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JAMIE: Love is the key. And here is the key. I believe God wants to release love unlike ever before but love is not just a feeling. God is love and He’s moving unlike we’ve ever seen before. He’s not just in church. He’s in pop culture today. He’s everywhere! And we’re seeing a momentum begin to happen in the spirit and in the natural! And I believe God wants to give you eyes to see what it is that He is up to because if we could grab a hold of this Jesus is moving in your life in ways that maybe you’re not recognizing in the moment. What if I told you that you could see Jesus moving in your life by actually observing natural things around you as signs and wonders that God is actually on the move? You know many people come to me and they’ll approach me and they’ll say you know let’s pray. I want to see a move of God in our nation. I want to see a move of God here. I want to see a move of God there. And they’ll say to me but why is God moving so powerfully and they’ll name a third world nation, they’ll name somewhere else and they’ll say God’s moving so powerfully there. Why isn’t He moving so powerfully here? And I look at them and in my heart, I just get grieved because I know God is moving so powerfully here. The only problem is we’ve been trained not to see it!

AUDIENCE: Yes! Right! Yes.

JAMIE: And if we’ll have eyes to see God wants to give us eyes to see what He’s already been up to because He is on the move! Now here’s what the amazing thing about the prophetic does. The prophetic gives you, eyes to see what He is up to! It gives your eyes to see what He’s already doing! I’ll give you an example. There was this man we were going down to minister in a park and it was a mobile home park and I needed to talk to the landlord of the area and get his permission. I believe in authority. And so I went to him and I said: “look, I need your permission because I want to go door to door and minister supernatural signs, wonders and miracles and I want to see people reach out and touch Jesus!” And he says well what are you going to do? And I go “well, I’ll give you a little taste. How about that?” He says okay. I said you have knee problems in your right knee. He says “yes, I do! How’d you know?” And I said in 1978 the Lord visited you. And he says “what!” He says that was the year the white light came to me!


JAMIE: And I said the white light? He says it was the year the white light showed up and I quit drinking. I quit drugs. I quit smoking. And I didn’t know what it was! I just called it the white light!


JAMIE: From 1978 to that moment he never knew it was Jesus that showed up but he had been delivered from addiction! It was supernatural! But the prophetic there was to reveal what God had already done, what He was already doing. So I want you to open to Mark chapter 8 because we’re going to go through this and I believe at the end of this time you’re going to have eyes to see in the supernatural and it’s not going to be spooky, it’s not going to be weird. It’s going to be naturally supernatural! You’re going to embrace a realm of the supernatural that you’ve never seen before. Or maybe you’ve actually seen it the whole time and just didn’t know that it was what God was doing. You ever have natural signs happen around you and they’re obvious. Maybe it’s numbers. How many of you know that God’s into numbers?


JAMIE: He’s got an entire book called Numbers. He’s into numbers and He likes to speak to us numbers. Sometimes in the middle of the night, we wake up and it’s the same number. 1:11. 1:11. 1:11. What does that mean? What do I do about what I’m seeing? You see these different numbers or 11:11 or 12:12 and you go through your day and all of a sudden this number speaks to you. And you see it everywhere and you have to be careful because is it God or is it just your awareness? Are you focused on it? And here’s the deal. I believe God is speaking more often than we realize and our typical training and the religious spirit tries to diminish what it is that God is doing and minimize His activity. We’ve seen people healed and at the end of their healing they get up to tell a testimony. Maybe they got healed of some terminal illness and a good meaning person stands there listening to her testimony and says well that was good but let’s get her eyes back on Jesus.


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WOMAN #4: He was going through all the surgeries with me after we’d gotten married. We spent mostly all of our time at the hospital.


WOMAN #4: And for the past three years I’ve had nothing but severe headaches. They put a permanent shunt in my neck so I couldn’t move my neck from side to side.


WOMAN #4:  And praise the Lord I can move my neck now!


BILL: Now let me ask you. Did you, did you feel anything happen or did you just discover it?

WOMAN #4: There was a pop. There was a pop.

BILL: A pop?

WOMAN #4: When my husband was praying over me.

BILL: Is that right?

WOMAN #4: I could finally hear. It’s like I went to chiropractors for years because I have back issues but I’m [laughing] I could finally move my neck without pain!


BILL: Thank You, Lord! How’s your back?

WOMAN #4: I have scoliosis so I’ve had back surgeries when I was a child but –

BILL: How is your back now?

WOMAN #4: I still have a curved spine but that’s –  [laughing]

BILL: Is there any pain?

WOMAN #4: No, no pain.

BILL: There’s no pain?

