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CAROL: They do this Sid, they do. We were going to shut our counseling department down because … No seriously because they would fall out under the power and they would be out for an hour and we would see them laughing and then we’d see them in tears and then that would settle down and then we’d hear them laughing again. So we’d asked them, “What happened?” And they said, “God would take us to a real deep wound in our hearts and then heal us and tell us.” And then it just became funny because we thought it was such a big deal and it was so easy for God to heal. And so, one after the other after the other, of all these hurts, God just healed supernaturally.

SID: Tell me briefly the story of Chloe.

CAROL: This beautiful girl and her husband, she was about 25 when she first showed up. We didn’t know her and John and I were doing [the] importance of forgiveness and bitterroot judgments at this conference on The Father Loves You. And so, her husband really didn’t believe in charismatic things but he’d heard about it and he knew that his wife had really deep father wounds. So he brought her against her will but anyway brought her. So they’re sitting in the very back row and John does the altar call if anybody needs to forgive. And he went through a list for people, come on up to the front. And then I was going to go on about bitterroot judgments. And so, he’s leading them through prayer and I hear this wailing going on and I thought, “Oh my gosh, what is going on?” And so I thought, “I’m going to go down and see what’s going on down there.”

CAROL: And I found this beautiful young girl crying, crying, crying. So I went over to her and I said, “Honey, what’s God doing?” She said, “I hate my father because of this, and this, and this, and this.”

Always put me down.

CAROL: So we prayed through and forgave him and she ended up falling down under the power and I stayed with her probably for about maybe 15, 20 minutes but she got hot. All of a sudden she said, “I’m boiling hot, I’m boiling hot. What’s wrong?” And I said, “I think God’s healing you. Do you need a physical healing?” And she said, “Oh boy, do I need a physical healing.” She said, “My husband carries me upstairs. I can’t walk upstairs, I come down on my bottom, I have childhood arthritis, I have 10 seizures a day, I’m on a heavy, heavy epileptic seizure medication, I’m lactose intolerant, I have cystic ovaries.” I mean, the girl was in, you know.

CAROL: And so, the heat just kept coming on her and finally it lifted a bit. I said, “Can you stand up? Can you do something you couldn’t do before? Can we tell if God is healing you?” And she said, “Well, I can’t walk upstairs.” So she goes, “I’ll try one or two of the stairs.” And we were in this auditorium with a very high platform and it was a theater type building so the platform is really high. And so she walked. I said, “Walk up a couple of the stairs.” Well, before I knew it Sid, she was just like, she was at the top of the stairs and there had to be 10 or 15 stairs it was phenomenal. And her husband is standing at the back of the church saying, “That’s my wife, she can’t do this. She physically can’t do this.”

SID: Real quick because of time hold your hands up to that camera and release what you have freely received to the people, release the glory of God.

CAROL: Oh, Jesus. I so thank you for the power of intimacy Lord and I release to you today Lord an anointing to come into his presence, to soak in his love and to receive all that he has for you so that his glory of the fire and the purity of God will just flood through your being that you will never be the same again. And your love will be so precious and his love to you will even be more dear and wonderful and real. And I ask that in the mighty name of Jesus.

SID: Let it be done in Yeshua’s name.

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SID: What about taking a promise of God from the Bible?

RYAN: I believe that you can take the promises of God and you can hold onto them for you. One of the things that I’ve come to understand about the word of God is it’s for me, it’s for you. So when there is a promise that says that this is to be, and this is how it’s supposed to be, it means I get to apply that to my life. It’s not that I’m just a part of something, but I’m in something. From when that word was formed, if Christ was slain before the foundations of the earth, what was destined about my life before I was ever into existence? So that promise in the Bible has my DNA and my destiny attached to it as well.

SID: You talk about the need to not be passive, but to contend for your miracle.

RYAN: Yes sir. You have to be willing to fight for the fulfillment of the word. The enemy wants to steal, kill, and destroy. But the scripture says that God gives us life and life more abundantly. And I know that we talk about the armor of God, the full armor of God. And yes, there’s times that you will never have to go into battle. A son knows when it is time to lay in the lap of the King, but also when it is time to step in the battlefield. And there’s times in our lives that the enemy knows and has heard what the prophetic destiny is, and because of that, they want to derail you and deny you, but you get up and fight. When you get knocked down, you get back up and you say, “Nope, this is what the word says. This is what God said. And I will fight.”

