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SID: You know, here in America, if someone becomes a believer and they go into a good church, Art, the pastor will usually say, “Sit, sit,” year after year, after year. Is that really necessary?

ART: Hopefully, that’s not happening anywhere, but I know it does, but not necessary at all, no. Jesus was sending people out even before they were ready. Luke, Chapter 9, he sends out his 12, and before the chapter is even over, they’re arguing who’s the greatest. They’re proud of themselves for shutting someone else down and he’s like, no, whoever is not against is for us. They even wanted to call down fire on a Samaritan village that didn’t receive him. Like that’s murder, that’s wrong. But he, you would think he’s going to think—

SID: They should have been sitting for the next 20 years in the church.

ART: I know. But the next thing he does, Luke, chapter 10, he sends out 72 more. And in Luke, chapter 11, one of them asks, “Lord, teach us to pray.” You know, they’re not even confident in their prayer lives yet. So I tell people, don’t wait until you’re perfect to do the commission or you’ll never do it. Do the commission. Jesus will perfect you along the way.

SID: Okay. Kenya, 300 children. Tell me.

ART: Yeah. I was invited to this school.

SID: Were these kids perfect?

ART: No, they weren’t perfect. In fact, it was probably a good number of them were maybe Muslim. You know, this is a part of Kenya where that happens a lot. And so there’s 300 of them. I was invited to speak in this school. They were probably about third or fourth grade in American age group and I preached to them about Jesus. And at the end, I told them about people who I had seen in Uganda who were thrown out of their families for choosing to follow Jesus. I said, “I can’t promise you that if you choose to follow him that your whole life is going to be wonderful, but I can promise you that it’s worth it.” And I said, “If you want to receive this Jesus knowing what it could cost you, I want you to stand up now.” And as far as I could tell, all 300 of them stood up, and they walked through a prayer of salvation in their own language. And then I said, “You know Jesus says these signs will accompany those who believe. How would you like to see what Jesus can do through you now that you believe?” And I taught them very briefly about healing, three minutes maybe. And I said, “If you’ve got eye problems, ear problems, pain in your body, sickness, disease,” and I made the mistake of saying, “a bump, a scrape or a bruise,” because every kid stood up. Right? So I paired them off. I said, “Alright, just lay hands on each other and say, ‘Be healed in Jesus’ name’, we’ll see what happens.” They do it and some of them, I’ve got it on video, some of them are goofing off, some of them are taking it seriously. But it’s not these signs who will accompany those who believe if they don’t goof off, right, or if they’re old enough, or anything like that. At the end, I calmed them down. I said, “Now test it out. If you know you’re healed, pain is gone, you can see, you know, your skin is healed over, whatever it is, I want you to sit down. The rest of you stay standing. We’ll minister again.” Half the group sat down.

SID: Wow.

ART: And so they did it again. Half of that group sat down. Did it again. The rest sat down except one boy in the front row. And when I watched the video later, no one prayed for him a second or third time. So I said, “You, what’s your problem?” He said, “My eyes. I can’t read.” I put my hands on his eyes, “Eyes open in Jesus’ name”, opened the Bible. He smiled and started reading. Three hundred kids, all of them saved, all of them minister healing, five minutes later, I only touched one of them, so it’s not my fault. Jesus did the work.

SID: Okay. Jesus is doing the work right now. I want you to know this. Anyone with a wrist problem, if you’ll just move your wrist, if you have a problem with your hip, just stand up and walk a little bit. You’ll see you don’t have a problem with your hip. Art, would you pray.

ART: Absolutely. Jesus, I thank you for those watching this right now and I know that you have even touched some already as we were talking. And so right now, I just speak to everyone who’s there watching start to move something you couldn’t move before. Try to do something you couldn’t do. I think you’re healed already. But if you’re not, in Jesus’ name, right now I speak complete wholeness to your body. I’m specifically feeling right here just under my right shoulder blade, somebody’s got something going on there, maybe a rotator cuff going on. So just move your arm around, be completely healed in Jesus’ name.

SID: And you know what? I am hearing that someone’s elbow, I don’t know, it doesn’t matter what’s the matter. But if you’ll do what Art said, if you’ll start moving it, the pain will just vanish. You’ll see. I also believe that God is doing healing in teeth. I saw a gold tooth, someone is getting a gold tooth. One nugget that is going to really stick with us, tell me.

ART: Yeah. I would say minister with the authority that Jesus has given you. Don’t ask God to do something he told you to do. Most of the time, my whole life not seeing results, I was asking God to heal the person in front of me, when in Matthew 10:8, Jesus commanded his 12, “You heal the sick.” Everything he says is an invitation to partner with him and let him move through you to do what he’s commissioned you to do.

SID: Are you ready? I can tell you this. I want you to become like a little child. I want you to forget what lies behind and press forward to the high calling God has on your life. It’s not an accident you’ve been called to the Kingdom for such a time as this and it’s time for you to start laying hands on the sick and seeing them recover.


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Sid: I’ve been talking about the healing scriptures I call it the Healing Scriptures Experience Package. This was put together for me personally and then it was so beneficial I decided I wanted you to take advantage, and so is what I’m teaching on. I am teaching on after the past 40 years what where the 10 best ways I have heard to help people manifest their healing or pray for other people.

