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SID: Lana is not a political person, especially not the politics of the United States. You’re kind of minding your own business, and what happens?

LANA: I go to bed one night, and I have a dream. In my dream, it was one of those dreams that was so vivid. I saw Donald Trump and he was standing in an arena, and he was speaking really passionately, but I couldn’t hear anything he was saying. Then all of a sudden, I was taken above the United States, and I remember I was like floating and I was looking down, and across the nation, in red letters, it said the word, “Trump.” Then all of a sudden, the nation began to shake like violently. As it was shaking, the letters rearranged and it became, “Triumph.” I hear this booming voice in my dream that says, “Donald Trump shall lead the United States into triumph,” and I woke up.

SID: She has several dreams. He becomes President, but then she had a very strong warning about President Trump. What was that?

LANA: After that dream, the Lord, I really felt gave me his heart, to really just be praying for him. One morning, I was sitting with the Lord, having my coffee, and I said, “What’s on your heart today, Lord?” Straight away, a vision opened up in front of my eyes. Jesus took me into a room, and we were standing at the back of the room, looking. At a table, a planning table, I saw the enemy. There were all these demons all around him, and they were looking at a blueprint. I knew it was a blueprint of not great things, planned to come against Donald Trump.

LANA: The Lord looked at me and He said, “You must call the intercessors to be rising up and the body of Christ to be praying protection over Donald Trump, as he moves into everything that I have for him.”

SID: Somehow, despite what our limited information is telling us, God has the big picture, and all I know is I want to follow God.

LANA: Amen.

SID: I want to pray right now for the protection of President Trump. Would you agree with me? After all, God says we’re to do that.

LANA: Yes.

SID: Father, in Jesus name, we agree that there are angels all around him. We agree that there is a wall of protection around him, and his wife, and his children. We agree no weapon formed against him can prosper. We agree that you will give this President wisdom, wisdom is the principle thing. Wisdom to run this country, for what purpose? I know your purpose, God. America has not fulfilled its destiny. We are to evangelize the world. That’s why we have to pray for America to be all that God’s called it to be.

LANA: Amen.

SID: Now Lana, you had a vision how one word from God can change everything.

LANA: Yeah. I had this incredible vision, sitting with the Lord, I was going through a season of incredible, the battle of the mind. There was so much stuff going on in my head. I said, “Lord, I need to hear your truth. I know that it’s one word that you speak can shift everything. Lord, what is your truth?” Straight away, I had this vision and I saw Jesus. He was kneeling down, leaning over a tree stump. His hands were tied, and as I looked to the right, there was a man with a whip. On the left, was the enemy, and the enemy was standing there, looking at me. He was accusing me. He was accusing me of things in my past. He was saying, “This is who you are. You’re not going to do this.” He was absolutely going after me.

LANA: Every single time he spoke, the man on the right would whip Jesus across the back. He would cry out, and it still makes me emotional. He would cry out, and He would decree the truth of who I was. He would decree who I am, and His great love for me, and what he had called me to. Every lie that the enemy spoke against me, the Lord decreed His truth. In that moment, I knew that Jesus has taken it all. He’s taken my sin. He’s taken everything and I stand in Him, righteous, and free, and forgiven, and washed clean by the blood of Jesus.

LANA: That encounter changed my life, because I saw the demonstration of His love in a way I’d never seen in visual form, and here I was thinking, “It was the voice of God decreeing truth that broke the power of those lies in my life.”

SID: I want you to pray for us to hear God.

LANA: Yeah. Lord, I thank you that we have the promise that my sheep hear my voice. Lord, right now, in the name of Jesus, I release an impartation to every person watching, to hear the voice of God. May he surprise you in ways with His voice. Lord, I pray for the spirit of wisdom and revelation. Lord, I pray the impartation of dreams and visions. Lord, encounters with you. Lord, that joy would burst forth in their life, as they seek after you, and seek your heart to hear your voice. Lord, and that the invitation of your heart, to see and to hear, and that you are a God that confirms your word, would just fill your people in Jesus’ name. Amen.

SID: I want you to tell people eyeball to eyeball how powerful they are and that they can shine.

LANA: Yes. I want to encourage you today. You are powerful today, wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, that as you walk with Jesus and you hold His hand, that he has greater plans for you than you could ever imagine. That right now, today, that the Holy Spirit wants to flow through you in ways that you could never have imagined. That you are called to shine. That you are an atmosphere shifter. That you are called to release the love and light of Jesus.

