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JERAME:  I mean I, I want you to understand something. It doesn’t mean that they’re more spiritual than the one that doesn’t feel. It just means that that sense of touch isn’t open for one and it is for another. But it’s important. Because I don’t believe God just releases manifestations to play games. I believe God does it for a purpose. And you see Jesus, you could see this, this example in the life and ministry of Jesus. Jesus, you know, when, when He was in the earth, He, He was walking with His disciples and He was going pray for a man’s daughter and as He was walking to go pray for this man’s daughter He walked through this crowd of people and, and this woman, right, the woman with the issue of blood. She, she sees Him and she recognizes Him as, as the Savior and as her Lord and she recognizes Him as someone who, who would fulfill an Old Testament prophecy where it said that there would be healing that would come out of his wings, being the tassels of the garment that He wore.

And so she runs up in the midst of this really crowded place and grabs the tassel and when she does the Bible says that as Jesus was walking with His disciples in this crowded place He feels the anointing release. And, and, and so He stops and He says Who’s touching me? And you know what’s amazing about that is everybody thinks He’s crazy. Well when you walk in the supernatural people will think you’re crazy. You just got to get over that. And Jesus, He goes Who touched me? And they said, what do you mean who touched me? Everybody’s touching you! You know they’re walking through a marketplace. If you’ve been to a Third World country and you’ve walked through a marketplace you know what I mean. It can take you 10 minutes to get from this side to the other side of the street. And, but the reality is it’s about fruit, right? So Jesus says Who touched me? and He looks down. There’s this woman shaking and trembling. Now here’s the amazing thing. The Bible says that when she touched Him, she felt in her body that the sickness was gone, that the disease was gone. And you see I want you to understand something. I believe feeling is very important at times with the Lord because it releases faith. And not only does it release faith but it gets our attention. See Jesus was sensitive to the anointing of God. Who wants to be sensitive to the anointing of God?

JERAME:  Because God wants you to be sensitive. And who’s ever felt the presence of God come on them like outside of church? You know you’re, you’re doing whatever. Shopping. You’re at Walmart, or you’re getting a coffee and, you know all of a sudden you get hit by God? Who’s had that experience? See a lot of times what we do as Christians is we focus on ourselves we go, Oh, my Father loves me! But what if God’s going No, no, there’s an encounter in this room right now for you and I’m trying to get your attention. How many of you know that sometimes we’re so about ourselves we miss the point that sometimes God wants to reach others. And, I, you know I remember for about 2 years I begin to get hit with the presence of God outside of church and I would be in a line at, you know, a coffee shop and my wife and I would be standing there and I’d go UUU and she’d be like Do you have to do that so loud?

And I’d just say I can’t help it. It’s happening. And, and I remember I used to just go God loves me. And after about a year of that, you know, DUU, I’d just get hit. And I’d go God what is with this? You know, like people that aren’t saved thought I had Tourette’s. They were like – And, and finally the Lord, one day I get hit. UUU. He goes Jerame, I’m trying to get your attention. Look to the right. And there was a woman that had, you know, an injury on her ankle. He said go pray for her so I went and prayed for her. She got totally healed. And, and it was from that point on I began to realize wait a minute, this manifestation stuff is with purpose.

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MICHELLE: Yes. From that very next meeting, people began to be healed, set free. When I would travel in the nations, people would be getting out of wheelchairs and so on. One time I was going to the Philippines for a huge meeting in the Araneta Coliseum. And this meeting, when I started to land, in the morning as I was landing, the Lord said, I sent you here for one.

SID: I thought this was a big meeting.


SID: You were expecting tens of thousands.

MICHELLE: It was. Tens of thousands of people, and they were there that night. But as the plane landed, I heard Him say it so clearly, I sent you for one. And I knew the Lord was telling me He’s not going to bring that one to me. I need to look for that one because that’s what I learned from Mother Teresa. To go out and look for the souls. To seek for the lost, the hungry, the broken, those who don’t have anyone to love them.

MICHELLE: So I knew I was on a mission from heaven, not just for the tens of thousands that would be in the Araneta, but to find the one soul. So I went on a journey that morning, the next morning actually, and I decided to go to a place called Tala. Tala was a leprosorium, and I felt in my spirit that that person would be in the leprosorium. So I asked the nurse permission, “Can you take me through this leprosorium? Just take me through. I would like to give little gifts to the people, pray for them.” And I knew in my heart I would find that person there.

SID: I know you were looking for one, but what does it look like when you see a bunch of lepers? What did they look like?

MICHELLE: Yes. They were … Many of them had different forms of leprosy. And some of them were much more advanced than others.

SID: But you realize it’s highly contagious.


