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PAT: Hey welcome back to Something More! We are talking about Raising Burning Hearts and I am with Patricia Bootsma! And I’m going to tell you, you know my heart is so stirred right now! But let’s be honest! One of the things that Karen and I talk about a great deal is that no home is perfect.


PAT: We’ve all been through tough seasons. We’ve gotten too busy. We’ve been through seasons where the enemy has tried to sneak in the back door. Tell me about that. How have you and John handled the tough times?


PAT: The attacks of the enemy or even times where we forgot to set the alarm spiritually in our house.

PATRICIA: Yeah. Exactly. Well let me say this. We actually have a special needs daughter. So she’s 20 years old. It was from an immunization really when she was 18 months and that’s when everything changed. And so we’ve had to walk through the pain of that. If there’s a cross we bear it’s that! So it’s driven us to our knees many times. She has a developmental delay. So but we’ve used, you know, the same principles of speaking blessing. But there’s times of testing and any parent of a special needs child knows that you get really majorly stretched! I’ll just say this. That again God’s grace is sufficient! And we’ve had many Words about her being healed and so there’s been little by little milestones of coming in her speaking and her learning. But I will say this. That I just really do believe in the power of prayer! I believe that God answers prayer and He changes things! And so maybe sometimes there’s a delay but there is such an answer to prayer! I want to say this too. For example, we had one daughter who said Mom, I don’t have enough friends! You know? And I need more friends!     

PAT: We walked through that with our daughter!

PATRICIA: Yeah. And so we said well you know let’s start declaring that you’re going to have friends! So just make that a part of your declaration! Okay, God’s giving me new friends! I’m going to walk in new relationships. Honestly, within three weeks she had three new friends! One moved in. Another one there was some sort of reconciliation in their relationship. And then a third girl. And I thought, Wow God! You know You are the power of our words!  

PAT: Yeah!

PATRICIA: The power of our declaration has also been part of the equation! So yes, we’ve been through tough times. We have times where I need to say I’m sorry as well.

PAT: Right.

PATRICIA: You know I need to repent! I got healed of a lot of things from my childhood and therefore I don’t want to pass that on to my kids! But I want to say this to the viewers out there who are saying hey, I don’t even have kids!

PAT: Right.

PATRICIA: You know what is this all about? Well, the power of blessing, the power of prayer applies to all of us! But I also want to say this. That I have friends, for example, who wanted to have children. Couldn’t have children and they are just incredible spiritual parents to many! And so for some, there may be a call to spiritual parenting! I believe we’re all called to mentor!

PAT: Right.

PATRICIA: You know we’re all called to somehow affect –

PAT: You’re right about being a model!

PATRICIA: Absolutely. A mentor, a model to affect that next generation for the glory of God! You know can I just add this? I want to say this. I had this encounter with the Lord one time. My spirit really was in heaven, to be honest. And I see all these people and I knew they were my family tree and they were my aunts. And I saw my grandmother and I’m like oh my goodness! Like I’m not dead yet.

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BRUCE: And so that whisper, wouldn’t it be fair to say that that whisper is the thoughts that come to our mind? Right? That still small whisper, that thought, that prompting, that nudge that comes to our mind. So Elijah experiences it, right? And so we experience it. God is Spirit and He speaks to us through our spirits! Sometimes God can speak audibly. You might have got it.

KYLE: And He does!

BRUCE: And I’ve had it. You know there’s different ways.

KYLE: But that would be the exception, you would say?

BRUCE: Not the rule.

KYLE: Okay.

BRUCE: The rule is He’s speaking Spirit to spirit to us! And when we, when we realize that and we begin trying to tune in to listen to that He’s speaking to us so this dialogue versus a monologue. If we’re expecting that it’s going to be this big loud thing a lot of times a prayer will just turn into a monologue and we never hear anything and you know you pray the prayer at night and roll over and go to sleep. 

KYLE: And we petition God and then all of a sudden we’re done with the conversation, and we never –

BRUCE: Roll over and we go to sleep!

KYLE: Right.

BRUCE: Exactly. But it’s supposed to be a dialogue! A two-way stream of communication. A give and take. So a lot of times I’ll use the example of a cell phone. Let’s say you know I pick up the cell phone and I call my best friend and I get them on the phone and I start telling them about my day. Yeah. So you know I got caught in traffic on the way to work today and at work today you know I was really planning. I was hoping to get this great promotion but this person at work got the promotion instead of me! Then I had a flat tire on the way back from work! And then you know my wife was crabby at home. The kids are noisy and she made pizza and I don’t know if I made her mad, you know? 

