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SID: So the doctor says, “Randy, you can’t fly anymore.” I mean, you must have felt awful when he gave you that prognosis.

RANDY: Yeah, he said, “You should never get on another airplane.” He said, “You have this because you’ve done a lot of long international flights.” I said, “Yes, how did you know?” He said, “Because you have classic travelers back. You don’t have a curve on the bottom.” So after 90 days I still can’t touch my foot to the floor without severe pain. And the way I got healed was a man in Louisiana, an oil and gas businessman, had a vision in a little church of me, sees my spine and all the vertebrae, and discs and nerves, and the Lord speaks to him and says, “Push this stuff, it squirted out, pushed it back in.”

SID: He’s not in your presence.

RANDY: No, he’s a thousand miles away.

SID: Okay.

RANDY: And he did this that night. I woke up the next morning not knowing a thing about this, reached for my crutches, touched my foot to the floor accidentally. It didn’t hurt. Got up and walked, but it didn’t hurt. Went up and down the stairs, didn’t hurt. I yelled to my wife, “I’ve been healed, but I don’t know how!” I knew who did it, but I didn’t know how he did it. I knew it was the Lord. So this guy then, five hours later, sends me this email about this bizarre experience he had. I called him instantly and said, “This was really the Lord. I am healed.” And so he did it to me and I have flown a million miles since then.

SID: The proof is in the pudding. I know because he told me, I know by the Spirit, during the break, I know that God has given him words of knowledge and every word that he speaks, if it is your condition, you are healed in Yeshua’s name, in Jesus’ name. Would you release it now?

RANDY: Yeah. Someone is having arthritic pain or something is wrong with the knuckles, middle knuckles in your left hand. I know it’s the Lord’s will to heal you. And he’s showing us what he wants to do. It’s kind of like he said to the disciple, “Go and tell blind Bartimaeus, be encouraged on your feet.” He’s calling you. So he’s calling you. Be encouraged. Receive what he has for you. And then on the outside of the left foot, the left ankle, the outside left ankle, something is wrong with it. God wants to heal it. And then there’s the shoulder, collarbone on the left side and the right elbow here, and also there’s metal in the right ankle. You have something wrong with your ankle. You got metal in there. You got problems in there. God wants to heal that. And there’s somebody, either you’re going to have to have surgery or you had surgery. I heard the word “surgery”. I don’t know how to interpret it though, surgery. But it deals with the tailbone. So I don’t know if you’re facing it or you’ve had it and had complications. So I want to pray for these things. Father, first of all, I just want to say thank you for what you’re about to do, the Hebrew word “todah” is this word, it means praise for what’s about to happen. So I offer up todah, praise for what you’re about to do, healing of the left ankle, healing of the left collarbone, healing of the right elbow, healing of the right ankle with problems related to metal and healing of that tailbone. In Jesus’ name I thank you for what you’re about to do and I just speak to the pain. I command the pain to leave and Father, I don’t know how you do this, but I just thank you for the miracles you’re doing with metal. People watching that have metal in their bodies we pray many of them would experience your power. Lord, I know that even 90-some-odd percent I studied I, felt the healing of the metal, felt heat come into their bodies. I pray that supernatural heat flow into their body in Jesus’ name. Help them to understand it’s a sign that their healing coming right now in this next just few moments. In the name of Jesus we bless them. Amen.

SID: Randy, there is such a flow of God’s spirit right now that without a word of knowledge, and you know this and I know this, and now you know this, without a word of knowledge I tell you rise up right now no matter what is the matter with you and believe that you are walking into that invisible presence of God and wherever that river flows there is life, and the river of healing is flowing. Backs are being healed right now, necks, cancer, anything you need, just get into the river. Jump in. Just do a little swimming like this. Swim in that river. It’s so refreshing. Be refreshed in the river of the living God. In Yeshua’s name be healed.

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Sid: My guests by way of telephone from Proclaiming His Word Ministries are Chester and Betsy Kylstra. I’m speaking to them from their headquarters by way of telephone at Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. And they’ve been able to identify 4 problem areas and when these areas or one or more of them are ignored then it can undermine the entire healing process whether it’s a physical healing or an emotional healing, whether it’s a spiritual healing, whether it’s a healing between fathers and children, whether it’s a healing between husbands and wives, whatever the circumstances if identified these foundational areas. And before we went on the air I explained that… I would like to understand one of these foundational areas in depth and that is the Sins of the Fathers and the resulting curses and how these curses actually operate in someone’s life and how to break these curses. Chester could you give me an example of this?

Chester: Well one curse that’s very common is as we’ve been talking over the previous programs would be fear. Another one would be the sexual sins, another one might be accident proneness, financial problems…

Sid: Divorce?

