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ADAM: As we grow into this language, it says in Hebrews, we move on from the elementary teachings of Christ, and we go into maturity. And God wants us to mature, to understand the language of heaven. When I shared earlier about being captured—

SID: I mean it’d be pretty bad, if we get to heaven, and can’t speak. [laughs]

ADAM: That’s exactly right. And you know, it’s a wisdom that comes from above. Remember, earlier on when I asked the Lord for wisdom, why I had that encounter. But, it’s for everybody, it’s not just for me as a Guru. Jesus made a comment, he said, “That there’s one greater than Solomon here.” He’s talking about himself, but that one greater than Solomon can be activated inside of us, which is Christ and give us such revelation to be able to commune with the Father. And that’s what I believe it’s about as he wants us to search it out. It says in proverbs, “It’s the glory of God to conceal a matter, but the glory of kings to search it out.” So, He wants seekers; He wants us to knock and the door will be open. He wants us to seek and find, knock and the door will be open.” And He is there at the door.

SID: Didn’t it frustrate you when you first started in this area.

ADRIAN: Well, initially Adam had a gift, and I use to go to him with dreams. My dreams and others dreams.

SID: See, and I don’t want to do that, I want to know it for myself.

ADRIAN: But the good news is, now that I’m interpreting dreams, and I’m teaching other people to interpret which means that it’s catchable. It’s doable—

SID: Good—

ADRIAN: It’s doable. It’s impartible. You know, one—

SID: Impartible? Do you mean that you could pray, and people watching would get an impartation to understand their dreams better?

ADRIAN: yes.

SID: Is that what you’re saying?


SID: I like that. You see, we’re a McDonald’s generation; instant! [laughs]

ADAM: [laughs]

ADRIAN: But Adam also, in that Hebrews passage that Adam was talking about. Yeshua as the coming one and so on, it also says, that by “practice you Increase your discernment.” And so, we’ll pray serving this segment, and we’ll impart the spirit of understanding’ so the people can start to see beyond the narrative of the dream, or the vision, or the Scripture. To see beyond what lies beneath it. So, we’re not just looking at what’s begetting ‘Western’, but we’re actually looking into the stalls and seeing what’s really behind them.

SID: It would have been, I know this; this is kind of left field. The question’s coming to me. What about getting a dream from the demonic? How do you know the difference?

ADRIAN: You know, well, there are basically 3 sources to our dreams. We all know God dreams, and we label them as such. Now, the devil does have this capacity, so when Jesus was in the wilderness, he was led up on the mount and he was shown all the kingdoms of the world. Well, they didn’t all exist together, and there wouldn’t be a place physically that you could go. If you went to Everest, you wouldn’t see all the kingdoms of the world. And so we know that the devil has his capacity. When we’re looking for demonic influence, or when we’re picking up a demonic influence in a dream interpretation, we go, “What’s the door for that to come in?” Alright so, the Bible says in Ephesians, “Don’t give any foothold or ground for the enemy to come in. Normally, there’s been a trauma, there’s been unforgiveness or some sort of holding a person to a debt. So what I say to people is this; if you were checking yourself and you’re getting a repeat dream, particularly that tormenting you, then I would say that, or I’d just ask you this question. If all the fields were down and there was no restriction, would you like an apology from that person? And if they say, “Yes”, then what that shows is their heart’s still holding a person owing a debt to them and they need to release them; it says in Matthew 18, “From their heart” otherwise they’re given over to torment. Also, the other thing; there are 3 sources to our dreams. #1 God dreams, #two the devil, and #3 our own heart, flavors our dreams. Ezekiel 14 says, “If a man comes to me or comes to the prophet, and he’s seeking guidance, it says, “I the Lord will answer him according to the idol in his heart.”

SID: Oh, well that’s pretty profound.

ADRIAN: It’s very profound, which means that when we do come to God, we have to be mindful of where our heart is at. And so, we need to remove the idol. What’s the idol? So, God’s there, and I have an idol, and I’m looking at God saying, “Yes, that’s the person I need to marry.” Or, “That’s the car I’m going to buy.” “It’s the job you got for me.” And I’m set on that, God allows me according to that.

SID: Um, that’s a little scary actually.

ADRIAN: It is, it is scary.

SID: What is the very first thing we should do? We’ve had the dream, you’ve already told me. I’ve got a little pad next to my bed, and I write my dream down, and then I try to get back to sleep. Then I wake up in the morning. What’s the very next thing that I should do?