KYLE: [Laughing]

BRUCE: And all of a sudden you just hang up on your best friend!

KYLE: It sounds like as real conversation!

BRUCE: [Laughs] You hang up and never give the person on the other end ever a chance, an opportunity to talk back!

KYLE: That wouldn’t be a relationship, would it?

BRUCE: That wouldn’t be a relationship! But that’s a lot of times the way we pray! And then we roll over and go to sleep and start snoring and the whole time God is right there going uh, uh. He can’t get a word in edgewise! Wanting to speak. Wanting to give dialogue. So first it’s expecting it! Really thinking that God is going to speak back to us. A dialogue. And then it’s being still. Psalm 46:10. David said, “Be still.” Right? “Be still and know that I am God.” God is speaking through him. And then giving Him actually an opportunity to do that. And you know I’ve had times when I’m praying and I will literally hear the Holy Spirit say to me, “Enough!” Like just –  

KYLE: And now it’s time for you to –

BRUCE: You need to just be quiet and listen now!

KYLE: And just take in.

BRUCE: And you know when He said enough it’s loving but it’s still, it’s serious, like enough! 

KYLE: I love, and I’ve heard it before, that if you rearrange the word “listen” it’s “silent!” It has all the same –

BRUCE: [Laughs] There!

KYLE: And really that’s so much of what it is! I know some people are probably wondering, and I’ve asked this question myself. When we’re hearing from God and thoughts pop into our minds.

BRUCE: Uh-huh.

KYLE: How would you say that we discern what are our thoughts versus what God is saying because, you know, can God sound like us sometimes or we sound like Him?

BRUCE: Sure, absolutely! You know I go back to it’s very simplistic but a cartoon. Everybody’s has seen this cartoon. It’s the cartoon and I don’t care if it’s Daffy Duck or whoever. On one shoulder the little red devil. On the other shoulder the little angel.

KYLE: Yeah.

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He never, ever said “I want to go back to Egypt.” Now remember Egypt is a “type” [symbol] of the world. His appetite for the world was gone, because he had one encounter with God. You see we’re always trying to get people to pray a formula “sinner’s prayer” at churches. And don’t get me wrong. I don’t want to make a movement of people saying “well, you know that’s not what we’re going to do.” But what one thing I’m saying is that we should add on to that is why don’t we give the Holy Spirit time to minister in the presence of God to them so that now all of a sudden they’ve tasted the heavenly gift? Okay? Moses tasted, he saw, he tasted at the burning bush. He said I’ve got to bring these people out there.

So he brings them out to that mountain. God says, all right, Moses, you tell them the whole reason I brought you out of Egypt was to bring you to myself. Go look it up in Exodus 19, it’s amazing. The whole reason I brought them out of Egypt was to bring them to myself. It’s in there. Read it. It’s amazing. So He says I’m so excited I’m going to come down there and introduce myself to  on the third day. So get ‘em ready the next two days and the third day I’m going to come down, which is prophetic, and I’m not going to go into that. So Moses gets them all ready, they wash their clothes, God comes down on the mountain and what do they do? They all run away, and they say Moses, we can’t handle God.

You talk to God, tell us whatever he says, we’re going to hear and do it. And that’s amazing to me, right? And so Moses is heart-broken. And so his response to the people is Exodus 20:20, where He says, “Do not fear,” now look at me, do not fear because God’s come to test you. What’s the test? To see if His fear is in you so that you may not sin. Wait a minute. Do not fear, because God’s come to test you to see if His fear is in you so that you may not sin. He’s not contradicting himself, he’s differentiating between being scared of God and the fear of the Lord. As I said earlier, the person who fears God— well the person who’s scared of God, I should say it this way, has something to hide. That’s why Adam hides from the presence of the Lord. Okay? But the person who fears God has nothing to hide. Okay? They’re scared to be away from God. So the first definition of the fear of the Lord is to be terrified of being away from Him. You know I’ll never forget, back in the 1990’s, it was 1994, Jim Bakker had read a book that I had written called “Victory in the Wilderness,” it was the first book I had ever written. He read it in prison.