SID: I’m going to hire you as a life coach right now. I want you to talk to someone. I want you to talk to them. They just been to the doctor. They have just gotten, the Bible calls it an evil report, and they’re coming apart at the seams like your mom did. Talk to them.

RYAN: The Bible declares by his stripes, we are healed. We are healed already, but our bodies are flesh and they’re weak at times. But I want you to remember this. I know what the doctor says. I know what the medical team says, and I know what in the natural it appears to be, but I know this. God didn’t create you to cut life short in you. God created you to overcome some of the things that you’re faced with. And I want you to know that even though the enemy may come, the Bible says he may come and a thousand at your right hand, 10,000 will fall on the left hand. I’m telling you that no weapon formed against you shall be able to prosper. It’s not my words, it’s his word. So even if your body is weak right now, I decree and declare that the body has to come in alignment with God’s word that declares healed, restored, and renewed right now in the name of Jesus.

SID: And I want you to pray that we’d be open to receive a new prophetic word from God or fulfill an older prophecy.

RYAN: Father, right now, I ask right now for every man and woman that hears under the sound of my voice, I call for, for their spiritual ears to be open. Now in the name of Jesus, I cancel all the white noise and distraction that the enemy has come against them. I silence the enemy in the name of Jesus Christ. I plead a bloodline over every man and woman that they would have ears to hear what you have prophetically called upon their life. And Father, for the fulfillment of the prophetic words, they are marked by your assignment. They are marked by your glory and they are marked by your anointing. I call for them to come into the existence that they will be fulfilled in a way in only which you get the glory and honor. I remind the enemy right now in the name of Jesus that he has no power. He has no control. He has no right. I revoke his license over these prophetic dreams, visions and words over their lives in the name of Jesus.

SID: Maybe you know about Jesus, maybe you don’t. But you know that you don’t have experiential knowledge of him. Some of you may have head knowledge. Some of you have maybe have even said a prayer in a church and walked down the aisle, but you’ve never had your own experience with God. I want to pray that for you right now. Repeat after me. Dear God, out loud, dear God, I’m a sinner and I’m so sorry. I believe the blood of Jesus washes away my sins and I am clean and now that I’m clean, Jesus come and live inside of me. I make you my Lord. I want an encounter with you, an experience with you. I need you, God. In Jesus’ name, amen.

SID: Next week on It’s Supernatural.

Carol Arnott: Did you know that when you soak in God’s presence, your body is healed, your heart is restored, as you experience the presence of God like never before. I want you to join me on the next, It’s Supernatural with Sid Roth, as we discover the supernatural power of soaking.

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SID: Jermaine, I think it’s important for us to establish the difference between someone that is a prophet and someone that has a prophetic calling. Distinguish that.

JERMAINE:  Yeah. So someone that is a prophet is, we see that in Ephesians four chapter 11 and 12, they’re called of God. God is the one who raises them. God is the one who anoints them and calls them for the purpose of being a prophet. And their job is to equip the body of Christ, to equip the saints for the work of the ministry. They release that prophetic mantle to the body. They activate people to be prophetic. They keep the prophetic spirit of God alive within the body. They keep that activated.

SID: So a prophet activates others for the second thing. What is the second thing?

JERMAINE:  And the second thing is just a believer that has been activating the gift of prophecy. They’re flowing from the gift of prophecy that we see in 2 Corinthians chapter 14.

SID: So there are prophets and there are prophetic people. And your point is God’s the one that calls the prophets, but every believer that hears God is a prophetic person. Rebecca, tell me simple steps for us to start.

REBECCA: We’ve way over complicated it like I had said before, but to simply ask, receive and obey.

SID: Rebecca and Jermaine, go for it. Teach us how to prophesy.

JERMAINE:  Absolutely.