So I’m at point number 3 now “Practicing the Presence of God.” You have to talk about Brother Lawrence. Did you ever read that little booklet of his? He was a monk; you know what his job was at the monastery? Washing dishes. Do you know he was so joyful he loved cleaning and washing dishes, or doing anything. He was so fascinated with the presence of God. Guess what he was so fascinated that God was fascinated with him, and God was fascinated with him that God’s presence was all over him. People of high authority would come from the 4 corners of the area that he lived in just to be in his presence because… You know what? He didn’t have anything that you can’t have as a believer in the Messiah; that I can’t have as a believer in the Messiah.

Psalm 16:8 tells us about David, King David, he had this. Listen to what David wrote I mean I could ponder on this this whole session, then I may not get through all 10 points. It’s Psalm 16:8 in the Amplified and this is what David said I believe its instructions for us “I have set the Lord continually before me.” Now he didn’t say the Lord is continually before me, he said “I have set the Lord.” I can imagine he’s almost… “God I can’t see You but I am acknowledging You are right here at my side. I have set the Lord, not when I think about it, I have set the Lord continually before me.” You get it? Be so conscious of God that He is continually before me but when David said “I’ve set Him there” that means “I’m aware that He is continually before me. Because He is at my right hand (this is David speaking), I shall not be moved,” and that makes sense; if God is for you who can be against you.

Now in this presence of God in practicing the presence of God is a word called fellowship. I found this word in a very strange place. In the Hebrew in Isaiah 53:5, you’re familiar with it “By His stripes we are healed.” If you look up the word stripes in the Hebrew, do you know what one of the meanings of the word stripes is? Fellowship, “By His fellowship we are healed.”

You see how important… when you’re in His presence all things are possible. Your objective is to be more cognoscente that you are continuously in His presence. He is continuously at your right you are never alone “I will never leave you nor forsake you.” Are you beginning to get it? The light bulb going on?

Here’s your job description, I’m talking to myself every time I talk to you. You know what I’m doing? I got one finger pointing at you, one finger pointing at God, and 3 fingers pointing at myself when I do this. Here’s our job description, I want you to get so close to God that you will be enveloped in His glory and come to the point of coming to your senses. There is nothing this world offers that’ll trump being in God’s presence. Basking in His glory there’s no sporting event, no sexual event, no power event, nothing this world has to offer compared to being literally a cylinder of God’s light. That’s my goal I want that to be your goal also.

The 4th key I want you to meditate on the covenant promises of God. These are covenant promises this is God standing behind the word. Joshua 1:8 the Amplified says “This book of the law shall not depart out of your mouth.” Very important let it not… let not the opposite come out of your mouth. This law, the word law in the Hebrew has a little better meaning than the word law in the English, it’s instructions. “Let this book of instructions not depart out of your mouth but you shall meditate on it day and night that you may observe to do according to all that is written in it. For then you shall make your way prosperous, and then you shall deal wisely and then you shall have good success.” The Hebrew word meditate is different than what most people think. The word meditate in Hebrew is mumble or mutter God’s word out loud. That’s why I love the Healing Scriptures Book. That’s what you’re doing you’re personalizing it, this is the best way I know to meditate, your personalizing it, you’re saying it out loud, you’re saying the best translation from the viewpoint of getting your healing.

So Romans 10:17 says “Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God.” Faith comes from hearing and hearing, that’s why we have this CD here so you can hear and hear in the same order, the same translation, the same personalization with that beautiful anointed violin behind you.

You believe by meditating before you pray. You see you don’t get something by meditating you meditate till you believe it. It’s sort of like… well 2nd… not like it is, 2nd Corinthians chapter 4 verse 13 says “I believed (I believed first) therefore (Why therefore? It’s therefore because I believed) I believed therefore I spoke.” It’s like having an apple and cutting the apple in half. Here’s the 2 halves of the apple in the Amplified Mark 11:23 “Whoever says to this mountain ‘Be lifted up and thrown into the sea’ and does not doubt in his heart but believes that what he says will take place it will done for him.” So what are the 2 halves of the apple? One to say it, saying it isn’t enough that’s the first step. Meditating isn’t enough that’s the first step. But by saying or meditating you believe in your heart. So you first meditate to believe and then you speak the prayer. Now you have the 2 halves of the apple together, Mark 11:23 I just read.

Now have you ever heard this because it’s the truth? If you tell a lie long enough the mind is so… they used to think the mind didn’t change, they’re wrong. The latest scientific data disproves this, our mind can change. You see what you do is you form neural passageways in your mind. So if you believe a lie as a child and say it long enough you believe that’s you. Let’s suppose someone says “Oh you’re very,” you’re a male, “Oh you’re very femin,” you’re a feminit. Well you believe that lie, you believe it long enough and say it long enough a neural passageway, your brain changes. You have a neural passageway that says you’re a homosexual. Well what they’ve found is you can build new neural passageways the same way you did the first time with the lie, you take the truth. Now what is the highest truth in the world? The word of God “God You’re so brilliant.” You see what you’re doing, you’re farming new neural passageways where you believe with all of your heart, but the first step is to meditate to form those new neural passageways.