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SID: I’m here with my friend Guillermo Maldonado. And now Guillermo, I have been hearing reports about you. Every time I hear you’re in another part of the world. But there is a glory going on in your meetings that are doing things almost unprecedented. For instance, let’s just pick one of the countries you’ve been to recently. Burma. What happened there?

GUILLERMO: Burma was before, now is Myanmar. There was a moment I had been praying for a while in my hotel room, and when I left, I got to the arena, 15000 people, no air conditioning, 110 degrees very hot. My team almost fainted.

SID: You needed a miracle for that alone.

GUILLERMO: Yes. We almost fainted. And before I went to the stage, God said to me, “I just want you to stand there and watch me doing it.” He said, the most powerful miracles you ever seen, you work through it, you work it by faith. He said, “Let me do it. Watch me doing it.” And I just stand there. And the Lord said to me, “Just to declare that there be little kids, deaf and mute from birth, I will touch tonight.” So you were born in that condition?


GUILLERMO: We checked him right now. He was completely deaf. The power of God came upon his  ear. And now he can hear. …..and the presence of God came. And it was such a love, because love is the essence of the presence of God. And when that presence fell in that place, I mean, you saw a lot of people crying and weeping and nobody touched them. And suddenly we start taking testimonies. 35 deaf and mute child were healed in that day … from birth the glory came. That’s what hit and that place was so powerful. We have 95% of those 15000 people were Buddhist.

SID: You didn’t tell me that part.

GUILLERMO: Oh yeah. Wen I asked how many of you want to receive Jesus after what they saw, the love of God came in that place, the people were touching, weeping and crying and they all received Jesus 95%.

SID: You know what?

GUILLERMO: That’s power.

SID: You know what is so to me is, it’s priceless, it’s mind blowing. What he just described, is available to every one of us.


SID: Not only available, God wants you operating in the glory.

GUILLERMO: Yes, come on.

SID: It’s yours.


SID: It’s your inheritance.


SID: It belongs to you.


SID: Tell me another country.

GUILLERMO: I went to Mexico, I went to Mexico. I just came back three weeks ago.

SID: I spoke to someone that was at your meeting there.


SID: Wow. That’s all I got to say.

GUILLERMO: Sid, I’ve studied in my house and I pray for hours and I’m not trying to say so many things, but I prayed and when I went to the stage, the atmosphere was a charge with the presence, in other words, the places that have been, the moment I entered, the atmosphere changes. And I felt that atmospheric 20000 people inside the stadium, it was packed. And suddenly the presence … And the Lord said … Reminded me, he said, “Did you … remind you.” He said, “Remember when I spoke to you?” And I said, “God, what did you say?” He said, “I spoke to you that, there are some miracles you have seen, powerful miracles that you work by my faith.” But now he said, “I want to remind you that I want … I want you to watch me doing it.”

And I say, “God, is all yours.” So when I enter and I stood up in the stage, five hours, Sid. Five hours worshiping God, you will see people getting healed. 10 people in wheelchairs got up. I mean deaf and mute and there was a special miracle. This little child, nine years old, he took a bus to come to the place, 12 hours, as he had to sell … I’m so touched when I hear this, he have to sell plantains to come to the event because he didn’t have any money. He was robbed in the way coming into the capital. He lost his money and then he came to the place, he needed a heart transplant, and he spoke to her mother and he said, “Mom, I will get my miracle when I get to the capital of Mexico.”

[foreign language] so he came, he had the faith and when the glory fell, he said, “I felt like a fire in my chest.” And then he said, and I took all my doctors, they were 20 doctors, they took him, they examined him. [foreign language]

[foreign language]

GUILLERMO: A brand new heart. Nobody touch him. If you’re watching now, there’s a lot of people there. They miss it. They missing organs in your body. This is very usual because there’s a supernatural normal, but the supernatural unusual. And whenever you see this type of miracles, there was some a woman watching this show, one of my previous show here, and she was missing one ovary, and she said when the presence fell in her home, she got a brand new ovary. And this is what the glory does.

