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SID: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. I have seen my guest Bill Johnson stand in front of a group of people and I have seen so many miracles erupt. But Bill has told me that the greatest revelation he has ever been given for miracles, for you to fulfill your destiny, he’s ready to reveal right now and I promise you if you grab hold of this it will be the most important revelation for all the promises of God in your life. You ready to grab hold? Well actually, this revelation is so simple I can say it in three words, but it’s not an intellectual thing. It’s a supernatural revelation and if you just get in your head that will be good, but not good enough to activate the promises of God, not good enough to fulfill your destiny. So Bill, we’re on the edge of our seats. What’s the revelation?

BILL: God is good.

SID: Have you ever heard [that] before? God is good. Why is this such an important revelation to you? I mean, you spent over two decades known as someone that moves in the miraculous. I mean, the miracles that happen is, I mean, it’s phenomenal. I mean, it’s normal according to the Bible, but it’s phenomenal according to most people.

BILL: What you know about God changes you. It defines your purpose. It defines your destiny. It shapes how you live. It shapes how you think most of all. Everything comes from your perspective on life. And the way you view God changes everything that you see about life itself on Planet Earth, what’s God’s assignment for our life. When we see he is good all revelation comes as an invitation for encounter. None of it is given to us just to make us smarter, just to increase our intellectual capacity. All of it is an invitation to encounter God in that area. So he says taste and see that the Lord is good. Taste is an experience. See is perception. You’ll perceive more clearly what you can experience and the Lord is inviting us to see and to taste, and to perceive his goodness on a whole different level.

SID: You actually, I mean, this is a strong statement, you call it the cornerstone of all theology. Why would you say that?

BILL: Yes, it is. Everything comes from the goodness of God. Everything about him, he is as good as he is Holy. His love, of course, he is love. But that goodness of God, I think is the root system that everything comes from. And when you see that, when that becomes settled in my heart then there are things that I used to question that would happen, that I no longer question because I see everything is defined by his goodness. It’s not, his goodness isn’t defined by circumstances. It’s the other way around. And just seeing that brings a rest to my heart so that I can trust him in all situations. The enemy’s whole thing is wanting me to become introspective. He wants me to be wrapped up in evaluating what I’m doing. And especially for those who have a great passion to know God, to live like Jesus, be like Jesus, it’s an easy trap to fall into because when I look inward, I’m not looking where faith will increase. I actually look where faith will diminish because I become more self-reliant than I am God-reliant. So the Lord longs for us to turn our attention towards him. It’s not that the issues of life that he’s dealing with aren’t important. They are, but he is dealing with them, not us. He is dealing with them and as we look to him we come into a place of rest, and faith comes out of rest, not striving. It’s not the result of works, it’s the result of surrender. And when that is our approach to our relationship with God, faith is much more normal and natural.

SID: You said something a little earlier. You said that God is good, and your heart is settled.

BILL: Yes.

SID: But we have many people that are questioning a lot of things. How can we get where you are and where I am? In fact, even more important, why is it so important to get there?

BILL: Well it’s vital because it changes who you are. It changes your perception on life. And if I mistake God’s nature I will mistake how I live. It’s the whole statement that’s made. Whatever you misdiagnose you will mistreat. And so you’ll always try to answer questions that people are asking. You’ll always try to solve problems [thinking] that really God is not working or he’s taking a different approach on, and so we become people who work extremely hard, but very, very ineffective, because everything comes out of the goodness of God. It’s a vital thing to perceive because it changes how we view, even things we don’t understand, it changes mystery. It changes loss. It changes the questions that we have. I have more questions than I’ve ever had. It’s not that my knowledge increases where I’ve got all these answers. It’s just I have the answers I need and the answer I need is that he is 100 percent always good and he is a perfect Father. Jesus came to reveal him as Father. The greatest revelation that Jesus brought to us is really unveiled to us constantly in the Gospel of John is that Jesus is a father and he’s a perfect father. He came to a planet of orphans to reveal the Father as Father. And once that becomes settled then I may not know the answer to this problem or this challenge, but I know I’m approaching God who is good, who has already worked on my behalf to bring out a right solution.

SID: You know what, Bill, if you knew the answer to everything that would make you God. And have you found out there’s a whole lot we don’t understand. That’s what makes us human.

BILL: Yes, that’s right.

SID: This word trust is such an important word. You were in Brazil speaking and you got a call no son ever wants to get. You have meetings and miracles are going on, and you get a phone call. What were you informed?

BILL: I got a call that my dad had had what we thought was going to be a minor procedure. When they opened him up they found that he had pancreatic cancer, which is one of the worst kinds of cancer you can have. I was there with my really dear friend Randy Clark, joining him.

SID: Now you have two great miracle ministries and your own dad calls, and he has an impossible situation. Just out of curiosity, what went through your mind when he said that to you?