The book of Hebrews talks about the word of God. Hebrews 4:12 “The word of God is living.” Do you know the word of God is alive?

I went to a place called the CIA, you’ve all heard of the CIA, Culinary Institute of America (laughing). I knew I’d get you, but I really went there and there really is a place where they teach you to be chefs etcetera a regular college. I heard something, and I guess it’s because I don’t cook much. I heard something I never knew before. You know what leaven or yeast is and the Bible has a lot to say about leaven or yeast. I didn’t know this but yeast is alive, it’s a living organism. That’s why Jesus said His word is like leaven, or His word is like yeast. It’s alive and it’ll permeate the entire loaf and in the natural that’s what’s happened, and in the supernatural that’s what’s happening to you. It’s permeating your whole body it’s alive. The word of God is living – Hebrews 4:12.

Luke 13 verse 20 and 21 Jesus said “To what shall I liken the kingdom of God? It is like leaven or yeast which a woman took and hid in 3 measures a meal till it was all leavened.”

Let me give you the best example I know of this. As you know I come from an Orthodox Jewish background. The rabbis are very unhappy when I say both my mother and my father were Jewish, I say were because they are in heaven right now. So my mother to protect me after I became an outspoken believer in Jesus, and had a bad relationship with my dad over that for obvious reasons. I would go around when I would speak for groups and I would say “Pray for father I believe he’s going to be a believer.” I don’t know how it happened but then I started saying “My father will be a believer.” I so believed that one day I said it my mother before he was a believer. I said “Dad is going to be a believer.” My mother said “No don’t say that!” She was saying that to protect me she was good Jewish mother she knew he’d never be a believer, but it was too late I already had that engrained in my head I had a neural passageway and in my heart. I knew he would be a believer and guess what? On his deathbed he said with his own mouth “I make Jesus my Messiah and Lord.” He would have never said that if that leaven hadn’t go the word of God, the living word, the yeast hadn’t gone through every fiber of my being. You could not talk me out of the fact that my father was going to be a believer. You can’t talk me out of the fact that every man is a liar and God’s word is true.

I’m telling you people are being healed right now there are blockages in your breathing, you’re being healed now. Backs are being healed, spines, necks. I’m telling you almost every pain you have in your body, every pain you have in your body anything you need it’s yours right now.

Didn’t I tell you this was going to be the best shoot ever (laughing)?

Okay the 5th, oi vey I don’t know how I’m going to do this I’ve got 10 of them for you and I could have even kept going. Would you like to know the secret to Billy Graham’s success? I mean you go anywhere in the world and you know you say evangelist they say Billy Graham. Well I found the secret because I live in Charlotte, North Carolina and I went to the Billy Graham Museum and I saw the secret there. The secret, and let me… in his own words. Billy said I quote “I had some young theologian friends who were expressing their doubts about the authority of the Bible. I began wondering if the Bible could be trusted completely. I began to study the subject intensely. I walked out in the moonlight, my heart heavy I was so burdened I dropped to my knees and opened my Bible on a tree stump. If the issue were not settled soon I knew I could not go on. ‘This is Billy Graham speaking Oh God’ I prayed, ‘there are many things in this book I do not understand but God I’m going to accept this book as your word by faith. I’m going to allow my faith to go beyond my intellect and believe that this is your inspired word.’ From that moment on I have never doubted God’s word. When I quote the Bible I believer I’m quoting the very word of God and there’s an extra power in it.” Another man said it this way “God said it, I believe it, that settles it.”

You know what when Billy Graham pulled that switch, that’s what he did, he said “I’m going to believe God’s word no matter… I remember the day I pulled that switch. Brand new believer, I was just rescued from the New Age, I just was rescued by an encounter with Jesus, I went walking in the woods one in a park and the church had a bizarre, a book bizarre. They had a bunch of books piled up and so I went to the book table and thought “Maybe I’ll find something good.” I pull a book from the very bottom “100 Reasons Why Jesus is Not the Messiah.” It was too late I already knew He was the Messiah I just tossed it.

When Billy Graham pulled that switch let every man be a liar but God’s word is true. I want you to pull that switch right now. Let every man be a liar but God’s word is true.

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SID: You know, here in the West, we don’t understand an Eastern covenant. Why is it we’re so ignorant on eastern covenants?

CRAIG: You know, Sid, people in the east understand covenant in a totally different way than most of us that live in a western nation. And the reason that is, is they, it’s been in a culture and experience. Here’s what a covenant is. A covenant is the most solemn agreement known to man only broken by death. Death is the only thing that breaks a covenant. So in an eastern thinker’s mind, if I give you my word in covenant, there is a 100 percent chance that I will fulfill it, because I would rather die than break my word. In the West, that concept of covenant has been exchanged for a totally different concept of contract. Now sometimes we use the word “covenant”, but what we actually mean is a bilateral, totally conditional contract, meaning a contract is this. If you give me your word and I give you my word, it’s totally dependent upon the performance of each person. If you do what you said, I will do what I said. But if you break your word and you don’t do what you said or you’re unfaithful to me, or you betray me, or you hurt me, or you turn against me, or you cheat me, I’m totally justified to terminate relationship with you and get rid of you. I don’t have to relate to you anymore. Or if I agree to sell you something, if you don’t give me the money, I don’t have to give you the thing. That’s a contract. A covenant, on the other hand, the best word, and we see this word used all the time in the Bible, is “promise”. If I make you a promise and I say, “Sid, I will do this for you” or “I will give you this”, that is not dependent on anything you do or do not do. That’s 100 percent dependent on my integrity to keep my word, and that’s what a covenant is.