SID: I know what I’m saying, I know it as if I’ve seen it happen, I know that on this move of God that is here already, that the average man and woman knows that Messiah will do exactly what he did., and it won’t be on a television show because it will be the new normal for people that have the glory of God on them. Now, many of you, so many have prayed and if you’re honest, you’ve seen few of the prayers answered, and many of you have given up or ask others more gifted to pray for them. Many sick have seen too many of their loved ones die, and now rely more on doctors or medicine.

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God made a covenant with His people, with the shed blood of Jesus Christ. When I see the blood, ‘a blood covenant is a binding agreement between two parties; a relationship that is sealed by the use of the blood.’ Now the first time, when my Grandma’s teaching me about the blood of Jesus of course, but the next time I got into the blood was watching an old western TV movie. When the Indians and the man, Indians and the cowboys made a blood covenant together; they would cut the hand and put it together and shake hands and do this, and they had their, “we’re not going to fight each other anymore; we’ve got a blood brother here,” Blood brother, that’s-that’s my relationship back in the old western time frame. In-in the middle east and some of the Asian countries around the world, they would cut their fingers or cut a spot in their hand and they’d shake on it and the blood mingled together so they had the blood covenant, like in England and France, they had the, the blood covenant. When God created Adam He instituted the covenant of the blood. Genesis 3:21, “Unto Adam also to his wife did the Lord make coats of skin, and clothed them.” After Adam and Eve sinned, they tried to cover themselves with fig leaves off a tree, but the leaves could not hide them. When God saw their sin, animals’ coats of skin were used to cover them, that means the blood covenant. That means an animal died. The first blood covenant was shed to cover the sin of Adam and Eve. Blood was said-shed to cover the sin of men. Only this could continue with our fellowship with God because of the blood. Genesis 4:2 and 5, “And she bare another brother, Abel. And Abel was keeper of the sheep. Cain was a tiller of the ground. And in the process of time it came to pass, they were taught to bring an offering to God.” Now, Adam had taught them to bring the proper offering to God. Just like we should be taught, they were taught to bring the proper offering to God. “And Abel brought an offering of the firstlings of his flock…” animals, blood,  .”..and the fat thereof,” to offer to God. “And the Lord had respect unto Abel and his offering,” because he did it right. He followed the laws of God. “But Cain, He did not respect his offering and Cain was wroth and his countenance fell.”

All you and I got to do is do right. We have to do right and follow the commandments of God. We have to do right and follow the teaching of the Word of God. We’ve got to do right unto the things of God and if we do, God will bless it. How many want to be blessed of God? You at home, you want to be blessed of God? Wave your hand at me if you’re watching ’cause all around the world, I’m telling you God said, “If you do right, I will put My commandments on you and you’ll follow those commandments .” How are you going to please God? Keep the commandments. How many love Him? How many love Him? Do you love the Lord? Are you-do you love the Lord? Do you love the Lord? Do you love the Lord? “If you love Me…” put your hand down, “if you love Me, you’ll keep My commandments.” Oh now let me ask you again now, how many keep the commandments? Oh, wait a minute, one, two, three… Wait a minute, the Bible says “if you love Me…” How many love the Lord? How many love — oh, oh… Put your hand down. How many keep the commandments? See what I’m saying? “If you love Me, you’ll keep My commandments.” “If you love Me, you’ll keep the commandments.” Cain knew. He knew. Cain brought a bloodless offering. Bloodless. God would not require that. God loved Cain, but He required the sacrifice and it was unacceptable. The Bible says, “By faith Abel brought offering to God of a more excellent sacrifice.” The blood covenant, the blood covenant sacrifice. Listen to me. Abel was offered a more excellent sacrifice. It’s true today, it’s true today for all of us. When I enter into the covenant relationship with God by faith, what faith? Faith in Jesus, that’s my faith; faith in Jesus, faith in the Lamb of God, the perfect sacrifice. The perfect blood covenant is Jesus Christ. Somebody’s watching on TV or somebody’s here in this audience today with Crohn’s disease. Let me see your hand. Crohn’s. Crohn’s. Crohn’s disease. If that’s you, just slip your hand up. In the name of Jesus right now, I command the healing power of God to flow, and Crohn’s disease is being healed. That terrible disease is gone out of your body, I take authority over it, in the name of Jesus, and by the blood of Jesus, it’s happening right now. Crohn’s leaving your body. Examine, go to the doctor, he will tell you what I am telling you today, by the blood of Jesus, in the name of Jesus, by the blood of Jesus, Crohn’s disease being healed. Give God a praise, Crohn’s disease being healed in Jesus’ name.