REBECCA: Yeah, absolutely. Just like we said, all you really have to do is ask, believe you’ve received it, and then obey. And by obey it’s really taking action of some kind, right? So just like when we’re filled with the Holy Spirit, Holy Spirit doesn’t show up and grab our mouth, move our lips, move our tongue, make the vocal chord, right? We have to take an action to open our mouth and say it. And so what we’re going to do is just, we’re going to all today, everyone, everyone here, everyone watching is going to receive something from the Lord. And I’m going to put us through a practice run. Are you ready? Well, let me give you a little preface that when we say that God is speaking, I think sometimes Sid that if I say God spoke something to me—

SID: Well, we think a booming voice, like Moses hears God’s booming voice in the movies.

REBECCA: Yes. Right, that’s what we imagined. But the truth is when God speaks to us, he speaks to us just like how we… he speaks to our spirit, but we’re going to understand it just like we understand anything else. If you have a dream in your dream, there’s pictures, there’s sound, there’s feeling and sensation, there’s just stuff you instantly know. And so all of that is how you think. That’s how you process information. So when we say God spoke to us, very rarely are we saying that a booming voice came down from heaven. Almost never. Usually we’re saying something came in my spirit and I understood it because I saw a mental image or I heard a word or I felt an impression or I felt an emotion.

REBECCA: And so just to give you an example of how that works, we’re all going to do this right now. I’m going to ask you a question and you are going to get the answer.

SID: Did you say we’re going to get the answer?

REBECCA: You’re going to get the answer.

SID: That’s what I thought she said.

REBECCA: Everyone.

SID: Everyone?

REBECCA: Everyone is going to get the answer.

SID: I thought… I just want to clarify.

REBECCA: It’s a practice run so don’t be nervous, but are you ready? Here’s the question. What is your name?SID: I know. You know your name? Good. Good.

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TONY:  Actually in the original language when Jesus said “lay hands upon the sick and they shall recover,” the Greek word for “recover” means that from the moment hands are layed on ya, you will get better and better until you are completely well. Is there another change? Father, touch joints, touch bones and bring her healing to completion and Lord, let the pain fade away in Jesus’ name. You get to stay right there. And we’re gonna let you because you the oldest sit. She said “Oh, yeah! But skooch over so she can jump in with ya because she’s tiny! I was that size when I was born!


TONY:  Stretch forth your hand towards those with back conditions and touch, touch somebody who needs a healing. That’s all right. Just go ahead and touch them. Father in the name of Jesus we release healing grace into every person standing. Be healed in the mighty name of Jesus. You may be seated. I’m gonna do this real quick and then we’re gonna do some praise and worship. Uh, who’s having pressure behind an eye? Stand up and you’ll be healed right now. Pressure behind an eye. Stand up. You’ll be healed right now. Do you have that pressure now? (woman speaking without microphone) Do you have that pressure now? 

WOMAN #7:  I don’t feel it right now.

TONY:  You don’t feel it. And sister, you stood because of?  Okay. So let’s stretch forth your hands and let’s pray for their healing. In the name of Jesus I curse these eye diseases! Die, dissipate, and disappear from their bodies! I command glaucoma. Disappear! I command the pressure and all the reason for the pressure be gone and stay gone! And Lord this degeneration disappear! I command total restoration of their eyes now in Jesus name! Lift up your hands and give God a praise!


TONY:  Now, yeah, go ahead praise him. This is the moment some of you I know have been waiting for. All of you who want to supernaturally lose weight starting tonight stand to your feet right now. And I don’t want any really skinny people to stand up! (laughs) If you’re like really, really skinny please don’t stand up. Just sit down and stand up on the inside. Somebody next to you might slap you. Here’s what I want you to do for real serious. Here’s— I want you to do this. I want you check and see how tight you are all the way around and memorize it. Um huh. Check and see how tight your pants are, your shirt is, all that kind of— see how tight. Memorize how much room you got and how much room you ain’t got. But don’t tell nobody right now. Just do that. Let me know when you got it. You got it? Are you ready? Here’s my instruction. Number one: If you’ll repent of the way that you’ve been eating wrong and tell God, “Lord forgive me” and you promise to eat right, I’m telling ya that some of y’all its gonna happen in just a few moments. So go ahead and do your prayer of repentance, because some of us— you know I’m still repenting. Humm! C’mon now. But I’m doing a lot better but I’m still repenting. Begin to pray your prayer of repentance and then we gonna pray for you. I was at Tennessee. A man was there. He was a, uh, praise leader. He was wearing a suit coat. It was unbuttoned. The Lord gave me a word of knowledge that he was causing people to supernaturally lose weight. And he burst out into laughter saying “Pastor, I think I’m one of those guys.” He comes up and he’s able to button all four of his buttons. I was in Tennes— I was in, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, Mississippi, and a woman was there. She also had a coat. God supernaturally caused her to lose weight. She couldn’t button her buttons. But then supernaturally she was able to button her buttons. And listen, this is funny. Lord forgive me. But we, and my wife will tell you, we’ve seen people who had their stomach out here and it would shrink and they’d have to grab their pants and their underwear. 