LANA: Today, I want to encourage you, that as you go about your day to day life, be asking the Lord, “What are you saying, God? What are you doing? Use me today to minister and to extend your kingdom.” One word of encouragement, one word, can change somebody’s life. You know what? It’s not about having all your I’s dotted and your T’s crossed. The Lord isn’t looking for ability, He’s looking for availability. You are powerful today, and your yes to him, you hold onto your hat, because God’s going to blow you away by what He’s going to do through you.

SID: You are God’s workmanship, created in Messiah Jesus for good works. Now do them.

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SID: You talk about we should be building rather than renovating. Briefly, what do you mean by that?

DIAN: Well, I kind of feel like working with teenagers and adults, we do a lot of renovating. But with children, we get to build. They believe what we say and, if we are wise builders like the Bible talks about, and we build line upon line, precept upon precept, here a little, there a little, using God’s word, we get to build. It’s way more fun and there’s some cleanup along the way when you build, but nothing like renovating. Sometimes in a church setting, people think, “Well, first you work with the children, then you work with the teens, and then you get into the ministry.” But really God’s word is backwards to that. He said, “If you want to be great in the kingdom, the little ones are the greatest in the kingdom.”

SID: You say one of the keys to building is the way we talk. You even have a concept called “eye to eye.” Explain that.

DIAN: Well, one thing that I feel that’s important for children to know is who they are and who’s there. I love to tell children– Here’s an example. Just recently, a little girl came to church dressed like a princess. Her mom was apologizing ’cause it was just the middle of summer or something. I got down on my knees, or on one knee, it’s the lowest I can get, and I looked her in the eye and I said, “You are a princess. You’re not pretending to be a princess, you really are a princess because you belong to King Jesus. He’s your Father. You are royalty.”

DIAN: Little boys, they want to be– Inside every little boy is this warrior. I love to say to little boys, “You are a warrior prince. You are the son of the King of Kings and you have power over the enemy.” I can feel like when I talk like that to children, I can feel them standing straighter. I love looking children in the eye and if there’s a child watching this or a child right here, what I like to say is, “When I grow up, I want to be just like you.”

SID: Tell me about children praying for adults. Give me an example.

DIAN: The Bible says we’re to have the faith of a child. Why aren’t children on the prayer teams? I said “worship” there because that’s another passion of mine, is worship. Psalm 8:2 says, “From the mouths of children comes praise so perfect, its silences the enemy.” Why aren’t they on the worship team?

SID: I want them on the worship team, with that kind of promise.

DIAN: When you get a child holding a mic on a worship team, a child that’s worshiping God, it’s electrifying. Every child in the auditorium sits up and goes, “Oh, this is for us, too.” I was remembering a story just recently about a little– There’s a lot of things that happen to children in my life when they’re four and five. This was a four-year-old. Their neighbor had lost his wife and he was elderly and he was very, very sad to have lost his wife. This four-year-old was playing in the yard again and the mom came out and she saw her four-year-old sitting on the swinging bench next door with this elderly man. He was weeping. Then she came back and her mom said, “What were you doing?” She said, “Just helping him cry.”

SID: Tell me about the time the colds were going around at your local church and this little girl got up.

DIAN: Yes. Yeah, there was quite a bit of sickness in the–

SID: That’s one of my favorite stories.

DIAN: Oh, I love this one, too. We had been teaching the children that they are royalty, that they have authority. We were in a series like that. At the end of the service, I said, “Kids, today we’re going to pray because there’s too many colds, too much flu going around. We’re going to pray. Who would like to pray?” Kids love to pray. One little girl came up to the front and she took the mic. Her name was Asia. Beautiful, beautiful girl. She stood at the mic for a long time and it actually got awkward because she was just standing there. Afterwards, I realized it was like everything she’d been learning, everything we’d been talking about, it clicked in her heart. She stood there and then she said, “I am a princess. Princesses don’t ask for things. Princesses make decrees. In the name of Jesus, I command every sickness to leave.” She started to pray and we were clapping and it was like, “Woah!”

SID: It all started by you getting down on your knees at the level of a child and looking in their eyes and saying, “You are a princess.” Did you know she got a download of a song that removes supernatural fear? Wait ’til you hear the title: “Ooky Pooky Spooky Fear” next, be right back.

