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SID: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. There was a great man of God by the name of Smith Wigglesworth. He had some of the most outrageous miracles. For instance, fire would come out of his body and burn up disease. My next guest received an impartation from his great-granddaughter in which fire comes out of him to burn up disease. That’s good for him. It’s good for Smith Wigglesworth, but what about me? Am I Swiss cheese? What about you? He says he can pray that impartation on you. Anyone else besides me want it? You know, Jack Sheffield, one of my favorite chapters in the Jewish Scriptures is the prophet Ezekiel. He had to do some pretty wild things. But in the 47th chapter he talks about a river that God has given you a revelation on.

JACK: Yes.

SID: Tell me about this river. Where is it coming from?

JACK: It’s coming from the Throne of God, Sid.

SID: That’s a good place.

JACK: Jesus is out in the middle of this river and he’s beckoning Ezekiel to come out. He comes out ankle deep. He comes out waist deep. He comes out where Jesus is saying, “I want you to come out all the way and I want you to swim in this river of God.”

SID: Meaning you have to be totally dependent on God.

JACK: Absolutely.

SID: There’s no bottom. You’re just swimming. You have to swim by faith.

JACK: Yes. You’re emerged in his presence. You are inundated with him. You are absolutely overcome with his Spirit and he moves you, everything about that river moves you. It’s time for the body of Christ to come out of the shallows and into the deep waters with Jesus Christ. It’s time for the body of Christ to go swimming.

SID: You know, you have such a gentle spirit, but as a teenager it’s hard to believe, you were pretty rebel.

JACK: I was. My generation became disillusioned, angry, rebellious. We became self-destructive. We started doing things like drugs. We started, you know, rebelling against God. When my sister died at age 24 I shook my fist at God and I said, “I want nothing more to do with you.” And my life plummeted. It took six years for me to go into Hell, but I ended up tormented, demonized. I was hearing voices. I was suicidal.
SID: So how did you end up in the back yard of a strong Christian? Why don’t you even, how could that have happened?

JACK: Well she knew me from the time I was in junior high and she loved me, I knew that, and she heard about what was going on in my life. And somebody said, “That Jack Sheffield is going straight to Hell,” is what they said to her. And she said, “Not my Jack Sheffield. My Jack Sheffield is going to Heaven. I’m not going to let him go to Hell.”

SID: Not on my watch. So prays you into your back yard?

JACK: Yes. Yes.

SID: That’s rare.

JACK: The Holy Spirit said go out on the swing, somebody is coming tonight, and it was me. I just got in my car and drove to her house, had no real reason for doing it, except I believe the tractor beam of the Holy Spirit was drawing me in.

SID: How were you filled with the Holy Spirit?

JACK: Well Wanda, was her name that was praying for me, and she got me down on my knees in a ditch on Highway 98, right by the Brazos River, where I grew up in Richmond, Texas. And when I prayed the Sinner’s Prayer, liquid honey came down my being, just all, just drenched, golden honey just drenched all of that pain, all that fear, all that torment, all that doubt, all that shame, all that rage, all that anger, all that rebellion, washed it right out of my toes and I’m free.

SID: Is that the way they say it in Texas?

JACK: Right out of my toes.

SID: Okay. Now you’re in this service where everyone that needed healing got healed. Tell me about that experience.

JACK: Went to church where there was supernatural signs and wonders. A woman died during the sermon. Oh my God. And the preacher told me later on his sermon was not that bad. It really was not that bad.

SID: Not a good way to have a membership drive.

JACK: They pronounced her dead. The priest came down and fell on this woman, weeping, got like Elijah did over that little boy that was dead. The ambulance came in. They pronounced her dead. They put her on the gurney. They put a sheet over her. They were halfway to Ben Todd Morgue in Houston, Texas and the sheet sits up. And the driver sees it and she’s fine. She’s trying to get the sheet off of her, and then finally she’s saying, “Where are you all taking me?” And they said, “Anywhere you want to go. Where do you want to go?”

SID: Where’s a TV camera when I need it?

JACK: And she said the most wonderful thing. She said, “I didn’t get my Eucharist.” That’s the communion. “I want my Eucharist and so take me back to my church.” What do you think happened to that church when she walked in there? God tore that place up, absolutely tore it up.

SID: What’s it like to see everyone healed? Tell me about that service.