BILL: It’s time for a miracle. It’s time for a miracle. So I got released from Randy to fly home immediately. I caught the next flight out and flew home, and then over the next several months spent many, many times ministering to him, praying for him, away from him as well in prayer, and just contending for that breakthrough, for that miracle.

SID: But you didn’t have a miracle.

BILL: No. No.

SID: So your dad died. What are your conclusions?

BILL: You know, I don’t ask God why on these things. I just know he didn’t cause the disease. I know he’s big enough to use any problem, so he can turn any situation around, for his glory. And it’s a win-win in this kind of a situation because my dad is a powerful man of God. He’s a believer. To go home with the Lord, to remain on earth with us, to help us, it’s a win-win situation. So that part is settled. As far as—

SID: How about the part of “God is good.” Is that really settled with you when your dad dies?

BILL: Yes, it is. The Lord wasn’t really speaking to me about that then. But I will admit I’ve had to learn more about the goodness of God since that loss than all the years previous. It was something he was already working on in me to show me, but it really exploded after that. When my dad died we gathered around his bed. He was there in our home. We had our entire family. I forget now, 20 to 30 members surrounded his bed, and we began to give God thanks. We began to honor him for his goodness. We began to give him praise because he is the one who heals the sick. He raises the dead. He does all these things. And we just lifted our praise because I wanted…I know that in Heaven I’ll never have a chance to give God an offering out of loss, out of pain, out of confusion. I’ll never have that context in which to give him an offering in Heaven. I only have a chance to give that to him now. So as a family, we grabbed our moment. We made a covenant to walk in the anointing that my dad carried, which is primarily as a worshiper, and we made a covenant as a family to carry that mantle, and then we just offered up an offering. It was a sacrifice, but we offered the sacrifice of praise for his goodness, and it unlocked something for me.

SID: I’m going to tell you what it would do for me. What it would do for me, I would go after cancer, I would go after heart trouble, I would go after diabetes with a vengeance.

BILL: Exactly. You either run away from it in reaction to your pain, to your loss, or you run after it. It’s like David picking up the stones and running at Goliath. Cancer has been the Goliath in the church, and we’ve got to pick up the stones and run at the problem instead of avoiding it. I agree.

SID: Did you see an increase in the miraculous?

BILL: Yes. It was not immediately, like the next week or two weeks. Because I believe there’s an important season of mourning. Mourning that’s wrong takes you to unbelief. Mourning that’s right brings you to a place of receiving comfort and healing, and that’s what we did. We just took a brief time to mourn until we felt that things were settled in our heart and then began to pursue. And yes, so we’ve been seeing that.

SID: You told me that your model is Jesus.


SID: What was, what did you learn from your model about healing, not necessarily with your dad, but what did Jesus model about healing?

BILL: Just in general, he healed everyone who came to him, number one, and he healed everyone the Father sent him to. He did not heal everyone who was sick, who was alive, because we know he healed the one man at the pool of Bethesda and there were many others around the pool. Tragically, our theology today tends to be built around what didn’t happen instead of what God did do. But Jesus healed everyone who came to him, healed everyone that the Father directed him to. That’s the only standard that I’m willing to follow.

SID: So will you lower your standard any because of what happened?

BILL: Well I can’t. I can’t. I may do horrible at my assignment, but I can’t change my assignment so that I feel good about myself. I have to accept the assignment God gave me, [which] is the standard that Jesus set. I have to embrace that. I can’t lower the standard of Scripture to my level of experience. I’m spending my lifetime trying to raise my level of experience to the standard of Scripture.

SID: How would you like me to turn Bill Johnson loose as payback time on what happened to his dad? Anyone interested? Be right back

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SID: I’m not going to say it. I’m not going to say there’s so much to say about the End Times hidden in the ancient Hebrew with the biblical feasts. But tell me the mysteries of the End Times.

JONATHAN: Okay. I’ll touch on a few. There’s a lot of them, but I’ll touch on just a few. One is we know in the End Times there will be a great falling away, and we know that. But the word in Greek is “apostasia.” Now it means falling away from the faith. But it doesn’t just mean that. What people don’t realize is the other meaning, which holds the whole mystery. The other meaning of apostasia is not just falling away from faith, but to fall away from the state of being. Now let me tell you what that means here. In other words, if a civilization falls away from faith in God, it falls away from the state of being, meaning man falls away from the state of manhood. Woman falls away from the state of womanhood. Family falls away from the state of family. Marriage falls away from the state of marriage. What we are witnessing is how the mystery is going to, there is no accident that we are witnessing this all around. It’s part of the mystery of the End Times. But at the same time I’ll say there is something in the mysteries called the chiasma. I won’t go into it except to [say] this. That is God will, the way he will finish the age is the way he began the age. What was in the beginning shall be at the end. That’s the way God does it. And so you have Israel in the world in the beginning, you have Israel in the world again. You got Jerusalem, you have Jerusalem back. You have Jewish believers in the beginning, you have Jewish believers again. What it’s saying, you have persecution in the beginning, you will have persecution again. But you have the Book of Acts in the beginning, you will have the Book of Acts at the end.

