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SID: I absolutely love the gifts within this woman. She is a rapping, rhyming prophet. I mean, she really is. But you have seen what’s coming in the near future. Paint me a picture.


CLARICE: There’s a difference between a mercy drop and a tsunami. And we have known a mercy drop of God’s grace and favor, and power, and now we are people that have been filled with divine discontentment. God has put that on there. We have never loved God more, but where we are we know we must go beyond where we are, and when you begin to know that God opens a revelation, not information. See, information without revelation produces imitation and always produces stagnation. But revelation, which cannot be earned or learned, is given by the Holy Ghost, the Lord and giver of life. Our identity is that it is no longer Abba as Christ. So you can put all the Bishop Wonderful and Dr. Marvelous, and all of these wonderful things like it, but the reality is that God is not coming for a visitation, but a habitation. He’s coming and in a day a nation will be born. Let me tell you, this is so good. I was given this teaching. This lady came up and she says, “I’m bound by drugs, alcohol, wrong relationships, I just don’t know what to do.” And I was in the process of leaving quickly, and I just handed her a CD. She called me two days later and she says, “Oh,” she says, “I’ve got to tell you what happened.” She says, “You gave me that CD and I went home.” And she says, “The power of God came on me,” and she says, “I’m not wanting any drugs, I’m not wanting anything. I’m completed delivered. Jesus filled me. I’m praying in tongues.” I said, “What CD was that?” She said, “Oh, I don’t have a CD player. I just laid it on my stomach.” So now, there’s so many amazing things.


SID: I thought the kingdom of sound was activated. That’s ridiculous.


CLARICE: Well we have to take off the limitations. There’s a limitless God and then we think, oh well, God can’t do this or God can’t do anything. God can do anything. His will is always created and his Word activates the creative will of God.


SID: You learned about the voice when your own mother started prophesying the most ridiculous thing to you.


CLARICE: It was awful. It was awful. My husband’s desire in life was to make millions of dollars and mine was to spend his money. We had this wonderful thing worked out and my mother was more Baptist than Scofield. She would run rampant. She would say, “We’re Baptist born and Baptist bred. When we die, we be Baptist dead.” And we lived right down the street from the Baptist Church and went to church eight days a week. We probably would have sinned, but we were too tired. Mother would say, “Now honey, you got to know, if God sends you a preacher, women don’t have a place in the church. They can cook, they can clean, they can be supportive. You can sing in the choir, so learn to sing and play the piano, and that’s the way God will use you.” Well that was Mother. She was so full of tradition. I mean, she was, she believed it. It escaped me. In the midst of this, I come by and she says, “Oh, I’ve had a vision from God.” And I said, “You have?” And she said, “Yes. I see you preaching.” I said, “You have been in the sun too long. I’m telling you, that ain’t never gonna happen. I mean, you [unintelligible].” She says, “No, I see you and George talking to thousands of people and this, and this, and this.” I said, “Mama, you don’t even believe in women preachers. How could God give you a vision about that? You don’t even believe that.” So our traditions make the Word of God to no effect, but God will go over your traditions. There are things we’re sincere about, we’re just sincere and wrong. So when she kept confessing to me the Word over and over, she’d say to me, “There’s mama’s little preacher girl.” And I said, “Mama, you got to quit that.” Because what happened, she was activating the Word of God with her mouth. And of course, a few months later, I received the baptism of the Holy Spirit. And I am telling [you], I got so ignited, excited and delighted. I was activated, ratified and prophesied. I mean, it was—


SID: I told you she likes to rap with rhyme.


CLARICE: My mama would say, “Honey, I over-prayed.”


SID: You know, I want you to give me the short version of how you saved your daughter’s life by activating the Word of God. And the thing that struck me the most outstanding, astounding thing is the plan of the devil. All your daughter did, and she even confessed it to you as a young girl, is she smoked a joint of marijuana, and it was a doorway.


