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GARY: I go to Baptist conventions. And they say “Just don’t talk about tongues.” I said, “That’s easy!” I’ll talk about God, He’ll manifest, they will experience Him, then when they pray in tongues we won’t have any problem. (audience laughs) Because that’s not my problem. I don’t have to teach something, because when Peter stood up and he went into Cornelius it’s as he spoke the Holy Ghost fell on them, they began to pray in the Spirit. So it wasn’t about giving them a teaching they had do what I did, it was about God manifesting and they do what God does. Now how many of you heard him? Do what he says! I just want to take a few moments, let’s all stand up, and we’re going to engage, it might take– how many of you are willing to give God another three or four minutes? I mean do you think He has time? –You probably set– well it’s almost 12 o’clock– You probably set yourself free between now and about 2, right?” I mean how many of you really don’t have any plans at all going on ‘til about 2 o’clock? If you have some it’s time for you to leave right now, you’d better get going because you don’t want to be late. (audience chuckles) So we’re just going to pray. We’re just going to let God have access to us because we have access to Him. Right at this moment I want you to do something. Identify your “personal presence of God.” Now everybody look at me for a minute. If ask you about your personal presence of God, how many of you it’s not at your feet level? All right.      How many of you it’s not behind you? All right. How many of you it is in the central medium steinum sternum 8:00 ?? of your being. It’s like in this atmosphere we could call your heart. If we talk about your personal presence of God how many of you this is where you identify Him? How many of you have that. You all have that. What’s amazing is once we know that, then that’s where I hear from. I don’t start thinking I hear from anywhere else but where I know His presence is. So we mind [pay attention to] our own personal presence of God. We identify this is His person alive in me. Go ahead, just talk to Him. He’s here. Just thank God He’s present with you. He lives in you. You live in Him, you move in Him, your being is in Him. He is alive. He is present. He’s in power. He raised you in resurrection life. He crowns you with glory and honor. He called you His own. All inferiority, all guilt, all shame– there is no sense of separation between you and Him. Huh! You’re the “apple of his eye” [in the center of His attention] You’re the desire that was set before Him, who endured the cross, despite the shame– Ah, you are His very own. Oh, we bless You, we bless You, we bless you. Now how many of you are experiencing that presence increase in your life? What happens it not only increases in dimension but it also increases in power, in veracity, if you will, truth having authority. So let’s let Him have greater increase in our life. It’s not that the glory of God is coming from somewhere else, it’s coming through us. You see when Jesus returns He’s going to return as much through you as He’s going to return to this earth because the body is not separated from the Head. Just speak to Him as the One who indwelt you, who lives in you in power, who fulfills His will through you, who has made you His masterpiece, who has inaugurated you a king and a priest unto your Father. Oh Jesus, we bless You– We know YOU. We know no man after the flesh. We know YOU. Ha! We know you in power. We know You in love. We know You in life. We know You in grace. We know You. (Audience repeats each phrase after Gary): Where I go You are, what you’re speaking I speak, what you’re doing I do. The voice of another I never follow. I am more obedient to You than I’ve ever been. And I trust You. You never fail, so I can’t fail. And I give you praise. I bless you, Lord. Oh, go ahead and give Him praise and thanksgiving. Just bless Him.

SID:  Ah, well thank the Lord for the gift in Dr. Gary Whetstone. Thank you Lord, thank you Father. But I’ll tell you what, in this atmosphere all things are possible! Whether you’ve heard a word for your condition or not,   all, all, all, all, all, all, all, all things, I tell you, all things  are possible. Let me pray an ancient Biblical prayer over you, that God Himself said to Moshe Rabbenu, Rabbi Moses. If you will pray this prayer over the Jewish people I will seal them with My name. But I’m going to pray this prayer from looking back to the cross. Moses prayed this prayer looking to the cross. The Lord has healed you. The Lord has sealed you with His name. The Lord has given you His fullness, His peace. The Lord has already healed you. He’s already healed you. There are people here the manifestation has not occurred in your neck yet, or your back, taste and see, it’s just happened in Yeshua’s name.    There’s some people whose knees, you have pain in your knees, you’ll see, ha, it’s gone. There’s even some people here with tattoos that wanted them gone, ha, they are gone in Jesus name. There’s some people that are having difficulty breathing with allergies, clear, open in Yeshua’s name. There’s even some people not just with tattoos but deformities on your body, sores and things, they’re gone in Jesus name. The Lord is surrounding you right now with His favor. His favor! He’s already giving you His favor.   He has already, right now, He’s gifting you right now, receive His gifts. He is gifting you right now! The Lord is giving you His super abundant Shalom right now! His peace. No weapon formed against you can prosper! His peace trumps every weapon of the enemy! In the name that is above every name, Yeshua ha Mashiach, Tsidekenu. He’s saying backs, if you didn’t have it before you got it now, pains are gone. Jesus the Messiah, our Righteousness. And all God’s people said, Amen!