JACK: When we were praying over a group of people on a Sunday night in our church, I was having in my hands, and I looked up at my friend John Mark as we were praying for this lady and when I saw the golden light, I said to John, “I can’t even see your face. Do you see what I see?” And he said, “I see it.” And it was the golden Shekinah Glory of God that had saturated the whole front of that church. And I said something so strange, I said, “God is here. God is manifesting here. Ask what you will, but be careful what you ask. And this man standing next to me came to the healing service because he had kidney stones. The moment he asked he was instantly healed. His wife was over here and she said, “My son is very, very sick and I tried to call him and tell him that I’m going to be praying for him tonight. He’s been very, very sick, but his phone was broken. But I came here because I want you to pray for him.” And when she prayed they compared notes later and at the same moment that she prayed he sat up in the bed totally healed.

SID: And so that fire went over anyone that needed healing.

JACK: Everything.

SID: When we come back I want to know how that same fire that burned out disease on this famous healing evangelist, Smith Wigglesworth, came upon you. Be right back.

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LARRY: Well welcome back to Something More. We’re going to do exactly what the show is all about right now, and I believe the Lord wants to give you a taste of something more, because here’s the deal: There’s always more of God. You don’t need to beg God to come, and say, God, send Your Spirit down from Heaven, because we’ve been talking about Pentecost. The power of Pentecost. the gift of Pentecost. has been released. If you know Jesus, if He is your Messiah and Lord, then you actually have the Holy Spirit living inside of you. And that’s great, but I believe the Lord wants you to experience the fullness of the Spirit. If you do not know Jesus as your Messiah, I actually believe as a result of the time we’re going to have right now, the Holy Spirit is going to come. And there’s no greater evangelist. there’s no greater communicator of Who Jesus is. than the Holy Spirit. So, Dr. Booker, a-as we just get ready to um help people experience the Holy Spirit in a greater way, could you address the audience? Can you address those who are watching, who might have questions, okay, how, if I want to experience God in a deeper way, because I am hungry? There’s so many people who are I’m hungry for more of God; what. what would you tell them? What would. what would their next step be?


RICHARD: Well, the next step of course is to get yourself in a place so God can come and meet with you. And so you, you know, you want to evaluate your motives, and why. why do you want more of God. Is it so you can have more of God, or something, you know, that’s selfish or whatever. But if you have a hunger and thirst after righteousness, here’s a promise

from God: they shall


LARRY: Yeah.


RICHARD: be filled.




RICHARD: Hallelujah. So if you hunger and thirst after righteousness, I want to give you a

little heads-up here now, if you’re watching: God doesn’t reveal Himself to the casual enquirer.




RICHARD: But if you really want Him, He wants you more than you want Him.


LARRY: Yeah.


RICHARD: [laughing] Hallelujah!


LARRY: Yeah.


RICHARD: And so God. if you’re hungry and thirsting, you just lift your heart.


LARRY: Yeah.


RICHARD: Lift your voice, lift your hands to the Lord, and say, Lord, come with the Holy Spirit.




RICHARD: Come and fill me up…




RICHARD: with the Holy Spirit, and let me have this divine encounter, that can change…


LARRY: Yes, Lord.


RICHARD: my life, and. and. and put me into a place of Righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit.


LARRY: Yeah.


RICHARD: If you do that in faith, God will be faithful and come, and meet with you; I promise you that.


LARRY: Yeah; yeah.


RICHARD: Hallelujah!


LARRY: Well this is just a time of ministry. I feel like…


RICHARD: Absolutely!


LARRY: just let’s flow with what God’s doing, because what we want you to experience is not just more information. I feel like we’ve shared the information. God wants you to know. I believe God wants to come and draw near to you right now. And I feel like one of the things that’s so important for you, in order to experience more of God, is to simply ask Him; it’s just simply ask. And He did promise; He did promise that as you’re hungry and thirsty for Him, He will satisfy. So right now, we just want to pray. Father, for those who are watching.


RICHARD: Yes Lord.


LARRY: I just pray. and I want to encourage you to just say it with me. Lord, I ask for more. Holy Spirit, I ask for more. God.


RICHARD: Yes Lord.



You said if I were to ask for the Holy Spirit, You would not give me a bad thing; You would ogive me a good thing.


RICHARD: Yes Lord.


LARRY: In fact, He’s not a thing; He is a person.


RICHARD: Yes Lord.


LARRY: So God, right now,

I say God, I want to encounter You; I want to know You. I want to know the Bible, in a way that I’ve never known it before. I want to know the Author, and His name is Holy Spirit.


RICHARD: Thank You Lord.


