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JOHN: They’re not singing, these seraphim. You know what? I’ve been, I’ve been, I’ve been here for ten trillion years. God, can I go see some other parts in the universe? They don’t, they don’t want that. They don’t want to be anywhere else. Because there’s nothing in creation more beautiful than the Creator. And so every moment another facet of His glory is being revealed. And all they can do is cry “holy!” And they’re crying “Holy” so loud the doorposts of that auditorium, that can seat probably a billion people are shaking. And you know what builders told me when I lived in Florida, they said if you’re ever stupid enough to hang around when a hurricane comes through, get underneath the door jams of the interior room of the house, it’s the most stable part of the structure.

Their cries of responding to what they see are shaking a building in heaven that seats a million, a billion people. Do you understand Isaiah’s groveling, he’s groveling on the ground, “I’m coming apart at the seams” and he’s crying out “Woe is me” because he realized who he was before this holy God. Look, don’t get me wrong. Jesus brought us and reconciled us back to the Father. But He’s still God, and in the New Testament He’s still called “the consuming fire.” He’s still called “the just and holy God” in the New Testament. So we have to understand Him as Daddy and we have to know Him as King. And when you understand that when we know Him as Daddy, [and] we know Him as King, we leave a very healthy life. Can I pray for you tonight?


JOHN: You say, John, you know what? —Can I tell you, let me tell you this. How did this all begin with me? I went to a church back in the mid-nineties. They had just had an internationally-known revivalist. He was there for 4 weeks. The community had 60,000 people in it and the church had a 1000 members. They had 1/60th of the community in that church. It was a hopping church. I went in there and I preached a little bit on the fear of the Lord, much lighter version of what you heard tonight “cause I didn’t know what I know now. The next night when I got up to speak again the pastor got up and corrected me for 15 minutes.

He said, “We don’t— John is confused, we do not have to fear the Lord because the Bible says “perfected love casts out fear,” we have the Father, we love Him, we don’t have to fear Him.” Well he confused the spirit of fear with the fear of the Lord. And I’ll never forget I went out the next day and I found a construction site “cause I like love praying outside. And I remember I literally, I, I was terrified, I thought “God, I hurt your church, I’ve been corrected by a pastor for 15 minutes before I was introduced last night.” And I said, “I’ve hurt Your church, I’m so sorry.” And I remember crying out to God. And I didn’t feel his displeasure, I felt His pleasure.

And before that prayer time was over I found myself crying out for the fear of the Lord.   And that’s how my whole journey began. And so tonight I want to pray with you that the same Holy Spirit of the fear of the Lord will manifest and fill your life. Because you know the Bible says “the fear of the Lord is safe.” I don’t know about you but I want to be safe. Right? It’s too, too messed up of a world right now. And I’m not scared of the world, believe me I’m not scared. When you’re safe you’re fearless when it comes to the world. Okay? You don’t go hide, you’re fearless. You’re going to serve who you fear. If you fear God you’re not going to fear anything the world has to throw at you. But if you fear men you’re going to serve men. I don’t know about you but I want to serve God. Amen?


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Because You have to understand as a little boy I grew up in Whitehall Michigan which was 15 minutes away from where he pastored in Muskegon Michigan. So I said, “When did you stop loving Jesus, how’d it happen—” And he looked at me and he said “I didn’t.” —What? What do you mean you didn’t fall out of love with Jesus? I said, Jim, you committed adultery with Jessica Hahn, you did all this mail fraud, all this stuff you’re in jail for. What do you mean you didn’t fall out of love with Jesus? And I’m perplexed and he sees I’m perplexed. And he looked right at me and he said, “I didn’t fear God.” And he said, ‘there’s millions of Americans just like me.