Chester: Divorce yes that would be part of the abandonment, isolation that we have. Obviously our own sin our own flesh gets into this but it’s like the Sins of the Fathers set a platform if you will into the context of our lives and we get born…

Sid: How does this work for instance the Bible talks about it can go back 4 generations? Could it be that it’s not so much a spiritual thing but a learned thing from 4 generations?

Chester: Well I’m sure that the behavior learning enters into it but unfortunately the way it works is it usually ends up being more than 4 generations. You’re of course referring to the second commandment which is in both Exodus 20 and also in Deuteronomy 5. The second commandment God says He’s going to visit the inequities of the fathers of the third and fourth generation of those that hate Him. And before that He’s basically saying I hate idolatry and not to worship, serve or bow down depends on which translation you read. Essentially He hates idolatry and the curse that comes out of participating is this passing on of the iniquities which we like the iniquities of the heart tendency to sin and we certainly all see that. We see that in little children who seem to know how to get in trouble a whole lot easier than they know how to be good. And so that heart tendency to sin is there right from the beginning as it occurs. So it comes down 3 or 4 generations and when you say sit here, if I say sit here as myself and look back up the generations a generation and compute how many people are say in 4 generations. Two parents, 4 grandparents, 8 greats and 16 great great there’s 30 people in 4 generations if you have a normal family, no divorce or remarriage or things such as that whose sins who’s inequities of their hearts is impacting your life. Now the curse there doesn’t mean we automatically enter into those same sins but it’s more like a pressure that just eases us into that same pressure. Now yes growing up in our household we can learn to do the same sins but I think that there’s more to it than that there’s a pressure there. Well that’s sort of the bad news, they say good news bad news. The good news is that God knew we’d need a Savior and provided a way out. And I like to start with the first mentioned principal and we have to come to Leviticus 26:40 down to 42 God gives us the first mention as to how He’s going to provide a way out for us. He’s just finished a long list of all of the awful things that are going to happen to the Israelites if they’re not obedient, obedient to His word. And the He has one of these if then kinds of promises one of those conditional kind of promises. “IF they will confess their iniquity and the iniquity of their fathers.”

Sid: Now most people know about confessing their own iniquities but they haven’t heard much about confessing the inequality of our fathers.

Chester: That’s right now we get a lot of argument about it’s not needed but New Testament Christian and I can’t say that we have the definitive word on that but I do know this that if we do confess the sins of our fathers and I think God’s just asking us to acknowledge that His judgments against them was appropriate because they had sin. If we do confess it and confess our own we see tremendous freedom coming into people’s lives.

Sid: Well when I was looking over the information on this show there was a thought that crossed my mind because I’d just written a book on this subject. And there’s a group of people called “The Fathers of the Church” who had such anti-Semitic statements that were made. And many people say “Well I wasn’t anti-Semitic but does that principal hold forth that if church fathers were anti-Semitic we in the church today need to repent for their sins.”

Chester: I think it’s a very valid thing to do. Of course in modern terminology that’s going under the phrase of the identification repentance. To us it’s just standing in the gap or making up the hedge in repenting of past sins.

Sid: Give me an example of someone that had a generational curse and how it manifested and how it was broken.

Chester: Well I’ve got one testimony of a man who went to one of the healing houses he said “Breaking strongholds of past occultism caused hurts to be healed in his heart and dealt with issues of adultery.” And he said “There’s a major lifting of heaviness of my spirit and a closer feeling with the Lord as I pray and no smoking for the last 4 days and none of the usual feelings of panic or anger because of breaking the strongholds of past occultism.” That’s pretty neat!

Sid: Betsy why don’t you give me your example.

Betsy: Yes this was a couple who came to the healing house to go through ministry for a week and they had strong divorce both of them had divorce in their family line and sexual sin. And they said “We’re coming here for help even though we believe that it’s probably too late.” And that couple went through got those generational sins and curses broken and went through the ministry and the last day she came dressed in a wedding dress and he in a tuxedo to make their wedding vows again and they said “This time we’re coming with a clean foundation in Jesus to make our commitment and it’s going to be lasting.”

Chester: Yes.

Betsy: That was several years ago and they have gone from almost being bums to being leaders in the church where they serve.

Sid: Now how does someone know we just talked about how many people were involved in our ancestors say going back 4 generations how does someone know what those sins are?

Chester: Well usually you just have to look at your life and look at what you’re doing.

Sid: Give me an example.

Chester: Well I know in my case I guess my biggest sin was avoiding other people because of my fear and expectation of getting rejected. Of course when my dad died when I was 2 he didn’t deliberately abandon me but of course at age 2 we can’t figure that out.

Sid: But then there are many fathers that are in houses that are abandoned emotionally their children and maybe even worse.

Chester: Well we see that too yes sir even worse than not having a father is a father who’s negative that abuses one. Yes emotional abandonment is really the key here.

Sid: How do you really break that curse?