CLARICE: It opened a tragic door for her. It was 27 years. We had a home for my church of young women bound by drugs, alcohol and wrong relationships. And she went over there to see the girls, and one of the girls offered her a cigarette, a marijuana cigarette. She took it, she came home and she was crying. She said, “Mama, I did a terrible thing.” We prayed and I had no thought or idea of discernment that that could, you know, marijuana, and I said, “Honey, don’t ever do that again.” And she says, “I won’t.” But there are some people, their body chemistry or whatever you want to call it, they are, they just cannot do the drinking and all of these things. It’s evil and it can open the door, and it led her to 27 years, heroin addict. She was in prison. I could on. Her rap sheet was over 42 pages. And this is what God told me, he says, “All of your children are disciples to the Lord [unintelligible] their peace and undisturbed composure.” And do not be moved by facts, but you move those facts with the Word of God. You agree with God. Whatsoever things you desire when you pray, if you believe it, not doubt, you can have what you say. So it’s not what I pray, it’s what I say. So when I would hear from here every now and then, and she would say, I’m here or I’m there, the story is incredible. It should be a movie. Her story is incredible. But after 27 years, she had an encounter where she took an overdose of heroin and she was legally dead. They had her on life support for 72 hours. They said her brain was completely wasted and that she would never do this, and never do that. She came out of that. She went to prison and while she was in prison she had a conversion, and she went through a rehab program, came out, and today she is the director of the largest facility in southern California for restoration of people bound by drugs. Yay!


SID: You know what, you have a gift to convince people to believe God.


CLARICE: Believe it. Believe it.


SID: You are sincere. We’re going to be right back. There’s many of you that have prayed and prayed, and now you’ve given up, and you literally have lost your hope. It’s about to change. Be right back.

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BOB:  And so prophecy is the way that God releases what’s on the inside of you. You have so much light inside of you that darkness has to flee in the midst of it. You can go to your occupation. There’s a solution to the chaotic situation in your work. There’s a solution to people’s problems. And so God’s solution was to speak “Let there be light.” But a lot of times what we miss and in fact if you look at the story of creation there’s actually the pattern of prophecy. And I’ve never heard someone teach prophecy from creation but watch what happens next. So God releases this light. And then in verse 4 it says “God saw the light.” Everybody say “God saw.”


AUDIENCE:  God saw.


BOB:  You understand that when God creates something He has a unique perspective about it. When He saw darkness, emptiness and chaos, which sounds like a teenager’s room (laughs) He didn’t say what my dad used to say when he looked at my room. It’s this place is squalor. I don’t know what squalor is, it’s one of those special dad words. You know what I’m saying? Like it’s just that only it’s a “dadism” that dad uses. But when God looked at this room that was dark and empty and in chaos what did He say? He didn’t identify the problem. He released potential from Himself to clean it up. See I believe there’s a generation that’s going to look at the world and not just identify the problem but it’s going to release the power of God to clean it up.




BOB:  You know I’ve taught around the world thousands of people how to hear God’s voice. From children to golden agers. I believe no one’s too young and no one’s too old. The Bible says in the Last Days I’ll pour out my spirit on all flesh. Your sons and daughters will prophecy. Your young one will have visions. Your old men will dream dreams. I’m dreaming more lately. I’m a little concerned about maybe I’m getting older. The key here is you’re a target for the Spirit of God and for prophecy if you’ve got skin on ya. Right? He said I’m going to pour out my spirit on all flesh. Jesus said look, when you see Me you see My Father. When you heard My words you’ve heard My Father’s words. What was He sayinÆ? God’s invisible but I came to put skin on God. God is… you can’t hear Him with your ears but I came so that you could hear what the Father sounds like. Can I say that in some way God’s put skin on you so you can look like Jesus. He’s put His Spirit in you so you can sound like Jesus and when you do, things change. I was teaching this one time at conference in Florida and I was trying to give an example of how God can speak through a natural every day situation. And in Jeremiah, God says to Jeremiah what do you see? Cause Jeremiah was saying look I’m too young. I can’t see. He said well just tell me what you see. Just look at anything. He said I see the branch of an almond tree. And God said that’s right because I’m watching over my word to see that’s it’s accomplished. So what God was doing was giving him a natural object to give him a spiritual message. And I actually believe God can use a natural object to give you a spiritual message. I have a friend his name is Steve, Steve Swanson. He’s a worship leader. And we were in a conference together and I was teaching this and I was doing an exercise where I said to people just take a natural object and have someone look at it and ask them for if they can give you a word of God from that. So Steve instead of leaving me kind of as the teacher on my own he said “Hey, do me,” you know. And he took a picture out of his pocket and he said I’m not going to tell you anything about this little girl but her name is Rachel. And he said tell me what you see. And I looked at it. I saw God saw the light. Everybody say “God saw the light.”


AUDIENCE:  God saw the light.

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ART:  You see pride is when you think higher of yourself than you ought to. But what often happens is we say no, no, no that couldn’t be true of me. You know I could never do anything like Jesus. And really what you’re doing is you’re exalting your opinion above God’s opinion and that’s called pride. But when Jesus says you’ll do greater works and you agree yes, I will do greater works you’re submitting your opinion to God’s opinion and that’s called humility. Fair?


