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SID: Okay. You have learned so much, so quickly. For instance, tell me about the two-thirds life.

JOHN: First Thessalonians 5:23 is a key scripture in this. I realize I had to figure what was going on all those years where people weren’t getting healed so that I could help people get out of that quickly. I didn’t want to see people, it’s not necessary to go 30 years without seeing people. It says, “May the God of peace himself,” I like that, it’s himself, “sanctify you completely. May your whole spirit, soul and body be preserved blameless in the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.” We need to realize that we’re made up of three parts. The spirit is the numa. That is our spirit man. Peter calls him “the hidden man of the heart.” Paul calls him “your inner man”. That’s where when we get saved and filled with the Spirit the Holy Spirit resides, comes to reside in our spirit and our spirit receives from Holy Spirit, our soul, that’s the “psuche”, that’s where we get the word “psyche”, our mind, will and emotions and the soma is the body. Well when I’m praying for the sick all those years, I’m just thinking if I just believe in my head they’re going to be healed, they’re going to be healed. That’s just believing in your soul. And so I’m praying out of my soul.

SID: That’s where a lot of people miss it.

JOHN: Yes and then I’m laying hands on the sick. So it’s only using two-thirds: soul and body. What’s missing in this equation is what matters the most. The Spirit of the God is the most important thing. Without him, I’ve got absolutely nothing. He is the one that heals. It’s tapping into the Spirit that counts for everything. We need strengthening in our inner man by the Holy Spirit so that it will, when our spirit man is strengthened it will break through the shell that our soul has created around us. I was taking in garbage in my soul. I have the Holy Spirit, but he’s not being released because my soul is in control. This is the problem. The hold that the soul had on my spirit, it was keeping it confined, it was being able to be released in that moment where the stronghold of unbelief is broken off of me when I’m in the atmosphere.

Then all of a sudden it begins to trickle, the life of the spirit in Christ Jesus that Romans 8 talks about begins to enter into my soul and that’s where the thinking changes. That’s when you begin to pray from a different place in faith. And too many Christians are living out of their soul and their body, but they’re not tapped into the life of the spirit in Christ Jesus, like Romans 8 talks about.

SID: Okay. I’m going to tap you in right now. I’m going to tell you how. Janet, I want you to sing and then both of you pray as God directs.

JANET: [singing] You are great. You do miracles so great. There is no one else like you. There is no one else like you. You are great. You do miracles so great.

SID: Pray for knees, Janet, to be restored.

JANET: Thank you, Jesus. Thank you that you are savior and that you are healer. And I know that what you have done for me you will do for others. I know that it’s your delight and your pleasure to pour out your love and your goodness by healing your people. So we thank you, Jesus. And if you have pain in your knees I want to speak to it right now and I speak to that pain, especially if you’ve been in an accident, you’ve got any pain that’s lingering from some accident I speak to it now and I say pain go in the name of Jesus, in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen.

SID: And break the hold of unbelief.

JOHN: Thank you, Lord Jesus. Thank you, Lord. I just pray in this moment out of the riches of your Glory, Lord, that they may be strengthened in their inner man by the Holy Spirit that all unbelief in this moment is broken in the name of Jesus, Lord, that words of faith, Lord, that faith would arise up in people, Lord God, to begin to speak your words and be led by your spirit, that they would begin to experience miracles by their own hands, God. I thank you, Lord. I just see the Lord right now and he’s touching, someone has a gallstone issue that he is dissolving, gallstones. There’s a man named Paul in Texas and you’ve got an infection and it’s affected your spleen, and God wants to heal you right now. Jane in California, you’ve got a right shoulder and a neck issue, and God is restoring you in this moment. Lord, I thank you for touching them. I thank you for breaking unbelief, Lord. I just pray, Lord, Holy Spirit come right now in this moment and flood their souls, Lord. I thank you, Lord. They have the mind of Christ, the mind of Christ now, Lord God. Their mind is being transformed into the mind of Christ by the power of your spirit that is living within them, Lord. And we thank you, Jesus.

We give you all the Glory and all the honor. Someone has got a right ankle that’s being healed right now. Just go ahead and test it out. Take it fast. Don’t hesitate. Accelerated healing is bringing God’s yesterday into your today. What he has already declared in times past you’re entering into now in this moment. Take it fast. There is somebody here with a, you have a broken rib that’s not healing right, on the left side. Just take it fast. Receive healing. Just begin to move like this and test it out. You’ll find that it’s being restored in Jesus’s name. Lord, and we give you all the Glory and all the honor. You are the healer, Lord. We thank you. We thank you. We thank you in your wonderful, precious name.

SID: And just one more thing. Someone’s left ear has just been opened in Jesus’s name.