WOMAN #4: No pain in Jesus’ name!

BILL: All right. Well He makes crooked places straight!

WOMAN #4: Yes He does! Hallelujah!

BILL: He makes crooked places straight so we thank You for that, Lord!


BILL: Amen. Bless you!

WOMAN #4: God bless you too!

BILL: Yeah! Thank you.

WOMAN #4: God bless you too!

SID:  God’s wonderful! All right. Any other happy people in the room? Yeah? [laughing]


BILL: Anyone else real quickly want to just give a report of what Jesus did? Whenever you share a testimony you actually release the possibility of another miracle! It’s a really important thing. We’re never to hold. It’s not always a –

SR:  I see someone all the way in the back.

BILL: Way in the back you want? Okay.

SID:  Come on up!

BILL: Let’s have 2 or 3 of you just come up here real quick if you put your hand up.

SID:  All right. There’s someone over here. Come on.

BILL: Yeah. Just come up. We’ll just do 2 or 3 and then we can wrap this up. But come on. Come on down!


BILL: Come on down! Show you what you’ve won! No –  [laughing] 


BILL: Okay. What did Jesus do for you?

WOMAN #5: I had bone spurs in my neck and every time I would move my neck it would crackle and pop and hurt and it doesn’t crackle or pop or hurt anymore!


It’s like I got a got a brand new neck!


BILL: Did you feel it happen?

WOMAN #5: At first when they first started praying for me I felt like something over my head right here.

BILL: Yeah.

WOMAN #5: It felt almost like a pressure. And then that lifted and then I felt very woozy for a while. [laughing]

BILL: Woozy is good! Woozy is good! That’s awesome.


BILL: Bless you. What did Jesus do for you?

WOMAN #6: Hi. In the 90’s I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis possibly since I was a child. And in the last couple of years I can hardly turn my neck and if I do this real quick I would feel like a bungee cord pulling my neck and it hurts really bad. And when the lady put –  as you were praying the lady put her hand on and I felt like a heat come through my right hand side and now I can do this and I don’t feel a bungee cord.

BILL: [LAUGHING] That’s wonderful!


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BECKY:  many people have many questions concerning healing, and I’m going to answer a couple of questions that I get asked all the time that will help you. Many people ask me, “Why am I sick?” That’s a good question, but there’s an answer in the Bible for everything I have found. And the Bible tells us that in this world we will have tribulation, meaning difficult times. We will go through difficulties. And Jesus says that we are to be encouraged; not to worry, but we’re to be encouraged. Not because we going through a difficult time. Because sickness and disease do not come from God. The every good and perfect gift comes from up above. sickness and disease; is not good. Nor is it a blessing, in disguise, people. People say to me, and I’m talking Christian people say that God put this cancer on them, and it’s a blessing in disguise. And that God is testing their faith through this cancer, or whatever the difficulty is. That is wrong doctrine. It’s false doctrine. And you’ve got to get something straight in your mind and in your heart. You’ve got to settle things  in order to believe God, when you’re in a life and death situation, or whatever it is that you’re believing God for. It’s pretty hard to believe God, to heal you, if you believe God has given it to you. And that it was a blessing in disguise. I can go to anybody I meet that has cancer, and I can ask them in private, “do you think this is a blessing?” And they never say, “Yes.” sickness and disease comes from Satan. Why? And I’m going to teach you why. Because not only does every good and perfect gift, comes from the Father, which is health and healing, our good and perfect gifts. Right? They bless us. They truly bless us. They’re for our benefit. That’s a blessing. But sickness and disease comes from the enemy Satan. It says in john 10:10; do you know the scripture? It’s a famous scripture, right? It talks about a thief. And the thief is Satan, and this is Jesus himself talking. And he says, “the thief comes to steal, to kill, and to destroy.” And Jesus says of himself, because he’s talking. He says, but I have come to give you, life, and life in abundance. We’re going to talk about that right now. What does sickness and disease do? They steal. What do they steal from you? They steal many things. Right? They steal life. They steal your health. They steal your resources. They steal your joy, your peace. Right? sickness and disease, or Satan; which is, sickness and disease happen to be like a mass weapon of destruction that he has designed to kill you. Right? To bring you out, so that you can’t complete your destiny. He’s afraid of you. Right? And so sickness and disease, it steals, it kills. What does it kill? It kills, yes the human body. How about hope for a future? It kills faith, it steals. It’s destructive. Right? It steals, and it kills, and it destroys. It destroys everything. It destroys relationships, it causes so much stress on families. Their relationships are destroyed. It does not come from God. It cannot come from God. It is destructive. It is not from God. You need to settle this stuff in your heart. Get rid of the doubt and unbelief in you. And yes Christians struggle with doubt and unbelief. You need to deal with things according to the Word of God. sickness and disease are not Blessings in disguise, they are mass weapons of destruction, by who? Satan. And they’re to kill, steal, and destroy you, and your family, and the things that God has for you for you to do to enlarge the kingdom of God. To be about your heavenly Father’s business. So I don’t want anybody here to say that God gave them this Sickness because it is not from God. He wills so much to heal you, that Jesus shed his blood seven times. The third place he shed his blood for you is at the whipping post. And if you understand what he went through at the whipping post, you would never say, or even think that this sickness comes from him. He gave everything he had. He was totally spent; nothing left. So that you could be redeemed. And that word, redeemed, means ‘sozo.’ And it means to be healed in spirit, and in body. He gave everything he had for you and for me so that we could be healed, and be made whole. You say, “Well, okay I know that but I don’t know how to access my healing.” You know what the church needs to do? The church needs to learn how to believe again.