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SID: Hello. My third guest is Jeremiah Johnson. Jeremiah, what do you see coming?

JEREMIAH:  You know, Sid, I had a dream at the beginning of 2019 where I was escorted into the White House and as I walked into the White House, I realized that I had had an appointment with Donald Trump. I walked into his office and when I walked into his office, he was staring in the mirror. It really shook me because who looked back at him was Abraham Lincoln. As I recognize this, Donald Trump went and sat back behind his desk and I said, “Donald, I’m here to reveal to you the principalities that you’re facing in America that must be torn down.”

JEREMIAH: There was a large window behind him and I ripped back the curtain. There were three large principalities on the White House lawn standing about 40 feet tall. The first principality was the principality of racism. God said, “It is an ancient evil in America that must be torn down.” The next principality was called radical feminism. It was a woman with horns coming out of her head. The third principality was the god of Molech. It is the shedding of innocent blood, the feeding of the … And the Lord said to me, all three of these principalities are interconnected. There’s a connection between abortion. How we are placing Planned Parenthoods strategically in African American demographics and neighborhoods. I believe to support Planned Parenthood is to support racism. Then we have this whole …

SID: By the way, I don’t know if you’ve studied the history of Planned Parenthood, but it was developed by a woman by the name of Sanger because she didn’t want the African American community to be large.

JEREMIAH: That’s right.

SID: Most people don’t know this.

JEREMIAH: She founded what was called the Negro Project, which God has called me to expose. I came out of this dream with these three principalities, but even more than that, Sid, I was invited into this divine dialogue about Donald Trump and the mystery of Abraham Lincoln. As I studied the life of Abraham Lincoln and the founding fathers, I believe God revealed to me that he raised up Abraham Lincoln in a unique time in history.

JEREMIAH: He was a flawed man, but what God used him to do was to issue an Emancipation Proclamation concerning the slaves. I believe that God has raised up Donald Trump to issue an Emancipation Proclamation concerning the millions of babies that have been aborted. Here’s the key, who holds the anointing? The Lord said to me, the future of America is in the hands of the baby boomers. Sid, I want to prophesy …

SID: What age are the baby boomers?

JEREMIAH: If you were born between 1946 and 1964 God began to show me this demographic of people has been anointed by the Lord carrying a true heart. The Lord said to me, it will be the gray hairs and the white hairs that will determine the future of America. God has raised up Trump to confront into issue an Emancipation Proclamation. I believe that baby boomers for Trump are going to arise in this nation. They have a standard of morality. They understand the history of our country. As a millennial, Sid, I’m just here as a son to say, “Go, baby boomers, go!”

SID: What is God’s plan for America? What is his heart for our country?

JEREMIAH: I believe God’s heart is to prosper us, to give us peace. I just simply believe there has to be a plum line. There has to be a standard of righteousness that the people might discern evil from good and good from evil. I had a dream, Sid, where Donald Trump was running something like a Boston Marathon and he had fallen down before the finish. The crowds Boston, they were liberal, they were yelling, they were shouting. As I watched, two older women, one on a cane and one on a walker, they made it through the crowds and somehow supernaturally they picked up Donald and they helped him get to the finish line.

JEREMIAH: God is saying to me, the future of America, again, those women, they represent the praying church, but they’re the baby boomers. This election is not in the bag. We’ve got to have the boomers arise and pray. There’s going to be supernatural praying going on, but the future of America, I believe is bright. But we have to get back to the place of prayer.

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