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Sid: My guest right here in the studio is Curry Blake. Curry supernaturally came into came into the possession of manual that John G. Lake put together. You see John G. Lake taught believers how to pray for the sick. He literally told the people he trained “You go out to a sick person and you’re not allowed to come back until that person is healed.” They verified over 100,000 healing miracles in Spokane, Washington. It was known as the healthiest city in the United States. We don’t see these results today I believe that as Curry told me yesterday this manual was literally hidden and supernaturally came into his possession and he teaches from this manual seminars. Curry Blake how does this teaching differ from the current understanding of healing today?  There are some people that say “I need to hear a Rhema word from God to know that I’m healed.” There are other people that say “You can’t be in unbelief or you can’t be in unforgiveness or you have to be a sold out believer in Jesus to be healed.” I mean I can write books on excuses as to why people are not healed. And the truth is we’re not seeing the results that the Bible says that we’re supposed to see, we’re not seeing the same miracles that Jesus did. We’re not seeing hospitals cleared out. We’re not seeing everyone healed, but yet you’re seeing these things.

Curry: Yes Sir.

Sid: What is the difference what John G. Lake do, what do you do that’s different than all of the current generation?

Curry: Well what you say about books being written about excuses and there are books being written or they call them reasons for why people receiving healing. But they are excuses because it always comes back on the believer. The main difference…

Sid: And by the way and that’s why the whole message by many people it’s rejected because every one of us has friends that stood on the promises and died.

Curry: Right.

Sid:  And so I mean and it ends up hurting people’s faith as a reason.

Curry: Right.

Sid:  As a result of it.

Curry: And it brings a reproach on the name of Christ that’s what it does because we’re proclaiming from one side that the perfect nature of God and the perfect message of God and yet people are seeing a small pittance of it actually working. And they’re having few results and like they say they get hurt and they die and different things like that take place. And the difference, the main difference the way I categorize it is that there is a general way that the church in general minister to the sick or prays for the sick is that they what I call the “Troubling of the water.” They wait for the angel to come down to the pool of Bethesda and trouble the water.  And Jesus did not wait for the troubling of the water Jesus went about doing good He set out he went out. He didn’t wait until Satan knocked on his door he went out and knocked on Satan’s door.  He went out and took…He said “That the gates of hell shall not prevail against the church.” So either the church which is here today is not the church Jesus built because the gates of hell are prevailing against it or we haven’t seen it the right way. The gates of hell cannot prevail against the church. And in the difference in what we do is that when…

Sid: So when someone changed and it’s not God since the Bible says “He doesn’t change.” It’s us.

Curry: Exactly, exactly and the main change the main difference has been is that we do not accept responsibility. The disciples I mean it started back with Jesus “Let’s do what Jesus did if you do what Jesus did you’ll get the same results. So the main thing is that you just go back to the Bible don’t read anything into it, don’t read anything out of it and don’t speculation around it and just do exactly what it says and it will work. That’s the main thing that Dr. Lake did he just took the Bible for the word of God and believed it. He started acting on it his most humble saying “One that I live by today one of the Hallmarks that I live by is a law of the spirit of man or a mind of man.” That it is easier that I can act myself into believing faster than I can believe myself into acting. So we as a church we have tried to believe our self into acting.  We keep thinking that if I keep studying, if I keep getting enough word eventually it’s going to overflow and it’s just going to happen. Friend that does not happen, it does not happen.  If that were to happen that’s the same way that you would have got born again.  But when you got born again you got fed up with sin, you got fed up with living in sin and you decided to turn to the Messiah. That’s the whole key when you get fed up with sickness and disease and you turn to Jehovah Rapha, the Lord our God that heals. then you will start to see sickness and disease starting to fade away because you’ll start to approach it as an enemy and not as a secondary will of God. Well God’s teaching me something from this. If that were true learn it and get out of it because that is not God’s will that you be sick that you learn from sickness and disease. He would rather teach you in health, he would rather…if that was true He could have not put sickness and disease under the curses of Deuteronomy 28 He would have had to say “Well some diseases are.” But He said “None of these diseases but every other disease is under the curse.” So it’s under the curse and not a blessing.

Sid: I believe and correct me if I’m wrong but I believe that God anointed John G. Lake to teach these principals so that the people he taught would receive the same understanding and anointing that he had. There is like an anointing on the teaching it wasn’t just the teaching it was the anointing on the teaching. And what I believe is that God’s given you that same mantle of anointing to teach that same information.