Chester: Well we just meet God’s conditions we have a wonderful example in Daniel 9 as he does the identification repentance when he saw that the end of the 70 years of exile was at hand. And he has a tremendous prayer things like “I make my confession.” And then he identifies and he says “We have sinned.”

Sid: Even though he hadn’t he still had the corporate identification.

Chester: That’s right he was repenting for all of the fathers of Israel. “All Israel has transgressed they law…” excreta excreta, “therefore the curse is poured out upon us and the oath that was written in the law.” And he gets down to end of it and he says “Well I was speaking and praying and confession my sin and the sin of my people Israel and presenting my supplication before the Lord” excreta, excreta, and then Gabriel comes to them. So we have that model there, the Nehemiah model of course and Ezra and we do it today even though people say “It’s Old Testament” we find God’s the same yesterday, today. Today when we acknowledge our sin and ask for forgiveness and forgive those that sin against us we’re in a position then to receive the power of the cross in our lives.

Sid: One of the things that I’ve notice I’m sure Chest and Betsy you have too is that when a parent has a sin and the child judges that parent they normally end up having a repercussion as a result of the judgment. People as listening right now that have judged their parents for perhaps for lack of love or perhaps being alcoholic or perhaps for being unfaithful to their spouse. What can they do?

Chester: Well the first place to do is to confess the fact that they have judged it’s in the area of ungodly beliefs it’s an action of the mind. And so they need to repent of it and set their parents free even, if they’re dead. And by setting them free I mean no longer holding them accountable for the problems they have had as individuals. And then they’re in a position to break the power of judgment and the curse by appropriating what God did for us on the cross. It says in Galatians 3:13 Jesus said the words says “Christ redeemed us from the curse of the law by becoming a curse for us.”

Sid: It seems so basic and so simple are you saying that when people do this they really get free?

Chester: I’m saying it’s true, it’s free.

Betsy: We’ve seen it over and over Sid.

Chester: The only thing that’s complicated about it is that we don’t do it.

Sid: Well on tomorrow’s broadcast would you pray for people to break these curses?

Chester: We’d be happy to lead a prayer in that.

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Sid: Sid Roth with Something More our brand new digital show and I’m talking to Robby Dawkins and I’m having a goodtime I hope your having as good a time. Robby you told me something during our break.

Robby: Yeah you know with the book “Do What Jesus Did” I wrote that came out a couple of years ago that we have affidavits it was really important to me because some of the stores are just hard you know for people’s heads to get wrapped around and so we decided my wife and I prayed about it and decided that with each one of the stories that we told that we would have affidavit’s from eyewitnesses or the people that were receiving the miracle or the healing themselves. And so we did that just as an extra step just to make sure that we had you know just that validation behind us.

Sid: Yeah but this book has been out about 2 years and the things are outrageous and what God’s doing with you right now. And speaking about affidavit’s you got something better you actually had a medical doctor in England when someone actually died on you.

Robby: Yeah.

Sid: But this time he came back to life and I’m so glad I had the doctors testimony right here because the guy that came back to life has a sister that’s a nonbeliever and she wasn’t even there, the guy’s mother was there and she’s very upset that this miracle took place. What happened in England?

Robby: Well it was incredible we had I love to go to these little and I had quite a following in England and I love to go to these little churches and sort of give vision to the pastors and leaders by you know because the Lord’s really blessed me you know to have a good bit of people show up. And so we had had this pastor had been writing for sometime asking me to come and it’s a little town with a population of only 180 people and you know the church was far less than that in attendance. And you know I just wanted to help give vision. So I went there and I spent the first part of the day we went to an area where there was a children’s training area and ministered to some kids and saw some kids. And I had the kids pray for each other, I had one kid pray for an instructor who got healed and they had prayed for one child that had had a burn on her arm that she had just come back from the hospital had a 5 year old boy pray for her and you know the pain of burn completely left it was just amazing to have the glorious…

Sid: These kids will never forget that Robby just as you never forgot what happened as a 9 year old.

Robby: Yeah. And we finished off with everybody just putting their hands off and inviting the presence of God to come in the room and feel the tangible reality of God’s presence and they all did.

Sid: You know I want to get to this guy that died where we have to share a doctor’s testimony but no no, but you hit something that is so important for our people to grasp and you really go into detail of course in your “Do What Jesus Did” package. But explain to me what you mean by ministering the presence of God for starters what do you mean by that?

Robby: Yeah ministering the massive presence of God you are releasing Christ lives in you. The Holy Spirit lives in you if you have a relationship and you receive the Holy Spirit He lives in you they’re there present. And you know it’s not far off and far away and so you can release that. And you know Jesus said “Peace I give to you not just any peace but peace that goes beyond human understanding and comprehension. And if somebody gives you something you can give it away. Well His presence in us is something we can release for people to experience and to feel and to encounter. And so when we pray for people we can say…

Sid: Wait wait will a nonbeliever…Robby will a nonbeliever feel this presence when you release it?