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SID: Now, Laurie Ditto, you’re up, you’re happy but in the year 2000 you were at rock bottom. How bad was it?

LAURIE: I was so depressed. I had planned my suicide different times. My life just didn’t feel … I had hurt and pain rejection inside of me and I didn’t know what to do with it. The only acceptable answer was just to try and find a way to end the pain.

SID: And then you get a flyer in the mail about a conference in another state, and IHOP Conference. Why in the world did you go there?

LAURIE: I held on to that postcard. It’s as if it had a sense in it to draw me there. I think someone had prayed over it before it got mailed to my house, and I just knew that I had to go there and it changed my life.

SID: You get there, you’re in the prayer room, what happened to you?

LAURIE: When I got there, I didn’t know what to expect. People worship God in different ways. I heard the voice of God, he asked me, “What do you want?” I wanted to know if speaking in tongues was real. So, then I got it. I love speaking in tongues.

SID: At the conference you started speaking?

LAURIE: In the prayer room.

SID: Did someone pray for you to?

LAURIE: No, I just asked the Lord, I want to know if it’s real.

SID: But not only did you speak in tongues, you got something more. What happened next?

LAURIE: When I came back to the prayer room just in a few hours because I’d left and came back. I wanted to ask God for something else. I had a list of three things I was going to ask Him for. I wanted a log cabin on Lake Superior, I wanted a four-wheel drive truck and I wanted world peace. I figured if I used up one of my wishes already, I’d give up world peace because somebody else should ask for that. In an instant, Jesus came and got me and took me to heaven. It was the best.

SID: I’d protest. I’ve never been to heaven, and all these guests go to Heaven.

LAURIE: I did. In an instant, I knew that the man Jesus Christ was alive. He was standing there, He was made out of light. He wanted me to see Him for who He really is. He turned the volume up so fantastically. It was like a dimmer switch that just was so bright. It was as if it was stronger than you were looking in the sun and I had to close my eyes.

LAURIE: Jesus turn the volume and Himself down so that we could behold him. I believe now that we can only behold Him to the degree that we love and obey Him.

SID: You know, you saw Jesus dancing with someone. Tell me that story.

LAURIE: Yes. The Lord had me look inside Him. He wanted me to give Him something and I was concerned about giving Him the pain, I didn’t know how. So, I kept telling Him, no. People say you can’t say no to Jesus, but we say no to Jesus all the time. He’s so patient. He turned into … There’s no way to explain it, it was as if I was watching a movie inside of Him, and that movie was Jesus dancing with this beautiful bride. He was doing a very specific dance with her. While she would turn, I would notice the fire in His eyes. He has such beautiful fire for the one that He loves. And then the darkness would try and sneak up and touch this girl’s dress. As it would sneak up, His eyes turned into this fire. You don’t mess with his bride.

LAURIE: As she turned and danced, I ached inside. I’ve never been loved like that. I knew that if I could have that one thing my life would be complete. If somebody would love me like that. Not just somebody, but this God who’s fantastic. When I looked at her feet, I realized those were my ankles. I have very pretty ankles.

SID: You were envious of Him loving her and that was you.

LAURIE: It was me. It was me.

SID: He wanted you to give something up.

LAURIE: Yeah. He kept asking me for something and eventually he asked me and I realized I can trust this man. When I gave the pain to Jesus, He put his forehead to my forehead. I asked Him, “Is there anything I can do for you?” He said, “Go tell others about me.” What happened when I came out of the vision was, I was set free. I used to smoke three and a half packs of cigarettes a day, I did not need the medication that I was on, the depression medication I was on anymore. He actually changed who I am. I didn’t used to be like this. I am supercharged now.

