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Many times in meetings, I’ll get somebody that’s not saved.  I’ll get them saved and then I’ll get them baptized in the Holy Ghost.  Then, I’ll demonstrate through them their ability to go out and do the miraculous.  Because being able to do the miraculous isn’t based on you; it’s God in you.  It’s the power of the Holy Spirit.  And the moment you are born again and baptized with the Holy Ghost, you are qualified to do the miraculous.  I often times say, “God doesn’t call the qualified; He qualifies the called”.  As a born again, Spirit filled believer, you are called to the supernatural.  You are called to do the miraculous.  Now you can do it the moment you are Spirit filled; I demonstrate this all the time in doing meetings where somebody gets born again, baptized with the Holy Ghost and immediately I’ll demonstrate through them the gifts of healings and the operations of the Spirit.  Ninety-nine percent of the time, the people that they pray for are instantly healed.  Why?  It’s the gift of the Spirit.  It’s the operation of God through the Holy Spirit.  But what I want you to know, is that you can improve.  I like to use the word “gooder”.  It can get gooder.  I know that’s not a good word but it’s a word I made up and I’ll give you permission to use it.  And you’re going to get gooder in the operation of the Holy Spirit and the gifts of the Spirit.  And what we’re going to see as we dig into this, is the importance of faith.  More than anything, you need simplistic childlike faith; because it’s not hard.  I’m going to do the best I can, over the course of the study, to make it simple and practical for you.  I’m going to give you an example here with my son.  When I drove over his little plastic gun, his dun, and it’s pulverized.  He’s looking at it; quivering lip, tear running down his cheek, but with childlike faith, he looks up at me and he says, “

That’s OK Dad, you can fix it”.  Oh God, How much greater can it get…”Dad, it’s OK, you can fix it”.  This is where I believe this study wants to go for you.  That you know that you serve a miracle working God.  Nothing is impossible.  Nothing is difficult.  Literally, everything Jesus did, every sign, every wonder, and every miracle; He wants you to do it.  And I tell you what, we are in a time where there’s an out pouring of the Holy Spirit.  God is giving wisdom and understanding and revelation like never before.  Why?  Because God wants to see the entire world saved.  And we’re going to be looking at this here; He wills that no man perish.  Amen.

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AUDIENCE:                (CLAPPING)


LaDONNA:    But if she had accepted the lie and I have bone cancer. If she owned it, if it became… if the doctor’s report became her reality what do you think would have happened? Now if you were the devil what would you do? Um, huh. Give her bone cancer? Take her life! You know he doesn’t play. He’s a destroyer! We don’t play with him. No. But I’m telling you if we can come to the place that we accept the word of God is our reality everything else out there is a lie we stand in the truth. Well that brings me to discuss with you you’re greatest power. You have a power. And it’s equally great because it’s a power that God will not override. It’s a power that Satan cannot override. And it’s the power of choice. It’s the power of choice. It’s just that simple! Now choice, choice is a good word because we know from the very beginning Adam and Eve were given a choice and they chose wrongly. Right? And the consequences of their wrong choice has infected humanity with such suffering. Now of course there’s solution in Christ but we look around our world and there is still so much suffering. So choice is a good word. We can discuss that. Choice. We teach our children to make choices. Every day we make choices. Consider how many choices you’ve made already today. You chose what time to get up. You chose what to say. You chose what to think about your upcoming day. You chose your clothes you’re wearing. You chose everything. You’ve been making decisions. And involved with that you’ve had relational interaction. You have had emotional surges. Thoughts. All kinds of things because were human. All of these things have been going on and we’ve been making choices all day. And the sooner we learn how to take into captivity every thought and every thing that exalts itself above Christ, the sooner we do that the sooner we begin to live in that freedom, that freedom of choice, that freedom of authority, that freedom of truth, that freedom of health, that freedom of possible. You understand? It all starts right here. We have to make choices. I like the word choice but it’s also in this context synonymous with other words. We could call it decision. Faith is a decision. We decide are we going to believe that or are we going to believe the word of God? Now by default, that is our choice. You understand? The lie side, if we don’t resist, you have to resist that side or it by default that’s where we are. So we have to make an effort, take ourselves by the collar and say c’mon, sister, that’s not where you belong. You have chosen to stand on God’s word. So decision. We have the right. Do you realize that before you accepted Christ you didn’t have the right to do that? But the moment you heard about Christ, the moment you heard the good news of what He did for you, the moment you heard that you could be free and you chose, you made a decision! You can’t be saved without making a decision. You’re not just saved because you’re born into a nice family. Or that you go to church. Or raise your hand when you sing worship songs. That doesn’t save you. No, no, no, no. There’s only one way to be saved and that’s to number one recognize that you need a Savior. Recognize your condition and then recognize the one who is your Savior because He paid the price. He suffered your punishment. He has absolved you of guilt and declared you innocent through His own suffering. Wow indeed! And so you recognize Him and you willfully by a decision, the best and strongest decision of your whole life you say I turn from everything else. Every other philosophy. Every other way of thinking, every other way of living, every other type of faith or religion, I turn from the old and I turn to the new, the real, the freedom side, the Jesus side. Hallelujah! So it’s a decision. It’s a decision!