Curry: Honestly I believe you’re correct to a degree I don’t want to emphasize that difference in me because then people say “Well we’re not expected to do what you do.” The fact is that everyone’s expected to do what I do which is to pray for any person sick….

Sid: No but I believe that you’re equipped to people to move in this.

Curry: That I do agree with that I do agree with that. God has..I do believe that God has gifted me as a teacher to be able to bring these things out and explain them in a way that people can grab a hold of it. He allows me to be somewhat of a shepherd in that I can herd the people in the right direction and point them in the right direction so that might get the information,

Sid: Now you told me there was literally a twisting in the understanding of the church when they moved away from their Jewish roots.

Curry: Oh yeah.

Sid: Tell me what affect this had.

Curry: Well we have in our society as a whole but also in the church we have taken the Greek or Roman-Greco method of instruction of herding everybody into one room and sitting them all down and one man standing up and teaching them.

Sid: It’s called entertainment.

Curry: That’s exactly right and that’s about all that comes out of it they leave and to home and nothing’s changed. Well that’s what we’ve done with the ministry we herd them in, we teach them a bunch of information. There is literally no impartation but there’s information. And they get this information when they complete they get a certificate and “Now you’re on your own now go out and practice what we taught you.” That’s not the Hebrew method, it was the correct method that’s why Jesus used it.

Sid: Alright what was the Hebrew method?

Curry: Gather people together, tell them what you’re going to tell them demonstrate it and then expect them to do it. And actually show them hands on training apprenticeship type method of training.

Sid: The best Bible college in the world is to walk in the footsteps of Jesus just watch what He does and then do it.

Curry: Exactly.

Sid: That’s the method.

Curry: Yep.

Sid: But it’s so so twisted today but I believe we’re coming back to a restoration of all things and the part that you are playing right now is the restoration in the healing. Because all of us if we’re honest we say “Yes we believe in healing, yes we’ve seen people healed but we’re not seeing that high of percentage and you are.”

Curry: Yes Sir.

Sid: Because there’s a difference in the way you’re approaching it.

Curry: Yes.

Sid: And a difference in the way John G. Lake approached it and the difference in the way that John G. Lake approached it.

Curry: Right actually there was several differences but one of the main ones was the best characterized by a letter that Dr. Lake wrote to Carrie Judd Montgomery on April 22, 1911 and in that letter I’m just going to give you a couple of excerpts out of it. One of them he says:

I wrote some time ago to a missionary by the name of Hoover, at Valparaiso, Chile on the subject of divine healing which in bodies which I regard as the secret of the aggressive ministry of healing that the Pentecostal movement of South Africa demonstrates. And later he says I feel sister that there is a step in this ministry in advance of what the movement in general enjoys. And God has laid it deeply on my soul to present the particular phase of the exercise of the dominion of the Jesus Christ. And that the secret of success of here in this ministry is here in our teaching, our workers do exercise the dominion of God through the Holy Ghost that he has already put in our soul when He baptized them. While in the other branches of his work they still followed largely the old line of intercession for the sick. We do not pray for God to come and heal as in the old days but looking into his face believing that He has baptized us in the Holy Ghost and that we have received the power of God through the baptism we command in the name of Jesus the devil and his works to depart. 

And then later on he gives an example where Peter said “Such as I have give I thee.” See that’s our problem we don’t have ministers that say “Such as I have give I thee.” We all put it back on God “Well it’s between God and the sick person.” It’s not between God and the sick person if you’re the minister to the Spirit of God you have no business ministering at all. The Spirit of God is what sets us apart from any religion and what sets us apart from any other belief.  We have to have the tangible Spirit of the Living God because if you get the message right God can confirm it right. The reason we’re only seeing a very little bit is because our message isn’t right. Our message is get people in a right frame of mind, get people in this certain things why they can’t be healed.  They have all of these excuses why they can’t be healed and we live by those.  Get these excuses out of the way Jesus never gave an excuse. He never told a person “You have un-forgiveness in your heart.” I’m sorry you have this problem go and don’t do this. He healed them and said “Don’t go and sin no more unless a worse thing come on you.” He never…and there was no excuses in His ministry and he told us to do the exact same thing. It said “And Jesus healed them all several times.” And in Acts 5:16 it says “And they healed them all” when it was talking about the sick being brought to Peter and to the apostles “Healed them all.” Both times Jesus healed them all and the apostles healed them all.

Sid: Thank you Curry we’re out of time today we’ll pick up right here on tomorrows broadcast.