Robby: Absolutely, absolutely! And they do many times and there’s many times where I’d prayed for them and they’ve been healed and they’re still not a 100% sure but then with the manifest presence of God it has absolutely blown them away.

Sid: You know we almost have a…what I’m hearing you say is we have a secret weapon that 99.9% of us aren’t even using.

Robby: Yeah and I think it’s because we’re not aware that it’s there to use.

Sid: Hmm.

Robby: But it is and it’s something that we can release and give away and just pray for people to experience and all of this is amazing because all of these children begin to feel tingling and heat in their hand and begin to feel it over they’re backs, over their necks, you know along down their legs and they were feeling that manifest presence. Of course it manifests in many different ways you know but they were feeling that and so it’s powerful and so we had them…

Sid: Just out of curiosity do you willfully ask the presence of God? Tell me how you do this.

Robby: Well stopping and praying well I pray just Holy Spirit come right now and just fall on my friend here just rest on him right now.

Sid: Now you expect you expect the Holy Spirit to fall on them don’t you?

Robby: Absolutely.

Sid: So what happens when the Holy Spirit doesn’t and I don’t feel nothing what happens and what do you do?

Robby: And there are sometimes where people do that where they’ll say “Well I don’t feel anything.” And many times I’ll just pray “And Lord just hindrances any opposition from the enemy that’s trying to prevent this we just pray that those be removed right now.” Because I know that it is not God withholding He doesn’t withhold.

Sid: So when you pray that the enemy’s hindrances be gone after nothing has happened doe the presence come sometimes? All of the time?

Robby: The majority of the time I would say with that prayer of releasing manifest presence I would say that 90% of the time people feel and experience what I’m saying what I’m talking about that they agree that they feel an experience. And then with 10% of the time it is usually something that is inhibiting or blocking. I mean people can be not being truthful we’ve had that, I’ve had people say “No I’m not feeling anything and then all of a sudden I get an email and they contact later and say “I’m sorry I really was it just so startled me I just couldn’t it’s hard for my mind to wrap around it.”

Sid: You know when I first started praying for the sick etcetera I had the same track record as you and then all of a sudden people started getting healed. But I’ll tell you that when I would speak words of knowledge I would have more faith in my words of knowledge than in the people’s honesty of whether they were healed or not.

Robby: (Laughing) that’s true.

Sid: And people sure enough would come up after…I’d say “Raise your hand if this condition you’ve been healed of.” No one would raise their hand and I should have been crushed but then I would find afterwards they’d come up and say “I was healed I just didn’t want to raise my hand.” So I began to say “I trust God’s word more than you guys (Laughing).”

Robby: Right exactly and I think that’s great wisdom in that because as we do that because you know scripture says “He’s not going to withhold any good thing from us.” He’s a good father He loves His creation, He loves His children you know He’s not going to withhold any good thing. And you know that really came into vital importance that night when we came into that knowing that He’s not going to withhold any good thing. You know when we came into the service that night when we came into the church and they just wrapped up worship and I was up and I had just shared about a message that I was talking about and just referencing. And all of a sudden this mother just stood up and began to scream in the service she said “My son, my son.” And I looked back and this man was arched across the back and across the seat portion of the seat he was just straight as a board in a seat. And his arms were curled up and his head was turned to aside and it looked to me like somebody was turning his head off of his body I mean it looked bad. He was extremely red but he was going quickly purple very fast and the mother began to scream and she held her hand out to me and said “Please will you please help my son.” And so I ran over and I put my hand on his chest, my hand on his head and I just began to rebuke the spirit of infirmity. Because many times I have found that demonic power, you know all sickness, disease, all of that what I see in scripture and what I understand in scripture is from the enemy, it is from the kingdom of darkness…

Sid: And you know most people, most people they pray for a healing but if it’s from the kingdom of darkness which is a third of Jesus’ ministry you’re going to get nowhere unless you go after that spirit.

Robby: Exactly and so I began to bind that spirit of infirmity and I began to break it and I could see that this man was beyond his own control you know it was clear. And I started saying “Can you hear me?” And he wasn’t responsive and she said she thought he was having another stroke he had had a stroke a year before and she said he had a stroke and he can’t speak he can only say yes or no he can’t respond. And so we began to pray he began to quickly go to very dark purple and his lips were getting really dark purple and they began to turn blue black. And I looked over and I could tell there was a medical doctor standing there and just by the way that he was checking him and looking at him and examining him I could tell he was a…I didn’t know that he was a doctor I wasn’t sure that he was an EMT or a nurse or you know…I could tell he was a medical professional.

Sid: I have that here it was a doctor’s testimony it is amazing what he said but go ahead.

