Myles, is in South Africa, in a tent meeting, and they bring, a woman, that has been, insane, for 20 years. What happened?

FRANCIS: They bring her into the crusade, and, she has no essence of, being there. The men that were holding her had to hold her all the time because she was trying to run out. Then when the, Lord, brought me closer to pray for her, I saw, her body got opened up and I saw her spirit, and her spirit was surrounded with, what looked like a beehive, of thousands of, demons with twinky eyes. And, then her spirit spoke to me in English.

SID: She didn’t speak English.

FRANCIS: She didn’t speak English. She spoke Zulu.

SID: Zulu.

FRANCIS: And, she, speaks in English and, her spirit says to me, Sid, “Francis, help me.”
Francis, help me.

FRANCIS: It was the most desperate cry, I’ve ever heard in my life. And, in that moment, the fire of God came upon me, and, my interpreter said, I put my finger on her, head and I said, “In the name of Yeshua, unroll.” And when I did that, I saw the golden hand of Jesus, go into her body, and, begin to pull the spirits. They were tied to each other. It was like a long tail, and they began to come out, like that.

And when, the last one came out, it’s like Jesus threw the whole string of these demons, in one string, and the woman fell back with the people who were holding her back, and she recovered first, totally healed, and delivered.

SID: Only Jesus.

FRANCIS: Only Jesus.

SID: Otherwise, 20 years insane, that was her fate for, her whole life.
FRANCIS: She was, eating in the trashcans of, the community. She was well known.

SID: Now, I know, and you know, that the devil, is terrified, at this divine, revelation that you received, of restraining orders, from the court room. Before we even, get into this, tell me the circumstances, of how you got this revelation.

FRANCIS: Yes, I was driving from a crusade where I had seen blind eyes opened, deaf ears opened. I was listening to Ron Kenoly’s song, Jesus is Alive, and I was coming towards, a streetlight. And when I was coming close to it, the Holy spirit says, “When you get to the light, you don’t go through it, go to the right, and take the longer route to go to your house.” Well, when I got to the light, instead of, doing what the Holy Ghost had suggested, what it had to told me to do, I went right through it.

I went as far as the next light, before I heard a bang, and I was spinning, because a truck had hit me from behind. I was in a borrowed car. It was totaled, Sid, and I was terrified, more for the car than for my own life. And while I’m standing, the police arrive and they find the guy who hit my car, did not even have a driver’s license, no insurance. So, I had to repair this car by myself. And then the Holy Spirit says to me at that moment, “When I put an order on you not to go through, you better listen to what I’m saying.” That became the seed, God would use to excite, this entire revelation on issuing divine restraining orders from the courts of heaven.

SID: I hear there have been many that have been teaching on the going to the courtrooms of heaven, but, one of, the most famous men that has taught on this, he heard your revelation and what did he say?

FRANCIS: Oh, Robert Henderson, who was in my church, and, because I had the revelation, I said, “I want to test it in front of Robert.” I said, “Robert, I’m going to test it in front of you, because you’re one of the fathers of the courtroom revelation. He said, “Okay, let me listen to it.” When he heard me teach on issuing divine restraining orders, he says, “Oh my God, I’ve never heard this before and nobody is talking about this side, of the judicial government of God, and so he got me in touch with my publishers, Destiny Image, and that’s how we got the book out.
SID: Now, explain to me what, a divine restraining order is.

FRANCIS: A divine, restraining order is a, restraining or protective order, that is issued, by the courts of heaven, to protect, a person of destiny, institution, business, or nation, in situations, involving, clear, and present danger, to the preordained purposes of God.

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CARLIE: The reason that David had the… We know David being for being famous for chopping off Goliath’s head, but he faced a giant. Many people today are facing giants. They might be called different things, maybe called poverty or sickness or depression or whatever it is. Your giant says different names. The reason that he was able to run after Goliath with such boldness and such confidence was because he’d fought the lion and the bear first. He’d exercise his faith baby on some smaller things. And I just would encourage people today Sid, because sometimes people will be hearing programs like this and thinking, well, where do I even start? Where do I even begin? And you can know we can start exercising our faith on everyday things. Let’s start exercising our faith muscles, not despising small beginnings, but next time we get a headache rather than popping a Tylenol, let’s pray.

SID: But I’m reminded of this young girl, Carlie, that had a little touch of the reality of God but couldn’t put it all together? Well, the truth is you’ll never put it all together because you’re not God. But I can tell you this, if you’ll take that first step, he will run to you and he will put his arms around you. And there’s some that are watching right now you need the love of God to put his arms around you. I want you to say this prayer so that God won’t be just on the outside of you, but we’ll live big inside of you. Dear God-

Audience: Dear God.

SID: … I’ve made many mistakes in my life.

Audience: … I’ve made many mistakes in my life.

SID: … and I’m truly sorry.

Audience: … and I’m truly sorry.

SID: I believe.

Audience: I believe.

SID: … the blood of Jesus.

Audience: … the blood of Jesus.

SID: … has washed away every mistake.

Audience: … has washed away every mistake.

SID: … and I have a new beginning.

Audience: … and I have a new beginning.

SID: And now that I am clean.

Audience: And now that I am clean.

SID: … because of what you did, Jesus.

Audience: … because of what you did, Jesus.

SID: … I ask you now to come and live inside of me.

Audience: … I ask you now to come and live inside of me.

SID: Take over my life.

Audience: Take over my life.

SID: I make you Lord of my life.

Audience: I make you Lord of my life.

SID: Amen.

Audience: Amen.

SID: Now it’s time to flip the switch in reference to your healing. Anyone ready to have the light switch come on?

CARLIE: Father God, I just thank you for everyone that’s watching this broadcast. For everyone that’s listening to the sound of my voice. Right now in the name of Jesus, we take authority over every sickness, over every disease, over all pain. Right now we command sickness and disease to leave your body in Jesus name. I’m seeing brains becoming whole, neurological function returning to people right now in Jesus name. Alzheimer’s is leaving. Parkinson’s is leaving right now. There’s arthritic conditions right now we released the power God in your body. We drive out arthritic conditions, every bit of pain, every bit of inflammation. We command in Jesus name limbs to move, joints to move right now in the name of Jesus. Lord, I thank you that your healing power is flooding through our brothers and sisters right now, from the top of the head to the very souls of their feet, that every ounce, every ounce of sickness, every ounce of disease is draining away from them.

Pain is leaving. There are bound joints that are becoming loose. We speak life back into organs that have ceased to function. I declare over every organ in your body full capacity, full capacity right now. Every symptom, every lying symptom from the pit of hell, we command it to leave right now. Woman, be loosed of your infirmity. Be loosed of your infirmity right now. I said I’m seeing a lady and she has a spine. She has scoliosis of the spine and those vertebrates are lining up. They’re lining up. There’s straightening coming. There’s bones that are growing. Somebody has just holes. There’s a weakness in your bones, like an osteoporosis, but right now those bones are becoming strong. There is bones where they was space between. Someone has knees. Someone’s getting new knees right now where your bones were rubbing together, new knees are being created. This is Holy Spirit knee replacement.

Lord, thank you. Thank you that your power is flooding through us I see is here right now in the name of Jesus. Right now I want to declare an end to infertility. There are women out here, there are married couples who have been trying for a baby for years with nothing. You’ve had parts of your body removed, you have things that don’t function, but God is doing a creative miracle inside of you right now. There’s ovaries that are coming back to life. Right now we declare health and wholeness over your reproductive system and we declare the fruit of your womb blessed in Jesus’ name.

SID: Repeat after me, I have flipped the switch.

Audience: I have flipped the switch.

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