SID: So you’re saying to me, let me see if I’m hearing you right. You’re saying when you see men being called women, when you see the institution of marriage destroyed, when you see all of these apostasia, these things happening, there will be a great move of the Spirit of God equivalent to the outpouring of the Holy Spirit at the Book of Acts. Is that what I’m hearing you say?

JONATHAN: That is what you’re hearing, Sid.

SID: I thought so. Tell me about the mystery of the triangles.

JONATHAN: Okay. God is awesome

SID: How can you be filled with so many mysteries? That’s what I want to know. Look, I’m a Jew and the gentile believer is to provoke the Jew to jealousy. But this Jewish believer is provoking me to jealousy.

JONATHAN: Wait a minute, I don’t think that’s biblical, Sid. I don’t know if that’s biblical. God chooses the least likely. So here’s the thing.

SID: I volunteer.

JONATHAN: Think about the redemption. First of all, Passover, God brings redemption, how? He has them put the blood of the lamb on the beams of their doorpost. We know that. Where does he put them? On the top, on the side, on the other side. What does it form? It’s blood on the, blood of the lamb on beams. Put it together, it forms a triangle pointing up from man to God, a triangle. But here God is so awesome. Over a thousand years later God answers on the same day, Passover, on beams of wood he puts the blood of the lamb. Where? One here, one here, one here, a triangle from God to man. But here’s the other thing, God is so cosmic. What happens when you put it together? It forms a cosmic Star of David. Over the ages, thousands of years, only God could do that.

SID: Tell me the mysteries to change our lives.

JONATHAN: Oh there are so many. The Teacher in the mysteries takes the disciple to a mountain. He says, you got to get to the top of the mountain. You got to get to, there’s something on the top waiting. But he doesn’t know which path to go on. And so we say in our life, how do we know God’s will for my life. I go, right, left. So he takes one, he tries it, but he fails. He ends up at the bottom of the mountain. The Teachers says this, here’s the answer: We’re all heading to Jerusalem, a new Jerusalem. In order to go to Jerusalem you had to make Aliyah. You have to go up to Jerusalem, always. You can’t go down. You have to go up. Every born again believer is a spiritual Israelite. So that means we have to make a spiritual Aliyah. That means our life has to be an Aliyah. So what it means is this. Every time, every day you’re going to have a choice, every day, to go with the spirit or to go with the flesh. You’re to go upward or go downward. Go with love, go with selfishness, go with the sin or reject the sin. Every day, choose the higher step. Every day, choose the higher step and even if you don’t know which path to go on, you’re going to get to the mountaintop. You’re going to get to your destiny. You’re going to intersect with the destiny of God no matter what. You’re going to get to the exact spot in the center, exactly what God’s will. So you don’t always have to know exactly how or what, or which. If you always go upward, you will be guaranteed to find your destiny on top of the mountain.

SID: Tell me the mystery of the appointments of our days.

JONATHAN: Well we all know, we’ve read the scripture. This is another thing where it’s the deepening. In the English it says, “Teach us to number our days.” We all know that and it means that. But it means more than that. In Hebrew the word is “monat”. It doesn’t just mean teach us to number our days. It also means teach us to appoint our days, to ordain our days. In the Book of Jonah, you see it says, “God appointed a fish. He appointed a worm.” Well we are to appoint our days that are yet to come. We can ordain our days. It’s like your days, you’re not supposed to have your days come and whatever hits me, hits me and that’s it. You are to ordain, appoint, anoint your future, your day, the days of your life for victory, for God, for glory, for growing, for breakthrough. You have to appoint them. Teach us to appoint our days before they happen.

SID: I want you to tell me my favorite mystery and that is the mystery of cosmic love.

JONATHAN: Okay. Well here’s the thing. What is love? Love is when you join yourself to another. You put yourself in the place of another. You put yourself in their heart, in their shoes. You put yourself in their place. The Bible says God is love. So if God is love, what is going to be the greatest manifestation of love we could ever see or ever exist? That God himself would put himself in our place, in our shoes, in our cross, in our judgment. God would come down to us. What is love, is you join yourself and become so one that you can’t be separated. That is the mystery of really, of everything. And the word, you know, we talked about the mystery of the bride and groom. What is the word, in Hebrew the word for groom is “chatan”. What is chatan? God is the chatan. What does chatan mean? Chatan means the one who joins himself to you. We think, oh God, hear me, hear me, hear me. God is, we’re not the ones who came up with being saved. God wants to be one with us more than we do. God is the one who wants to join every part of him to every part of us. That’s why he joined himself to our sins. There’s no part of us that God would not join himself to. So the thing is to take every part of our life and let God become one with it, come down. He’s the chatan, we’re the bride. And you know, by the way, you know what the word “bride” means in Hebrew? Kallah. It means the perfect one. Why? Because what bride doesn’t look perfect in the eyes of the bridegroom? So God is saying, open up your heart, open up your life. Don’t hold anything from me. I’m the chatan. I’m your bridegroom. I will become one with everything. You’ll never be alone.