LARRY: I want to walk in relationship and fellowship with You, God, in a new way. So I ask, right now; I ask for a greater encounter with, and a greater experience of, the Holy Spirit. You don’t even have to pray the same words I did; that’s just a way to get you started. But He said ask; ask with expectation. I want to encourage you to ask with expectation; that the God, who comes with fire, and wind, and glory, and Presence; the God you read about in the Bible, Who fills you with awe, He actually wants to come and meet you where you are, right now.  Dr. Booker, could you just minister to the people as I. because I do feel a strong flow of the Holy Spirit. Just whatever the Holy Spirit’s leading you to share.


RICHARD: Well, I want to. want to say

this thing: There’s 3 ways of, getting with God. One is information, and that’s…


LARRY: Yeah.


RICHARD: what most Christians have.


LARRY: Yeah.


RICHARD: Second is revelation; that’s when the Word of God leaps off the pages…


LARRY: Yeah.


RICHARD: into people’s hearts. But third is manifestation.


LARRY: Yeah! [laughs]


RICHARD: God wants to manifest.


LARRY: Yeah.


RICHARD: Himself to us; the manifested Presence

of God. So this is what [music] I want to pray with those of you who…


LARRY: Yeah.


RICHARD: are watching. Lord, I thank You Lord that You are a God of mercy and love. You want to reveal Yourself to us, more than…


LARRY: Yeah.


RICHARD: we want it, oftentimes. and all the time, really. But, so Lord, it. for those who are watching who are hungering and thirst…




RICHARD: after righteousness, Your promise is that You will fill us up.




RICHARD: And so Lord, I’m just reaching my hand out to the screen now, and I’m inviting You, Holy Spirit, to come, and go past just dry information.


LARRY: Yeah.


RICHARD: Lord come, with the living waters of the Holy Spirit, that will flow. Flow, Lord; go. Yes, Lord. [slaps desk] Come and flow.




RICHARD: Like rivers of living water, out of their innermost being, bubble up, Lord. Let them feel You and sense Your Presence, rising up inside them Lord, to overflowing, so they cannot contain You, Lord.




RICHARD: And erupt out of them, Lord, with a spiritual explosion, Lord, that will fill them with such a sense of awe…


LARRY: [laughs]


RICHARD: and joy, Lord, that they contacted the Creator of the Universe.


LARRY: Yeah.


RICHARD: Yes, Lord!


LARRY: Yeah.


RICHARD: Hallelujah, Lord.


LARRY: Thanks, Lord.


RICHARD: We thank You Lord.


LARRY: Yeah.




LARRY: I just want to encourage you; wherever you find yourself now, I want to encourage you to just get in a place of receiving; not striving, not trying to work for something. The same grace of God. that bought your salvation, that cleansed you of every sin. the same grace of God makes it possible for you to experience the Holy Spirit. So wherever you feel comfortable; if you’re sitting on the couch, maybe lying down on the floor; I don’t know what it is, I don’t know what it looks like for you; just put yourself in a posture to receive. Not strive, receive; because I believe, just like Dr. Booker was saying, God actually wants you to encounter Him, more maybe than you even want to encounter Him. And I believe right now, in Jesus’ name, that as we have prayed these prayers, and we’ve given this time; not for more information, but for manifestation;




LARRY: I believe the Spirit of God is just, wherever you are, He’s coming to visit you, in a beautiful way. Coming to reveal Jesus in a greater way than you’ve ever known or seen. And He’s coming to touch you, with that fire, and power of God, that you would truly know, that God is alive, and He’s in you, and He’s with you. He will never leave you nor forsake you. And He wants to use you, I believe, to change the world around you. For the Lord would say to you, He has you where He has you. He has you in the family, the job, whatever you are. He has you where He has you because He wants your presence to be in a place, so His Presence can be in that place. In a family, in a workplace. He wants His Presence to be upon you, to be in that place, so that you can carry the Presence of God wherever you go. Father, thank You for what You’ve done today. And I pray that You would fill whoever is watching this; fill them to overflowing, in Jesus’ name. In Jesus’ [music] name, thanks for watching.

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SID: Okay. Now I am ready and you are ready for those angels of commotion to be replaced with angels of alignment. We’re getting us in the right place, getting our family in the right place, getting our job in the right place, our home in the right place. Tell me about the vision.


TIM: I had a vision at the start of the year of angels holding those old plumb lines the carpenters would use to align things properly. And I had a vision of hundreds of angels holding plumb lines over New Testament churches all around the world. And I said, “Holy Spirit, what are you saying?” And he said, “The angels of commotion have now become angels of alignment and they are now aligning the church, the true church for the greatest move of God in all of history.”