AUDIENCE:  Amen, amen.


ART;  So don’t worry. Like Romans 12 says don’t think of yourselves more highly than you ought to. That doesn’t mean don’t think of yourselves highly. Don’t think of yourselves more highly than you ought. Fair? Okay. You’re children of the king. You’re a royal priesthood and a holy nation. You see? A people belonging to God. So don’t back off on who He’s made you to be. Now and the last one that it works. You know in James 2, we’re shown that it’s possible, I’m sorry, it’s NOT possible to have faith without action accompanying it. Verse 26 says in James 2: “Faith without works is dead.” So again it has to work. There’s going to be something there. So let’s look at some healing theology that matches these four things. All right? Number One, let’s start with a concept that agrees 100% with the entire Bible. In Isaiah 53:5 the prophet said this about Jesus. “He was pierced for our transgressions. He was crushed for our iniquities. The punishment that brought us peace was upon Him and by His wounds we’re healed.” Now first of all I want to say something that doesn’t quite apply to this but it does apply to that passage. Some of you are thinking I’ve got my condition because of some sin that I committed and I deserve to have this. Maybe it’s a sexually transmitted disease. Maybe you’ve got lung cancer cause you smoked all your life. Maybe, I don’t know what it is, but you think that your condition is because did something sinful. And that may be true. Maybe you do deserve it. But I’ll actually tell you the truth. You deserve worse because the Bible says the wages of sin is what?




ART:  Death. So yeah, you deserve worse than sickness. It’s by God’s grace you’re not dead. So here’s the good news. By His stripes we’re healed but even before that it says He was wounded for our transgressions. There is no wounding that you need for your transgressions if you will submit that to Jesus.


AUDIENCE:  Amen. Amen.


ART:  There is no bruising you need for your iniquities if you will submit that to Jesus.




ART:  Every bit of His sacrifice pays the price for every bit of your wholeness. Body, soul and spirit complete wholeness. He paid to save your spirit. He paid to save your body. He paid to save your soul. He wants you completely whole. And that’s what the Greek word for salvation, “soteria,” means. It can be translated “salvation.” It can also be translated “health.” It’s what the Greek word for saved, “Sozo,” it means “saved.” It can be translated “heal.” Even the Hebrew word “Rapha” in fact the first descriptive name of God in scripture, remember we said one of the litmus tests it has to  agree a 100% with the nature of God. God revealed His nature through His name. Fair? So when He’s called “Jehovah Tsidkenu,” the Lord our righteousness” God is righteous. In fact it’s His identity. Like you can’t, it’s not even like an aspect of Him. It’s who He is. You can’t separate it from Him. There’s never a time when God is not righteous. But the first descriptive Yahweh or Jehovah name of God was simply this: “The Lord our healer.” “Jehovah Rapha.” Wow. That was the first way He revealed Himself descriptively in scripture to Moses and it was specifically referencing physical healing but interestingly the Hebrew word “Rapha” can be translated also to mean forgiveness. And there’s several places in scripture where it is. Most often, I think it’s about 35 times, it’s translated specifically regarding physical healing. Sometimes it’s figurative. Sometimes it’s forgiveness. So Jesus paid for your complete wholeness. Now that agrees with the 100% of the Bible. Jesus purchased healing for everyone. When we pray for healing, we’re commanded in the name of Jesus is probably a better phrase. We’re simply asking for something that was already paid for. Right? It’s not even like we have to convince God to make a new decision. It’s the same thing with salvation. When you come to Him and you say Lord, would you forgive me for all the sins I’ve committed. Wash me clean. Make me a new creation. He’s not sitting up there stroking His beard, His long godly beard saying I’m not sure if I want to do that, you know and deliberating and walking through. No. He decided 2000 years ago when He sent Jesus to the cross He wants to forgive you. So when you come to Him and ask He’s already paid the bill. It’s already done. He’s like here you go, freely you’ve received, now freely give. Now you get to go out and do the same thing for others. In fact Jesus commissioned His disciples in John 20 you go and tell people they’re forgiven. If you forgive them they’re forgiven. If you don’t forgive them they’re not forgiven. This is our responsibility to carry and He also commissioned us to heal the sick. Now let’s see something that agrees 100% with the example of Jesus. Now first we have to be clear that Jesus although he was 100% God, He humbly came to earth as a man. All right? Philippians 2: 6 through 8 is clear that Jesus gave up everything about Himself that could be considered God and humbled Himself to become completely human and die a human death, even a criminal’s death on a cross even though He was innocent. So Jesus stepped out of that place so that He could walk among us. Even though He’s still 100% God, he set that aside to be an example for you. That’s why in John 5 He was able to say the Son can do nothing by Himself. He only does what He sees the Father doing. Jesus said I can do nothing by Myself. That’s how much He had set aside His Godhood to set an example for you. And then told you yeah, even though I’m the son of God, you can become sons of God. Even ladies, you are sons, by position. Like I have to be the bride of Christ so you can be, you know, you can be sons.