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DONNA: And so when he would come up onto that platform, oftentimes he’d come up with a song.

LARRY: Yeah.

DONNA: But he knew what he was doing, because he was kind of spying out the land to see.

LARRY: Yeah.

DONNA: what kind of demon spirits he was dealing with. But as I watched him, it was as though a cloak.


DONNA: an invisible cloak came on him.

LARRY: Yeah.

DONNA: because he turned in from being an ordinary man, to this man who had an authority.

LARRY: Yeah.

DONNA: and an anointing to lift the faith of people.

LARRY: Yeah; yeah.

DONNA: And in the middle of that service,  you would see people go from faith, to faith, to faith.

LARRY: Yeah.

DONNA: And sometimes he began with a song. He’d often have people give testimonies.

LARRY: Yeah.

DONNA: and that would build faith in the heart of people.


DONNA: But every single time when he would preach the Word of faith.

LARRY: Yeah.

DONNA: there would be an explosion.

LARRY: Yeah; yeah.

DONNA: you know. I saw this on T.L. Osborn. [PHOTOS BEGIN] And when I had the first t- chance to meet T.L. Osborn, he invited me he and Daisy invited me to come to Uganda with them. [PHOTOS END] And I remember sitting on the platform on AIDS night.

LARRY: Yeah.

DONNA: when there was. [VIDEO] 250,000 people.


DONNA: hundreds of thousands. [VIDEO] T.L. OSBORN: BLESS THE LORD! [TRANSLATOR TRANSLATING] of people that were coming to get healed of AIDS.


DONNA: and the Lord let me see something in the supernatural. You know T.L. Osborn was someone like my dad who, they didn’t speak in multiple syllables; they had very.

LARRY: Yeah.

DONNA: simple words in presenting the Gospel. But the Lord allowed me to see each word that Brother Osborn spoke had like a dewdrop.


DONNA: of anointing on it.


DONNA: and the Lord allowed me to see that going into the hearts of the people. And then all of a sudden, I felt a tidal wave of FAITH.

LARRY: Yeah.

DONNA: almost knocked me off my seat! And I said to the man next to me, Did you feel that?.


DONNA: and he looked at me like I was crazy. But I knew what the Lord was showing me; He was showing me the power of the anointing.


DONNA: that goes like a seed into the hearts of people. [[VIDEO ENDS]] Faith comes alive, and that opens them up to the supernatural.

LARRY: Yeah.

DONNA: And that night, I waited for 2-1/2 hours while people gave testimony of how they were SNAPS FINGERS instantly healed.



LARRY: W-well it’s interesting; as you’re talking about his words being cloaked in this dewdrop, I’m thinking of the words of Jesus where Jesus says, John 6:63, My words are spirit, and they are life.

DONNA: and life. Exactly.

LARRY: And I think to myself, Jesus is announcing that His words are spirit.


LARRY: which makes me think it’s like you’re saying it’s more than when we’re speaking; it’s more than just syllables coming together.


LARRY: it’s more than just words of grammar. When we’re saying what He’s saying.

DONNA: Exactly.

LARRY: about those who are in captivity, or those who are sick and demonized when we’re saying what Jesus says about those people, I believe our words actually carry presence.

DONNA: Absolutely. And Jesus actually, you know, when He came up out of the waters of baptism, and He was baptized in the Holy Spirit.


DONNA: actually as Jesus taught, He went into the waters, but the waters went into Him.

LARRY: Yeah; that’s good.

DONNA: it came out of Him.


DONNA: But the first thing that He did is He went to Nazareth.