SID: And I have to ask you, this begs the question and it’s an important question because I trust you, “What do you see based on what God has shown you is coming?”


TIM: The greatest days in church history are not in our past. They are in our present and in our future. The greatest exodus in world history would not be the million souls that were brought out of Egypt, it would be the billion souls that he now brings out of the kingdom of darkness into the marvelous Kingdom of God. That’s where we’re at, the greatest harvest in world history.


SID: Tim, do you see hope for all of these college students that go in as Christians to a university and leave as the opposite, actually champions for the opposite of what the Bible says, do you see hope for that?


TIM: I do see hope and I believe that that is a part of this third great awakening because Holy Spirit, he spoke to me, in fact, it was a very bold statement, and he said, “They will not be the lost generation. They will be a radical millennial generation for me.” And he spoke to me about the three phases of the harvest in this awakening. The first phase would be prodigals that he is bringing home. In fact, Holy Spirit spoke to me one afternoon and he said, “The greatest prophets that are going to be ministering in this third great awakening that is released right now, the greatest prophets are right now prodigals. Some of the greatest pastors are right now prodigals.” But Holy Spirit is bringing them in and the angels are working to help that.


SID: What you were teaching earlier about the angels of alignment, how important it is for say a mother or a father, or a grandparent right now that has these prodigals to have the words in aligned with what God wants.


TIM: Absolutely. It’s vital that they declare what God says for their offspring or in some cases authority language needs to be used to bind what the adversary is blinding them with. In other words, just being practical, if you would have a prodigal son or daughter, something like this, I bind the work of the adversary against this child. He will no longer blind my son or daughter. Joel’s prophecy is coming to pass. They’re going to prophesy. They’re going to dream God’s dream. They’re going to preach the Word of God. They’re going to see visions from God and they’re going to be a generation that is going to move in the power of the Holy Spirit, and my son and my daughter is going to be one of them. Declare the Word of the Lord.


SID: And you know what, with an attitude.


TIM: With an attitude.


SID: People have an attitude on politics. People have an attitude on sports. Let’s get an attitude against the devil.


TIM: Absolutely. In fact, two weeks ago, saying it like that, you want an attitude, the Holy Spirit said, “I came to the early church and I’m going to come again, only I’m going to come with more of the angel armies this time.” And he brought that to mind of the sound from Heaven, and he said, it sounded, the scripture in Ezekiel said it sounded like a rumbling sound. And I heard the Holy Spirit say this: “It’s time for my New Testament church and my remnant to rumble. It’s time to rumble in the power of the Kingdom of God.” We’re not those that are going to back down and play games. We’re those that ought to raise in the power of the Holy Spirit. It’s time the world sees a church that rumbles under the power of the Holy Spirit again. I think we ought to move like a freight train.


SID: I’ll tell you what, you’re getting me excited.


TIM: Come on.


SID: There is such a creative power that most of us, and I say us, I’m part of you, that most of us are missing. And when we come back I want you to talk about that creative power of our words that there is a miracle in our mouth. Be right back.


TIM: Amen.

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SID: You know something that intrigues me is when you were in prison you were using God so to speak.


SID: To get out of prison, jailhouse religion. However, when you were confronted with the Word of God and it described you and you were genuinely born again.


SID: No one told you, but you just started repenting.

SHAWN: Yes. Sid, I began to repent for all the different strongholds, all the different generational curses that was upon my life from my father’s side, from my mother’s side, and I genuinely would repent. I would walk up to people as I prayed for them to get saved and literally begin to cry and weep for souls.

SID: That doesn’t sound like you. You were one of those gangsters.

SHAWN: I was a gangster, but now I’m a gangster for God, Sid, and I mean I began to just come up to drug dealers and I would slap drugs out of their hand. I had a lot of zeal, but I had wisdom, so you know, I’m like, Holy Ghost, help me out. I just don’t want to get hurt in the process.

SID: What did you do with all your supply of drugs and things you gained from the drug industry?

SHAWN: Sid, I was into soliciting women. I was into drugs, I was into drug trafficking, guns, and I got rid of all my guns. I gave away my Jaguar. I gave away my jewelry.

SID: You gave away a Jaguar?

SHAWN: I gave away a Jaguar to a local guy that’s in Houston, Texas and I just gave away my van to a family. My jewelry, I got rid of it, my guns. I flushed the drugs down the toilet. I was totally set free, Sid.

SID: You could see the difference. When you opened your mouth, could people see you were a different man?