They love Jesus, but they don’t fear God.” You see, you have to understand the New Testament teaches that He is Abba, Daddy. But the same New Testament says He’s the consuming fire. Okay? So you have to understand something. If you don’t have the love of God and you don’t have the fear of God you’re going to end up in a rut. How many of you know that Jesus said the road to life is a narrow road? Right? How many of you know that every road’s got two ditches on both sides? Right? So the first ditch is called “legalism.” Now the church in the 1960’s was in a legalistic ditch. Now I wasn’t a Christian back in the 60’s, I didn’t saved until “79.

But let me tell you something, I saw the remnants of this legalistic move. Because women would wear their hair up in a bun    remember, they didn’t cut their hair and wore it up in a big bun, and they didn’t wear any make-up, and they had dresses down to their ankles. You know you can have a dress down to your ankles, you can have your hair up in a bun, you can have no make-up but still have a seducing spirit up to your eyeballs. Okay? That’s not holiness. Okay? So it was all about an outward form to try to hide a deficiency that was in our hearts and we were in legalism. Right? So what happened in the 60’s? God brings a revelation to the church. You know what the revelation was, he used one man to do it. God is a good God, and something good can happen to you. The man was Oral Roberts, right? And then the Charismatic move began.

Right? And we found out our Daddy loved us. What did the love of God do? It delivered us from the ditch of legalism. But you know what we did? We said I went so far from that ditch I’ll never fall in again and we went to the other side of the road and fell into that other ditch. And the other ditch is called lawlessness or lasciviousness which is an excessive, fleshly, worldly, disobedient lifestyle. And God’s given us a force that keeps us, keeps us out of that ditch. It’s called the fear of the Lord. So you see it takes the love of God and the fear of God to keep us healthy. Okay? It’s like two sides of a coin, you got heads and tails, if you don’t have tails you don’t have a coin, you need them both. And so when we understand that God is Abba, Daddy, but He’s also the King, He’s also the consuming fire we understand that yes, we can jump in His lap, there are times for that but then there’s other times, let me tell you, I didn’t feel it was the time to jump in His lap when He came into Brazil like He did.

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Get close to those people, take them by the hand, we gonna pray one another, and you will see how many miracles God will do in a moment. The power of God is on her. What’s wrong with you? Watch out, watch out, watch out, watch out. Frank, over here. (To woman): Okay, what’s wrong with you? What’s wrong with your feet? Say it again? (Turns to others): Guys, don’t— hear my instruction before you pray for the people. I want you to hear my instructions. No impartation. Stay in somebody’s spirit unless instruction is given. So I want you to hear the instruction because I want you to do it in your street, with your family. (To woman): So what’s wrong with you? (Woman): Neuropathy in my feet, and pain from having breast cancer and chemotherapy from 2002, and my feet, I’m having trouble walking with them. Okay, the power of God is on her. Father, I command —can you pray in the Holy Ghost, my God, the power of God is on her. “Father, I command every sickness, every disease, when I count to three GO! Let your kingdom come, let Your will be done. One, two, three, NOW!” In Jesus” name. Pick it up and test her. Okay. Daughter, I want you to start moving your feet and running and jumping. You’re healed. You are healed. You are healed! There you go, there you go! C’mon! C’mon, put your hand together. C’mon! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! C’mon! HEY HEY HEY HEY HEY HEY HEY! Ahhhhh! Ahhhhh! Responding, she’s responding to the supernatural! C’mon, put your hand together! Ahhhhh!

GUILLERMO: My dear sister, you having fun. Tell me what happened? Tell me what happened?

WOMAN #1: — Woo, woo. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, whooo—(laughing)

GUILLERMO: Tell me what happened?