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Sid: My guest in the studio Curry Blake. Curry supernaturally came into the notes and the manual that John G. Lake used to instruct others to pray for the sick. For those that aren’t familiar with John G. Lake he was a man that studied the word and said “I want to have the same results that Yeshua, Jesus, had when He prayed for the sick” and he achieved it.  I mean he had such results that they were over 100,000 verified healings in Spokane, Washington in the first quarter of the 20th Century. And the wonderful thing is he was able to instruct others to pray exactly the way he prayed because he prayed based on what the Bible had to say. Now we don’t see these results today. But Curry Blake has been following his instructions and he’s seeing the same results that John G. Lake saw and now he’s teaching seminars of this manual. How did you get this manual tell me the circumstances of it?

Curry: It was passed on from my Divine Healing Technician that Dr. Lake had trained through his family and then whenever the last member of his family died it was in the will that I receive it. The last member died actually in ’97 and I received the manual in late ’97.

Sid: Why you, I mean you’re a unknown why not give it to Kenneth Hagen, or Kenneth Copeland, or a Benny Hinn why you?

Curry: Well there is actually I could go two ways with that and say well first off I pursued it and that was one of the reasons Wilfred Wright John G. Lakes son-in-law passed the ministry to me because he said that all of the people that he had talked to I was pursuing the same anointing I wasn’t pursuing the man. I was pursuing the anointing to help the people.  And so probably that’s the primary thing but I searched out people that were still alive including his Youth Pastor at the church he pastured in Spokane where Dr. Lake had started a church Devine Healing Technicians I’ve talked to them, interviewed them, taken notes studied them out and I chased this anointing. And the main thing is that anyone can get it here. Now the other aspect is that the main thing is that anyone can get it. Now the other aspect is some people believe that it was for such a time as this that this is the time for it to come forth.  The family had actually kept it in their possession and most of the people that had anything to do with Lake are not very sociable in just talking about it and bringing it up. Lake has been very maligned by a lot of the denominational bodies and he’s been rejected and…

Sid: But the results that he got why would he be rejected? I mean he got the same results that Jesus got?

Curry: Right unfortunately most of the ministry today ministerial bodies are not as interested in results as they are image and position. We are still Pharisees today just like Jesus did.

Sid:  What is your understanding of healing why does God want us to pray for the sick what is the purpose to draw attention so that you can preach the gospel what is it just people called to a healing ministry that are supposed to pray for the sick?

Curry: No, actually matter fact I emphasize I’m not doing anything special I’m just fulfilling the ministry of a believer as a person that ministers to the sick. Now I operate in another office when I teach and minister the word. But as far as praying for the sick any person, any believer, any Christian can get the same results that I’m getting and that Dr. Lake got just by being a believer. That’s the only thing any believer can do it but as far as my understanding of why God heals, He heals because that’s God nature He is life. Secondly He heals and this will throw a lot of people because it makes his enemy mad.  It’s a demonstration of his authority and power over his enemy Satan. So He heals people that I didn’t even want to touch I didn’t want to lay hands on but He healed them anyway just because He wants to emphasize the victory that Jesus won over Satan and every time someone gets healed the Kingdom of God is advanced and the kingdom of Satan has to retreat. As far as a manner of why people get healed God will heal anybody anywhere anytime of anything.

Sid: Lots of people say that but the truth of the matter is as I do my detective work I see a very low percentage of people that have their healing manifested why is that?

Curry: Honestly the only reasons well there’s lots of reasons why people do not get healed in a sense a traditional reasons and excuses people use. What I found is that none of those excuses, none of those sacred cows hold any water they don’t hold up every one of them I destroy in our seminars and when we’re teaching.  They all there is no reason why any person should not be healed. There is like I would saw sacred cows will keep you in milk but they won’t give you meat until you kill them. And so what we do is we kill the sacred cows. Now the main thing about most people the things that set them up the reason that most people don’t receive healings is because we have set up the reasons, the excuses, and then we allow those excuses to stand we accept them. And we expect the excuses to stand more than the word of God. We expect them not to get healed because there’s un-forgiveness in their heart because there’s this going on their life, because of spiritual atmosphere is not clean. If we waited for the spiritual atmosphere to be clean we’d never do anything. It is our jobs as Christian soldiers of the cross to go in and blast the atmosphere to cleanse it by healing. Now you say is healing a calling card now I already called it a calling card to the gospel. In one way that’s true but in actually see our problem is the reason we don’t have a lot of healings is because people look at it is an add on. It’s one of those added fringe benefits you buy this and we’ll throw in this for free. That’s not what healing was healing is the gospel it is setting captives free, it is the physical manifestation of the life of God in a person’s body just like salvation is the manifestations spirit it’s the same thing. There is no difference between the two and healing is it is the gospel it is setting the captive free because as long as one person Christian or non-Christian is sick in body then that is a captive that still being held in bondage. Because even Jesus talked about the woman who Satan had bound low these 18 years shouldn’t she be loosed. So she was in bondage as long as any person is in bondage in sickness and disease then there is a gospel of proclaiming the liberty to the captives that’s what we do.