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BRIAN:  Welcome everybody. I’m Brian Simmons and we want to welcome those that are watching this session. I’m going to be mentoring you today on the supernatural and having your own personal encounter. It’s time for you to see God.




BRIAN:  You know I am just so hungry for Him. When I see in the scriptures that someone had an encounter with God what it does to me is it makes me want to have that too. Doesn’t it to you?




BRIAN:  And God is not a respecter of persons. And what He’s done for one He will do for you. But He responds to hunger. I know this from experience that God responds to desperate hunger. And if you will be desperate and hungry for an encounter this could be the year that you have your own personal visitation. Now in Psalm 42 David makes an amazing statement. He says when am I going to come and stand before God? And I’ve shared this with many, many people. You need to start praying that. When am I going to come and have my encounter with God? And I also tell people this. It’s everything you want and everything you’ll run from at the same time. It is so terrifying and so exhilarating it will mark your life. It will change you forever. And I believe that God is going to open doors for you in the next season of your life to really encounter Him. Do you love him?




BRIAN;  Do you really want Him?




BRIAN:  Do you want to just read about Him and hear other people tell you about Him? Or why don’t we be like Job that says you know I’ve heard about you with the hearing of my ear but now my eyes see You. The Lord is going to give you eyes that see and ears that hear. Let me just pray as we begin. Father, in Jesus’ name I pray for the spirit of revelation, the Spirit of Revelation would open our hearts as we open up the pages of our Bible. Stir us, Lord. Give us faith. Give us faith that we not measure our life and say well I’m not good enough for Jesus to come to me. If that were the case we’d never be saved. But Lord, we pray that You will make us salty and thirsty and hungry for our own encounter with You. I pray it in Jesus’ name. Amen.




BRIAN:  The Holy Spirit wants to give you a fresh baptism. I have a very conservative evangelical background. For me to address you like this today and encourage you to seek God for a visitation is so foreign to what I was 20 years ago. I was a Bible person. I love the Bible. I actually memorized about half of the New Testament. I was completely in love with the Bible. The Trinity to me was God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Bible.




BRIAN:  And it was while we were missionaries in the jungle that I encountered “Ruach ha Kodesh,” the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Holiness. And the miracles and the dreams and my wife is such an amazing prophetess. She dreams 4 and 5 dreams every night. Many times before we go into a meeting or a church or a city the Lord will give us downloads about what He wants to do in that region. And so I’m just convinced that there is more in the supernatural waiting for you. There’s more than you’ve ever experienced. Can we leave our “know it all badge” at the door?



BRIAN:  You know the worst thing that will cripple you in the spirit realm is to say well I’ve already had my encounter. I already know those things. You know what? You don’t know very much. Neither do I. And we don’t want just God in our mind. That’s a very small place for Him to fit. We want God inside of us. We want to carry like Mary. We want to carry like Mary. We want to dispense the divine. We want to be a carrier of the glory and to influence cities and regions because of the Christ in us. Christ in heaven is not the hope of glory. Christ in you. Christ in me. Christ in you this moment is the hope of glory. Say those words: Christ in me.


AUDIENCE:  Christ in me.


BRIAN:  Is my hope of glory.


AUDIENCE:  Is my hope of glory.