WOMAN #1: “Oh, I feel the spirit of God!” Ha, ha, ha, ha,


GUILLERMO: Ahhhh! Ahhhh! The Spirit of God came! C’mon, c’mon, put your hand together. She’s completely healed! She’s healed! C’mon, put your hand together! Okay, this is what is gonna happen: anybody sick or you need a miracle in your body lift your hand, both hands. So I want somebody to go in front of that person and take the person by the hand, please, right now, one, go, go, go. Both hands up, if you need a miracle in your body, healing, deliverance, any area, both hands. Frank, pray for him, pray for him right now. Lady, pray for another woman. Anybody, anybody, anybody else, Right here, right here. Need a miracle? You needed a miracle? Okay, you’re gonna need to come up here. Okay, listen, listen, listen. Now, before you pray take somebody by the hand, please. Look at the— face to face. Face to face. Face to face. Hear my instructions. These are my instructions. Do you believe you’ve been activated in the supernatural just now?


GUILLERMO: I didn’t hear you.


GUILLERMO: Okay. Do you believe you received an impartation what I shared with you?


GUILLERMO: Okay. Now, this is what I want you to do. Do you believe that you can bring the kingdom on earth as it is in heaven now?


GUILLERMO: Okay, now, ask the person what’s wrong with the person. And then the person said “Well, I’ve got arthritis,” like this woman who got just healed, or “I’ve got something in my ears.” Or depression. Listen, listen, listen, don’t, don’t, don’t yet— don’t pray, so whatever the person says, and then— listen, no, no, listen, listen— and then you rebuke, rebuke means “stopped,” and then you cancel, you cancel, you say well “I rebuke and I curse any sickness and disease from the root and from the seed, in Jesus” name let and Your kingdom come now!

Now after you do that, you take a step of faith. Remember what I say, you need to respond. So you check them out the way I showed it to you. You said, well, if you couldn’t hear, let me check you out. If you couldn’t bend— If somebody has metals in your body here, you got metals in your body? How many metals? Where? Where? Can you come up here, grandma? No? Can you stay there, no stay there. I want, I want— you also have metals? Where? Okay, lady, can you go pray for her here? And you also? Oh, Frank, can you go pray for her? Can we believe God can change those metals into bones and into flesh? No, you don’t sound so convinced. Can you believe it?

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SID: Oh, thank you, Toni. Now I have to ask one question before I turn him loose again. This will stretch you a little bit. Tell me about the man that you prayed for that grew in height.

GUILLERMO: You know what I was saying about when you walk in the supernatural. I learned to disconnect my reason. And when I’m saying disconnecting your reason it doesn’t mean you’re stupid. That’s not the point. I went to ORU [Oral Roberts University] so I understand and I know the part of the natural knowledge. And I’m ministering in Argentina and this little man, he was a man like in an 8 year-old body, and he was 21. And I saw him on the stage because he was in a wheelchair. And the Lord said, ‘declare that he will grow.” So to my reason it went “what?” It didn’t make sense, but I learned to move even though it doesn’t make sense. Are you gonna do that? So I said you will grow in 24 hours. So in 24 hours, his pastor is a doctor, and the doctor called me and then he said, “You know, I know his case, this sickness cripples the people and it’s one in one million.” And then he said, ‘now he grew 8 inches.” That was a miracle.

AUDIENCE: (CLAPS) Whooo! GUILLERMO: Now I’ve got pictures because he had to sell all his clothes because [they] didn’t fit anymore. So are you ready, Sid? Can I go [ahead] now? All right, thank you. Take your seat. Okay, let me introduce myself saying this. I was visited, I had a visitation from the Lord. And [in] that visitation He spoke to me. The room, my room got filled with the presence of God and the Lord said I have called you to bring my supernatural power to this generation. This is what I have been doing for the last maybe 25 years. So it hasn’t been easy, has been sometimes hard. Why? Because [in] the western society you are mired by knowledge. If you have a lot of knowledge, oh my God, you’re the best. The thing is can you demonstrate that knowledge? Jesus began to DO and then teach. We are very good teachers, but not demonstrators. Not do-ers, in other words, that has been my challenge, to take the people from knowledge to demonstration.