SID: Okay. I understand what you’re saying right now about covenant.

CRAIG: Yeah.

SID: But what about someone, because it’s all dependent on God, not dependent on our works, etc.

CRAIG: Yeah.

SID: What about someone that is living in unrepentant sin? Is God obligated to honor his covenant?

CRAIG: So here’s what we find. God will always be toward you. God will never turn his back on you. He said in Hebrews 13:5, “I will never leave you nor forsake you.” That’s what Jesus said. So he’s always faced toward you. But then we read in Hebrews, Chapter 10, Verse 26, it says there, “If you continue sinning willfully,” in other words, you just willfully sin and sin, and sin, and sin, what you have actually done is you died spiritually. You kill the seed of the spirit of God in your own spirit, and it uses some very strong language. It says, “When you do that, what you actually do is trample underfoot the Son of God, defile the blood by which you were sanctified and insult the spirit of” what? The spirit of grace.

SID: That’s pretty interesting.


SID: The spirit of grace when you willfully continue sinning. What about that threshold where someone—explain that.

CRAIG: That is such a powerful concept. In the East, there is a very powerful concept that when a man invites another man to come into his home as a guest, he pours out blood right at the door, at the threshold.

SID: That’s really what happened at Passover.

CRAIG: That’s exactly what happened at Passover, what God told them to do. It was a common eastern custom. And when a guest comes and he sees that blood poured out, he knows he’s invited to enter into covenant. When he steps across the threshold, then the host says, “I will protect you with my life. All I have is yours. All I am is yours. You’re like family to me. I will protect you with all I have.” But if that guest comes and steps on the threshold, steps in the blood, what he’s saying to that host is, “I reject your offer to protect me. I reject your offer of covenant. I spit in your face and I die to you, and you are my enemy.” If you do that, you better have brought your army, because that host will slay you on the spot. That’s the very imagery that’s being used.

SID: And we don’t know that imagery that’s written in the Bible. But once you comprehend that imagery, you then can be confident in your relationship with the living God. There doesn’t have to be, like my grandmother used to always say, “God works in such mysterious ways.”

CRAIG: No he doesn’t. God works exactly according to his Word. But let me say one other thing that’s critical. There could be somebody watching right now that says, oh my, I think I’ve done that. I think, I might have committed that unpardonable sin, or I might be the one that’s trampled underfoot the blood. You know how you could know? You know you know if you’re that person? Very simple. Hebrews, Chapter 6 says this: “That person who has done that is impossible to restore again to repentance.” What that means is if you’re repentant and you say, God, I want to change, I want you to heal my life, I want you to set me free, I’m in bondage, God is there for you. He will heal you. You’re not the person who’s done that. The person who has cut themselves off from God and died spiritually is the one that doesn’t want to know God, doesn’t want to have anything to do with God. If you’re even watching us today, that’s not you. You can know that God is for you if you repent today and say, cry out to the Lord and say, “God, help me,” he will be there for you, save you, heal you and bless you.

SID: And you will have experiential knowledge with the living God. This is eternal life that you might have experiential knowledge of him. Make Jesus your Lord. And if you’re a little back-slidden, no such thing as a little, get rid of that little. Confess your sins. Behold…

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Gene Mullenax

Sid: My guest by way of telephone is Gene Mullenax. I’m speaking to him at his home in North Little Rock, Arkansas, and I love creative miracles. I mean the more outrageous the more I love it. This Friday night begins Chanukah, the Feast of Dedication, the feast of a great miracle that happened in Israel. I want you to find out about a miracle that happened right here in the United States. You see in the 1950’s your lungs started hemorrhaging. What brought that on Gene?

Gene: Well the doctors said “It was like a wart on the tree,” just a dead portion of my lung. The more I worked and the harder I worked I kept tearing the tissues of that lung. It got to where it would hemorrhage every time I would cough or pickup my baby or something I would start hemorrhaging.

Sid: Well you were just newly married, and a new father… I mean that’s a horrible thing to happen to you. What did the doctor say?

Gene: Well the doctor said, at first they took me off of my job where I was a sheet metal worker. I was working right here in the North Little Rock area on a big building. They took me off of the building and went to the doctor to see where the blood was coming from. He x-rayed me and said I have a 2½ inch hole in my right lung, it must be tuberculosis, that was back in ’54. So they sent me to Booneville to a TB sanitarium and I stayed there 6 weeks. They proved it wasn’t tuberculosis. So they sent me back to Little Rock and the lung doctor was Harvey Shipp, he was the best in the state at that time. He said “The only thing I know to do is cut in there to see where hemorrhaging is coming from.” That’s when I woke up to all my ribs being cut through and my right lung being removed.”