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JAMES: Hahaha. Well I was in that meeting in London and all of a sudden I started smelling cotton candy and it was just    floating around the room. And it was so sweet. Anybody here like cotton candy? That’s a nice fragrance, isn’t it? Whooa, it was so good and it’s floating around. I said Lord, what is that? He said that’s the Holy Spirit. Smells like cotton candy. He’s so sweet. Wow! And you know it makes you hungry for Him. Hungry for the Spirit. When you smell that sweet, sweet fragrance you just wanna take that in. I try to breathe it in. (breathing in) Oohh, I’m kinda selfish, I wanted it all. Hahahahaha! But it’s not just for me. I believe that everything that I experience is for you. And I believe that God will let you experience more of it than me. As I share a testimony with you it’s a spirit of prophecy for God to release those things in you. Begin to sense the sweet fragrance of the Holy Spirit. And then suddenly there were fragrances in the room that smelled like, I don’t know if you like these things or not, but like you know when you open the oven and there’s a chocolate cake in there cooking (laughing) and that “shooo” (breathing in) oooh, chocolate! (laughing) You know what I’m talking about? There’s angels that came in the room that smell like that chocolate. I said oh, angel, come over here, come over here. You can sit next to me. And some of them smell like cookies and all kinds of sweet things. You know when we used to sing “There’s a Sweet, Sweet Spirit in This Place” and I think the writer of the song knew what he was talking about, or she, I’m not sure who wrote it. But there is a sweetness of the spirit that God wants you to experience. A sweet, sweet spirit in this place and the Spirit is bringing to you all of the things that God releases from the kingdom of heaven. Amen? You know the Bible says that the Lord tastes good. Right? Taste and see that the Lord is good. And the word of God tastes sweet on our lips like honey. And I think God wants to activate that sense of taste that we begin to taste more and more of His presence and know God is here! I can taste it! You know in the Seder Meal at Passover at one point you’re told to break off a big piece of matzah. Well when I first started eating matzah I thought this tastes like cardboard. (laughing) Yeah, I had to develop a little bit of a taste for it. But it says in that service that you’re supposed to take this big piece and you’re supposed to savor the flavor of the matzah. And so I started chewing that and I was doing my best to savor the flavor of cardboard. Hahahahaha! (starts imitating chewing) You know I’m working on this big piece of matzah and I’m working on it and all of a sudden it tasted sweet. It was like it changed in my mouth and it became such a sweet, sweet flavor. And I love to do that now. I love to have matzah for communion    and I always take a big chunk of that you know and I start chewing on it and I’m gonna chew on it until it gets sweet because it represents the bread of heaven, it represents the word of God. And those are sweet, sweet things that we need to take into us and savor the flavor. Well I believe God is trying to wake up our spiritual senses that we’ll begin to feel that way about the word of God. You know I love the word of God. I can’t wait when I go to bed at night I’m thinking oh man, first thing in the morning I’m gonna get up and I’m gonna get the Bible open I’m gonna start reading the word of God. And sometimes it’s hard to sleep I’m getting too excited. Too excited because in just a little while I’m gonna be back in the word of God and I’m gonna savor the flavor and let the sweetness of God just fill my whole body. Amen? Well God wants you to also feel the things of the kingdom. And God has so many different kinds of anointing for “feelers.” For you to feel the presence of angels. For you to feel the kind of gifts that He’s releasing. In fact before I came in here I started feeling something. God has given me this place on my body. It’s right here. That when I begin to feel something moving there, some kind of energy there, it means that healing angels have been sent. And they have been sent into this room. And I began to see in the Spirit many, many healing angels. And when I see angels I speak to the angel. I say angel, I release you to minister what Father God sent you to minister. So I wanna say to those angels right now: Healing angels we release you to minister what Father God sent you to minister to the people who are here, to the people who are watching this that God will send these same angels right where you are, right into your room, wherever you may be as you’re listening the healing angels are coming and manifesting to bring a healing anointing from heaven to you. Receive it right now in the mighty name of Yeshua ha Mashiach! Amen and amen. Amen. You know there are some scriptures in the Bible that are just kinda hard to read but they’re important to read. In the Book of Deuteronomy, in, let’s see this is in, chapter 28? (laughing) Moses is giving his farewell address to the people. And he’s been with ‘em all these years. They’re going to the Promised Land but he has to wait for Jesus to come into the Promised Land. So he said you know you have seen with your own eyes the miracles that God did in Egypt with Pharaoh and with all the people. You saw the signs, the wonders, the miracles and on our journey you saw what God did. You’ve seen it with your own eyes He said. And yet God has not given you a heart to perceive, eyes to see, or ears to hear to this very day. And when I read that I thought how sad after all they’d seen. And then I thought “oooh,” what about us? We’ve seen healings, miracles, signs and wonders. Oooh! How wide open is our heart to perceive? How wide open are our eyes to see what God is doing? Are we having our ears open so that we can hear what Father God is saying? You know it’s not just about those people way back then. Their story was included in the Bible as a testimony for you and for me. They were kind of in a way representing human nature and we have a human nature. And God wants us to begin to see and to hear. You know Jesus talked about it a lot. He said you have eyes to see but you don’t see. You have ears to hear but you don’t hear! See it’s a condition that continues on and on but God says it’s time for a change! The prophet Joel said that God shared with him that in the Last Days I will pour out my spirit on all flesh. Now I want you to do a test for me if you would. Would you check and see if you have any flesh? Got any flesh?

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