Robby: And his testimony of course goes into lots of medical detail that I don’t even understand there that I can totally comprehend but you know he’s tried to put it in these layman’s terms and all of a sudden…We laid him on the floor because I could just see that this was getting far worse and the doctor was propping up his head to keep the airway clear to keep his tongues from going back. And all of a sudden he went into what we call the… what we call the death rattle. And it’s a very labored breathing when it’s last breath…

Sid: I haven’t really heard that but is a pretty standard thing I understand.

Robby: They call it it’s a reflex that really happens in earth it’s just the last breath it’s got a lot of saliva in the throat and that was happening. And then all of a sudden the saliva started coming out of his mouth and then he explained to me later the doctor that that’s a sign of somebody expiring. It wasn’t foaming at the mouth like a seizure type thing it was just a release like there was no control in the throat at all. And then his eyes by that time his lips were fully blue/black his head started to relax and turn his eyes fully dilated the pupils fully dilated which the doctor later explained to me that was a sign of being brain-dead. And the mother began to scream “He’s dead, he’s dead!” And I was trying to calm her down and so I stopped and I had my hand on his heart and I could feel that it stopped and it was just…immediately you know what really incredibly began to happen Sid is that I prayed for many people to be raised from the dead and I’ve never had a total success. I’ve had a couple of times where it started seeing signs of things happening and we had family members Sid stop us from praying and forbid us from praying because they were afraid, we found out later, they were afraid that the person would come back, it was a death wish on the person. And so they stopped us from doing it and so I put that in my book “Do What Jesus Did.” And all of a sudden all of these flashes of all of these people who died who I prayed for that never came back they started flashing before my eyes and I knew…

Sid: There really is an enemy kind of bottom line now what happened?

Robby: Exactly.

Sid: What happened?

Robby: And so I and the Lord spoke to me something I just heard very clearly in my spirit He said “What’s about to happen I’m breaking off this nation and I’m breaking off this territory.” And I just had this sense I became angry and I was like no you’re killing this man and this meaning this is a House of God and this is a place of equipping and this is a place of salvation. And it began I just felt this affront and this anger towards the enemy and I put my hand back on his chest and I said “By the authority of Christ I break the power of the Spirit of death right now in Jesus name and I command it you get off of him you get out of this building you go now and I declare the resurrection life of Jesus Christ!” I said and by that time I knew his name and I said “Be filled right now with resurrection power of Jesus Christ in Jesus name and I forbid the spirit of death any longer!” And I kept praying that and it took a little bit of time but then all of a sudden (gasping for breath) and I was like shocked I got to be honest.

Sid: (Laughing)

Robby: It rattled me but I was I was ready to contend but now the doctor and another nurse they were starting to prepare themselves to do CPR they saw that and the doctor which you see the doctor’s report there that he said you know he died and the same words that he was dead. And so all of a sudden I begin to as he began to breath and I looked up at the doctor and there was just this everybody was in shock. And there was several eyewitnesses there you know that attested to it and sent emails about it. And he all of a sudden started rocking back and forth and then he rolled over onto his stomach and he pushed himself up. And he got up off of the floor and of course his color was completely coming back his lips were turning back to red and he gets up off of the floor and when he did he looked up at the crowd and he winked at the crowd.

Sid: (Laughing)

Robby: And he goes “What’s going on” and he was completely oblivious to what has happened.

Sid: Now wait a second his mother said that he had a stroke and he couldn’t speak how could he do that?

Robby: Right and so she started screaming “He can talk, he can talk.” We had heard and I had a report back from somebody that said they were one of the distant family members of this that they said that instantly in that moment had received 10 times speech restoration. And he wasn’t 100% restored but it was 10 times…

Sid: Okay because we’re running out of time right now I’m going to tell you something what Robby is describing is going to be common practice for anyone that names the name of Jesus that has made Him Lord. I’m telling you resurrections of the dead are not going to be unusual they’re going to be common practice. Creative miracles are not going to be unusual they’re going to be common practice. I want Robby to mentor you…

Robby: ….As matter of fact Sid I felt right then when I started talking about the spirit of death there were several people that started having a heaviness on their chest. And there’s been a spirit of death that’s been coming after them and so can I pray that and break that right now?

Sid: You better right now.

Robby: In the name of Jesus by the authority of Christ you foul spirit of death I come against you Satan you’re a liar you’re the father of lies and you think because these bodies come from the earth that you have rights over them but these bodies belong to God; God formed them He made them to be in His image and to be functioning and filled with His life. So right now I break the power of the spirit of death and I command it to get off of my friends that are listening right now and I command it to go in Jesus name! And I declare full strength, life, peace and breath! Right now breathe in the Spirit of God because the Spirit of Jesus is right there, the Holy Spirit the Holy Spirit is present right now and be filled with that in Jesus name, in Jesus name amen.

Sid: And I’ll tell you what it’s also according to good authority the word of God is finished a great miracle has just happened for 2 people.

Robby: Amen.