He had been in prison for 4 years. When he read it he contacted his assistant from prison and he said could you please find this author and ask him to come visit me in prison. So I remember I agree to do it. And I walked into the prison and he comes out in his prison garb and grabs me and he holds me and he hugs me and he won’t let me go. Finally he grabs my shoulders and he said ‘did you write it or a ghost writer?” I said, ‘no sir, I wrote it. I’ve gone through a wilderness but not near what you’ve gone through.” He said “We have so much to talk about. Sit down.” And I remember he looked at me and he said this prison was not God’s judgment on my life, it was his mercy on my life. He said because John, honestly, if I would have kept living the way I was living I would have ended up in hell forever.

When he said that to me I thought, okay, you have my attention, complete, total attention. So after about 20 minutes I felt very, very comfortable with him and I thought I’m going to ask him some questions. My first question was “Jim, when did you fall out of love with Jesus?” At what point did you stop loving Jesus? Because You have to understand as a little boy I grew up in Whitehall Michigan which was 15 minutes away from where he pastored in Muskegon Michigan. So I said, “When did you stop loving Jesus, how’d it happen—” And he looked at me and he said “I didn’t.” —What? What do you mean you didn’t fall out of love with Jesus? I said, Jim, you committed adultery with Jessica Hahn, you did all this mail fraud, all this stuff you’re in jail for. What do you mean you didn’t fall out of love with Jesus? And I’m perplexed and he sees I’m perplexed. And he looked right at me and he said, “I didn’t fear God.” And he said, ‘there’s millions of Americans just like me. They love Jesus, but they don’t fear God.” You see, you have to understand the New Testament teaches that He is Abba, Daddy.

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MARILYN: And it’s gone? Not there? And not coming back. So put up your hands. Say: “Bye, bye growth.” You’re not coming back!” Amen. Amen. Stay in faith. Let’s see, was that four?


SID: Marilyn—


SID: I just have a hunch. I want her to testify. Would you come here, please? Let’s get by the light. But what did God just do for you?

WOMAN #2: I had a growth. I’ve had it almost a year. And I keep covering it up by make-up. And it’s, it kept growing, it was red, it was right here on my nose, and it was getting very large. And I claimed my healing and it’s gone. (laughing) Right here where everybody can see it. Amen.


MARILYN: Now who prayed for her? Say we did! (audience says “we did”) Amen. So this is happening because we are united in the name of Jesus, it’s His provision and the cross. Now you have 4, right? Okay, I’m going to give you the 5th one. And this is “healing through transference.” So of course the laying on of hands is part of that. But also the anointing of oil. You know James tells us to anoint the sick and we see the disciples doing it. So what is that? That’s a transference of anointing. When I lay hands on someone, I’m transferring anointing. But also I can anoint someone with oil. Now this is not hokey, pokey, spooky stuff.

This is Bible. And our faith is in the name of Jesus. But there’s something with people with our faith sometimes it helps us if we see something, do you know what I’m saying, and you anoint people with oil [and] some way they release their faith because that helps them. The other way, and of course there are more than this way, look at the River Jordan that Naaman dipped in. That’s kind of an unusual transference, isn’t it? The Jordan River, don’t go and try to jump in it. But I think prayer cloths in Acts 19, 11 and 12, they took cloths from the body of Paul, not spooky, put it on the sick and demon possessed, and people were healed. Am I right?


MARILYN: And so I believe you can put a cloth on someone. Now I’m going to tell you a sneaky thing I did with Sarah. When she was, oh 14— no maybe later, more like 19 or 20, and she had some doubts with her faith. So I had someone pray over a prayer cloth with me for her to be delivered from any rebellion or any of this stuff the devil’s trying to do, and I put it in her pillow. She didn’t know it but she got delivered. So one day when we were on television I was telling this. She said, ‘mom, I didn’t know you’d do it, you did that.” I said, “I know it, but it worked.”


MARILYN: Now take out a Kleenex or a napkin or maybe even a piece of paper because I want healing to go out of this room. Amen? Because you’re healers, amen? I heard some of the wildest things Brother Shambach used to tell about a woman with a piece of candy that he prayed over. And her son was totally delivered, put the piece of candy in his mouth and was delivered. So don’t worry about what you are holding. We’re just going to believe God. So hold it up. Say: Father, in the name of Jesus, I ask that the one whose body touches this is healed and delivered, in Jesus name. I thank you I can transfer Your anointing to the sick, and I thank You. Amen. Now put it someplace you’re not going to forget or use it on your nose [joking] and put it away in a special place and watch how God will open this. The last thing I’m want to to tell you is probably one of the most unusual miracles in our family.