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DAVID: Thank You for your healing. Thank You for your miracles. Thank You for your power now. Thank You for the power of your resurrection. Thank You for the healing now. Just press in again right now. We’re just flowing by the direction of the Holy Spirit. You can do anything and you’ve done it before. You can do anything just open the door. King of glory enter in. You’re still the God of signs and wonders. You’re still the God of signs and wonders. And there’s a sign and wonder coming on you. You will be a sign and a wonder to the world because of Yeshua, Jesus. In you, yeah. Just press in now to that cloud. Just lift your hands into the cloud and just reach up and grab it right now! Lift your hands that hang down in the glory around. Lift those hands that hang down. Lift those hands that hang down. That hang down in the glory realm. There’s a wave of glory here and it’s upon you now. Some of your faces are shining now with the glory around. Resurrection power oozing out of you. Love in your eyes as you look into His eyes. Look into His face. Why don’t you spend time in that glory realm? Walk into heaven’s place. Some of you are there right now. You’re in the heavenly realm. Some of you are on the streets of gold. It’s like Main Street in Disneyland. You know on the streets of gold. There’s a celebration. There’s a parade going on. Whooo! Some of you are at the throne room of God. Myriads and myriads and myriads of angels singing all at the same time. Living creatures. The Cherubims. The Seraphims. Eyes on the wheels within the wheels. The four-headed creatures. If you think all this is crazy you ain’t seen nothing yet! Wait till you go to heaven. You’re going to see a creature with four heads and eyes on the wheels. If gold dust scares you     that’s nothing compared with what’s coming. You’re going to see… Oh man. The streets are paved with gold. The streets. The public streets. We’re just, we’re just beginning to taste. We’re just beginning to taste of heaven. There’s even more, and more and more. The doors are made of pearls! The doors are made of pearls. How about gemstones? The doors are made of pearls. But the gates of the city. Think of what your personal house is going to look like! That’s just the public’s. Whoohoo! On earth as it is in heaven. One day in Your courts is better than a thousand anywhere else. One day in your courts, one day in Your courts is better than a thousand on the beach in Hawaii but even better would be maybe a thousand days on the beach in Hawaii in your glory if you gave me a choice. Ha, ha, ha. Take it all Lord. Ha, ha, ha. Ha, ha, ha. Some of you just need to laugh in the spirit now. Ha, ha, ha. The joy of the Lord is your strength. Stop looking like you suck lemons and look like you’re sucking new wine. Why is your face still drooping? Let there be a smile on your face. You have a whole new outlook! Jesus is the win-a-man all the time. When life seem to get you down don’t worry, be happy. Don’t worry be happy, mon. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. Because Jesus is the win-a-man. The win-a-man all the time. And my Jamaican friends say He’s the win-a-man all the time. The win-a-man, win-a-man, win-a-man, win-a-man.   Hahahahahahahahahahahaha. Hahahahahahahaha. Taste it. It tastes good. Taste and see that He’s so good! Some of you need to get blasted and wasted cause you’re too stiff. And the Lord says loosen up my child. You walk a little bit too stiff. Let the river flow. Let the river flow. He wants to unstop the wells in your life. He wants to unstop you. He wants to unconstipate you in the spirit realm.