LARRY: Yeah.

DONNA: and He began to PROCLAIM, I am the Mashiach.

LARRY: Yeah.

DONNA: I am the One Who is anointed. The Spirit of God is on Me.

LARRY: Yeah.

DONNA: But it’s on me for purpose.


DONNA: And sometimes I feel like we make it so complicated. We think that we’re going to, you know, walk around in this aura, or a cloud of glory.

LARRY: Yeah.

DONNA: But really what it’s about is the mission that the Lord.


DONNA: sent us on. He said He sent me, to proclaim the good news.

LARRY: Yeah.

DONNA: to the poor.

LARRY: Yeah.

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LARRY: You must dialogue with the Holy Spirit. And I feel like even now, the Holy Spirit is saying, I am willing, child. I am more willing than you are. I am willing to begin that dialogue. All you need to do is ask. All you need to do is ask me what I am doing, and I will give you clarity, says the Lord. So it’s whacked desk, it’s just amazing –


LARRY: how that happens!

HAKEEM: Yes. And it always activates when – by faith.

LARRY: Yes! Yes.

HAKEEM: You know, God desires for us to have the faith – even like a childlike faith – and when we get to that place and understand that we don’t have to worry about how it comes out; –

LARRY: Yeah.

HAKEEM: but just speak the heart of God out. How I activate people, Larry, in the prophetic, is allowing them to speak, like God.

LARRY: Yeah.

HAKEEM: You know, become oracles of God. What is God saying?

LARRY: Yeah.

HAKEEM: It’s easy to encourage someone, it’s easy to build them up, and that’s how you start flowing in the prophetic; it’s just by faith, and just speak as God is speaking.

LARRY: Yeah.

HAKEEM: And I have seen a tremendous breakthrough by people that are just speaking for God!

LARRY: Yeah.

HAKEEM: Just releasing the love of God. It’s the love that draws people.

LARRY: And when we come back, we’re actually going to talk about how you can decree and declare the promises and the purposes of God – right now, in your life, and in your nation, in your city. Because let’s face it, there’s so much darkness on the Earth right now, but God has a prophetic strategy. He’s looking for a voice on Earth, to agree with that which is established in Heaven. I believe God wants you to be that prophetic voice, and I believe our prophetic guest here, Hakeem Collins, is going to help activate you, so you can declare God’s purposes and promises – with clarity. Stay tuned; we’ll see you in a minute.


LARRY: Welcome to Something More. Listen, God is doing amazing things in, the Earth right now. I know that it’s so easy for us to get discouraged and disappointed by the darkness, the chaos, and the crisis. But as a prophetic voice – and I’m actually talking about you out there – God wants you to be a prophetic voice in the midst of the chaos. Just like God spoke light into darkness, God wants to use you to speak light into all the dark situations in your life and in your world. So Hakeem, let’s talk for a minute. What prophetic words have you seen God bring to pass, just maybe on a – on a macro level, on a – you know, words He’s given you about what He’s doing in the Earth.

HAKEEM: Yeah, sure, literally, I had a dream back in 2008, and the Lord gave me a dream in regards to what was going to happen, far as the next presidency, –


HAKEEM: when I began to release it. I had a dream; and this [music] dream, I had – I was on an elevator. Went up different levels; and when I was going up, different doors opened up. When I went, on the last door that opened up, I saw there were people – African-Americans, I saw different minorities – and they were picketing, and they were, you know, looking for someone, like a leader. And I saw, in the dream, that God was going to raise up an African-American President. Now, we know that God sets up kings, and He s- – and He dethrones them.

LARRY: Sure.

HAKEEM: So, even ends in the midst of that, I released a prophetic word. At that time, it was decentered; and in 2008, he ended up winning.


HAKEEM: it doesn’t matter if it was my choice or who, you know, –

LARRY: Sure.

HAKEEM: but it’s – who God was showing me. And I believe this is a prophetic hour, –

LARRY: Yeah.

HAKEEM: where God is releasing prophetic words – in dreams.

LARRY: Yeah.

HAKEEM: He revealed something in secret, and in dreams He revealed it; and now, it had come to pass. I believe that was a major turning point, even prophetically, where God was taking my voice, –

LARRY: Yeah.

HAKEEM: and influence to another level.

LARRY: Yeah. What do you see God doing right now? I mean, it doesn’t – again, it doesn’t take a prophet to recognize okay, –

HAKEEM: That’s right.

LARRY: things are – things are dark right now. I know obviously we’ve been in the Last Days – we’ve been in the Last Days since Jesus left, –

HAKEEM: laughs