Sid:  Okay someone is sick they come to you to be prayed for are there certain requirements on their part to be healed that you state? Do they have to get rid of all un- forgiveness, do they have to say a prayer of salvation first? Do they…what requirements do you put on somebody? I have a better question you’re in a mall and you’re in a department store and you see someone limping you know that there’s something wrong with them. What do you do?

Curry: Well I’m human so generally I kind of all back and I watch them for a while and a lot of times I’ll go right up to them.  As I go up to them the first thing that I do is ask them I’ll tell them who I am I’ll say “Hello I’m Curry Blake this may sound crazy to you but I pray for the sick and God heals them; it has nothing to do with me has nothing to do with you just God doing what He does.”

Sid: But what requirement do you put on them?

Curry: None.

Sid: None.

Curry: No more whatsoever no they…I don’t expect them to pray I don’t… like with Dr, Lake. Dr. Lake said it is the worst type of coercion to take a sick person and demand that they become a servant of God before God heals them. He said that it’s a coercion that God wouldn’t use. And whenever you say you’ve got to get saved before I’ll pray for you if that was true then we would have all had to get saved before God would have sent His Son. Well God sent His Son while we were yet sinners so He heals them first. See the goodness of God draws man to repentance get them healed first and they’ll come to God that’s not a problem. So we don’t set up any type of requirements they don’t have to be sinners, saints, Gentile, Jew it doesn’t make no difference.

Sid: Okay let’s take something dramatic let’s have you walking in a mall and say there is someone with a deformity you can see this one sort of deformity. Think of one person that you prayed for like that.

Curry: We were in Dillard’s at Valley View Mall in Dallas, Texas my wife was exchanging a Christmas gift I was standing around bored I usually take a book with me I didn’t this time so I’m just standing around looking at people. And as we walked by there was a little Hispanic woman that probably her 60’s walked past. Had a young boy at probably or 7 years old. They were walking and she was limping one foot was twisted and it was turned back it’s not actually club foot but it’s twisted back. And you could tell that it had been that way for some time. I saw her and I started following her and no set reason and I notice sickness and disease it sticks out to me.  And I started following her around and I followed her for some time like I said I’m human I don’t just want to go up to stranger too and just start out the same thing that hit me and hit other people hit me also. But I learn to go through anyway because people need to be set free. So I followed her around and she notice it and I think she thought that I was store security in following. I stopped her and started trying to talk to her she didn’t speak English I had to motion to her that I don’t speak Spanish I tried to motion to her the best way I could that I wanted to pray for her foot. When she said “Okay I actually knelt down on the floor and sometimes when I pray I tend to get loud, no set reason, but it just works that way well I started praying for her and as I started praying for her your first thought is that everybody’s looking at you and they did people started stopping and watching and wondering what this white guy is doing praying for this little Hispanic woman here. And I had her foot in my hand and I started thinking okay I’ve got to pray quietly not to draw a crowd and then I started thinking no I’m not going to pray quietly I’m going to pray like I normally do so I just started praying. Asking I… what I generally do is I pray to God first and let the people know that in whose name I’m doing this. And then I don’t really pray for people for healing I minister healing that’s one of the differences we don’t pray we minister. We minister healing to them and I started praying and I laid hands on her and I commanded her feet to be well.  And when I turned lose there was no visible sign I told her to start walking she wouldn’t she start limping and I grabbed her by the hand and took off with her and kept walking with her until she walked normal.  When she walked normal she threw up her hands and started yelling “Gloria a Jesus” and she was instantly healed.

Sid: Can anyone pray like this and get the same results?

Curry: Yes.

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SID: Extreme favor. When you understand all the principles of the Hiram Code, we were just talking about one. We talked about two. We talked about revival. We talked about extreme, extreme favor for you and your house. Tell me about that young pastor.