SHAWN: Sid, even my countenance changed. People literally saw me and I looked like a totally different person. I mean, people couldn’t even recognize me because of the transformation that took place in my life during this experience.

SID: Okay. You go, you’re getting really hungry for God. You go on a three-day dry fast. That means nothing to drink.

SHAWN: Nothing to drink.

SID: I did that. I was so weak when I did that. Did the same thing happen to you?

SHAWN: Yes. I was very weak, Sid. You know, I was so weak, but you know, I was strong at the same time if you kind of understand what I’m saying.

SID: Yes.

SHAWN: So I was laying on my floor doing this three-day dry fast. All of a sudden, Sid, I began to go into this vision and the clouds began to come before me. And when I came out of this vision, I heard a voice say, “Tonight revival is going to break out.” So as soon as my wife walked in the door from coming from the grocery store…

SID: Did you say anything or did she know something was different?

SHAWN: She knew something was different, Sid, because she walked in the door. She woke me out of the vision because she said, “What is going on?” So when she came in the house, a literal visible cloud was all over our living room.

SID: Inside your home?

SHAWN: Inside of my home, Sid. It looked like someone took something off the stove, burnt it and just smoke was everywhere. So when I got up I said, “Dear, what’s wrong?” So when I moved my hand like this my wife flew across the room, Sid. It was crazy. I didn’t even know what was going on. I didn’t have any kind of etiquette for this. I had never seen this in a church. So I didn’t know what was going on. I thought someone was playing a joke on me because it was a literal visible cloud.

SID: So you used to have like a Bible study. People would come over to your house.


SID: And when they came over, could any of them see this cloud?

SHAWN: Everyone saw the cloud, Sid. It was so thick that people would walk through the door and they would literally fall forward on their face. Now I’ve heard people fall backwards before, but I had never seen people fall on marble floor, no catcher, Sid, no courtesy drops, but literally fall forward on the floor under the power of God, and be down there for hours. I mean, oil would drip from my ceilings. Lumps would just dissolve off of people’s body and fall on the floor and we would have to sweep it up, Sid. Blind eyes open, deaf ears open, even resurrections took place.

SID: You know, when I first because a believer like you I didn’t have much of a paradigm on anything.


SID: But I read the New Testament and I thought that was normal. I was shocked.

SHAWN: Right.

SID: When things that were happening to you it wasn’t normal, it wasn’t happening to everyone else.

SHAWN: Yes. Right, right, right, exactly. Well Sid, this was the thing. I was a new believer, so I was asking the Lord, Lord give me some form of mentorship. So I began to look at television because I didn’t have really no pastor or anyone to kind of show me. So I began to watch your show. I had the manifestation, but I didn’t have the revelation. So when I began to watch the people on your show I began to even accelerate in the things of the Glory realm.

SID: You were called by God.


SID: To full time ministry.


SID: You were struggling, selling your rap music on the streets.

SHAWN: Yes. Yes I was.

SID: Making nothing and then God tells you to do what?

SHAWN: Well I was in front of a Walmart, Sid, and I was trying to pay my rent, and I only sold three dollars’ worth of CDs that day. So all of a sudden, I heard this voice that I now know is the Holy Spirit, and he said, “Go to the restroom.” So while I’m in the restroom I heard that same voice say, a guy walked in the door, he said, “I want you to pray for James.” So I walk up to the guy. This is a very awkward situation. We’re in a restroom and I said.

SID: That’s very awkward.

SHAWN: That’s very awkward, Sid. So all of a sudden I said, “I’m hearing the Lord saying I need, you need to pray for James.” He said, “James? I am James.” All of a sudden, Sid, I called out his mother’s name.

SID: Excuse me. When he said “I am James,” I bet you were more shocked than him.

SHAWN: Sid, I felt the oil in my dreadlocks. I’m telling you, that’s how glorious it was. It was very electrifying. So all of a sudden I called on his mother’s name. I began to tell him about his situation what’s going on with his fiancé. He fell on his knees right there in the restroom and he gave his life over to Jesus. So we both walked out the bathroom crying and hugging. I bet you that was more of an awkward situation to see two grown men come out of the bathroom crying.

SID: I would like you to pray for people, when we come back, that they have that same hunger for God that you have.


SID: You want that hunger, but you don’t have it. But you want it and that’s all God is looking for. I’ll have him pray for you when we come back.

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SID: Did you know that there is such wonder working power in the blood of Jesus, there is supernatural protection. Explain, Tommy.