Sid: You mean you didn’t know this was going to happen?

Gene: No he said “We’re going to cut a little window in there and see where the hemorrhaging is coming from.” He cut me from the back of my neck all the way down through every rib I had all the way over back to my tummy and jacked me open to get in there to work on me. The other doctor that was his assistant said “I had your heart in my hand for over 5 hours massaging it to keep you alive.” Of course that scared me almost to death because I didn’t know what all was going on. They do it a little different now but it still hurts.

Sid: Well if I understand this correctly they totally removed your right lung and 3 of your ribs?

Gene: Right.

Sid: And they left you a souvenir a real ugly hole in your back.

Gene: A huge whole, there’s a 2 inch tube that went into my back to keep the secretion and the blood, what have you coming out, and there was a pump on me. Every time that pump would come on I’d scream, and that was about every 2½ – 3 minutes.

Sid: It seems to me that that type of surgery especially back then was very life threatening.

Gene: It is very life threatening I didn’t have a 50/50 chance to make it. It was just by the grace of God that I did make it because I had worn myself down till I weighed 117 pounds. Of course came out of the hospital that way and my right shoulder would drop down for lack of support.

Sid: Well after this drastic surgery Gene, were you able to work after recovery? How long did it take you to recover, if you even did?

Gene: Well it took me almost 3 years and I still wasn’t recovered. I’d go to the shop, the boss I had would let me work about whatever hours I could work 1, 2, or 3, or whatever, then I’d come home. This went on for some 3 years or better, and some days I wouldn’t even make it to work. I’d start then I’d be so weak I couldn’t work, I couldn’t get to work. This is the condition that I was when I went under the tent.

Sid: In other words, you weren’t really able to work a full job. You heard about a healing meeting, a tent evangelist. What did you think of this guy?

Gene: Well I didn’t know anything about religion, I didn’t know anything about healing, I thought it was a circus Sid. When I came home I came home a new way that evening just giving up. I’d been to the doctor and he’d give me a good fussing and told me to “Go home and quit bothering everybody that I wasn’t going to be able to work.” Of course I had a young family to make a living for and I felt like I had to. Anyway I came home a new way, I saw the circus tent which I thought was a circus it was a huge tent, it seated over 10,000 people. I went to sit off to the side and went in there because I thought it was a circus. Seven days later I fully found out that it was a religious meeting, but I kept going back to that…

Sid: Weren’t people talking about it that there was something phony about it?

Gene: Oh yeah they was… first thing I did was called my wife’s pastor. I thought he’d be excited about what was going on and when I called him he discouraged me from even going. Then there was other people they told me that they had the stage wired, and other people told me that when you went up on the stage the reason they reacted the way they did they poured something on you to make you act that way.

Sid: Make you act what way?

Gene: Well there were people jerking, and hollering, and of course he’s praying for people and everybody I went to see to be prayed for they were healed on the inside. I wanted to see something on the outside.

Sid: So in other words you weren’t so sure that it was true. They just said “Well I was healed” but you didn’t see anything that was convincing.

Gene: I didn’t see any evidence of it. Not knowing anything at all about religion or healing, or anything like that you can imagine what shape I’m in I couldn’t get anyone to go with me. Everybody was afraid of him or…

Sid: Even your wife didn’t want to go?

Gene: No she couldn’t go.

Sid: Now back then this was a guy by the name of A.A. Allen. You knew nothing about him but there was people who said they had miracles, but you thought the whole thing was phony. So why did you even go if you thought the whole thing was phony?

Gene: It kept call me Sid, it was like a magnet. After I’d get home I’d be so weak I could barely make it in the door, and I’d get home and it wouldn’t be 30 minutes till I would want to get up and go back up and see what was going on.

Sid: Now back then they used to… they had so many people that would go for a healing they used to pass out numbers. So you finally worked up enough courage and you got in line to get a number and you had a chance to talk to him. What did he say to you?

Gene: You know what gave me the courage to go to the tent?

Sid: What’s that?

Gene: It was the very last night, it was the last afternoon of the tent. That night was the last meeting I either had to put up or shut up. So I went out of pure curiosity as well as a necessity.

Sid: Tell me what happened.

Gene: Well I was standing in the line at the 2:30 in the afternoon meeting, I was standing with a bunch of other people. As Allen guy would come by and talk to each one of them just a minute and he would fill out a card on them, he’d give them a card to take home with them. He came to me and he gave me a pink card and that made me mad because I thought I ought to get a white one like everybody else was getting.

Sid: Why did he give you a pink card?

Gene: Pink cards was desperation, hm.

Sid: Huh!

Gene: He was only going to pray for those cards that night. I got one of them by the grace of the Lord.

Sid: When he gave you the pink card did he say anything?