RON: Yes. Eric Clark down in the Hilton Head area, not too far from here, Eric, a pastor, had been through a lot of struggles, came to a conference at our church about five years ago. A prophetic word was released into him by one of our speakers and he went back to Hilton Head and started a church, was meeting at a rental property. And my son went over, they’re friends, and called me up and said, “Dad you need to come over. I just think you need to come over and speak to these people and close this meeting out.” So I went over and closed the meeting on a Wednesday night. And when I got up to speak I said, “You will not stay in this rental property.” It just kind of came out of my mouth, you know, by the Holy Spirit and prompting of angels. So we had this tremendous meeting that night. And so a few, a couple of months later Pastor Eric called me and he said, “Pastor Ron,” he said, “What do I need to do? You told us we’d be blessed,” just like he asked me. “How am I going to get blessed?” I said, “Well let me ask you a question. Are you supporting Israel in any way?” And he said, “I believe in it, but no, tangibly, no we haven’t.” He said, “How can I do that?” I said, “Well if you want to you can send it in the sum of the works that are going on in Israel.” And so he sent $150 each month. Now that’s a small church start. One day I get, my son calls me and said, “Dad, you’ve got to come in here. Eric’s on the phone.” And a man walked in there, the son of a minister whose dad had built a church and then passed away. The church had ceased operating, multiple acres, finished buildings, two to three million dollars in property and threw the keys up on his desk it said, “We owe $400,000. If you’ll take up the payments you can have it.” And the payments were less than his rent, his rental property. And this happened in less than six months, a complete turnaround of his ministry just like that.

SID: How about you? How has it affected you? You’ve lived your life this way.

RON: When I really began to connect and not only mentally and in teaching, but really began to sow into that, we made trips over there, not just tourist trips, but begin to love Israel and support it, God has brought me, I have no debt. All of my children are Christians serving the Lord. My son has now just finished is doctorate and came out of the secular world ten years ago, called and is now really doing the day-to-day operations of the church, giving us a legacy. My daughter in Knoxville is on staff at the Fellowship Church there and very active in that great church.

SID: You tell me about these pastors that have been blessed.

RON: Yes.

SID: I keep hearing about pastors. But Ron tells me he’s been teaching this these principles to his congregation. Tell me, does it work with the average person as much as with someone in ministry?

RON: It does. This is essential as understanding the principle of the tithe in Malachi where God said, “I will open up the windows of Heaven and pour you out a blessing.” That revelation comes through, you know, the Jewish people to us. And I have, one of my dearest friends is a contractor. I wouldn’t call his name, but he was building houses and then when he got, really got into sowing and connecting with our work there in the church, not only in Israel, but everywhere, he now builds mostly million-dollar facilities. His family is in the business with him, tremendously blessed. But I’ve seen people, we’ve had, I’ve got a guy that was in a lower level in his business in his career and got promoted over two or three people that were older than him. And they are, there are so many examples.

SID: You talk about, I wish we had more time, you talk about something I’ve never heard people teach on, The Key of Isaac. Briefly.

RON: Yes, quickly. Well you know, the Bible says of Isaac that he sowed in a famine. Just like our time when we feel like, especially middle class and lower middle class people seem to, even social security was reduced for the first time this year for people. They seem to be having a difficult time to be in a season of shortage. This was the moment when Isaac sowed in Gerar and got a hundredfold increase when he did. And Isaac is the son of promise. And I really believe when biblical time comes we’ve got to be willing to sow into a ministry. And at the risk of, it’s not always, we give alms, you know, people want to give to the poor. But God says, “I will repay you for that one on one.” But seed sowing is when someone sows into your ministry, which is good ground. That’s where the hundredfold increase, when they’re living in a difficult situation and they’re willing. I don’t believe God will ever ask you to give something you don’t have. I’m not one of those. But if you can, you sow a seed during a season of difficulty in your own life into a fruitful ministry that’s where the multiplication comes into our lives of God’s favor.

SID: I believe that if you pray for those watching right now to get in alignment and to start operating in extreme favor that things are going to change in their life right now.