SID: Jonathan, would you, people have written in thousands of prayer requests for us to pray and they are believing God. I believe that as you blow the shofar you will cause the Satanic spirits of infirmity and financial problems, and marital problems, and fear to scatter. Then I want you to pray the Aaronic Benediction, the same one that Moshe Rabenu, Moses prayed over the Jewish people. And what does it say in the Torah God would do if he would pray this special prayer?

JONATHAN: “Place his name on them and bless them. Bless them.”

SID: Blow the shofar and then the Aaronic Blessing


JONATHAN: Amen. Now the blessing in the language of the Bible. God says, I will place my name upon you for all his children. [chanting in Hebrew].

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Sid:  My guest by way of telephone I’m speaking to him at his office in Amsterdam, Holland is Samuel Lee. Samuel formerly was a Muslim he was raised in a Middle East country which we cannot mention for security reasons. He literally as a young child saw a picture of Jesus hanging on the cross and fell in love with Him. Jesus kept coming through people… would come into his life and tell him things about Jesus but when he got into high school he not only got turned off to Jesus because he heard some lies about Him, but he also got turned off on his own faith. Because he got into communism and he became more atheistic. He moved to the west to save his life because he was involved in some pretty radical societies there. So his parents sold everything and moved to the west. Moved to the west and married a woman that was a Christian, this is not recommended but this woman heard from God to marry him. On their wedding night he’s tossing and turning, can’t sleep and a voice says to him… tell me what happens Samuel.

Samuel:  Yes what happened was this beautiful majestic voice told me, He called me by my name, He said “Here I am My son behind the door of your heart and I’m knocking. If you open the door I will come in, I will eat and I will drink with you.” I looked into the room and there is nobody in the room and my wife is sleeping. So I touched myself to check out whether I am really dreaming, or is this reality, or am I seeing a vision. What is going on? I even looked at my watch it was 3:00 in the morning. So I was awake and I knew what is going on in the room, but I was doubting so the voice repeated and He said exactly the same words that He said He stands behind the door of my heart and He’s knocking. If I open the door then He will come in and eat drink with me. Then I said “No this is the fact.” I asked Him I asked differently I said “Sir before you enter my heart what is Your name?” Then He said “My son don’t you know Me I am your Lord, King Jesus Christ and I have come to save you personally?” That was the end of the old Samuel and the beginning of the new Samuel changed.

Sid:  After He said that what happened to you and what in addition to that did He say?

Samuel:  Yes, what happened to me was I heard, I didn’t see the angels, but I heard in that little hotel room… I can say maybe thousands of angels were singing making music for God. It was a big party and I could hear their voice. The Lord Jesus spoke to me and He said “Go back and tell to the people of the world that He is alive and He is coming back.” That was the beginning, actually of the real ministry of Samuel Lee.

Sid:  Now did… the Lord was speaking to you in an unknown language, tell me about that.

Samuel:  Yes that was the speaking of tongues.

Sid:  He was speaking to you in tongues…

Samuel:  He was speaking to me in tongues it was a different language but I could understand what He was saying to me. The day when I woke up I myself was speaking in tongues that morning.

Sid:  What (laughing) did your wife think about this?

Samuel:  Well my wife, for one side she was you know happy, but from the other side it seemed she know about this, it seemed like she’s not surprised. From one side she’s happy and rejoicing, but it seemed liked thank God He answered my prayers.

Sid:  When Jesus spoke in unknown tongues to you…

Samuel:  Yes.

Sid:  …you understood every word.

Samuel:  Yes.

Sid:  Out of curiosity now when you speak in unknown tongues do you usually understand what you’re saying or not?

Samuel:  Not always, not always. There are times that I don’t understand what I am praying in tongues but there are times that the Lord gives interpretation either to me or to someone else when I’m ministering, but it is not all the time that I understand that tongue.

Sid:  Now tell about the time your mother in law called you on the telephone, you were tired, and she said she had someone that you had to minister to and you finally went there and what happened?

Samuel:  Yes when I entered the room I saw this lady sitting in the corner of the house and she won’t look into my eyes, she couldn’t look into my eyes. Then I was… then I went and I sit in the room and her husband very respected engineer, oil engineer. He was sitting there and then this woman start opposing everything I am saying, but her life was messed up. Her life was you know she was living in fear excuse me to say she couldn’t even go to the bathroom alone.

Sid:  Hmm.

Samuel:  She was so terrified in her life. She was like opposing every word I am saying. The Holy Spirit said “This woman does not need words she needs action. Just lay your hands on her things are going to happen.” Just like the Apostle Paul said “I don’t come to you only by words but I come to you with the manifestation of the power of the Holy Spirit.” So then I saw that this is not working talking too much to this lady. I just said “Let me pray for you.” Then I laid my hand on her head…

Sid:  Now how did her voice sound?