Gene: Yeah he asked me… first of all he asked me what church I went to and I told him I was a Nazarene because my mother-in-law was a Nazarene I figured that ought to do for her, she was a real nice person. So I told him I was Nazarene and he said “What’s wrong with you?” So I unbuttoned my shirt right there in the meeting and opened my shirt up so that he could see the bright red scar, my right lung was gone, 3 ribs was gone, huge whole in my back, my shoulder would drop down and I weighed 117 pounds, and I said “I want every bit of that back.”  I thought it was coming from him and I said “I want it all put back in.”

Sid: What did he say?

Gene: He said “Do you believe God would do that?” I said “I certainly do, don’t you?” I still thought it was coming from him (chuckling).  I didn’t like him at all.

Sid: Now I don’t understand why you even went to him if you thought it was all phony.

Gene: I’ll tell you the truth I was gone like a magnet. It was the most amazing thing, it was the Spirit of God I know now but I didn’t know it then.

Sid: Okay hold that thought we’re going to pick up right here on tomorrow’s broadcast.

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Sid: Well I have a young man Larry Sparks on the telephone that he is just finishing up on his Masters Degree and the subject he’s getting it in anyone would like this. How in the world do you get a Masters in studying revival Larry? (Laughing)

Larry: Well I started my program and it was one of those things where I began with a Master of Divinity and Practical Theology. And over time it was one of those things where different concentrations came up.  I had the opportunity to go with different things and one of the things that was available was church history particularly revival history. So it’s been really exciting to do that. And I’m just every time I go to class you know some people call seminary cemetery but the Lord’s really used it to ignite my faith exposing me to all of these stories of what’s God’s done.

Sid: Well Larry we’re talking today about your brand new book “Breakthrough Faith.” If there has ever been a time that people need a breakthrough that time is now! Before we even get into the keys for breakthrough I want to take you back right at you were saved at 16 and you started going to a church that was known for worship, but something happened to you that has literally changed the whole direction of your life. You had an experience; a man with an experience with God is dangerous to the devil. What happened to you?

Larry: Well it’s very interesting because and I want to encourage all of the listeners right now that for something to be supernatural it doesn’t need to be spectacular it can be very subtle and that’s what happened to me.  I was on a quest to know God, I was looking at different churches it just came out of the blue it is the Lord just awakening this inside of me.  I’d got a lot of information about God but information and revelation are two different things. You can have information about somebody but never be intimate with them. And so I got information I went to Christian school but at 16 years old I got my driver’s license, I heard about this local church that had something called Contemporary Praise and Worship which I had no idea I was just used to organs and maybe just kind of the old style of music in a church. I went and the message was good but the music was a little strange people were lifting their hands and clapping and it was bazaar to me but one night it was July of 1999 in that church I was standing there in the midst of worship very suddenly but very powerfully I felt like a heat in my chest and then kind of a electricity in my fingers. This was not stuff I was imagining it was a physical thing again I didn’t fall over I didn’t have anything like that happen but it was so deep and so profound I knew it was God, I knew He was real, and the amazing thing Sid is I’m still living out of that one encounter. Again it was so subtle I still live out of that because it was so wow this God who’s out there, this God who’s real more of Him to be experienced.

Sid: You know if you ever read the Wuest translation of the Bible?

Larry: No.

Sid: It’s a fabulous one and John 17:3 says “This is eternal life namely that they might be having experiential knowledge of You.”  And to me that’s the missing ingredient of 21st century Christianity. And yes you need to word, yes you need to be born from above but a man with an experience is as I said is dangerous to the devil.  So you found yourself going to a church that was in what is called Word of Faith teaching. Now as you and I have discussed before this broadcast I started under a man by the name of Kenneth Hagen I didn’t go to his school and I read all of his literature and I got to know him personally. I found that short of someone that operates in the glory realm or in miracles say a Bill Johnson.

Larry: Yes.

Sid: That if someone is struggling with healing that is the single best teaching that I know, and so this is how I grew up. But then the same thing that happened to you happened to me and that is people took the pure Word of Faith message in having to do with healing but then opened it up to other arenas like finances and then went overboard way beyond the people like Kenneth Hagen took it. What was your experience in this word of faith church?

Larry: Well first off it’s funny Sid because people will ask me you know reading my book or just knowing me in the past they’ll say “Are you one of the those faith people?” And I just find that such a funny thing it’s like what’s the opposite “Do you want me to be a doubt person?” You know it’s just like the reality is the word of faith movement from what I’ve studied and what I understand. It was actually been born out of a Biblical principal and that is just stand on the word of God, confess the word. In fact I was thinking about this Sid yesterday just as we’d been talking about it you know what Lord “The word of faith movement has actually made a huge contribution to the Body of Christ because in so many spheres and so much Bible knowledge, but Word of Faith particularly under the influence of Brother Hagen really encouraged us to put the word to work and actually speak it out and actually just sitting there and reading it which is good but he really invited us that movement really encourage us to put it into action. So I was at a Word of Faith church and so I got a lot of good principals was exposed the believers authority the power in the name of Jesus. Oh gosh another great one was “God’s Creative Power” by Charles Capps but what ended up happening is that we were there 7 years this was not the church I had the encounter with God at by the way this was a different church. And the church where I had the encounter really throughout the years to this very day places an emphasis on the presence. The word of faith church had a lot of principals but the presence of God was not their pursuit it was basically putting good principals into formulas to getting what you wanted from God. I remember there was a teaching series “How to get what you want and need and desire from God.” And the reality is God wants to meet your need I want to encourage the listeners God wants to meet your needs.  He wants to actually fulfill the desires of your heart He wants to do those things the problem is God is not a formula; He’s not like Santa Claus, He is our best friend.  The Holy Spirit is our best friend; we love Jesus because of who He is. And in the book I really place an emphasis on the knowledge God intimately knowing God because when we divorce  intimacy with God, the presence of God from good Biblical principals again we turn God a person God the person into a formula and that’s what we found, that’s what we saw after 7 years of being in that movement. And you know that I would say is the imbalance of the Word of Faith.