SID: Now, in 2008 God took you to hell, and here’s the sad thing. She saw some of her relatives there. She saw many Christians there. I know that’s hard to believe, but you’ll understand when we come back. I know you will.

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SID: You know Rabbi Mark, many Christians believe the Antichrist could be Muslim or Jewish, but you believe there’s a good likelihood he’ll be a backslidden Christian. Why?

MARK: Yes, it’s because I believe what the word of God says.

SID: Well that’s a good reason.

MARK: In the first epistle of John, he is saying, we know we are in the last times. Okay? And there have been many Antichrists. So we need to realize there’s been many Antichrists. There’s an Antichrist system. And then he says, this is how we know we are in the last times. And he says, and these Antichrists have come out from among us, from among the believers.

SID: That is a very specific. Tell me how in your opinion the church got off track on the end times.

MARK: Well, I think a lot of it goes back to the fact that God says he declared the end from the beginning. And so if we don’t start right our end is going to be all out of whack. And when people start with Revelation and they try to develop everything without seeing all the connections to the Tanakh, the Old Testament, they’re going to get out of whack. And the early believers wanted nothing to do with the Jewish people because of antisemitism. And so immediately, it’s almost like the church replanted itself in Rome rather than staying in Jerusalem.

SID: They cut off their foundation.

MARK: They cut off their roots, totally from the roots.

SID: You even said there was a point where the apostle John was kicked out of the church?

MARK: It says so in the scripture. So many people don’t see it, but I can show you.

SID: Did you know that?

MARK: Did you know the Apostle John? It says in Your Bible, the Apostle John was kicked out of the church, all the Jews were kicked out of the church. Every Gentile who would allow the Jews in was also kicked out of the church. It’s in every Bible and people don’t see it. It’s in third John.

SID: The Greek mindset.

MARK: Yes.

SID: Shifted from the Hebrew mindset and caused a lot of damage. As a matter of fact, if you don’t have it right on the Jew and Israel, you’ll eventually go off on a lot of areas. There’s something called replacement theology. What is it and why is it wrong? And that came from the Greek mindset as opposed to the, I could say Jewish mindset, but I won’t, I’ll say as opposed to the biblical mindset.

MARK: Oh, exactly. I love it. And see, the problem is the Greek mindset, they see end times as, or prophecy as a checklist. Check, happened, check it off. The Hebrew mindset is it happened, okay, it’s going to happen again and it’s going to happen again. Everything is cyclical. But what happened is because they cut themselves off from the Jewish roots. The Jews were the ones who knew Torah. All the Greeks knew was Plato, Aristotle, Socrates. So all of their moral foundation, if it’s not founded in the Torah, it developed through Greek philosophy.

SID: You had two dreams that tell, are you going to be alive when Jesus returns?

MARK: I had two dreams where I literally experienced the resurrection, not where I died, but I was alive when the rapture, whatever you want to call it happens and I went right through the ceiling. Twice I’ve experienced, I was alive to experience the resurrection of the dead.

SID: I can relate to that and I’m going to tell you why. Several years ago I had a visitation from God and this is what he said three times. I think three times they talk about two witnesses, this was three witnesses. I’m coming back soon. I’m coming back soon. I’m coming back soon.

MARK: Sid, this is the most exciting time to be alive in history. When we think about we could have been born in any generation, anytime in history, but just like Esther, we need to realize we’ve been created for such a time as this. This is an unbelievable time. We get to see the coming of the Messiah.

The question I have for you is not whether you’ve been raised in a synagogue or church or mosque your whole life, the question I have for you is, I know you want to have your own experience with God. It’s good that I’ve had it. It’s good that Rabbi Mark has had. But what about you? I want you to say this prayer. It’s kind of your first step. Repeat it after me if you want to experience God for yourself, repeat after me. Dear God, I’ve many mistakes for which I’m so sorry. I believe the blood of Jesus washes away all of my mistakes, all of my sins, and I’m clean because of your blood. And now that I’m clean, I ask Jesus that you be my Lord and come and live inside of me and take over my life over my life. I want to know you. I want my own experience with you. Amen. So be it.