Samuel:  Really her voice it was a female voice talking but after when I laid my hands on her head she start to jump and her voice changed like a man’s voice. Then the man’s voice inside her told me “What do you want from me? Leave me alone.” Then I start to pray for hours and this devil would go out and come in. He was like saying to me “I’m going to kill this lady, I’m going to kill this lady. You cannot cast me out.” So I start to cast this devil and every time the voices were changing. Suddenly the voice of a child, the voice of a woman…

Sid:  Hmm.

Samuel:  …the voice of a man, and eventually the devil was cast out from her life. On that moment the Holy Spirit came on this woman and she start to fall on my knees and start to cry and cry. She start to pray in tongues, but believe me for one day we couldn’t stop her from praying in tongues. She couldn’t speak for one day the normal language. Every time she wanted to open her mouth she was speaking in tongues. She was so overjoyed and after that she could explain to me why she bowed before me she saw Jesus Christ in me. Therefore she didn’t bow before Samuel but she bowed before the one who was in Samuel. Since then she was healed never feared of going somewhere alone, to be lonely in a room, or going to bathroom alone her life was changed. I’m telling you right now there are people listening to this radio program and I know that God can touch them wherever they are. They may have the same problems of fear in their life and I believe that right now the Spirit of God is touching them giving them a new life because Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. The same Jesus, the same Yeshua, is able to change your life as you listen to this radio and take out that fear out of your life. I’m sure that He can do it for you.

Sid:  You know Samuel with all these experiences you still tried to not go into ministry and just do it kind of part time and do business, but what happened?

Samuel:  Yes I was doing business and I was also doing studies in the university and both of them went wrong, both of them went… the business actually collapsed and my grades in the university went down. Everything went wrong in my life and it was useless because there was this voice telling “I need you for My kingdom. I need you for My kingdom. Go preach the gospel.” But it’s like “No I don’t want to preach I want to be a rich man and I will support the church.”

Sid:  Hmm.

Samuel:  That’s what I want to do but that was not the will of God. Until one day I really go on my knees because I saw this huge problem. It was a calamity in the CNN I saw it happened somewhere I cannot remember it was big problems as usual in the world. Then when I saw that the Spirit of God came into my room, and in my heart of course this was not audible but it was in my heart. He said “Are you going to heaven with all your millions? Are you going to heaven with all your degrees you have? What do you want out of this life? Do you want to be just like all other people living in little boxes or do you want to be a solider do you want to be someone who will make a difference in this world?” Then I said “Lord I can’t bring all these things to heaven.” Then He said “Get on your knees and come with Me and join Me I will lead you and I will use you for My plans and My purpose.” That was the beginning.

Sid:  Is that how you got the title for your book “Soldier of the Cross?”

Samuel:  Yes “Soldier of the Cross” that is the title of my book. That God… you know brother God is not looking for Christians. You know God is not looking for people who call themselves Christians. Go Sunday in Sunday out they go there they hear the word of God and they do nothing about it. God is looking for disciples, God is looking for man and woman educated and uneducated who are willing to risk their lives, their finances, their homes, their beings for Jesus Christ and make a difference in other people’s lives.

Sid:  You know there is such an anointing on your book and of course it’s brand new it’s just literally off the press. But you got a phone before I started interviewing you today from a man from India that got ahold of your book “Soldier of the Cross.” What did he say to you?

Samuel:  Well I can tell you he was crying behind the phone. He was saying that this book anointed him and revived his soul and challenged him to be a real soldier of the cross. To live a life that is worthy of God, to live a life that would make a difference for the life of other people. I’m telling you he was crying behind the phone and actually accidentally he catch me on the phone and one of my workers give the phone to me and I was talking to him and he was crying and crying and he so was revived. He now has fresh power and new anointing to continue doing the work of God.

Sid:  Samuel we’re out of time.

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Sid:  Do you know what happens when a Jewish person from an Orthodox Jewish background, or a Muslim from a fundamental Muslim background turns to Jesus? We’re not lukewarm 21st century American variety but we’re red hot for Jesus. I have a former Muslim Samuel Lee, that’s not his born name. I’m speaking to him at his office in Amsterdam, Holland. Now Samuel Lee was born in the Middle East, we can’t mention the country for security reasons. On yesterday’s broadcast we found out that age 6 he saw an artist’s conception of Jesus hanging on the cross. He began… he got fascinated, then his parent’s put him in a Christian school and one of his schoolmates said that “Jesus even though He died He’s still alive.” He continued to be fascinated with this Jesus, but then things radically changed in his country and the Christian schools were shut down and he had to go to a Muslim school. He was told some untruths about Jesus. For instance, he was told Jesus really didn’t die on the cross. He was told actually that it was Judas who died on the cross and people thought it was Jesus. So his faith in Jesus was crushed and at the same time his faith in Islam was crushed. So he turned to things like communism and he got into radical groups. To save his life his parent’s moved from the Middle East to the west. What was your first impression of the west Samuel Lee when you saw it? It must have been so different than your country?