RON: Father, right now in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth may our words be turned into fire and oil of anointing, fresh oil and new wine going out. Right now, Lord, would you release miracle favor right now. Lord, with those who are receiving this program right now, not just receive knowledge, but Lord, would they receive anointing and favor, and promotion. And Lord, let them learn what it is to have an Isaac anointing and sow seed in the ministries that bear good ground, good fruit and good ground. And Lord, I pray for those who get into proper alignment, help them, Lord, to come out of a doctrine that doesn’t support Israel. Help them to be in ministries and support ministries that support Israel like this one. And Lord, I pray that blessing and favor will be released, not ten years from now, but in a matter of days and weeks, and begin to see the turnaround. And some will know a miracle, Lord, even today. In the name of Jesus Christ we lift that. And Lord, we pray for the peace of Jerusalem and we pray for the salvation of Jew and gentile in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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SID: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. As a young Jewish believer in the Messiah, I came to know a woman that walked in one of the greatest miracle ministries I ever saw. Her name, Kathryn Kuhlman and she used to say, “Please don’t grieve the Holy Spirit. He’s all that I have.” My next guest started a genuine friendship with the Holy Spirit at 13. He’s 27 now and he says the most important thing of the hour is for you to have a friendship with the Spirit of the Living God and he would like to help you develop this. I want this. Do you? Now I’ve been really looking forward to interviewing my guest David Hernandez because of the relationship he has with the Holy Spirit and everyone is supposed to have this type of a relationship. But your family was sabotaged generations ago with the occult and how did they get free?

DAVID: Well they got free when my grandparents were filled with the Holy Spirit. And my grandparents actually attended a church that looked down upon people who had the infilling of the Holy Spirit. So they get kicked out of their church and they go find a church plant locally that was actually enabling them to move in those gifts, but it was since that moment that they were filled with the Holy Spirit that the things that the enemy had tried to do, because you know, even if you break something he tries to get back in. The scripture talks about how demons return. And so in my family those things that tried to come back in even all the way down to me, on the other flip side of that is when my family is filled with the Holy Spirit, as is true of any believer, we experienced the supernatural in our lives.

SID: And at 11, you got born again and you had an encounter in which the Lord showed you your future. Tell me about that.

DAVID: Well when I was 11 years old, that’s when I gave my heart to Jesus and when I say I gave it to him, I truly do mean that I understood the ramifications of that commitment and whole heartedly I said, “Lord, I am in and I just want you.” And when I did that the Lord showed me that he would use me in ministry he showed me not just the ministry, the type of ministry I would be in, but the Lord also showed me which, funny enough, the administrative, the back end, the different steps it would take logistically and practically, and that happened after I prayed, Lord, I read it in James here, where it says, “If any of you lack wisdom.” I was 11, so I needed some wisdom if I was going to do anything.

SID: Well as a 75-year-old, I know I need some wisdom.

DAVID: So at 11 years old, I said, “Lord, I’m going to stand on this with childlike faith.” I said, “Lord, I believe that I can have that.” And it was almost like I just knew the information, just a download. And even to this day, now I’m 27, been in the ministry officially since 13, but even to this day we’re still living out that plan that I received when I was 11. So I said, “Okay Lord, after these next couple of steps you’re going to have to show me another download because we need to know the next step of the way.

SID: Well you know, at age 13, he starts preaching the Gospel. He has such a close intimacy with God, such a close intimacy with the Spirit of the Living God. But then panic set in. Guess what happened? All of a sudden that presence lifted. What did you think?

DAVID: At first I thought, Lord, did I do something to offend you? Did I say something? Was I preaching something that wasn’t necessarily scriptural? And so as you can imagine, I became very fearful. I started panicking, like you said. I said, “Lord, I was enjoying just this beautiful fellowship with you.” And I felt there was this flow spiritually and something just blocked it and disrupted that flow.” And so I said, “Lord, I have to understand what’s happening here.” And so I just pressed in further and I determined within me and I said, “There’s got to be more.” Because I know that I’ve walked with Jesus, but I feel as though I’m missing something. And I’m looking back now. The Lord had withdrawn not because of anything that I had done, and when I say he withdrew, he didn’t do so literally, he did so in relation to my emotions. I learned that when God seemingly withdraws he’s not doing it to push you away. He’s doing it to draw you closer.

SID: Now did you literally lock yourself in the room and say, “God, if you don’t come here I’m not going out.” Did you really?

