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DAVID: It’s only by the Holy Spirit. All true worship comes from revelation, not from information. Information makes you think. Revelation makes you worship. And when revelation comes from the Holy Spirit it’s not that you have to be coached into worshipping. It naturally overflows because of the revelation you’ve received. So He says true worshippers are going to worship me in spirit and in truth. Not by tradition, not by mandate, not by demands, not by structure, though structure has its place. But He is saying that true worship is going to overflow because of what the Holy Spirit does in our hearts! You know the scripture talks about holy beings flying around the Father 24/7 singing Holy, holy, holy is the Lord! You often notice in the scripture that whenever someone cries holy it’s because the Lord has revealed Himself. Do you realize that these beings for all of eternity are flying around Him singing holy, holy, holy, holy, holy, holy? That for all of eternity each time they come full circle they capture new revelation of God?


DAVID: And it brings out a response. They have– people say how can they worship for all of eternity? It’s because for all of eternity they’re receiving revelation. Worship moves the shift, it takes shift from your needs to focusing on Jesus. There’s a song, now to me it’s old, I apologize if it’s was one of the new ones back in your day for worship, but Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus?


DAVID: Turn your eyes upon Jesus, look full in His wonderful face. And the things of earth will grow strangely dim in the light of His glory and grace. It’s poetic, it’s beautiful, it’s true. And you’re looking at Jesus the light of His face is so brilliant everything else goes dim. So the prayer request removes the inner chaos, allows you to focus on the revelation which moves you into worship. Much easier than the way I was doing it. And then I won’t spend too much time on this one cause I want to, I want more time for the last one here. The third one is resisting. This is spiritual warfare. Now many of you know about spiritual warfare. But I will say this. Anything that sin and the devil does in this earth can be undone through prayer! When you’re praying in the spirit, when you enter that realm of intercessor you become an agent of God’s dominion and authority in the earth! And you, when you speak, you may be over here but someone over there can receive. You know the thing about prayer is it’s impossible to accomplish nothing in prayer. For every moment you are praying you are growing! For every moment you are praying you are accomplishing something whether you see it immediately or not! We’ll be praying for somebody and we talk to them and they seem so resistant to the Gospel. The truth is despite the faτade that they place before your eyes because of the faith that you have you can know with certainty that when you’re warring for somebody’s soul, when you’re warring for a situation that you are making impact!


DAVID: That’s spiritual warfare. John chapter 6, Jesus is talking in verse 53. Remember the fourth one is reading.       Let me show you something very powerful that happens when you’re reading the Word because it’s not just reading a book. It’s not a biography. You’re experiencing a Person! He is the Word and Jesus Himself says that this is a supernatural thing. I know the binding and the pages and the ink are of our earth but this is a supernatural experience every time you open the Bible! Okay. So verse 53. This is Jesus talking. Is this blessing you?


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RICH: So the Lord showed me three levels of prosperity. Now how do we obtain this? When we get to His presence we claim it, we grab it. There’s one thing we do in our meetings when the power of God hits. I tell the congregation raise your hands and grab it! Because so in heaven there’s a place in heaven that has body parts. Did you know that? There is a room in heaven that has, I mean it looks like a cartoon, you know? Body parts all over the place but body parts for who? For people that are willing to get in the presence of God and do this. You see your faith is this. See many people say can you pray for me, can you do this, can you ask God? And we can pray for a long time for your need but you have to come to a place in God that you lift up your arm of faith and you reach out in the presence of the Lord and you grab your miracle, you grab your deliverance, you grab everything that concerns your family. Why don’t you raise your hands right now and say God, I receive what’s mine now!

AUDIENCE:  I receive what’s mine now!

RICH: You see last week we had a week of revival meetings in a church in Orlando and I was talking with people like this. And the Lord says if the people are willing to believe         I will cause money to appear in their pockets. I will cause their credit scores to go from five hundreds to the eight hundreds. I will clear credit card debt from them instantly. Now that was the reaction I got. I’M telling ya you can ask Dr. Sheila Spencer, we have it on our video, when people claimed that next day there was a line of testimonies. A lady with her credit in the 500’s next day was in the eight hundreds. How many of you know that don’t happen just by chance? People had money appear in their accounts by the power of the Holy Spirit! We had people with 58 hundred dollars of credit card debt when they claimed that prosperity in all areas their way God pushed that delete button and that debt was completely canceled. Somebody say God do it for me tonight!

AUDIENCE:  God, do that for me tonight!