SID: That didn’t bother you?

MICHELLE: It didn’t because I was on a mission from God. So I went from ward to ward praying for the people and I thought, is this the end? So I asked the lady, I said, “Is there one more ward?” And she said, “Yes, but they’re not all leprosy patients. There’s some other patients, and I didn’t know if you’d like to go to that ward.” I said, “Oh yes, I would.” All of a sudden she said, “Half of the ward is leprosy. Half the ward is other diseases.” I walked in and there she was. She was sitting there. She was around, to me she looked like she was 10 years old. She was covered with leprosy from her head to her foot.

SID: Is that a painful disease?

MICHELLE: For some it is. For her particular type of leprosy, it was very painful. She had marks all over her face, on her arms, everywhere. And I stood there for a few minutes and then I said, “Hello sweetie.” I said, “Would you mind terribly if I put you on my lap, and if I got to meet you?” And she said, “No ma’am.” She was so polite. She said, “Of course.”

SID: I bet no one did that to her.

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DANIEL: Yes. The Lord spoke to me about this decade a couple of years ago already and said, “This coming decade will be a decade of double harvest.” And so we are… Here’s the thing, when God gives a word like that, you have one of two choices. You can either just dismiss it as hyper faith rhetoric hyperbole, or you can grab a hold of it by faith. And so our whole ministry is grabbing a hold of this by faith. We are believing God for 150 million people to be saved over the next 10 years. And not only that, Sid, but I’m believing that this next decade is going to spark the greatest movement of evangelism in world history. 10 years from now, the world will not look the way it looks today. It won’t be one or two or three great evangelists out there doing all these big meetings. It will be tens of thousands of people all over the world reaping a super massive harvest before Jesus returns.

SID: There are people that are sleeping giants, they’re believers, but they’re sleeping giants that are watching us right now. I want you to talk to them, to wake up.

DANIEL: Well, my friend who that’s you, and maybe you know that it’s you. Maybe you know that since you were a child, there has been a calling on your life for some purpose. You know that your purpose in life is not just to collect a paycheck, to go 8:00 to 5:00 every day, to raise a few kids, and then die. You have this sense in your spirit that God created you to do something for eternity. He created you to do something that matters. I remember evangelist Bonnke saying to me years ago that when he was a boy, he was one of several brothers and one of his brothers wanted to be a doctor. The other one wanted to be a lawyer. But when his dad said to him, “Reinhard what do you want to do?” He said, “Dad, I realized something the other day. I realized that with my mortal hands, I can help to build God’s eternal kingdom. And with my mortal lips, I can help to preach the eternal gospel.”

My friend, listen to me. There is only one thing that matters in this world. A life lived in the will of God. The Bible says that the one that does the will of God abides forever. And you say, what is the will of God? My friend it’s very simple. Peter tells us that God is not willing. It is not the will of God that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance. And Daniel says the ones that lead many to righteousness will shine like the stars forever. And I want to challenge you to stop just living for the lower pleasures and the lower satisfactions of this life, but to take hold of that calling for which God created you. Begin to run that race because all of heaven is cheering you on. These are the last days. This is the greatest moment in history. And I say, if not you, who? If not now, when? If not here, where? It’s time to rise up and take your place in Jesus name.

SID: It’s time to say “Hineni, here am I.”


SID: That’s what it’s time for. We’ve added a special extended ministry segment for you. Just log on to, after this program ends. I want Daniel to speak like he was actually in Africa at one of his meetings and I fully expect the same miracles, the same impartation of experiential knowledge of God that is normal whenever he speaks to take place now.

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BRENDA: The media is going to have to put it on the screens. They’re not going to be able to deny it. Science won’t be able to deny it because there is a difference coming, and I want to add this one piece to that is that in our house, this is what we’ve been declaring. My house is a no fly zone to the enemy in the decade of difference. That’s what we’re coming into in this new decade from the spirit of God.

SID: You have a new book on this subject. It’s more than a book though. It’ll be a lifestyle that is going to so change families and individuals, and you talk about the decree or the declaration. What is that?

BRENDA: Well, I believe in this decade it’s very necessary that our words get aligned with heaven. It’s so important. We’ve got to speak what God speak. We need to get in alignment with the prophetic words. We got to get in alignment with the scripture, and we’ve got to speak and declare things according to the word of God. If I can give you a biblical… a very obvious biblical example. In the days of creation, God said, “Light be,” but he spoke before there was a manifestation. Sound always proceeds manifestation.

SID: Boy, that’s an important statement. Will you say that again?