Samuel: Yes exactly. Well the west the first I saw is the people are taller than me and I’m the short Middle East boy. That was for me the first impression. Then…

Sid:  Now you thought you were pretty tall by Middle East standards.

Samuel:  Yes exactly. For the Middle East I thought I’m tall but as soon as I came to the west I saw that “Man I am short.”

Sid:  So you did not go out for a basketball team (laughing)?

Samuel:  No. In my country I was playing basketball for a while but not in the west.

Sid:  Okay what else did you see that was so different?

Samuel:  Well I saw also the freedom that the people have in a way. It is like people are dressing a little bit floozy and they are so free. I saw something really shock me I saw 2 men, and I’m talking about 2 boys they were kissing one another. I say “Good Lord where am I?”

Sid:  What would have happened in your country if that happened?

Samuel:  Can I say that?

Sid:  Please.

Samuel:  They will stone you.

Sid:  Really?

Samuel:  They will stone you.

Sid:  Hmm.

Samuel:  They dig a hole and they put you in that cover your head and stone you.

Sid:  Now when you came to the west you got a girlfriend and her name was Sarah and was a Christian. I’ll tell you something that intrigues me, in your book, and by the way Mishpochah his book is just off the press called “Soldier of the Cross.” You had quite an unusual experience at the post office. Tell me about that.

Samuel:  Yes when I was studying, so in the nights I was working in the post office. I was not a Christian at all, I mean at that time you know I didn’t believe in any religion and I had my own ideologies. There was this man working in the post office and he told me that… I asked him “What are you doing?” He said… he’s singing for the Lord. I said “Which lord are you talking about?” He said “Jesus.” I say “God again I’m hearing Jesus.” Then he looked at me…

Sid:  You just can’t get away from this Jesus can you?

Samuel:  I couldn’t. I mean I went everywhere to run away from this Jesus. From my childhood until that post office day, Jesus is still running behind me to catch me to save me.

Sid:  What did you say to the man after he told you about Jesus?

Samuel:  I’m not a believer. I said “I don’t want anything to do with this Jesus.” Then he told me that “You young man one day you will be working for the same Lord as I’m working for Him.” I was shocked and I said “I’m not even a believer how can I work for the Lord that I don’t believe in Him?” He said “I bet you’re going to see one day you’re are going to be working for the Lord.” Next day when I went to the post office I didn’t see the man again. I asked to my boss “Have you ever seen a man like this?” She said “Never.” So this is my question, was he an angel or not?

Sid:  I think he was, but then you had a very strange dream that troubled you tell me about that.

Samuel:   Yes I had this dream that I was dressed in a very beautiful suit and the sun was to my back. I was walking somewhere in the streets of Jerusalem. Then there was this beautiful lake, water, and outside this lake there was this old man behind old table with a lot of books was studying behind this table. Then this old man has white hair and long beard and he was studying. I saw the water, I saw the lake and something deep in my heart said “Jump into the water jump into the water.” I didn’t know what is this. I just with the my Samsonite bag and my suit I just jump into the water.

Sid:  This is all in the dream?  Go ahead.

Samuel:  All in the dream.

Sid:  Yes.

Samuel:  Then suddenly my foot touched a cup. I took that cup I took it from the water, it is in the water, and I look back you know the backside of the cup and I saw Jewish letter but I don’t read Jewish so I didn’t know what it means. So I went out and I show to the old man. This old man when he saw that he jumped from that chair and he started to kiss me. He said “All my life I was looking for this.” I said “What is it then?” He said “This is the cup of John the Baptist that he used to baptize people.” I don’t whether this is theologically correct or not but that is what he said to me in the dream. He said “All his life…” his turned white he was looking for this cup he didn’t find and I am there as a young man jumping in the water less than 5 minutes I found it, then I woke up.

Sid:  What did you think about this dream?

Samuel:  Well at that time I didn’t know what it means, really I didn’t know what it means.

Sid:  Today what did that dream mean?

Samuel:  Today it means something great. Today the Holy Spirit revealed to me what the meaning of that dream is. That old man represents the people who try to do the work of God by their own efforts and they turn old in that without reaching anything in their lives. Then me jumping into the water the Spirit says that water represents the Holy Spirit. I jumped into the water and then I took that cup, that means the ministry for Jesus Christ. Now this is my message for the people that are listening right now on the radio. It doesn’t matter how much theological degrees you have, it doesn’t matter how many things you have studied in your life, and how much knowledge you have. If you don’t jump in the river of God, if you don’t jump in the Holy Spirit of God you will approach nothing just manmade things and manmade projects. In order to be able to be used by God we must give ourselves to the Holy Spirit, Ruach Kodesh, the Holy Spirit. We must jump in the river of life and let that river of life use us for His glory. Then you’re going to see that the things that people achieve in let’s say 30 years you are going to be able to achieve it in 3 years. Because the Bible says “It is not by might, nor by power it is by My Spirit that He can do it” He is able to do it only by His Spirit.