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SID: Six, you’ll get such revelation from God when you pray in your supernatural language. Do you want more revelation from God? You’re going to be sensitive to God’s voice. You’re going to walk in His tangible presence. You’re going to have supernatural favor and peace. Even the chemistry of your brain will change. Let me read this, an amazing report from Dr. Carl Peterson, M.D., brain specialist. Through research and testing, he found out when we pray in the Spirit, there is activity, that begins to take place in our brain. As we engage in our heavenly language, the brain releases chemical secretions that are directed into our immune system, giving it a boost.

This promotes healing within our bodies. Amazingly, this secretion is triggered from a part of the brain that has no other apparent activity in humans and is only activated by praying in tongues. I’m going to pray for you to all to pray in tongues and move into multiple languages, and be the people that God has called you to be. I told you that we have uncovered the ancient key to the power of the first Jewish believers in the Messiah, and it’s right in the Scriptures. Let me read this to you. Acts, Chapter 6, Verse 4. And I’ll read it first in the English, and then I’ll read you what the Greek says.

This is the English. It’s the apostles and they’re saying, “We will give ourselves continually to prayer and to the ministry of the Word.” You’re familiar with that. But this is what it says in the Greek: “We will give ourselves continually to [THE] Word and [THE] prayer.” What was [THE] prayer? Paul will give you a clue. He said in First Corinthians 14, Verse 18, “I thank my God I speak with tongues more than you all.” He was southern, Y’all. I speak – the man that wrote most of the New Testament thought it was important enough to speak in tongues more than anyone else. And in 1 Corinthians, chapter 14 verse 5, in the Greek, it says, “I want you all to speak in tongues.”

That should close the case. I want you all to speak in tongues. Now, you must be born again in order to get the gift, of the Spirit of God. And along with the gift, comes different gifts. And everyone has the ability to speak in [THE] prayer, because otherwise Paul would not have said, “I want you all to speak in tongues.” But there are special types of tongues that not everyone has that gift. For instance, if you’re in a congregation, you might speak in tongues and someone will have an interpretation. Not everyone has that gift, but everyone Paul wants to speak in [THE] prayer language. And so if you’re born again I’m going to teach you just briefly, and we’re going to have a miracle happen for you right at home, right where you’re watching, right now. A miracle is going to happen for you. You are going to speak prayers, perfect prayers, with perfect faith, for the rest of your life. Do you want that?

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STEVE: She literally at times had to hire people to come in and watch over me so she could sleep for an hour. And she always wanted to be there when I died. But from all that, and coming out of all that, you can only imagine the horrific process of coming out of it. And I’m still fighting. But I’m in a place right now where I’m back. The anointing’s twice as strong as it was before. My voice is as strong or stronger than it was before. The message is clearer. We’re getting invitations to come into the, go to the mega churches to come and speak truth. But I’m going to close with this. I don’t argue with anybody. I don’t… It really doesn’t make any difference. I don’t use the word I don’t care because I’d care about everybody here. But it really doesn’t make any difference to me what you believe.

Listen up at home. because whatever you believe you’re going to die with that. Okay? You can look in my face and say “I believe in this.” All right? I don’t believe there’s any judgments. All right. All right. You might get 80 years. Then you get to face what you talking about. So it doesn’t matter to me. Theologians. Psssh. It doesn’t matter to me. All the false teachers that are running around the planet. Doesn’t matter to me. I’m being invited to speak on all the top channels all over the place and, and I told one producer, I told one, and you’d know who he was, big time, I told him I said when I come on its going to be very dirty. You know that don’t you? He said, “Yes, sir, I do.” And I said it’s just going to be you, your wife, me and my wife. And I said we’re going to be talking about war. Spiritual death.

The damning of this nation. I said it’s going to be dirty. War is dirty. Death is dirty. Digging for souls that have died in this avalanche is hard work. It’s dirty. So I’m at the place right now guys where nothing matters anymore. You hear me? It just doesn’t matter. Okay? Did you know within a few short years everyone one of us here and everyone listening at home within a few short years you will be standing before Him! Teenagers! A few short years. Grandpa, grandma! A few short years. You will be standing before the King of kings and the Lord of lords. No matter how young you think you are, no matter how young you think you feel, no matter how invincible you feel, few short years it’s all coming down. It’s all coming down and you will stand before him. And we’ll give an account for how you lived. And so I don’t know how long I have. I said to Jesus, “Lord, I’ll make a deal with you.” This was when I was lying in the hospice bed. I’ll make a deal with you. You want me to come home? Nobody on planet earth wants to come home more than I do.


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SANDRA: We’re all expecting to go. How many of you believe you got some real estate up there?