Sid: …when we come back I’m going to tell you about the chutzpa that’s a Hebrew word that means nerve of his wife I still can’t get over that story Robby we’ll be right back for Something More.

Robby: (Laughing)

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SID: Randy Clark, who has been a guest here has a ministry to impart, he has imparted anointings over some of the strongest ministries, traveling the globe. He prayed for an impartation for you. What happened, Steve?

STEVE: I was in the back row because I saw everybody falling and shaking. So I’m trying to hide back there because I don’t want to touch anybody. Oh thank you. But he’s a worship leader from Florida. “God is going to open up a realm for you like you’ve never heard before. What you’ve heard in the past is nothing in comparison to what he wants to give to you today. I bless it, what Jesus is doing, what the father is doing right now in the name of Jesus.” And when he said that to me, I had my hands up like this, and I heard this sound like a fax [crackling sound] and all of a sound from the side came these notes like on a piano scroll, and they’re going by me like this, and I start following the notes with my head. And they said I did this for 45 minutes, I’m just, my head is like that. Nobody is around me. And then after a while, it just shut off [crackling sound] and I just fell.

SID: You thought that they were strange. That’s what they thought about you.

STEVE: I heard, I hope he’s okay. People were saying, I hope he’s okay. Forty-five minutes of that. And my neck was sore the next day, but God was downloading, downloading exactly what he prophesied. what I heard in the past was nothing in comparison to what he was giving me that day. And ever since then I’ve just been on this quest to release the sound of Heaven to line up with what’s already going on in Heaven and releasing it on the earth. That’s the place of worship where we all come into agreement with what is going on.

SID: I have to tell you, your song, “Changing the Atmosphere” is my favorite of all of your songs because I believe it actually changes the atmosphere.

STEVE: Absolutely.

SID: You call it a song of breakthrough. What do you mean by that?

STEVE: Absolutely. This song carries the breakthrough. There’s a line in it, and it’s from a friend of mine, the line in it says, “It’s not about what you’re going through, but it’s where you’re going to.” So your breakthrough is right there.

SID: And your breakthrough right now, “Changing the Atmosphere.”

Steve [music, singing]: Let the high praises of God be on my lips and to two-edged swords be in my hands. Hey, your word and my words are mangled together and they’re cutting into the atmosphere. Well it ain’t about what I’m going through, but it’s about where I’m going to because my praise is changing the atmosphere. Yeah, my praise is changing the atmosphere. Putting my future into now by the Spirit of God within. Heard that time is running out but eternity is running. Putting my future into now by the Spirit of God within. Head that time is running, but putting this moment in.

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SID: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. My guest Beni Johnson and her husband Bill Johnson have traveled the world, probably seen more miracles than anyone alive. Yet when you go into the average church that believes in miracles and you say, I want you to be honest, raise your hand if you’d like to be physically healed, 98 percent of the hands go up. Something is wrong. God spoke to my guest Beni and told her how to fix it. Are you interested? Me, too. You know Beni, I’ve interviewed your husband Bill Johnson several times here and I don’t know what it is, but I love the story of one night the fire of God comes on him, and he’s kicking up and down, and thrashing. Then the third night you wake up. What did you observe?

BENI: When I woke up I saw a man in our waterbed, my husband, kicking and jerking his limbs. He had no control over them. And I looked over at him and just started laughing because it was so funny.

SID: I mean, he is humiliated.

BENI: Yes.

SID: His wife is laughing at him.

BENI: And I lost all control. I just started laughing uncontrollably and then he started laughing, too, as well. It was quite the entertainment.

SID: But Bill has anointing, a fabulous anointing for miracles and you two were running a renewal for dozens, several dozen years or so.

BENI: Yes.

SID: And I’ve seen people that have run a renewal where the presence of God comes into their congregation. They wear themselves out.

BENI: Yes.

SID: And one day you went to the doctor.

BENI: Yes.

SID: And it was your wake-up call.

BENI: Yes.

SID: I imagine you were sleeping very little. You were eating all the wrong stuff. Am I right?

BENI: You’re right.

SID: So what happened with your wake-up call?

BENI: Well I went to the doctor. The doctor said, “You have high blood pressure and you know you’re going to have to take care of that.” And I was also overweight.

SID: And you also in your family line people died young.

BENI: Yeah. I have heart disease in my family line. But the thing that really cinched it for me was that I woke up one morning and God spoke to me, and he said, “I want you well for the long haul.”

SID: So you had to start somewhere. How did you start?

BENI: Well I walked into the kitchen. I said, “Okay Holy Spirit, what are you going to do?” Because he’s the one who told me, and that’s the great thing about it is partnering with the Holy Spirit. And he said, “I want you to get off of sugar, refined sugar.”

SID: Was that a problem?