RICH: And I believe with the Lord that that’s going to happen in this place that God is going to take you to the levels of prosperity that concerns every area of your life! How many of you have financial problems? Raise your hands on high. Say “God, I receive it now!” 

AUDIENCE:  God, I receive it now!

RICH: I’M telling ya there was a lady who got 38 hundred dollars put on her account the following day. Now you say well you know, people say why would God do that? You know sometimes we want to spiritualize God, you know, well God we just– you know but Jesus, and I saw this in the Bible. You know Jesus multiplied fish and bread. And one time the Holy Spirit says Rich, is it harder for me to multiply U.S. dollars in somebody’s pocket than for me to do fish and bread? And I say no God. I mean so why is it that people are not asking? And people says well God multiplied my fish and bread. But listen, back then we had over 5000 people walking for hours. If God would have multiplied gold coins in their pocket they would have gone back home and die halfway with a lot of money in their pockets. So their need was not money. Their need was food to eat. So no matter what in the glory of God your provision it’s always met. If you need something to eat, food is provided by God. If you need finances money’s provided by God. If you healing, healing is provided by God. So I’M talking about going beyond that miracle power of God that is limited by our understanding to the cure of the physical body. I’M talking about stretching your faith to a place that God can cause things in the natural to be by a miracle change in your circumstance. Now let’s go to Isaiah chapter 53, and I want to touch a couple points. And I like to preach strong and hard because when I was in heaven when the Lord spoke to me Isaiah 53 His word came out of His mouth like a waterfall that picked me up and He threw me across the room and He nailed me on a wall. And I remember thinking like that I was hurt so I started touching my body and I wasn’t hurt. And the revelation came the word of God carries power and the word of God will, I’M telling you, the word of God will knock anything out of your life yet when it happens it doesn’t hurt. I mean it was a simple revelation. And I received then that the proclamation of the gospel has to be with authority. The proclamation of the gospel, that the words of Jesus they carry power. I’ve seen people in the service when I speak to them the word of the Lord be knocked out by the power of God. Because we got to go back to know this that it’s the words that come out of the mouth of Jesus or His Rhema, His Logo that becomes Rhema that changes your life and my life. Amen? Let’s go to Isaiah 53. This is a chapter that it means so much to my life and my ministry. And he says verse 1 “who has believed our report? And to whom is the arm of the Lord revealed? For he shall grow up before Him as a tender plant.” Of course he’s describing the upbringing of Jesus. But it’s funny how, you know, he talks about the arm of the Lord. The arm of the Lord symbolizes the power of God and he also speaks symbolically of the person of Jesus. Jesus is the arm of the Lord. And when the Bible talks about the knowledge of the power of God or the knowledge of how to receive from God he always links that to revelation. So you cannot activate the miracle power of God, you cannot activate the supernatural in your life until the arm of the Lord has been revealed to you. And that’s why in this season God is restoring to His people the ability to hear the voice of God for themselves because if you depend on the words of a preacher one day your preacher won’t be there and you will have a need of a God but God is always speaking and God is talking right now to you saying His voice will change every area of his life! Can you say amen to that?


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SID: Now, this should not happen to you. Jodie is in her living room with her daughter and all of a sudden the sliding door slides open and what did you see?

JODIE: Yeah, I saw a spirit of death, a demonic, dark spirit that landed at our back door and immediately–

SID: What did it look like?

JODIE: It was darker than dark. A bodily form, but darker than dark. And both myself and my daughter, we immediately sensed it and saw it straight away because we both looked towards where the door, and we in the physical saw the back door start to open. There was a tangible sense of fear and death. And then right after that though, you know, thank God for Jesus because right after that I, you know, in that darkest fear that we tangibly felt and saw, immediately we saw a bright white light drop immediately at the back door and immediately that darkness left.

JODIE: There was a shift of the atmosphere. There was even an impartation of that ability to decree a shift of an atmosphere. And you know, I’m reminded even now, John 10:10, God came to give us life and life and abundant. And that immediate sense of fear. And I can feel it even here now. Many that have been plagued by a fear of death or fear, just even that fear that plagues them, you know, God is releasing that and breaking that.

SID: Pray that.

JODIE: Yeah. Well I just speak at right over you now, wherever you are in this audience or at home right now. If you’ve been plagued by just a torturous thoughts and a fear of early death over you right now, I just break that hold, that demonic assignment in the name of Jesus and I decree a John 10:10 impartation of life, life, life. You will walk out the days that you are made for in Jesus’ name. I release impartation of expectation of good in Jesus’ name.