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Marilyn: Everybody say: “faith” (audience says “faith”) “in the anointing” (audience says “in the anointing”) And so just that wonderful power and presence of the Lord to heal. And you’re going to know specific times, and that’s wonderful. But what if a lot of people get healed and you don’t? They felt the anointing, in some way you didn’t have faith in the anointing or something, and you didn’t get healed. Well is that the only way? No. He wants you well. He wants you whole. Healing is the bread of the children. Are you born again? (audience says “yes”) Wave your hand. Say: “healing is for me.” (audience says “healing is for me”). So I’m going to give you the second way, and this is for all believers. The second way is the laying on of hands. In Mark 16 it tells you that believers should lay hands on the sick and they will recover. So put your hands out. Say: there’s healing (audience says “there’s healing”) and miracles (audience says “and miracles”) in my hands (audience says “in my hands”) Now stand up, I’m going to pray for you. I’m going to pray that you are bold and you go out and pray for the sick. Amen? (audience says “amen”) It isn’t just for a few people, this is for the whole body. Can you imagine how many people could get saved that you know– ugly relatives, mean employers. You know, be bold, press in, and pray for them. [Marilyn prays] Father, I just pray for every believer here. That they will be bold in their faith. They will lay hands on the sick. And I thank you they’re going to be faithful in that place. In Jesus’ name, may many miracles come out of this meeting today because of believers laying hands on the sick in Jesus’ name, amen. (audience says “amen”) Sit down all you healers! (clapping) That is so important. Now the most dramatic miracle I ever saw from the laying on of hands, was not my ministry, it was many years ago before I was teaching the Bible. We went to a meeting, we were in ministry, my husband and I at that time, I was a school teacher. And A.A. Allen was there and so we were personal workers in the meeting. He would invite people to get saved. It was a big meeting, maybe 6-7000 people, and we would go to the back with those people with other workers and pray for people to receive Christ. So one night we went to the back and there was the most pitiful man, he was skin and bones, they had him on a stretcher, and I said to them, the people who brought him, I said “What’s wrong with him?” They said, “Well, he has tuberculosis, its eaten away both of his lungs,  and we’re waiting for Brother Allen to come back and lay hands on him.” So you know we’re praying for people to receive Christ, but I’m watching him. And when Brother Allen came back, he said “prop him up.” They said, “You know he’s dying, he has one week to live.” And he [Brother Allen] prayed so simply, he just said, “In Jesus name, receive new lungs!” And the man fell backward and of course they caught him. And I’m not just the most powerful person in remembering names, but his name was Jean Mullinex and some way that name stuck with me. So maybe 8 years later, I don’t know exactly how many years, I was starting to travel a little and speak and I’m going to a church in Little Rock Arkansas. And I’m looking at the pastor’s name and its Jean Mullinex, but that didn’t ring a bell to me. I thought that’s a familiar name but I don’t know why. So I get there. The pastor and his wife meet me. And we’re on the way to the church and I thought “Jean Mullinex, that’s the man that A.A. Allen laid hands on! But this man doesn’t look like him.” So I told him the incident. He said, “I’m the man.” He’s still living. He’s a retired pastor.


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FRANCIS:  And the Lord said, “Son, the reason I did that is because I knew he was the voice that was to prepare the way for the Jewish Messiah to come and then he said John’s tenure of ministry on earth was so short I could not let him struggle with the genetics of his ancestors when it’s such a short time before he was beheaded. And–I am told that John’s ministry from the beginning to the time he was beheaded was 6 months. From the time he began to proclaim the Messiah to the time when his head was cut off was like 6 months. When you have a 6 month ministry on earth you don’t have time to fight with everything that is in your bloodline. The devil is a liar. So God is like, uh, uh, I’m taking you out so you are not sharing in that genetics. And in six months he was here, he proclaimed the Messiah, his head was cut off, and Jesus said he was the greatest prophet ever to come out of a woman’s body. Are you with me? Are you catching what I’m saying? And then finally He said to me go to Paul. He said Paul knew about this. Disassociating yourself from that allegiance. And not denouncing your family, because I mean God’s got other family but you are legally [detaching] yourself from that genetic inheritance that’s corrupted from your ancestors because there’s a better one in the house and it’s the genetics of the Messiah. Are you catching what I am saying? So in Philippians 3 we find the same thing with the Apostle Paul. He talks about: he said if any man has got any desire, has any reason to boast in the flesh he says I’m more. And he begins to list his pedigree, he wrote the Hebrews, from the tribe of Benjamin. He lists all these things and most of them have to do with lineage. Then he says but all of these things have I counted loss for the sake of the Messiah. Are you with me? I’ve exchanged all of this because I– am part of a better and more superior generation, His generation. Are you catching what I am saying?