DAVID: I went in and I made that ultimatum and I said “Lord, until I receive something fresh from Heaven, I’m not leaving here. You need to touch me.” And so I remember [being] on, my face was pressed into the carpet, the carpet became tear-drenched. I was praying with so much passion that I remember even tensing my whole body and everything in me just hungered for the presence of Jesus. And I said, “Lord, I can’t leave this place until you touch me. I’m not leaving this place until something from Heaven comes in here.” And I remember I was just praying for several hours, about four hours in that moment, and then something amazing happened. And what had happened in that moment was looking back now what is called the baptism of the Holy Spirit. I didn’t speak in tongues at that point, but I received what I call a flood from within. You see, at salvation you receive the Holy Spirit, but at baptism you release him. You receive him into the rest of your being. Jesus said, “Out of your belly shall flow rivers of living water.” So the scripture talks about that river being deep within. That flood touches from the spirit and it goes from the inside out so that the baptism of the Holy Spirit, you can receive him, even though, people ask, well I already have the Holy Spirit. How do I receive him a second time? You received him in your spirit the first time when you got saved, but he overflows the rest of your being at baptism. They say, Lord, I want more of your presence. That’s not the point. The point of baptism is not you getting more of God, it’s him getting more of you. And when he is released from deep within he begins to overflow and that’s what happened to me. I felt just this, I felt like I was living in a little piece of Heaven on Earth in my room. The ordinary plain surroundings of my room changed dramatically, not visually, but the sense of his presence was so strong I remember I felt like this heat descend on my body, like currents of electricity moving up and down. I’m crying, I’m praying, I’m worshiping, and I close my eyes. My eyes were closed at that time and I said, I remember Jesus had become so real, the Holy Spirit had revealed him with such intensity that I felt if I move my hand I might feel it brush up against his robe. I was frozen. I didn’t want to move because I didn’t want to disrupt what was happening and that real experience was the well I still draw from today.

SID: But that sparked you to even more passionately have intimacy with God. You would spend hours and hours seeking God. Tell me about that.

DAVID: Well I mean, even seeking out mentors and even seeking, I would go to the conferences, I would read the books and I would spend my time in prayer, spend my time in the Word, so much so that when I would read the Word my Bible started falling apart. I heard this old quote that says, “A Bible that’s falling apart usually belongs to a believer who isn’t.” And so I’m looking at this and I remember just reading it, and when I read it I wasn’t, I’m younger, so it wasn’t in my mind I want to preach a sermon or I want to get a revelation. It was simply, Jesus, I want to see another facet of who you are. And seeking the Word who is Jesus, as I read it from Scripture, the Holy Spirit would take that Word and bring it to life. And I sensed the drawing, I sensed the closeness. The more time I spent, the scripture describes that “we’re changed as we behold him.” You know, there’s not too much work to it, but we do work toward holiness and we do enact disciplines that cause us to walk the way God wants us to walk. The truth is that there’s not much you can do to transform yourself. But it was in the presence of Jesus that I received the transformation. Acts, Chapter 4 talks about how the Pharisees and the Sadducees knew the disciples had been with Jesus because of the time they spent with him. And so the presence of God will transform you. And as you spend time looking and gazing into the lovely countenance of Christ, the majestic, beautiful countenance of the Son of the Living God, you’re looking in the scripture and you’re being transformed as you’re looking into the Word. You’re being changed into his image. You’re becoming more like Jesus. For every moment you spend in his presence, you’re becoming more like him. You’re being transformed to be more like Jesus.

SID: Now speaking about being more like him, he starts going to school and this fountain of God’s presence starts coming out of him on all of the students. When we come back I want to find out what happened at school.

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SID: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. I’ve heard a lot of things, but this is absolutely ridiculous. Have any of you heard of Randy Clark? I mean, he is probably the top healing evangelist word of knowledge guy in the country. Well my guest has a gift from God to increase your ability in hearing God’s voice. He prayed for Randy Clark and immediately his hearing of God’s voice just skyrocketed. Anyone want your hearing of God’s voice? Me, too. This is so wonderful. You know, Shawn, your parents get saved, I mean, radically saved. An angel comes and visits him. I mean, that’s radical.

SHAWN: It’s crazy.

SID: And then you as a young kid, three, four years of age, you’re in a home group type thing. They get into an amazing home group with John Wimber. I guess they were in his first group.

SHAWN: His very first home group.

SID: But then they had something that they had no paradigm for: you. You, you get saved at what, three or four?

SHAWN: Around four years old.

SID: But not just saved. He begins to speak in tongues of the Holy Spirit. The problem is, his parents had no paradigm. A kid can’t do that. So what happened?

SHAWN: They asked their friends. They’re like, “Do you think this is God? We don’t want to tell him to stop, but he keeps praying in tongues.” And so she asked her friend and she goes, “I just wouldn’t stop him. I’d keep my hands off it and if it’s not God it will go away. If it is God, it’s going to increase.” And it just kept going from there.

SID: And at age six you have your first word of knowledge. How does a six-year-old even know what to do?