Sid: I agree totally with that but you also found some sort of when they went way much further than people like Hagen in having to do with finances.

Larry: Yes, yes I mean the entire message it was funny the tithe messages asked the church, not just this particular church but these particular churches would be like an hour long sometimes, no exaggeration.  It doesn’t mean that always bad but it’s just the emphasis when the bent of the emphasis is that church, when the culture of that church is all about using God just to get money and wealth and stuff and using those principals with plug in to the God formula and okay I’m going to plug in my confession because I just want to get what I need from God that just rubbed us the wrong way.  What happened with me, and this is what sort of created tension with me and the church, I and some others in the church we looked outside of that particular teaching for people that were teaching about the presence of God, about intimacy with God. And people out there like John Bevier there were people that I knew at the time who were encouraging people to draw near to God.

Sid: Now just out of curiosity did you find yourself because of the legalistic approach coming under condemnation?

Larry: Yeah, yes I found myself in that position and other people did because it got so crazy and sometimes where as if you said something for example if you said “You know what I’m having a pretty bad day today or wow man my back hurts” if you say that people would actually say “Don’t say that you’re going to curse your life.” Now again there’s a balance again they’re saying “I’m having a bad day and they’re saying that my back hurts but then they’re saying you know what I’m going to die at age 50.” And actually believing that and confessing that and pronouncing that and confessing that over your life I believe you can I mean Biblically you can curse your life when you actually agree with the report of the devil.” But man that was the legalism…

Sid: But then because of where they were at and because of your hunger for intimacy with God you went from one extreme to another extreme.

Larry: (Laughing)

Sid: Tell me what happened.

Larry: Well when we left that particular church after being there 7 years, I was there about 7 years. I wanted to run away from all of that I wanted to throw the baby out with the bathwater.  Which by the way you know one thing I believe the Lord wants to do Sid as we’re talking just as He is in me I believe that He wants to heal our sins in our hearts because it’s easy to get offended by that stuff it is. It’s easy to get offended in situation where maybe you or a loved one were praying for healing or praying for a breakthrough and somebody said something real bad to you like “Wow you didn’t get healed you didn’t have enough faith or you didn’t make the right confession.” I believe Sid even as we’re talking about this the Holy Spirit is touching people and just bringing restoration and healing to ascend.  He’s actually causing them to remember these things just simply repent for them and I believe the Lord wants to bring a Biblical balance to this and help people to walk in breakthrough. Because Sid the opposite I think, it was even I don’t know if it was just as bad or might have been worst, is that I ran away from all of that stuff almost running away from the Charismatic movement entirely I couldn’t.   I couldn’t run away from the presence because I had been so profoundly impacted. So I was running away from the word of faith stuff anytime I heard anybody talk about it use any of that language there was a great offense or anger in my heart. And then what happened is we found ourselves in churches that basically they had faith for when you got to heaven you know “Well if God sovereignty wants to heal you maybe or if He sovereignty wants to move now that’s great but we’re holding out for heaven one day we’ll believe that we’ll be healed and whole and everything and all of our problems will be solved when we get to heaven one day.” But there was not a lot of hope for right now for today. We were in that for a couple of years and it was the exact opposite and what we noticed is I believed that a lot of people in that culture end up needlessly dealing with the devil.  I mean needlessly walking in sickness and defeat and just being condemned and overwhelmed. So yeah that was the other opposite it was great theological teaching that we go about the cross and I am grateful yeah forever grateful, but when it came to walking in faith for now for now to see victory now it was quite the opposite.

Sid: And today when you prayed out to God and you said “Okay I feel like a billiard ball I mean I’m going this direction and I’m going that direction. You prayed to God “What is the truth.”

Larry: Yeah.

Sid: What did God begin to reveal to you?