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SID: Now, I’ve interviewed many people that have medically died and gone to Heaven, but you have interviewed so many that you have found certain commonalities.

JOHN: For 35 years I’ve studied the Bible and I’ve studied these experiences, and I want to show that these are like dots of color on the bigger picture that the Bible’s given us all along. That’s the picture we’ve got to hold to, ’cause any one experience can be interpreted many different ways, and they are, but when you listen to what’s reported, commonly they will leave their body. They have a body. They still are fully themselves, more alive than they’ve ever felt. But they’re able to observe for a little bit what’s going on on the scene of their accident or whatever it might have been, and then they’re taken. They don’t know– Some say through a tunnel, some say down a path, different ways of explaining.

SID: Do they experience when they’re hovering, let’s say, over their body, do they experience fear?


SID: Good.

JOHN: No. I mean, generally, it’s a peace like you’ve never known before, but they come to a place and different people see different parts. It’s like if you landed 100 people across North Carolina and then gave them five minutes there and said, “Describe it.” They would all describe different bits, but you could start to piece it together. That’s what I tried to do in the book, “Imagine Heaven,” is piece together the picture of what they’re saying. What I found fascinating is how many talked about people in these white robes. But what I discovered is they’re not white robes like we’re talking about. They’re actually translucent. The reason they’re white is it lets, I believe, the glory of God shine through. Maybe the amount of light and love of Jesus that we allow to shine through us now expands our capacity to experience the life and love and light of God shining through us there.

SID: Now, why is it that just about everyone I’ve interviewed that has had this type of experience did not want to come back?

JOHN: Well, because it’s the life we were created for. This life is a temporary journey. We are finite. We’re confined to time and space here. But Jesus said it. He said, “I’m going to prepare a place for you and I will come back and get you and there are many dwelling places in my Father’s home and we will always be together, and we will eat and we will drink. There will be feasts.” It’s life. It’s not less life, it’s more life than we’ve ever imagined.

SID: Aren’t you a little worried that people read your book and find out how wonderful Heaven is and how verified it is, they’ll want to cut out of this life?

JOHN: No. I really actually am


. I would say that if you read and you have that thought, you’ve got to remember what God said to almost everyone, “It’s not your time. I still have plans for you.” We should never short circuit God’s plan.

SID: Tell me, what are our bodies up in Heaven? What if you go there with pain in your body? What if you go there with cancer in your body?

JOHN: Consistently, several people I write about had loved ones. One guy named Gary had a friend who was decapitated in an auto accident. He said one of the most wonderful things was as he’s coming up to the entrance of the gate to the New Jerusalem, out comes his friend, John, happy, whole, healthier than he’s ever seen. Gives him a big hug and God appointed John to take him on a tour of the city. Our welcoming committee—

SID: What about the head?

JOHN: Yeah, he had a head. I thought that was implied in whole and healthy.

SID: Okay.

JOHN: Maybe not.

SID: How about families?

JOHN: Yeah, I mean, it is the greatest reunion we’ve ever had.

SID: They all get along?

JOHN: Yeah. Well, I write about that. I write about that. You know, one of the commonalities is our communication is perfect, meaning we speak to one another in complete thoughts, emotions. We understand each other perfectly.

SID: I’m told we don’t actually speak words. It’s like spirit to spirit.

JOHN: Right, but we can speak words.

SID: Okay.

JOHN: In fact, we sing songs. One of the fascinating things about the music of Heaven, you know, where Paul said, “Things eye has not seen,” we should talk about the colors of Heaven. But ear has not heard, the music of Heaven, like Betty Maltz talked about how she heard all these songs, all in different languages, but she understood all of it. Don Piper, a pastor who’s a friend of mine, said it was like listening to 1000 songs from Bach to Queen all at the same time and yet perfectly harmonized. It’s music in a new dimension. We’re talking about life. This is what you need to understand. There’s adventure. There are mountains to climb. There’s travel that’s not limited. Captain Dale Black, the airline pilot who died, I have a picture of the plane in the LA Times. Everyone died in the crash, he resuscitated.