TOMMY: There is supernatural protection. You remember the covenant and the blood covenant put the blood on the doorpost? They say we can do that today. We need to do that today. It should be done today as we go through our home pleading the blood of Jesus over the protection of our home, over the protection of our properties, over the protection of our business. God will do that. He would honor that. Not only is there salvation, healing and deliverance in the blood, but there is supernatural protection for you, your family, your business because of the blood of Jesus. And I pray that. I pray supernatural protection over the properties. Let me tell you want I’ve done. I’ve took oil and put it on the bottom of my shoes, my old work boots.


SID: So therefore, every place you put your foot, devil, you’re not, just like the blood at Passover, the Angel of Death couldn’t even go into the Jewish homes.


TOMMY: You’re not allowed into this property. The angel did not go into that property simply because of the blood. Same thing, put oil on your old work boots and walk your property line, and stomp your foot, and say, “Devil, you can’t come on this property.” But angels can come on this property. Sickness can’t come on this property, but healing can come on this property.


SID: I’ll tell you what, after this show, you know what I’m gonna do, Tommy. I’m going to put oil on my shoe and the blood of Jesus I’m going to apply, and I’m reminded what God said to Joshua: “Every place you put your foot I’m giving you…”


TOMMY: Amen.


SID: “ the promised land.” How about in the promises of God, every place you put your foot, the promises of God are going to be there. You tell me the devil hates Isaiah 53:5.


TOMMY: “By his stripes we are healed.” It says “are healed”, not should be, not could be, not might be, but healed by the blood of Jesus Christ, by the stripes. I did the 39 stripes for the 39 stripes Jesus took for us and every stripe for the healing power of Jesus Christ in our lives, and it’s part of our lives, should be part of our lives. We say, now you’ve tried this, we’ve tried this, we’ve gone here, we’ve done that, we’ve read that, we’ve done that. It’s time to plead the blood. It’s time to plead the blood. It’s got to get to that point in our lives that we go back to pleading the blood of Jesus and sing the old songs. There’s power in the blood, wonder-working power in the blood.


SID: The dead are raised by the blood of Jesus. Tell me just one, a woman in Peru. This is amazing.


TOMMY: Doing a trip into Peru in a stadium, had about 15,000 people there every night, praying for people, had 3000 saved in that trip into Iquitos, Peru, the jungle city of Peru, about 500,000 people live there deep in the jungle. So a lady had died about four p.m. that afternoon and, most of the time they would bury them the next morning or late that afternoon. But the husband of that lady and her son bring her to the meeting. Now I didn’t know she was there.


SID: Right.


TOMMY: I’m doing the preaching on the stage and so forth.


SID: They bring the corpse.


TOMMY: They bring the corpse on a cot, a homemade cot, and they lay her in the back of the room at the stadium. She’s in the stadium there. I had no idea. So they get there about six p.m. and she stays there until 10:30. At 10:30, I’m ending the prayer line where I’m praying for people and God is doing miracles. I like to call them popcorn miracles because they happen so fast, just like this, a miracle will happen. And they bring this lady to me and I say, “What’s wrong with this lady?” And the answer was, “She’s dead.” I said, “Sir, repeat that to me, please.” “She’s dead.” And I asked the daddy and the son, “Why would you bring your dead mother to me?” And they said this.


Man: So God can raise her up.


TOMMY: That’s the faith of the daddy and the faith of the son that God is going to raise their mama, God is going to raise my wife from the dead. I knelt beside her and began to pray. I anoint her, pray for her. I take authority over death. Now you can do that. You can absolutely take authority over death. I take authority over death in the name of Jesus, not in my name, but in the name of Jesus, take authority over death. I plead the blood of Jesus right now, and I blew in her face. Just blew in her face. And she opened eyes, and when she opened her eyes I just took her by her hand and raised her up. She sat up. And I said, “Well if you’re gonna sit up, just stand up.” And I’m telling you, we had church until midnight. God, I can take you to her home. I’ve had lunch with this lady in her home right now in Iquitos, Peru. We can go there and visit her. She’s alive today. Jesus is still raising the dead because we plead the blood.


SID: Jesus said, “You will do,” you, that’s why you’re watching. I want you to be healed. I want you to pray for the sick. It’s not the people on TV, it’s the people that have Jesus inside of themselves. You qualify if Jesus is your Messiah and Lord. When we come back, Tommy used a phrase, I understand it, “popcorn miracles”, meaning there will be so many miracles you can’t keep track, pop, pop, pop like the popcorn. I’m going to have him pray for you when we come back.

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