SHAWN: I know. Back then, it’s really interesting because we weren’t in an environment where other people were teaching their families about hearing God. And my parents said, we want our kids to go on the journey with us. And so they would ask us when we’d be praying, are you getting anything, and most of the time we’d say no. But that particular time we were praying for a lady’s back and I started, we were praying for a lady and I started to get a word of knowledge about her back, and I could see in my mind’s eye, in my imagination, I could see her back had been injured, and I could see this whole word of knowledge about her back, and I said:

Child: Do you have a back injury?

Woman: Yes.

Child: Can I pray for you.

SHAWN: I touched her exactly where the injury was and we ended up praying, and she gets radically healed. I just remember thinking, yes, God can do anything, me being six. And my parents were like, it’s odd, we’re going to do this with our kids. We’re going to bring them with us.

SID: You know, what happened with you, can you imagine if a generation would start getting their kids saved and filled with the Holy Spirit at four or five, six.

SHAWN: Absolutely.

SID: I mean, you’ve lived a lifetime already as a believer, whereas most people are just starting at your age.

SHAWN: Absolutely. I think of Jesus at 12. It was the most significant age of his life because it’s an identity age. What would it be like if we a whole army of 12-year-olds who were like activated in the Spirit.

SID: I’ll tell you what, I have faith for America. I have faith for any country in the world that that happens to us, a revelation.

SHAWN: Absolutely.

SID: But tell me about a defining moment in your life. You were dying.

SHAWN: I had a parasite from the jungles of Ecuador. They had never seen it in America before. They gave me all the best medicine for the parasite. It wouldn’t die. And so finally they gave me an experimental, and I won’t say which hospital, but they gave me experimental chemo because you’re dying anyway, we’re going to use chemo and a pill. But I thought if I get healed I believe I’m going to go in the entertainment industry and do ministry on the side. I remember one day I woke up, it was January 1, 2001, and I heard God audibly speak, “I am welcoming you back to ministry.” Because I had taken a year off on this health sabbatical. “Welcome back to ministry.” And I thought, ministry, wow, like wait, does that mean you’re going to heal me? Because I wasn’t healed immediately, and actually it was six weeks later I was prayed for by a woman from, I’m sure you’re familiar with the Spokane Healing Rooms, the healing rooms movement. A woman from the Healing Rooms came to my parents’ home group and went over to their home group and she prayed for me, was completely radically healed. Doctors proved, before and after, the parasite was dead.

Man 1: It’s a miracle. There’s no sign of the parasite. You’ve been healed.

Man 2: Thank you, Jesus.

SID: Or you can say the hand of God. But then you had another supernatural event where you had a heavenly visitation. Tell me about that.

SHAWN: So shortly after that [I] was really praying and saying, “God, we need to see Heaven come to Earth. We need to see what you, the atmosphere around you, your love come to Earth and I feel so disconnected from that.” Bill Johnson, pastor, I know many people have heard of him, I hadn’t read his book yet, but I had the same thing with how do we bring Heaven, how can we get this. And I just began to study people throughout history who had heavenly encounters or who had kingdom encounters with Jesus and intimacy. And one day I was invited to go to a conference in Branson, Missouri and I was going down the [unintelligible] Davis, Bobby Conner, James, Jim Bakker, several other people. I think Bishop Bill Hammond was there and I was going down to meet them. And on the way down I was leaving the House of Prayer in Kansas City, where I lived at the time, going down. So I left a group of believers, got gas and then teleported or transported all the way down to Branson in two and a half minutes.

SID: Two and a half minutes?

SHAWN: Two and a half minutes. I had a group of believers.

SID: How many miles was that?

SHAWN: Somewhere around three and half, four hours, I can’t tell you how many miles.

SID: That’s my way to travel, three and a half, four hours.

SHAWN: It’s happened many times, thank you, Jesus. It happened once, do it again. But during that time I had a series of heavenly encounters that lasted in my mind like around an eight-hour period, but it had only been two and a half minutes. And in these encounters many things were shown to me, but I couldn’t remember them all when I came back to the earth. As a matter of fact, when I landed, most of it was removed from my mental memory, but I had walked into situations where I went, oh, this is where God put in me then and I’m ready for it, almost like what the secular would call a déjà vu experience. I’m having a heavenly God encounter where I remember being in that moment prophetically from when I was in Heaven.

SID: Okay. Your gift is setting so many people free. When we come back I want to hear about the prostitute that he had a word of knowledge for that totally changed her life. We’ll be right back.

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