My father was put in a mental hospital when I was 19. He had a complete breakdown. And the doctor said he will never be better. And he was in a terrible shape, they gave him shock treatments. It was really, really bad. And my mother, not me, I wasn’t strong in faith, I was born again but I wasn’t strong in faith, but my mother went to a meeting with us to William Branham, and William Branham, word of knowledge working here, so watch how God, He has all these ways, [Branham] said: ‘there’s a woman here, you’re crying over there,” and he said, ‘take the handkerchief your tears are on, you think your husband is demon possessed, but his mind is broken. Put it on his body and he will be healed.” So my mother took it up to the hospital, pinned it to his pajamas, and within one year my father was out, saved, water baptized. “Transferring anointing.”

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ART: Every bit of His sacrifice pays the price for every bit of your wholeness. Body, soul and spirit complete wholeness. He paid to save your spirit. He paid to save your body. He paid to save your soul. He wants you completely whole. And that’s what the Greek word for salvation, “soteria,” means. It can be translated “salvation.” It can also be translated “health.” It’s what the Greek word for saved, “Sozo,” it means “saved.” It can be translated “heal.” Even the Hebrew word “Rapha” in fact the first descriptive name of God in scripture, remember we said one of the litmus tests it has to  agree a 100% with the nature of God. God revealed His nature through His name.

Fair? So when He’s called “Jehovah Tsidkenu,” the Lord our righteousness” God is righteous. In fact it’s His identity. Like you can’t, it’s not even like an aspect of Him. It’s who He is. You can’t separate it from Him. There’s never a time when God is not righteous. But the first descriptive Yahweh or Jehovah name of God was simply this: “The Lord our healer.” “Jehovah Rapha.” Wow. That was the first way He revealed Himself descriptively in scripture to Moses and it was specifically referencing physical healing but interestingly the Hebrew word  “Rapha” can be translated also to mean forgiveness. And there’s several places in scripture where it is. Most often, I think it’s about 35 times, it’s translated specifically regarding physical healing. Sometimes it’s figurative. Sometimes it’s forgiveness.

So Jesus paid for your complete wholeness. Now that agrees with the 100% of the Bible. Jesus purchased healing for everyone. When we pray for healing, we’re commanded in the name of Jesus is probably a better phrase. We’re simply asking for something that was already paid for. Right? It’s not even like we have to convince God to make a new decision. It’s the same thing with salvation. When you come to Him and you say Lord, would you forgive me for all the sins I’ve committed. Wash me clean. Make me a new creation. He’s not sitting up there stroking His beard, His long godly beard saying I’m not sure if I want to do that, you know and deliberating and walking through. No. He decided 2000 years ago when He sent Jesus to the cross He wants to forgive you. So when you come to Him and ask He’s already paid the bill. It’s already done.

He’s like here you go, freely you’ve received, now freely give. Now you get to go out and do the same thing for others. In fact Jesus commissioned His disciples in John 20 you go and tell people they’re forgiven. If you forgive” em they’re forgiven. If you don’t forgive ‘em they’re not forgiven. This is our responsibility to carry and He also commissioned us to heal the sick. Now let’s see something that agrees 100% with the example of Jesus. Now first we have to be clear that Jesus although he was 100% God, He humbly came to earth as a man. All right? Philippians 2: 6 through 8 is clear that Jesus gave up everything about Himself that could be considered God and humbled Himself to become completely human and die a human death, even a criminal’s death on a cross even though He was innocent. So Jesus stepped out of that place so that He could walk among us.

Even though He’s still 100% God, he set that aside to be an example for you. That’s why in John 5 He was able to say the Son can do nothing by Himself. He only does what He sees the Father doing. Jesus said I can do nothing by Myself. That’s how much He had set aside His Godhood to set an example for you. And then told you yeah, even though I’m the son of God, you can become sons of God. Even ladies, you are sons, by position. Like I have to be the bride of Christ so you can be, you know, you can be sons.  

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