On “It’s Supernatural:” last week you saw how an irreversible operation is reversible in the realm of the supernatural, and why it’s called one of the greatest healing miracles of the twentieth century. Now see how Delores has the same supernatural ability that was used to heal her.


Do angels exist? Are human miracles real? Is there life after death? Can people get supernatural

help from another dimension? Has the future been written in advance? Sid Roth has spent twenty-five years researching the strange world of the supernatural. Join Sid on this edition of, “It’s Supernatural.”


SID: Hello Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it is naturally supernatural. The presence of God has been so strong in this studio. Why not? The woman that I’m talking to, Delores Winder, received many believe, one of the greatest miracles of the twentieth century. No one has ever had a procedure she had, she was dying and so they burned out her nerve centers to relieve her of pain. They don’t even do it, it is so barbaric they don’t even do this today, but back then they didn’t have the modern pain type pills, and only if someone was definitely going to die would the do it because you can’t reverse it. And her bones were all deteriorating, the doctors said she was dying, prepare to die. And she went to a meeting in which Kathryn Kulman didn’t even have a miracle service, she was just speaking and all of a sudden Delores’s legs started to burn, and she took of her body brace, and her neck brace, it was like a cast over her entire body, not entire body, but the top part of your body, and that had been with you, that type of thing had been with you for 19 plus years, and instantly a great miracle occurred, you were healed from the top of your head to the bottom of your toes. And you went in dying and you were running, three thousand people saw you running, when you went to your personal doctor what did he say?


DELORES: I saw my orthopedic surgeon first because I thought he would know another way this could have happened.


SID: You still thought it was a coincidence.


DELORES: I didn’t know what to think, we were in shock. And I said I just want you to examine me. And he said your voice is strong. I said just examine me. And he got me up and bent me over and I pushed the hands of the nurses away and went down and touched the floor and I turned around and he was sitting on his stool.


SID: You can’t touch the floor, that’s impossible.


DELORES: No, that’s right.


SID: He knows that, I know that, so what did he say?


DELORES: He just looked at me. And the next thing he said was let me see your sore. And it had scarred overnight. And then he said let’s go to the table. And for them to put me on the table and turn me they had to wrap me in a sheet and roll me over. And I said I can turn over. I turned over and Ben said if I could have seen his face when he started running his thumbs down my spine and said, “It’s straight.” And then I sat up and he is just standing there looking at me and I said, Ben give me your hands. And he gave me his hands and I had the strength in my hands now, all of the, my hands had deteriorated, my fingers had deteriorated, and my hands were hairline cracks, and I had no strength at all in them, and I griped his hands and he just stopped and looked at them. Then he said I suppose you want me to use the pin too. And I said yes. And he barely touched my right foot and is aid it is sharp. He said tell me what happened but let me sit down first.


SID: I’m sure.


DELORES: He sat down on his stool, just weeping and after I told him what happened, I said, “Ben isn’t there another way this could have happened?” He looked at me and said there is no other way and you have all to do with God.


SID: Your son and husband, you son had never seen you healthy, your husband for over 19 years, you were pretty much an invalid.




SID: You come home from the Kathryn Kulman service, who saw you first?


DELORES: Chris, Chris was watching, it was very late when we got home, everything got confused over there and everyone was shouting and yelling and we were late getting home. And Dale pulled in across the street, she had Bill’s car but she parked in her driveway and I said why are you doing this and she said I’m not going over with you I don’t know what happened. Here we were, two Christians sitting there arguing about how I was going to get across the street and I stepped out of the car by myself for the first time that Chris ever saw and he came running across the street saying, “Mother, you were healed, you were healed,” picked me up around the waist, swung me around, started carrying me across the street. Now you couldn’t touch me because I broke. And there he was.


SID: All your bones were so brittle.


DELORES: Yes, and he is yelling and I said, “Honey, the neighbors are sleeping, be quiet.” We got in the house and Bill had come out and then he went back in the house when he saw this. And when we got in there Chris said can we go to church in the morning and I said yes. And Bill said let’s talk about this tomorrow. He said where is your cast and your brace.


SID: He wanted you to put it back on?


DELORES: Well he wanted to be sure I had it. And I said it’s in the car. And the next day he…


SID: How did you sleep by the way that night?


DELORES: I, he put me in my bed, I was in a hospital bed, in a valley, that’s how I laid, he put me to bed and I laid that way the rest of the night, went to sleep, woke up the next morning, got up went in and got in the shower for the first time by myself in many, many years, and went out to the kitchen. And Bill had gotten up and he did not sleep to well.


SID: Wait a second; you were taking a lot of drugs, did you take drugs that night?


DELORES: No, no, no, didn’t take anything.


SID: No?


DELORES: No, forgot about them.


SID: You were living on drugs.


DELORES: I was living on drugs, but I forgot them. And in fact two weeks later Ben called me and said what are you doing about your medication? And I said nothing. And he said, “Delores, you have got to come in, we have got to starting getting you off medication.” And I, and I am speaking to somebody right now, God is calling you to get off that medication you are on, you are healed and you are still on that medication, get off it now in the mighty name of Jesus. But for two weeks I didn’t even think about it and he called me and then he said you should have gone into convulsions taking all the medicine you were taking then just getting off like that. But the Lord took care of that too.


SID: I imagine when you saw the members of your family, how about your other son?


DELORES: We went down their on Sunday after church and he was trimming his hedge, the yard, and I got out of the car and he didn’t know I was there because I hadn’t been down there in over two years, and I got up behind him and I said, “Could you use me on your football team?” He is a coach. And I bent down and touched the floor, touched the ground, and when I stood up I knew don’t do this; don’t do this to people. He was in a state of shock and he was shaking so bad. Bill had to grab him and run him in the house.


SID: I tell you what, hold that thought, guess what happened, she got so much more than she bargained for, her hands are starting to get hot. She puts them in her pocket, she doesn’t know what do to about this, she picked up that same presence of the Holy spirit that was on Kathryn Kulman. Don’t go away, because some of that presence of God is going to drip on you.

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