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SID: Now Jesus taught Kevin how to play the sax the way Jesus played it, but he also taught you how to pray the way he prayed. What did he tell you?


KEVIN: He told me that I didn’t have enough depth in my prayers, that I didn’t have enough access to the depths of my heart. And he explained it as this, Sid. He said in Psalms 16, David wrote that prophetically for me, he said. Jesus said that David wrote that psalm and he memorized that psalm because when he was in the depths of Hell, he said he spoke that verse of that psalm over and over again, and he said, “I cleared away out in that place for you and for everyone, and Messiah to pray from those depths.” He said, “I prayed myself out of Hell because I had the Psalm 16 and I prayed that continually and then the Holy Spirit came and resurrected me.” He said, “When you pray, you pray with that kind of fervency where you know who you are based on the scripture.” Because he said, “I had no witness when I was down there. I had no Holy Spirit help.” He said, “If the Father had not given the command,” he said, “I would sit down there until he gave the command for me to be resurrected. That’s how much I trusted him.” He said, “That’s where you pray from. You pray from those depths, that trust.”


SID: And then he visits you and taught you how to play. But what kind of sax did he have?


KEVIN: It was interesting because there are several types of sax.


SID: I think in terms of a sax that’s kind of curved.


KEVIN: Yes. And I have all of them.  But this particular one he had was a soprano sax. It was a beautiful gold saxophone and I was sleeping at the time, and I heard something. So when I woke up he was standing there and he had this sax in his hands. And he started to play it over me, because he sings songs of deliverance over us. But I found out that he was playing this beautiful saxophone over me and he took it away from his mouth and handed it to me, and he said, “You play.” And I go, “Lord, I can’t play like that.” He said, “That’s because you’re doing it wrong.” He said, “Let me show you.” He said, “Stand up.” So I stood up, my wife was still sleeping, and I looked around, and he goes, “See all that around you,” he said, “that’s the Holy Spirit and the presence and Glory of my Father.” He said, “That’s always there.” He said, “What’s wrong is you’re not breathing in Heaven first.” He said, “Breathe that in first and then blow it through your horn and it will work out just fine.” So I took a big breath and all this gold air around me went inside of me, and I put that horn that he handed to me in my mouth, and I blew, and it was exactly like Jesus had played. And so he taught me that, he said, “Everything you do, Kevin, should be from the breath of Heaven.”


SID: I am going to stretch Kevin. He has played instruments in front of groups of people and people have been healed, been delivered. But I want him to do something else, something that I don’t believe anyone has asked him to do before. I want him to take that same type of saxophone he saw Jesus play. What is it called?


KEVIN: Soprano saxophone.


SID: A soprano sax, and I want him to prophesy over selected people in our studio audience by not his mouth, but by that golden breath coming out of the sax. And then I want you to look at the camera and prophesy to specific people at home through that music. And I believe we’re going to get amazing results.




SID: I’ve heard of this before. Now we’re all going to witness it. Kevin, get that anointed sax, take a deep breath of that golden oxygen and play.


KEVIN: Amen.

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SID: Now, I have all three of the prophets that are here today are personal friends. But I really appreciate the gift that Chuck Pierce brought to the body. One of the things you have revealed to us is the understanding from ancient Israel of understanding how to have access to God, how to worship God. Even the year that we’re in now, 2018, those numbers have meaning in Hebrew and in English. Unpack it for us. 