But isn’t it just like God? God has him flying into the New Jerusalem above and he describes the beauty very much like John did in Revelation 21, these grand mountains behind, but he noticed they were snow-capped, which is fascinating. I hadn’t heard that. The city wall that stretched side to side, he couldn’t see how far. The beautiful landscape of paradise outside the wall, the grass, the trees, and he heard waterfalls and fountains, and this city with homes with architecture that was- He couldn’t even describe it in words, there was something supernatural about the architecture, he even said. You hear what they have to say and what I tried to do is show how they show from different angles exactly what the Bible’s been telling us all along.

Colors, they commonly say colors like you don’t have here on Earth, so spectacular. That makes perfect sense. The color we see is from the spectrum of the light of the sun. The color there is the spectrum of the light of God, far beyond anything we’ve ever seen.

SID: Yeah, not in the same ballpark.

JOHN: Yeah.

SID: I’ll tell you what, when we come back, there’s just so many things to talk about, but the most fascinating thing that you talk about is he calls it a life review. Did you know every one of us is going to get a life review? Be right back.

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SID: Hello, it’s Sid Roth here with Dr. Sandy Kulkin. Two Jewish people, better than that, three Jewish people. Sandy, myself, and Jesus.

SID: Sandy, just so people understand, before you became a believer in the Messiah, what kind of synagogue did you go to? Were you bar mitzvah?

SANDY: Well, we went to a conservative orthodox synagogue. Most of the holidays were celebrated for two days, not like the reformed do it for one day. Most of the services were done in Hebrew, so I had to learn Hebrew.

SID: What was your opinion of Jesus?

SANDY: Well, I thought Jesus was a nice guy, maybe a great teacher. He surely had a lot of influence in changing the world, but I didn’t believe he was the Messiah. I didn’t believe that he was the son of God.

SID: But God knew how to get to your heart. You know how he did it? He’s dating a pretty Gentile girl, and her family starts telling him, and she starts telling him about Jesus, about Jesus, about Jesus. They wouldn’t stop!

SID: So one day your girlfriend invites you to a Pentecostal church where they speak in tongues! What in the world did you think was going on?

SANDY: Well, we were probably on the verge of breaking up. It was funny, she says to me, “You know what, I don’t think that we’re going to make it.”

You know, I don’t think we’re going to make it.

SANDY: And I said, “Well, you know what, if your God doesn’t change me, you and I are through.” And she’s probably thinking the same thing, “That’s right, we’re through.” I go in, I sit down, and the guy is talking about tongues.

SANDY: Now you got to get this. My father was in the meat business. I knew cows’ tongues, lambs’ tongue, veal tongue, beef tongue. And then he’s asking people, come up and get a tongue. I went, “Whoa.” That did it for me. I got up and I walked out of the service. A fella walked out after me. He came up to me, and he said, “I saw you when you walked out the service.” He said, “Would you mind if I prayed with you?”

SANDY: Of course, I’m thinking, “Well, how long can he pray right?” You can’t pray that long. Well, he prayed and he prayed and he prayed. But in the middle of that prayer, he started to speak to me in Hebrew. And it got my attention right away. He kept saying, [foreign language], which was the name of God. We go, [foreign language]. And so he starts to pray this prayer, part of it from the Amidah, which was prayed on Saturday morning.

SANDY: And so I’m thinking, “What are the chances of another Jew being in a place like this,” right? And so the first question I said to him. I said, “Oh, you’re Jewish?” He goes, “No I’m not.” I said, “You’re not Jewish? So how do you know I’m Jewish.” He said, “I don’t know who you are.” I said, “Well, where’d you learn Hebrew?” He goes, “That was Hebrew?”

SANDY: I knew I just walked into something supernatural. I knew I had walked in to some sort of a dimension that I could not explain.

SID: When you saw that supernatural manifestation of Hebrew from a man that didn’t speak one word of Hebrew, didn’t even know it was Hebrew, that triggered all the things your girlfriend’s family was telling you.

SANDY: Oh, yeah. There was no doubt about it. I asked Jesus, “If you’re real, come on in.” He came right in.

SID: I’ll tell you what. God is so good, when we come back, how would you like to find out how his entire family became believers of Jesus? Be right back.