BENI: Oh my goodness, yes it was. I was a sugar addict. I could literally eat a pound of chocolate in an afternoon and love every moment of it. I just said, “Okay, you’re going to have to help me.” And I started eating better, which always helps curb that craving, a lot of green vegetables and stuff, and it took two months to get off that addiction. And I began to feel better. Things began to happen and it’s just been this journey. But what I tell people is in this process I’ve given myself a lot of grace. And if there are times that I can’t eat the way I’m supposed to eat then I make up for it when I’m home.

SID: You call it partnering with the Holy Spirit.

BENI: I do, yeah.

SID: Explain that.

BENI: Well the thing is, is that we are a body, soul and spirit, and God, I believe, is just as interested in your body being well as your soul and your spirit. We are a temple of the Holy Spirit and the Bible tells us that. And it is our responsibility to cherish our bodies and to take care of us, and we need to learn the tools to be able to do that.

SID: Many believers don’t take care of themselves and they say, well I’m doing this for God, so he’ll take care of me. There’s something wrong in that thinking.

BENI: Yeah, there is because God has made us responsible and we need to love ourselves enough to take care of ourselves.

SID: A woman came up to you.

BENI: Yeah.

SID: In a hopeless, helpless state because Beni has been teaching on this area for a while since God spoke to her, and she weighed 450 pounds. What did she say and what did you say?

BENI: She said, “I’d love to meet with you.” She came and we met, and we just sat down. She goes, “I’ve tied every diet you can imagine.” And we know that diets don’t work. “Can you help me?” And I said, “Yeah, I can help you.” So I told her what to do. But then we started talking about soul issues because we are so connected body, soul and spirit that a lot of times this, our overweight, our obesity problem has to do with the emotional side, our soul, our mind. And when I talked to her about the spirit and the Holy Spirit partnering with her a light bulb went on to her. She goes, “I’ve never done that. That is a great idea. I’m going to start doing that.” And for the first time she started seeing results. And she actually, when I was talking to her, she had started journaling her process and talking to God through this whole process to help her. And that’s what I love. I love that God wants to partner with us in this. It’s important to him.


SID: Now when the doctor told you, you had high blood pressure and heart issues, overweight, he gave you a why, why you should do this.


BENI: Yes.


SID: I mean, it was life critical.


BENI: Yes.


SID: But you say everyone should have a why. Explain that.


BENI: Yes. That is the first thing I will tell people in this lifestyle change because it is a lifestyle change, is that you have to find out why you are doing this. What’s your reason? Because those days that I don’t want to go to the gym or I’d like to go to get a hamburger and French fries, and a milkshake, I have to remind myself of why I’m doing this, and it’s because God told me, “I want you well.” And in obedience to God I have to do that.


SID: Medical science is finally catching up to the Bible. You know, the Bible says, “A merry heart is good medicine.” Science has found laughing is good medicine.

BENI: Yes.

SID: It’s unbelievable. Tell me what you found out through your research.

BENI: Well I had adrenal fatigue. And I went home, and I started researching how to heal naturally from adrenal fatigue.

SID: What are the symptoms of adrenal fatigue?

BENI: Depression, exhaustion, totally overwhelming. I couldn’t even look at my emails. It’s just, you can’t deal with stuff. Every day I would come home and put my pajamas on, and that’s all I could do. So I just thought I’ve got to heal. And the doctor said it will probably take you six months to a year to heal. And one of the things that I found that helps heal adrenal fatigue is laughter. And I just love that. I went, well I can do that. And so I started watching funny movies, funny shows, anything to get me to laugh.

SID: What did you watch?

BENI: The Andy Griffith Show.

SID: Okay. I can buy that.

BENI: And I was so sad when it was over, the series was over. I just laughed, anything that I could do to find myself laughing. You know, a child laughs 400 times a day and a 40-year-old adult laughs four times a day on the average.

SID: And Jesus said, “We have to become like a little child to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.”

BENI: Yes.

SID: We have to laugh more.

BENI: That was a loaded answer Jesus gave.

SID: Yes.

BENI: That wasn’t just become like a child. That is in all aspects. And I hung around with my grandchildren a lot because they know how to laugh. Laughter helps you de-stress. It releases the happy hormone. It helps your heart. It helps all kinds of things. It’s just amazing.

SID: And you have to tell me about something that’s so important, worshiping God.

BENI: Yes.

SID: And tell me about that invisible clock.

BENI: Now that was another thing I found in my research only through a friend. I had a friend come in and speak at one of our conferences and I noticed that she was, she would kind of pause every like ten minutes or so. So afterwards, I asked her, I said, “What’s going on with you?” She goes, “I have an invisible clock on my pants that I just hook there, and I have it set to vibrate every ten minutes to remind me to worship God.” And my first thought was, well that’s kind of cheesy. I mean, why do I need to be reminded to worship God? Well life gets in the way. You know, we get busy and doing things. So I thought, well I’m going to try it and see if it’s going to help with my adrenal fatigue. So I ordered one and put it on, and for three weeks, I wore this thing every day except for when I was sleeping. It was an adoration inside of me, just this worship.