CHUCK PIERCE: We are coming into a place, this year, where it will be a Now moment for us, a Now moment where you’ll hit a moment in your life and all of a sudden a blessing overtakes you, and that comes because we have returned to God’s Order. That’s what this year is about. Eights are always linked with new beginning and first. They’re linked with the prototypes. Seven, you’re completing, eight, you’re beginning. This year is like a new beginning for all of us.


SID: Now it’s 2018 on our calendar here, and what is it on the Jewish calendar?


CHUCK PIERCE: In the Jewish calendar it’s 5778. So you can see it a little different from a Jewish perspective, from a covenant perspective because 70 is different than 10. See, whatever year you’re in, whatever calendar you’re in, you’re in the eight year. That means you’re in this new beginning. Eight is also linked with gate. But in Hebrew, see, 10 means testimony, in Hebrew it means you’re coming out of captivity. Seventy is linked with Israel and God watching you. The Lord is watching you come out of captivity into the testimony for your future, this year. We have to understand that this year is a year of Divine visitation. It’s a year of Divine help for us. Because see, every Christian should understand they need Holy Spirit. They have to have Holy Spirit to help them, the helper. Jesus, Yeshua, is at the right hand of the Father. Holy Spirit is the third person of the Godhead helping us. Now, they have to have the Body of Christ. That’s why the Lord says, “Forsake not the assembling of yourself.” You’ve got to know your ecclesia.


SID: And yet, so many, Chuck, Christians have been bored with church and they’re not bored with God, they’re not bored with reading their Bible, they’re not bored with praying, but there’s like an exodus out of churches. You’re saying we need to reverse that.


CHUCK PIERCE: They’re bored with the no-wine scam. They’re bored with the church that didn’t shift. See, church you build, and Jesus said, “Seek ye first.” Now remember this year is about first. “Seek ye first the Kingdom.” That means this year is about unlocking not just what you have built in the past, it’s unlocking your future. You unlock the Kingdom, you build the church. And see, what happens is if we quit unlocking the Kingdom, if we quit moving in God’s plan for us how he wants to move, we, our structure gets old. We got to take off our old garment. Our old sorrows from the past season. We’ve got to make a shift with the new anointing and we’ve got to be willing to go into the harvest field. And I think that’s why I had the visitation in 2006.


SID: That’s what I was going to ask you. Tell me about this visitation. You haven’t had a chance to release this one.


CHUCK PIERCE: No, really, I’ve been going so much this year and I’ve not really been able to discuss, but I will summarize this way. This year is about gates, doors, angels and war. So if you’ll think like that, and I mean, personally in your life, don’t be afraid of the word “war”. It just means conflict to breakthrough, conflict to enter into risk. Now, what happened was I awakened from a dream and there stood an angelic being. Now, that has only happened to me two other times in my entire life, so this isn’t something very usual for me. And this angel was peering out, and it was almost like, all of a sudden, we were in a different place and I could see what the angel was seeing. Hank said something. This is a year of truly understanding the Lord’s Prayer. Atmosphere: “Our Father who art in Heaven…may your will be done in Earth,” earth environment. This angel, some way or another there was a Divine alignment. This angel was peering out and the angel turned and looked at me with red eyes, fiery red eyes, and instead of falling down and being afraid, I think I knew the Word well enough that they always tell you to get back up and don’t be afraid.


SID: Okay.


CHUCK PIERCE: So I said, “Who are you?” He said, “I am the Angel of War for God’s Covenant Harvest Plan.” And all of a sudden, I could see what he saw, and I could see nations. Now, I want to say this, I believe, and I’ll go with what you and Hank were saying, I believe because Donald Trump and America, our President, decreed that Jerusalem would be the Capital of Israel, all of a sudden, America and the nations took a huge shift. Something happened worldwide in the Spirit when he made that decree. No president before has ever been bold enough to do it. I’m not even sure if he knew what he was doing.


SID: And candidly, I was shocked that he did that, and I was as pleased as could be because I also know what was released on America by him making that decision. That was a godly decision. The countries that go in covenant with God are going to see the greatest advances this world has ever seen.


CHUCK PIERCE: Absolutely.


SID: We’ll be right back with Rich Vera. 

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