SID: Now, you two, again, you’re sleeping and right outside of your bedroom window, what do you hear, Ben?

BEN: Yeah, so this was only a couple of days after that and so we’re in the middle of this season that’s … it feels like everything’s coming against us. All of a sudden it feels like … I hear the sound of a hundred horses come just running up to the bedroom window. Our bedroom window was up against the road and so I hear the sound. It’s snorting and breathing and hooves and–

SID: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Are you hearing this too or no?

JODIE: No. I’m hearing it, too. It woke us up.

BEN: And they came running up to the window. I jump out of bed, fling open the curtain, expecting to be confronted by all these men on horses and it’s just silent. There’s nothing. And the Lord speaks to me. He says, Ben, the armies of the Lord are encamped around you.

SID: Then when you had that visitation from the angel, God spoke to you. What was imparted to you? What was it?

BEN: It was a commissioning to us to pour out the oil of his presence and power in the nations. And the angel was an angel of awakening. It was the angel of awakening and it came with this commissioning to us. And overnight, everything changed in our lives.

JODIE: Yeah.

There’s a, there was a scripture God gave you. Paraphrase it for me.

BEN: Yeah. In Zechariah 4 he said, these are the two who have called to pour out golden lamp oil worldwide. And it’s a picture in Zechariah 4 of the oil running down the golden pipes to the lamp stand, which is the church, and keeping the fire burning in the church. That oil that lights the fire and keeps it burning.

SID: Not just pour out oil. You’re in Fiji and you hear the most marvelous singing.

BEN: Yes.

SID: Tell me about that.

BEN: Yeah, so I was leading worship at the time. We were there as part of 50 nights of revival that happened. And in the middle of the worship, I’m just in a bit of a prophetic flow, playing the guitar and singing, and I hear this singing start to happen. And it’s not singing I had heard before and I’m looking around, I’m thinking, where’s that coming from? No one was on stage singing. No one in the audience was singing it. And the Fijians sing beautifully. But this wasn’t coming from anyone. And I realized what was going on and I knew the angels were singing and so–

SID: Were you were the only one hearing this?

BEN: No. Every single person there was hearing. And so I actually, I said to everybody, guys, the angels are singing. Just everyone just listen. No one sing or talk and just listen. And the whole meeting, every person, you didn’t have to squint your ears to try and hear. It was overwhelming. There was three angelic harmonies that were singing along with me. It was incredible. And the glory of God came into the room so powerfully. It got very precious and very holy, and the Lord just began to move. And the power of God, people started falling out and getting healed. It was glorious. It was glorious.

JODIE: It was a powerful time.

SID: This pouring out the oil. That, when you had what’s called a … Why was it called the Pineapple Revival?

BEN: Well, it took place in a tourist attraction in Australia called the Big Pineapple. And this is a, a big function center on a pineapple farm with a 40 foot fiberglass pineapple. And as you can see out the front, this huge pineapple, you could go up inside that, but the whole of Australia knew about it as the Big Pineapple. And so everyone started calling it the Pineapple Revival.

SID: What was the earmark of this move of God?

BEN: Well I … Yeah.

JODIE: Contagious hunger. There was contagious hunger that was just poured out.

SID: You mean you can catch the hunger from God.

JODIE: You can catch it!

SID: And you two, when that oil is poured out, you two spread the disease.

BEN: Yeah.

JODIE: Well, I often say, Sid, that if you can catch a cold, then why can’t we have faith to catch the fire of God?

SID: You know, a lot of stuff happens in their home. In their home, Ben and Jodie have created an atmosphere of heaven on earth and they can teach you how to create a door or a portal for heaven to invade your home. Do you want this? I know you do.

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SID: I really, really pray you catch what I’m about ready to say because it is essential you be on the right side of the coin where we are in history and not make any mistakes. I am seeing a tie in with the greater glory and the salvation of Israel. First, I want you to see these two historic Jewish outreaches because if you didn’t see the video footage they are so supernatural, you wouldn’t even believe it. Let’s take a look

There was a miracle in Haifa, the third largest city in Israel. 32 buses arrived transporting 1700 unsaved, Israeli Jewish people to Sid Roth’s evangelistic outreach featuring a lecture on the supernatural. Then the supernatural began early in Sid’s talk. He spoke out words of knowledge.