SANDRA: We all believe it! How many of you seen it? But you see what I’m talking, what I’m talking about. But you believe it. You believe it. Based on what? This precious, wonderful, glorious Book called the Bible! We found it in the Book and we believe it. And yet again we may, might act like fools some days and you still believe you’re going to heaven?

AUDIENCE: Yes! Right.

SANDRA: All right, I’m fixing to trap you. Are you ready?

AUDIENCE: Yeah. Yes, ma’am.

SANDRA: Good Southern word: “How come?” Why do you think just because your body tells you that you are not healed, why do you believe the body over the Bible?

AUDIENCE: Ohh. That’s right! Wow! Ouch!

SANDRA: Why do you believe the body? In others words you believe your flesh, you believe the body which houses you. You live INSIDE of the body. And this body just is my house. And you know we all got different kind of houses. We are three parts. Spirit, soul and body. You’re made in the image of God the spirit. You have a soul, your mind, your will, your emotions. You live inside of a body. Now we got all kinds of bodies. Big houses. Little houses. Black houses. White houses…


SANDRA: …All kind a houses are in here tonight. Bald-headed houses. All kind a houses but they’re houses, amen? They’re just our houses right? They’re just our houses. Now let me ask you a question. If I were to come to your house, your house where ever you live on what street, if I were to come to your house to talk to you, to talk to you, would I stand outside your door and say “Hello, Sally!” out in the street? Would I stand in the street to talk to you?


SANDRA: What would I do?

AUDIENCE: Come inside.

SANDRA: I’d come inside the house, wouldn’t I? When God talks with us He comes inside the house because we’re the spirit man who lives inside of this house. This house is just what I use while I’m down here on the earth. This house is not who I am! Praise the name of the Lord! Hallelujah! That’s a good time for all you all to say “Thank God!”


SANDRA: If you’ve looked in the mirror your house is changing. Hallelujah! Amen?


SANDRA: Hallelujah! Now I believe in you know if you want to tighten it up, jerk it up, tighten, whatever you want to do to it…


SANDRA: …do whatever you have to do, hallelujah! I believe in doing whatever you want to do to that house! But don’t let that house rule your body! Are you listening to me?


SANDRA: Now healing. Were talking about healing. Healing starts on the inside. It starts in the spirit man. It does not start in the house. It starts inside. I am a spirit made in the image of God. When God talks to me He talks to me on the inside. He talks in my spirit. I’m made in His image. That’s His spirit. He is a Father Spirit. He talks to my spirit man. And when He, when He talks to me about healing and the Bible says that “By his stripes I am healed.” You know Himself took my infirmities, bare my sicknesses, I am healed. You know that’s what He says. He did not say I’m trying to get healed. He did not say I’m trying to get healed. He did not say maybe you’ll get healed. He did not say possibly you’ll get healed. He said you ARE healed!

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PATRICIA: Just that prayer closet with God. And he would go in there and meet with God. Sometimes through worship or reading the word, or just talking or listening. And he would spend that time with the Lord and he said not my wife, not my children, not even the President of the United States would be able to invade that time because I set it apart for God. And he said if you really believe something you will, you will do it, and because I believe God is that important to me I kept that all these years. And he said that it was in that devotion time when I would spend that time with the Lord, he said the Lord would give me inspiring ideas. He would download mandates for me to fulfill. Assignments.

And when those came by revelation he never had to ask me twice because I would just, you know, I would just respond. He said everything I did in my ministry was actually born out of that place of devotion. And he said so when I did… when I would implement those assignments it was so easy because the grace of God was like a current in a river. It just carried me along. It was easy. And I thought “Wow.” So later on he gave us all a desire. He, he said I’m going to pray an impartation for each and every one of you and you can ask me for whatever you want.

You can have an impartation for my, my gift of faith, evangelism, uh, media, uh, miracles. Whatever it is that you want, you just say it when you come before me and I’m going to connect with my faith for that and I’m going to release it to you. He says I believe in the power of impartation. So when I went, went, went before him, you know, we were kneeling down, because he was sitting on a, on a chair, he was elderly. And he says “What do you want?” And I said, I burst into tears and I said “I want the sacred time in the sacred place.” And he says what else do you want? And I said, “Nothing!” Because I thought if I get that I get it all. Right? And he prayed for me and it was like lightnings came into me and I went on the floor. I don’t often get touched like that by the Lord, um, but that day I did. And I knew I received a key. Once of the greatest keys that you can have in your whole life with God is to hold that place with Him sacred. It’s to give Him the first and the best. So I usually like to spend the morning time, you know, uh, with Him giving Him the first and the best of that time. BUT I have found that distractions come to the mind because I’ve got many things on my plate in many different directions.

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