Larry: Well you know what happened He immediately brought me to the word, and I would encourage the listeners that’s the best place to go because I was just doing for…I was doing a study of healing throughout the New Testament throughout the gospels just different healing stories. And I got to one and I read it and heard it before and heard message about it but man it really ignited something inside of me tenacity. And it was Mark chapter 2 where you have these 4 men who carry their paralyzed friend I mean the guy is completely paralyzed paraplegic cannot move they’re carrying him on a stretcher they bring him to Jesus they want to bring him to Jesus. But what happened is they get to the house where Jesus is and they can’t get in they can’t get in because of the crowd there’s this obstacle there’s opposition and my fear is that today that would happen and what would happen as a result of that we have a need, we bring it to Jesus we experience opposition and because there is an obstacle and we don’t immediately see a breakthrough the sad thing is a lot of people actually change theology about God because of what they don’t see. They bring their need to God, they pray, they cry out and they don’t immediately see something happen so they conclude “Well I guess God doesn’t heal, I guess God doesn’t want to do this and well we’ll just let God’s sovereign will be the sovereign will whatever happens happens.” I’d be okay if these 4 guys ended up making a different decision turning around going home and concluding to themselves “You know what I guess it’s not God’s will to heal our friend today.”But they did not do that and that just got inside of me Sid I saw what they did they were tenacious they were relentless they actually carried the parallelized up to the roof broke the ceiling, lowered him down to Jesus. And Jesus was not upset about this I think about this “What if this happened in churches today?” And “We don’t even want to think about this oh the service is being interrupted all of this is being is going on.” But if anybody, if anybody should not have been interrupted it should have been Jesus but Jesus did not get upset, He did not get bothered. He said “He saw their faith” and He said “Son your sins are forgiven.” And then as a result he healed the man, but we know what happened to know the outcome but what got me was the audacious relentless attitude of these 4 friends they did not accept the obstacle instead the obstacle caused them to press into God a little further and as a result they got their breakthrough.  I’m wondering today for those of you guys that are listening to us if maybe your breakthrough I’m believing that maybe your breakthrough might just be on the other side of perseverance.  And I’m praying that the Spirit of God would just give you a supernatural fresh anointing of perseverance and strength to contend for your breakthrough.

Sid:  I believe people and that is so key people quit just before the victory. But let’s face it we do have an adversary. For instance I…you know what gets me so upset Larry is when believers real believers say “Well everything that happens to me in my life is God’s will.” What would you say?

Larry: I would say “You know what look at Mark Chapter 2 that’s just one example, one example.” I would say “Look at the different gospel accounts.” We need to go back to the gospels we need to be challenged by how Jesus responded because so many times whether it’s this paralyzed may being lowered through the ceiling, whether it’s blind Bartimaeus crying out, whether it was the woman with the issue of blood. This woman was nonstop blood flow 12 years pressing through a crowd to get to Jesus. These people actually did not allow there circumstance to be final; they did not believe that their circumstance and situation was superior to the word of God. They didn’t do so many people today do and it’s kind of a lazy theology they just say “You know what it happening so I default that it must be God’s will.” These people had something happening to them but they did not conclude that it was God’s will they actually thought that God’s will was actually something very different and they pressed in to receive it.  And that’s why we have these stories in the Bible in the gospel they pressed in and they got the miracle, it’s amazing.

Sid: Now your brand new book “Breakthrough Faith” you wrote it for 3 groups of people who are they?

Larry: Well I wrote it first of all for people who are hungry, for people who want more of God and who want to actually see a breakthrough lifestyle become normal for them. Because that’s what God wants to do He wants to release something that is sustainable. Sustain not just a touch, not just an encounter those things are great but He wants this lifestyle to be sustained. So I believe…

Sid: That really is your passion of your life.

Larry: Yeah.

Sid: To have greater and greater hunger and intimacy with the God, that should be everyone’s passion.

Larry: Yes absolutely because here’s the thing there’s no limit to how much of Him we can experience.  In Isaiah 9:10 “And the increase of His government there will be no end.” There is so much that He wants to release into the earth and He releases it into the earth through His people His kingdom. Where’s His kingdom? The kingdom inside of us so my desire is first that yeah this book would stir up those that are already hungry for God.

Sid: Alright the 2nd people group.

Larry: (Laughing) And really the second group of people would be people who have been offended or people who have had false…exposure to the false faith to the incorrect faith. Whether it was extreme word of faith teaching or the cardinal gospel of their spirit, people who are just about ready to give up on the what they call “All that faith stuff.” My prayer and my earnest desire is that not only would this encourage faith people people that are already believing for this but people who have no exposure to this. Sid that’s why I went to seminary that’s why I went I don’t believe it’s necessary to teach the gospel, to teach the word, I don’t think it’s imperative but I went because I want to do my best to steward these things and equip people especially those who are maybe not walking in a supernatural lifestyle I want to do what I can to bring a legitimacy to that. Sid that’s my desire through this book, through my own personal experiences with both sides and my best theological understanding of the Bible to help people who have just misconceptions and confusion about faith to actually start walking in it and get into and actually get hungry for it.

Sid: And of course the biggest need are those that feel that they’ve done everything they’ve been taught to do and they were supposed to be healed and they weren’t and they’re in a hopeless state you need breakthrough faith. This is what I can promise you you’re going to have a breakthrough of epic proportions this is what I’m going to promise you you will have a breakthrough of epic proportions.  I believe that we had 2 of our staff senior producer types that read this book and they understood all about Word of Faith and healing and they said “What a breath of fresh air I feel like I’m now encouraged, I now have this breakthrough faith….When we come back I’ve got to hear the vision you had of the ancient rusty gates that are part of the entire breakthrough.

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