SID: God’s starting to heal people there in your gums and in your teeth. God is healing you right now.

60% of the people were instantly healed. Sid knew that he was operating in the glory. Sid usually sees instant healing miracles happen without the laying on of hands. Several saw the tangible glory as a cloud or fire. People took photos of Sid speaking at the event and the glory of God was on him in a tangible way. After they were healed, Sid had their undivided attention to preach the gospel.

SID: I want to pray a supernatural prayer that God would give you a heart transplant.

As Sid finished his talk, he gave a clear invitation.

SID: If you want to know God for yourself, stand up and I’ll pray the prayer over you. All you have to do is stand and I’ll pray it.

1300 unsaved Jewish people stood up to their feet and made a public profession of faith receiving Jesus as their messiah. Three weeks later, Sid had a Jewish evangelistic meeting in Kiev, Ukraine. Over 7,000 people attended including believers, many of whom invited their unsaved Jewish family and friends. At the end, 100% of the audience publicly proclaimed Jesus as their savior and Lord.

SID: What you’re seeing right before your eyes was all prophesied. This is a moment that all of the people that have gone before us to heaven are looking over the balcony, watching the wrap up. You see, God prophesied through Paul the Greater Glory in Romans Chapter 11, verse 12 and 15. So am I saying that Israel stumbled so badly that they’ll never get up? Certainly not.

SID: Rather it was because of their stumble that salvation now extends to all non Jewish people in order to make Israel jealous and desire the very things that God has freely given them. So if all the world is being so greatly enriched through their failure and through their fall, great spiritual wealth is given to non-Jewish people. Imagine. And you know, I think about that song and movie Only Imagine. Imagine this is God speaking through Paul. Imagine how much more? Please get this. Please get the heart of God right now. Imagine how much more will Israel’s awakening bring us all? For if their temporary rejection release the reconciling power of grace into the world, what will happen when Israel is reconciled to God? It will unleash resurrection power throughout the whole earth. The greater glory.

SID: Now this resurrection power that Paul just prophesied about is the greater glory. Earlier, in Romans 9:4 there’s something very few believers have ever noticed. Paul says the glory, that’s what we’re talking, about belongs to the Jew. The job of the Jewish believer always has been and always will be is to take this glory to the Gentiles and interesting enough, the job of the Gentile believer always has been to then take the Gospel back to the Jew. According to Romans 11:11. Together, that one new man, God says in Haggai 2:9, the future glory of the temple will be greater than its past glory. You see, that’s why I call it the greater glory because it’s the glory from the Jewish believer in Jesus and the glory from the gentile believer in Jesus merging into one new man, a new species of being that has never existed before and Numbers 14:21 says, when this occurs, all the earth will be filled with the glory of the Lord.

SID: So you see why it’s so important right now for the salvation of Israel, the whole world’s salvation is contingent on that. That’s why the whole world seems to be coming against Israel right now. It’s not a political thing. It’s a spiritual thing and it’s the devil’s worst nightmare when Gentile believers capture the heart of God. Now my next two guests who were on my tour to Israel both had visitations from heaven and will introduce you to the resurrection called the Greater Glory with the salvation of the Jews to release the greatest move of salvation the world has ever seen. Be right back.

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SID: Okay. So, Dr. Joe…his wife by the way, he was the spiritual rock. He was the spiritual giant in his household. But he was helpless in bed all the time. So, what did Heidi do about that?

DR. JOE: Well, she started realizing that I had no faith. My faith was completely gone. So, she said, “We’ve got to get rid of everything we know about healing because this is not working.” What we had read. So, she started digging into the word. She started reading books about the spiritual giants of yesteryears that really healed people like John G. Lake and she started watching programs with people who actually healed the sick and started finding out what God said about sickness and diseases and healing. One of the things that she found out was because we were being told oh, you don’t have enough faith. Which is wrong. We were being told oh, you’re a Job. You’re going through this for other people or God put this on you to teach you something. All these different things.

She said, “That can’t be,” because when she started to read the word of God, when she started to read what Jesus did, Jesus healed every person that came to him and he healed every person that God sent him to and that they commanded the sick to be healed. So, she started seeing this and she started praying that way and she started contacting people and she contacted Joan Hunter who is one of my mentors.

SID: We’ve had her on our show a lot.