Sid:  Samuel what you have just said if people will just take this to heart… I mean look what Jesus accomplished in 3 years. So much of 21st century Christianity is just manmade. Will God find one man or one woman that’ll jump in the river and be a human living sacrifice to do what God wants them to do? Well you ended up marrying a woman who was from Korea. Her name is Sarah and she was a real Christian why did she marry you? You weren’t a Christian.

Samuel:  Well actually when she saw me for the first time you know she was already born again Holy Spirit filled. There was this little voice in her heart who said to her “This man is your husband.” But at that time she thought I’m a Jewish man she didn’t think I come from a Muslim country. Actually that voice kept ringing in her ears that “This man is your husband.” Later on when she realized that I’m coming from a Muslim country still she stood on the word of the Holy Spirit who said to her “This man is your husband.” That is exactly for other people. It doesn’t matter what other people says or tell about you whatever the Holy Spirit says it is going to pass and that happened to my wife.

Sid:  Well I have to interject something though, a Christian should not date should not marry a non-Christian. However, you’re saying God knew something and that’s why He did that. But on your wedding night…

Samuel:  Yes.

Sid:  …you couldn’t sleep and all of a sudden you hear a man’s voice. What happened?

Samuel:  Yes well I was in Spain, to be exactly Costa Brava very beautiful place. I was in this hotel room laying in my bed. I was not sleeping I was awake I was thinking about my life “What am I going to do when I go back to my city? How my life is going to be?” My wife Sarah was sleeping as usual because she can sleep very sweetly, but for me I couldn’t sleep. Suddenly there was this voice in my room. I tell you I have never heard such a beautiful majestic voice in my whole life. It seems as if the whole room is a big, you know box that the voice comes out from it. Then the voice called me by my name, He knew my name. Then He said to me “I stand behind the door of your heart and I am knocking. If you open the door I will come in I will eat and drink with you.”

Sid:  We’re out of time.

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Sid:  I have a former Muslim on the telephone. I’m speaking to him at his office in Amsterdam, Holland. His name is Samuel Lee and the Islam faith, Muslims are in the news. Many Christians are confused on what does a Muslim really believe? Samuel we were talking earlier before we went on the air. Just very briefly tell me what a Muslim believes.

Samuel:  Well actually what a Muslim believes basically they believe in:

  • Allah that is the creator of heaven and earth
  • Prophet Muhammad that God or Allah sent to this world to bring the people to Allah bring people closer to Allah.

That is basically what they believe. Also the rules and regulations they call it Sharia that is the law concerning the Islam that they keep it. That is basically what Islam is.

Sid:  Okay, now let’s turn to the Middle East, let’s turn to the fundamental Muslims that have people like suicide bombers that believe when they die as a martyr they go to heaven. The average Muslim in America that is a practicing Muslim does he think the same way about dying as a martyr?

Samuel:  Well I don’t think so. I don’t believe like that because I believe that this type of Muslims they are brainwashed because I’ve never seen people think in that way unless they are brainwashed. That’s like in my own school when I was growing up in the Middle East some people they get brainwashed so much in Islam that they really did stupid things. But that is not exactly what normal society, normal Islamic society, is proclaiming to the people.

Sid:  Are many Muslims having experiences with Jesus?

Samuel:  A lot of Muslims they are having experiences with Jesus these days, especially these days.

Sid:  Now why do you that God is doing this right now because that’s what my friends from the Middle East tell me that many Muslims are coming to faith? Why is this happening right now, do you have any ideas?

Samuel:  Well I believe that we are approaching the end times. Also I believe the time is right now ready for Muslims to really know who Jesus Christ, or what they say Isa al-Mesih, that means Jesus the Messiah. Who He really is, He is going to reveal Himself to the Muslim people. First we have the communist movement, we have this communistic country that you know the war was closing them to the gospel. This is broken and now we have different strongholds is going to be broken. Many people are going to know who really Jesus is because in Muslim belief they believe Jesus Christ is a prophet, only a prophet just like the other prophets. But when Jesus Christ reveals Himself to the people they will realize that Jesus Christ is not only a prophet but He is God representing Himself here on earth, Immanuel with us. I believe that this is the right time for all humanity this is the right time. It is time that God is going to also reveal Himself to the people of Islam. It doesn’t matter when but I’m telling you I have experienced it with people that have who have met Christ in their dreams, or in visions, or in reality and their lives are changed.

Sid:  Let’s take you back to age 6. You were born in a Middle Eastern country, we won’t mention the name for security reasons. You just happened to see a picture of Jesus tell me about that.

Samuel:  Yes, well while my father was driving in a very busy market street, and you know in the Middle East they sell everything in the market. Fruits, t-shirts, and everything that you can imagine…

Sid:  I love those markets.