FRANCIS:  So we are going to do this together, amen? I am going to be praying for you–. So what I want to do now is– let’s have the bloodlines– and do this prophetic act. I don’t know about you but I am believing God for some miracles. I’m believing God! Hallelujah!! Oh, I feel the anointing!! Hallelujah– I mean– man, we have had people with blood disorders and they jumped the line and it was over. Diabetes gone. I’m telling you this is powerful stuff. Amen? It’s a prophetic act. But it’s a prophetic act that releases your faith and it tells God you are appropriating His ration of genes. Amen? You see the Lord says you can’t serve two masters. Is that right? It’s a principle. It’s a principle, is right? You can’t serve two what? Two masters. It’s a principle that applies to more than just money. Amen? So with using that principle: you can’t serve two masters, the Lord said to me, ‘If you can’t serve two masters then how can you serve two bloodlines? My bloodline and the blood of your ancestors?’ You can’t do it. You’ve got to give up one. So one becomes preeminent. Okay? That’s what we’re about to do. So then another thing I asked the Lord as we’re getting ready to do this, I said but Lord, so when we denounce our allegiance to the lineage, the corrupted lineages of our ancestors, okay, corrupted lineage of our ancestors, I asked him two things. I said, ‘Lord, does this mean that are we denouncing the good things we’ve seen in our lineage?’ But you know I love Jesus, He’s the Word, He’s got an answer for everything. He says what does James say? Every good and perfect gift comes from the Lord.

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BARBARA:  The last time I came into increase He [God] had me give away an expensive diamond ring. So this car is a Lexus. He said “Give it away.” He told me who to give it away to. And I told him [the man], I told him already so now I’m committed. But I haven’t had time to get a new car yet. But listen to me. You have to let go, until you let go you can’t get, because you’re hanging on to what you have. And I declare today that there is an anointing to let go of what is making you feel safe, because until you get out and start walking on the water, you’re not going to experience the supernatural. You’ve got to get out of what you think you’re able to do. I don’t have money for a new car. If anybody here wants to donate, feel free–


BARBARA:  I’m messing with you– but I believe God. I don’t know what this is about. I just know, I know God well enough to know that when I let go He shows up. And so the New Testament Church was a church that didn’t hold on to anything. And it was totally supernatural. –I’ve been saying “God anytime you want to transport me, go ahead.” I’d speak to some Ethiopian anyway. Philip literally opened up Africa by preaching to the Ethiopian eunuch and what happened was that he was supernaturally transported. I believe those are the days that we are entering and you need to begin to believe God for that. You need to get out of your American culture western mindset and begin to get into the supernatural. –And the person who lives inside of you is not one bit limited. If He made the worlds can’t He make a way before you? And you’ve got to let go of people. I remember when the Lord said to me, He said: “I want you to quit focusing on your family.” He didn’t tell me to leave them. He said; ‘leave your family to Me and just do My work and just trust Me with them. Some of you are holding onto your children. You know you’re afraid to do something because you’re still holding onto your children. Let go! Let them go so you can get in to God’s best for you. And there’s an emotional– see when you get ready to break through there’s things that will keep trying to pull you back to keep you neutralized and to keep you powerless and impotent. And that’s one of the words that “threshold” means. It means to snatch, to pull back, habits, mindsets. Well we’ve never done [it] this way before, well so what we’ve never done it before this way. (Barbara gives a word of knowledge: I want you to just stand up. [man wonders if it’s him]. Yeah– you for God’s sake– And I want you to just put your hands up in the air, now just turn around, three times. (audience laughs) Now do it a little faster. See if you get them dizzy enough they’ll fall out– (laughter) No, but you see there’s a supernatural realm that God wants to deliver you into and there’s a word in your mouth. There is an evangelistic anointing on you. God is going to begin to open doors to people that you wouldn’t believe He’s going to open doors to. Money’s going to begin to come to you supernaturally. There’s a business God is going to deliver into your hands, I don’t know what it is, but I know there’s going to be supply, and there’s going to be time to do the will of God. But He said I want you to get out of where you’ve been comfortable, because it’s like you’ve been in a place of– sort of discomfort, of maybe almost misery, of feeling captured in a certain place, and in the power of the name of Jesus I just say that there is fresh oil from the throne coming on you today to break you out and to break you in to a new mindset. And to literally say it’s not about me, it’s about Him, and I can do what He said I can do. Amen?)


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