SID: Just thinking about it.

BENI: Yes. It’s just turning my attention to him and worshiping. I just feel the presence right now just even talking about it. So just turn your attention to the Lord right now and just receive that healing. But it worked really good. And after three weeks, I remember. I remember so much. I stepped out of bed and it felt like something lifted off of me and I was completely healed. And I know that what put me over the edge is worship.

SID: Well you know, a lot of college students say science is taking them away from belief in God. You say the opposite.

BENI: The opposite.

SID: Give me a couple examples.

BENI: Well let’s talk about the blood. Okay. The blood, you have red.

SID: I like to talk about the blood, the blood of Jesus.

BENI: Yes. The red blood cells, the white blood cells and the plasma, and they call it, the blood is called the river of life. That’s what scientists call it. And what’s so unique about the white blood cells, if you know this, whenever you get sick your white blood cell count goes up, and what it’s doing is it’s, it will run to the infection and fight the infection for me, for you. And the little, those little cells, they’ll squeeze into places that are really hard to get to, to fight that infection. And I just think that’s wonderful and you can spiritualize that and say the blood of Jesus is just like that. The blood of Jesus comes and it sets us free. It just sets us free.

SID: You’ve spoken about this, but speak just a little bit about it’s not just emphasis on the spirit.

BENI: Yes.

SID: It’s not just emphasis on the soul.

BENI: Yes.

SID: It’s not just emphasis on the body. There is a balance.

BENI: Yes. There has to be a balance. I’ve been around people that sway way over to the fitness and then they forget about the spiritual. Because we are a tri-human being, body, soul and spirit, it all needs to be balanced. And I think what helps, well I know what helps is depending on the Holy Spirit to give you balance because he’s like, he’s like the patrolman in your life. He’ll say, okay, you’re getting a little carried away here, so bring it back to the middle and be balanced. And that’s what’s so beautiful, once again, the partnering with the Holy Spirit.

SID: And I was fascinated by just two simple concepts. Very few people understand this, that if we follow it, it would change our health. One is hydration.

BENI: Yeah. People don’t know that how important it is to hydrate your body. Your body is made up of at least 75 percent water and the only way you’re going to get that water. And you may think you’re sick, but a lot of times it’s just because you’re dehydrated.

SID: Now you also talk about the need for moving.

BENI: Yes.

SID: And I’m going to tell you something. In fact, would you go to our makeshift gym right now and I’m a little worried about this. She’s going to teach me weightlifting exercises. And I have to tell you a quick story though. Oh about five years ago, I was walking down the street and I really tripped. I felt like something actually, a demon just pushed me down, and I really hurt myself bad. And then it happened again, and I thought, something is wrong. And I have to tell you, I started going to the gym and just some basic cardio and weightlifting, nothing, no big deal. And it has made, I stopped falling. And I’m going to tell you something, you don’t need a miracle. Maybe you need some just practical wisdom. So let’s go to the gym.

BENI: I’m going to show you today three basic exercises you can do with weights. And if you don’t have weights at home you can use soup cans. They work just as well. And you always want to start with something that’s lightweight. So Sid, come on, you’re not going to get out of this. You’re going to join us today. I’m going to show you, the first one I’m going to show you is a tricep move, which is this part right here. And this is a hard part to get fit. So we’re going to take one of the weights, Sid.

SID: Okay.

BENI: And you’re going to put this part of your arm hooked to your side. Keep it hooked to your side and the only part you’re going to bend is the bottom part. So we’re going to bend it this way. I’m just going to do this way, just like that. How’s he doing? He’s doing good?

SID: So far, I’m doing good.

BENI: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

SID: Okay.

BENI: Okay, so now let’s sit down on the chair

SID I thought I was done

BENI: ot yet.

SID: I was saying that’s easy.

BENI: Now I know some people can’t stand to do exercises. They may be in a wheelchair or whatever, but they can use their arms. So I’m going to do, you can do this standing or sitting. So the first exercise we’re going to do is a bicep curl. So we’re going, all we’re going to do is bring our arms up like this and we want to come down slow because working that slowly is just as well. Now why do we lift weights? To increase our muscle and what does muscle do? Muscle burns fat. Now I’m going to show you one more. Okay. We’re going to do a shoulder one. We’re going to bring our weights up like this and then all we’re going to do is bring it up and touch it, and bring it down. Now what you want to do is you don’t want to do a fast movement. Slow is better. And do about 10 of these, three times and you’re set. There you go, Sid. Look at you. Yeah, get it up there. Reach way up high. There you go.

SID: I’ll tell you what, when we come back God has such a sense of humor. Beni was laughing at her husband Bill. Wait until you find out what happened when she started to shake by the spirit of the Living God. Be right back.

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