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SID: Hey, you two really have got our studio audience going. But Rob, briefly summarize the three-fold miracle mandate, and I really like that word “mandate.”

ROB: It’s a command.

SID: Whoa.

ROB: God blesses mankind with three blessings. Now, provision gives us our sense of security. Wholeness gives us our sense of love and acceptance, and the authority gives us our sense of significance. God created us like this. All people need these things. They need security. They need acceptance. They need significance.

SID: Everyone wants this.

ROB: It’s how we’re made. When Adam and Eve distrust God and disobey him, they look outside of God for these things, and that’s why they release the curses.

SID: He has found this pattern of three all over the Bible of this miracle mandate. So what he’s saying is in the wilderness, there was that same pattern of three. Explain that now.

ROB: The same tempter, the same devil that came to Adam and Eve, this is why Jesus is called the second Adam, because he has to go through the same test, but Jesus trusts his heavenly father implicitly for all these things, for his security, for his acceptance, and for his significance. He’s victorious. He leaves the wilderness in the power of the Spirit, and he goes on to have an overflow in his life of miracles, of provision, of healing, and of authority.

SID: So Aliss, is this what you’re looking for? People that you equip, that when they understand and get their revelation of the three-fold miracle mandate, that they would go in explosive power of God?

ALISS: Yeah, because the message it’s a wonderful revelation, but it’s so simple, and when they get it, they can go and do the same things. We had a young lady come into our shop one time called Lisa, and she had a powerful business, but it was actually tapping into the wrong power. She was involved in the occult, but she was attracted by our sign outside our shop that said, “free healings and miracles,” and she went wondering what it was all about. She gets prayed for, and she recognizes the true power of God.

ALISS: She goes back to her business, she’s actually doing a Reiki healing session which is counterfeit healing, not through Jesus. In the room doing this session, she’s watching all these spirits, and she thinks Jesus is there doing this universal energy healing, but then she has a vision of the real, true Jesus, who walks into the room and says, “Stop what you’re doing!”. And she’s taken aback and she realizes it’s the true Jesus. She’s been living a lie all these years, so she ends up giving up her whole business, she gives her life to Jesus, and now she’s at a ministry school and she’s helping other people who are involved in new age and occult practices to follow Jesus.

SID: Now Rob, you had a very serious, very personal experience in the area of provisions, what happened?

ROB: That’s right. This is going back nearly 20 years, where we had a young family, we had two young kids, and we’d got into some debt problems for various reasons. It’s very common thing, isn’t it? We’d remortgaged our house, and we were in trouble.

SID: Now unfortunately, there are a lot of people relating to what you’re saying right now.

ROB: Yeah, so as a young man, I’ve got a vivid memory of getting up in the morning, I used to like to go running, and it’s raining, and I’m running through the rain, and what can you do? I remember just crying out to God, “Please deliver me and my family from this crushing debt,” and God did an amazing thing. I wish I could reach out to that young man jogging through the rain and tell him, “It’s going to be all right. It’s going to be better than all right because God’s going to do something amazing.”

ALISS: And what happened was we thought we should put the house on the market, but if we sold the house, we would have still been in some debt, but the Holy Spirit said, “Don’t sell it!” So, we tried to be obedient. We lived by faith. Every month, waiting and waiting and waiting, and after 11 months, the Lord then said, “Now, sell the house.”

ALISS: Now, what we didn’t realize is that if we’d the sold the house 11 months previously, we still would’ve been in debt. But over those 11 months, the price of the house rose. It just escalated so much over 11 months, that when the Lord said, “Now, sell the house,” not only did we pay off our five mortgages, half a million dollar’s worth, but we had enough money to buy a wonderful house, cash, a car, cash, and took our family to ministry school for a year in America with the cash that was left.

SID: There’s so many people watching right now and they say, “Why them? Why not me?” Answer them.

ROB: If you’re in that situation right now, we know how that feels, and it can be a hard road, but we have to trust God. We have to have that faith that just puts ourselves in his hands, and it may not turn out like you may think it might turn out. We thought we might get a check through the post. It did not work like that for us. We had to let go of what we thought was a gift of God in order to have the real treasure, and that’s what he’s going to do for you.

ROB: So I pray, Lord, for breakthrough, financial breakthrough, whatever it takes to deliver people watching into that place of provision in Jesus’ name.