BRENDA: Sound always precedes manifestation. Sometimes we want a miracle. We want a manifestation in our life, but we ourselves don’t want to put out the right sound, and I’ll just say it like this and for you that are viewing right now, sometimes the hardest time to put out the right sound is when you’re in a battle. When you’re in a fight, when you’re looking at the earth and it looks like it’s void and without form and it doesn’t seem like there’s a manifestation and everything’s going against.

BRENDA: In fact, I feel like there’s somebody… you’re right now in the fight of your life. You feel like you’re in a battle, but the spirit of God is saying, “When you begin to put those declarations out in agreement with the scripture, in agreement with that prophetic word that you had, something is going to shift and you will prophesy it’s true. You will see the manifestation of the spirit of God.”

SID: What is the difference between a decree and just speaking?

BRENDA: A declaration or a decree, if I could say it that way, is an authoritative order backed by the law. We could say it like this, that our decree prophetically is an authoritative order when we align it with God’s word. It is an authoritative order backed by the word of God. And when it’s backed by the word of God, here’s the beautiful part, Sid, it must come to pass. It has to happen because God already declared it so.

SID: We’ve taken your book, a hundred of these amazing declarations. Every arena, every area, you can think of. But there’s one that’s really close to a heart of just about everyone that’s watching us right now, and that is your own household. I want you to read a declaration from your book right now on households.

BRENDA: Absolutely. And I want you to receive this because maybe you’re dealing, maybe you’re in a place where your marriage is in trouble. You’re having trouble with your children, maybe they’re grown children or little children, whatever it is. And how I want to encourage you with this. God is about families. He’s about households, okay?

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SID: There is one thing that it understands, fear, horrific fear. It’s John, and if there’s one man thing could get people free of fear. It’s John Ramirez. John, you said there are two weapons, two things stronger than any demon in hell at the disposal of every believer. What are they?

JOHN: Uncle, [He] said to me, there’s no greater weapon, no greater chain than the name of Jesus Christ. Would break every chain, every bondage, every—

SID: What if you don’t see something when you use the name of Jesus? What’s going on in the invisible world?

JOHN: Oh in the invisible world, that name shakes the foundations of hell and the spirit realm. It will paralyze the devil and his cronies. That name has power over every sickness, over every demonic tormenting devil, a fear. That name destroyed, even under that name they’d say demons tremble under that name.

SID: John, what’s the second one?

JOHN: The blood of Jesus Christ.

SID: When I say, “I apply the blood of Jesus over my family. I apply the blood of Jesus over my house. I apply the blood of Jesus where I work. I apply the blood of Jesus in my car.” What is going on?

JOHN: In the spirit realm when you … When Moses put the blood on the doorpost that the Angel of Death has to pass by, the Angel of Death had to pass by. When you apply the blood of Jesus upon your family, your relatives, your loved ones. My daughter she lives in Brooklyn, I live in Manhattan. I apply the blood of Jesus when she get in the subways, when she go to work, when she leaves work at night, work by herself, walking home. I apply the blood of Jesus. I mean devil, you have to pass over her. You can’t touch her. She doesn’t belong to you. Nothing that I apply the blood of Jesus, you have no legal rights over it. You are destroyed, dismantled, you’re inoperative and you’re defeated because the blood of Jesus says so.

JOHN: To me, it’s like the oxygen you breathe. If you don’t breathe oxygen, you won’t live. So we need to understand that the blood of Jesus moves, shakes, and destroys, dismantles the devil’s kingdom and turns it upside down. And we need to apply no matter what. I mean that should just be your language. That should be your spiritual warfare language. The blood of Jesus and the name of Jesus.

JOHN: When I wake up in the morning, I say, “devil I’m not … Jesus, thank you for waking me up in the morning. Devil, I mark the blood of Jesus right there, to hit him real quick.” Offense, shake him in his boots.

SID: This stuff. You know what’s so wonderful? It’s for the least believer can do the same works Jesus did. And if you really believe the Bible, then even greater. But how? Right now the question is, how can you live without fear? When we return.

We’ll be right back to It’s Supernatural.




We now return to It’s Supernatural.

SID: John, a woman by the name of Daisy.

JOHN: Daisy was a friend of the family’s, and she was involved in the occult Santeria. Santeria means worship of demons. She was in it. She was baptized into all the witchcraft, and the rituals, and the ceremonies of Santeria. And one day I went to my mom’s house and I said, “Hey Daisy, you see my life, how God set me free.” She said, “John, I’m so afraid. I have so much fear if I leave, they’re going to kill me.” I said, “Look, they didn’t kill me. They’re not going to kill you. Just accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior. I promise you that nothing’s going to happen to you.” And she said, “Okay, John, I want Jesus.”

JOHN: Jesus, Daisy is ready to take you into her heart.

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