DR. JOE: Yeah, she’s awesome and she just contacted her by email and she said, “If you can pray for my husband or if you could even call him, this would be great.” Well, on a holiday, Joan calls the house and before she could get, “This is Joan Hunter out of her mouth,” Heidi goes, “I know who this is.” She rushes into the bedroom. She says, “Joan is on the phone. Joan is on the phone. Joan, unbeknownst to us was told by the Holy Spirit, when she got that email, you’re going to have to walk this one through his healing. But she prayed over me and she said, “How are you doing?” I said, “I don’t feel any different.”

I don’t feel any different.

Well, let me pray again.

DR. JOE: So, she prayed again. I didn’t feel any different. She said, “Hmm, I’m going to have to go back to the Lord on this one.” She says, “But I want you to go to the church that really believes in the miracle working power of God, that really believes in healing and knows how to pray.” So, she sent me to a church in Concord. That was really the start of our journey of people who really knew how to pray like Jesus prayed, like the disciples prayed. That’s where we started. From that point on, it took a year of us commanding that sickness and disease. It wasn’t me. At first I just had faith in Heidi’s faith. I had faith in other people’s faith. Pretty soon, my faith started to grow as I realized that I was getting better. I would get to a plateau and the enemy would come. He would say this. “That’s all you’re going to get.” I’d say, “No, enemy. That’s not what I’m going to get. My God is not a 10% God or a 20% God. He’s 100% God.”

So, I would talk to my legs. I would say, “In the name of Jesus, all pain you have to go. All inflammation you have to go back. You have to be aligned with the word of God.” Then I would go to another plateau. This would happen over and over and over again until I was completely healed.

SID: There are so many things that you had backwards. You had as far as your belief in healing, but one of the strongest things you like to talk about is you were praying wrong. But now you command. Explain that whole thing.

DR. JOE: Well, we studied about Jesus, the disciples, the deacons in the Bible. Those four things that Jesus told us to do – heal the sick, raise the dead, cast out devils and cleanse lepers and tell people the kingdom of heaven is here. Every one of those things you never see Jesus do it. You never see the disciples do it. You never see the deacons do it. This is how we normally pray, right? We go, “Father, heal Sid of this headache in Jesus name. We just ask that you heal him.” They never did that. But he told us to command. That’s what he did. He commanded sickness and disease to go in the name of Jesus. He cast out devils as he commanded them. Jesus didn’t have to use his own name of course. The disciples did and the deacons did. But when he commanded it, they went because he had the authority of the father.

SID: We have the power of attorney of that authority.

DR. JOE: We have the power of attorney. Exactly.

SID: Tell me one more conception you had.

DR. JOE: I think the big misconception that I had was that I wasn’t capable of healing the sick and raising the dead, casting out devils and cleansing lepers in Jesus name. That somehow we have second class citizens in the kingdom. That it’s the leadership that that’s what they’re supposed to do. The Bible doesn’t say that. It says they are to equip us to do that work of ministry. That changed my life around because now it was my responsibility to go out there under the power and the authority that Jesus gave us to do good and destroy works of the devil.

SID: Tell me the very first miracle you can remember of you praying for someone and seeing them healed.

DR. JOE: This is so cool, Sid. We were at a men’s retreat from our church up in the mountains and this was very, very early on before when I started praying like this. There was a man there. The pastor had told us that we should pray for each other. The mantle of God would come on our lives. So, we were up in this old barn with a tin roof and this one man that I was assigned to. I said, “Well, let me pray for you.” I really didn’t know the man very well. I said, “What’s wrong with you?” He said, “I was in the military.” He said, “I was scuba diving and I went too deep and my eardrum blew out. Just literally blew out.” He says, “I’ve had no hearing in that ear and I’ve had pain and buzzing in that ear ever since then.” I think it had been 20 years.

So, I said, “Would you allow me to pray for that?” So, I laid my hand on his heart and I started praying for him. As soon as I touched him, the rain came and it sounded like a cacophony of sound which is just incredible sound. You could hardly hear anything going on. I prayed against that thing and I spoke to that ear in Jesus name and I could literally see the structures in the ear being reformed in Jesus name. So, after I got done and I said amen, the rain stopped. It was just quiet. I looked at him and he was speechless. I said, “What happened?” He said, “The pain and the buzzing is gone.” He said, “But what God did in my heart was so much greater than that.” There was something that had happened in the military that he felt very badly about that he didn’t even know was still there and God took it from him right then and there.

SID: I’ll tell you what. I want Dr. Joe to pray for those that have lost their hope. Those in pain and for miracles of all kinds in a moment. So don’t go away.