SID: When we come back, I want Rob and Aliss to pray for miracle breakthroughs in every area of your life, and pray to activate the three-fold miracle mandate, just for you, when we return.

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SID: Hello. You know, I’ve been talking from the last several years now about the glory of God and how to be a carrier of the glory of God and my guest, Jennifer Eivaz is a carrier of the glory of God. But for starters, Jennifer, what is the glory to you?

JENNIFER: To me, it’s the manifest presence of God. It’s something you would see, something you would experience and that’s the glory of God. It’s not invisible and hidden. You experience it, you will witness it and it transforms you.

SID: Tell me about the first time you experienced the glory of God?

JENNIFER: Without even knowing to define it as the glory. I was at a women’s conference and what happened is it’s like the heavens parted, you know, and it’s like the air parted over me and I could feel the fire of the Holy Spirit just pouring out upon us. And, and that was such a tremendous life changing experience for me. I never forgot it.

SID: One of the main ingredients to be a carrier of the glory is relationship, friendship, you teach with the Holy Spirit.

JENNIFER: Yes, you know, and I really didn’t know that for a lot of years. I took note however, of men and women of God who carried the glory consistently. They all said the same thing. They said, he’s my friend. And I began to realize that maybe the Holy Spirit wants me to be his friend and I began to take that journey with him. Holy Spirit, can I be your friend? Will you show me how?

SID: And is that exactly the way you were praying?

JENNIFER: Yeah, very simply. And I just asked him, I said, will you show me how to be your friend? Can we be in a relationship? Can I experience you and encounter you continuously?

SID: So how many times a day might you have said that?

JENNIFER: I would say it was a continual prayer and until I had an encounter where I said, now we’ve connected.

SID: Tell me about that.

JENNIFER: I was in our prayer chapel and again, I’d been really seeking out to the Holy Spirit for friendship. I was looking for connection. I was looking for something I could feel continuously ’cause I couldn’t quite feel him the way I thought I should. And I began to pray that prayer again and again and again. And then in the prayer chapel at our church, all of a sudden it’s like he walked into the room. Not only did he walk into the room, I felt his presence come upon me.

SID: You know, as you’re sharing that I can feel his presence.

JENNIFER: I can feel his presence, yeah, and so I completely felt his presence upon me and then I started noticing as I continue to pray that prayer, he would come in and he would do the same thing. I just started noticing again and again when I invited him, he came.

SID: What does it, if you can put it in words, what does it feel like when your friend comes to you? What do you feel like?

JENNIFER: I feel different things because he’s a person, you know, he’s God, but he is a person and it’s not the same all the time. Sometimes it’s like I feel his hands on my back, you know, like a friend, very comforting. Other times it’s like I can feel his face is joyful face in front of me. Sometimes he will stand peacefully beside me. And sometimes he gets very fierce when he’s about ready to minister and he wants me to do something in partnership with him, I’ll feel his fierceness cause he’s going after something in somebody that he wants them delivered from.

SID: Now you talk about a friendship, do you really mean that? Really as like a best friend?

JENNIFER: I do. He wants closeness with us. He wants nearness with us. He’s always wanted newness with us, on our end we failed it many times, but nevertheless he doesn’t stop trying. And so when we invite him into that nearness, he will respond to that invitation and then he will teach you his presence and how to flow with him.

SID: You know, the glory of God comes in different forms. All of your senses are activated to see, hear, smell. But the thing that intrigues me the most is what is known is the glory cloud. People have seen over me, a cloud of glory. People have seen over you a cloud of glory, but it’s one thing for people to see it and it’s another for you to see it.


SID: You just saw the glory cloud. Tell me about it.

JENNIFER: I know many people have seen the glory cloud much like you have spoken of, and I celebrate it, but I never saw it myself until just recently at a conference at our church. First Time I ever saw it, I saw it with my physical eyes, actually right in front of me and it was like a cloud, a mist, and I saw it moving over the heads of the people, and it was like moving and I’m like, that’s the cloud of glory. I knew what happened when that cloud appeared?

SID: What?

JENNIFER: And I could physically see it. Miracles started breaking out in that meeting that we’ve never experienced before as a church.

SID: There is a key that you’re about ready to hear, and when we come back, I want you to tell me about the revolutionary change that occurred in your life in the city of Perth, Australia was at a church called Paradox. Be right back.