And today I will demonstrate it. Because the kingdom of God is not only in words but in power. So let me speak to you [from] one of my chapters on the supernatural and the kingdom of power which is the last book on the restoration of the supernatural. And when we’re talking about restoration, the word “restored,” something is restored because it lost the original state. And when you see in the scripture the word “restored,” the prefix “re” means going back into the original intent. And why the restoration of the supernatural? Because we’ve got many anti-Christs, and the word “anti-Christ” means substitute and also means the one that opposes. So the anti-Christ has become, and in many churches what we got is substitutes of the supernatural. When you don’t have power you entertain. And that’s why we have in churches we’ve got substitute and they got the form of godliness but there’s no power. How do you know? People call Pentecostals, 200 hundred people and [of] those 200 people 150 they don’t speak in tongues. As a matter of fact we don’t sing in tongues anymore. And I got my young people, they’re on fire, they’re going to malls, they’re going to streets in Miami, they going to, they close malls literally, people getting healed, getting delivered, demon-possessed people getting delivered in the streets and parking lots. So when they go to school and they got cell groups, there are some other people that don’t believe in the things of the spirit and they make fun of them, because today it is very rare to find somebody filled with the spirit. And being filled one time is not enough. You need to be continually being filled.

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LARRY: Well, Larry Sparks here, interviewing Sid Roth. I can’t believe how the tables have turned. This is such a joy. I’ve got to know, Sid, though, how did a traditional Jewish man come to know Jesus as Messiah?

SID: Well, I was raised in traditional Judaism. And as a result, I wasn’t told Jews don’t believe in Jesus. No one ever said that to me, but it’s almost in your DNA. It’s inbred. It’s them and us. And if you become them, you’re not us. And I wanted to be us.

SID: I remember as a young boy, my parents used to play, used to gamble. They were poker players, had their own poker games, and I was home alone at night. And I remember saying as a kid, “I wish they’d come home. I wish they’d come home.” As if I said it enough, they’d come home. And then I had the strangest thought. The thought was a question. What happens when you die? I blocked that from my mind for many years. And seems like life went fast, I went to college. I was a songwriter back then, believe it or not.


SID: And I wrote a song called, There Must Be Something More. And you know, I believe when an artist does something, whether it’s art or whether it’s music or whatever, they’re putting part of themselves in it. And that was the cry of my heart. There must be something more, and I had every option the world had to offer except one. Jesus. I would not believe in him. And so that’s actually been my story my whole life.

SID: At age 29, graduated from college, an excellent job, great career possibilities as an account executive with the largest stock brokerage firm in the world. My wealth would be assured. It was my great desire to become a mega millionaire before I was 30. I reach age 29, and I know I’m not going to make it in one year, and I’m married now, I have a child, I have a good career job. I did something I’m not proud of. I left my wife, I left my daughter, I left my job, searching for that something more. And I got involved in a new age meditation course. They told me I could know things that had never been programmed in my mind. And I thought, “Wow, if I can know things about the future, I then can make my millions in the stock market.” And so I took the course and I got more than I bargained for. The powers started growing. I’ll give you an example. One day, I just thought “I’d like to go into business for myself.” A man walks into my office, he said, “Sid, my partner and I have been observing you. We want to give you a free office, free telephone, free secretary if you ever wanted to start your own business.”

LARRY: That’s a good deal.

SID: I said, this power is really growing. I didn’t know it. He had a power of his own. He was a born again Christian, and God spoke to him, is what he told me later. Not at the time. And said, “Do you see that guy? You’ll never find someone more lost than him. I want you to offer him that.” And so I took the job, but then one day his partner got very upset with me. He said, “Sid, you’re involved in things that your own Torah says this is an abomination. You’re involved in meditation courses.” And they turned to the 18th chapter of Deuteronomy, and sure enough, it condemned all these new age practices I was in. Now, I didn’t believe the Bible was even from God at the time. But just in case, and so I said, “I’m just going to put this meditation stuff on hold and maybe I’ll read the Bible a little.”

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