Samuel:  Yeah so there was this man selling posters because of the traffic my father was driving very slowly. I saw this picture of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. I can remember it was a bit blue coloring, something like that the main color was like blue color. I was seeing this man hanging from the cross at the age of 6. I was thinking “Why is this man hanging on the cross?” and I asked my father, “Father why? Who is this man?” My father said “He is Jesus He is the prophet from God and the people were mean to Him so therefore they crucified.” That was my very first experience with Jesus Christ that really captured my whole life. Even when as tourists, my parents you know they travelled to Europe and we went to these churches like Michael Angelo and these things. I was always letting them make pictures from the crucifixion of Jesus because it did something to me as a little boy.

Sid:  Now a year later your parents enrolled you in Christian school, why was that?

Samuel:  Well before the trouble came in our country and the war and the Sinai war also, our country somehow the Christians and Christianity was somehow a little bit open. So we had private schools and we had most of the private schools were Christian, Orthodox Christian, or how can I say Catholic Christian, Armenian Christian we had a lot of you know Christian schools, private schools. Those people who were a little bit highly privileged with money and income they sent their children to these Christian schools. Therefore my parents sent me to this Christian school that I remembered even the name of the school means light.

Sid:  So you had a Christian friend and your friend was you telling you a little bit more about Jesus, what did he tell you?

Samuel:  Yes I had this Christian friend I call him Benjamin. This friend he was explaining… because in the schoolyard there was this church, very old fashioned church like Orthodox Church. Once I was really curious and I went to look through the windows and I saw again this man hanging on the cross. So it really touched my mind and I asked this friend “Who is this man? Did you see that one that is inside that building that one that is hanging there? It’s a picture what is that?” Then he told me, Benjamin is his name, then he told that this man is Jesus Christ and he believe he says he, that means his family and his father they all believe in Jesus Christ. Then he told me that Jesus Christ that I see he is dead He is not dead according to his father what his father told him, He is not dead He is alive again and one day He will come back to the world and you know finish this work. That is what he explained to me as a little boy of 7 years.

Sid:  But things changed Samuel and there was a revolution in your country, and the Christian schools were put out and you found yourself in an Islamic high school. One day your teacher said something to you that just totally devastated you. At that time you were an ardent Muslim correct?

Samuel:  Yes I wanted to do my best even I was bragging to my family I was singing from the Quran and my grandmother she didn’t understand what I was saying but she just loved it. What happened was until that time I thought that Jesus Christ is you know He is alive and He is coming back. But the first thing that really damaged me was when I heard from my religion teacher that Jesus Christ didn’t die at all that Judas Iscariot actually died in His place. Because he looked like Him people thought Jesus was crucified. Afterwards when they saw Jesus they thought He was risen. That was one His theologies that He was teaching.  There were many different theologies they were teaching us at school that really damaged my life and I thought that my friend lied to me.

Sid:  So you faith was stolen your faith in Jesus Christ.

Samuel:  Yes it was stolen from me as a boy.

Sid:  What about your faith in Islam what was it like?

Samuel:  Then I started to you know read the stories about the prophets but in a funny version of that like Jacob, you know all these prophets Abraham?

Sid:  Yes and their version is very different than the Christian version or the Jewish version.

Samuel:  Very different really especially about Ishmael and all these things, it’s a little bit changed. Anyway I don’t go deep on that one, but what I wanted to say is that the teacher one day we had this reading Quran. I really did my best, I tried my best to read it very good and chant it. You know you have 2 ways of reading:

  • Reading normal
  • Chanting

Sid:  Sure I come from a Jewish background and we chant the Hebraic prayers.

Samuel:  Yes so I tried to chant and this man he socked me and he said “You are not chanting Quran you singing a pop music!” and he socked me. Then he…

Sid:  Did he really hurt you when he socked you?

Samuel:  He hurt me, really he hurt me. He hurt me, he hurt my feelings because I was singing from my heart I was singing it from the bottom of my heart. This man says “You are not singing, you are not chanting the Quran you are singing pop music!” He broke my heart and socked my grade and he said “You are not passed!”

Sid:  Well then you got into… I guess your faith in Islam was stolen too, and now you’re not really heavy into either. You get into communism but your parents were very worried about you and they decided to relocate to the west. Did they relocate just because of you?

Samuel:  Yes. They actually sold everything they had at that time.

Sid:  What were they afraid of?

Samuel:  They were afraid of because I was the kind of naughty boy especially concerning the politics. I start to hate any religion especially what is going on in my country in the name of Allah what they are doing. So what happened was I was involved in this communism thing, I was even reading “Das Kapital” but I didn’t understand what Karl Marx is speaking about. I just reading it because that is the age that age of people they reading these kind of things. Then I got involved even… I didn’t even write in my book I got involved in youth political groups that were really terrible.

Sid:  So in effect you parents were trying to save your life and they just sold everything, they moved to the west. We’re out of time we’ll pick up here tomorrow Mishpochah.

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