admin on April 26th, 2020

SID: Jermaine, I think it’s important for us to establish the difference between someone that is a prophet and someone that has a prophetic calling. Distinguish that. JERMAINE:  Yeah. So someone that is a prophet is, we see that in Ephesians four chapter 11 and 12, they’re called of God. God is the one who […]

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admin on April 17th, 2020

TONY:  Actually in the original language when Jesus said “lay hands upon the sick and they shall recover,” the Greek word for “recover” means that from the moment hands are layed on ya, you will get better and better until you are completely well. Is there another change? Father, touch joints, touch bones and bring […]

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SID: Hello. My third guest is Jeremiah Johnson. Jeremiah, what do you see coming? JEREMIAH:  You know, Sid, I had a dream at the beginning of 2019 where I was escorted into the White House and as I walked into the White House, I realized that I had had an appointment with Donald Trump. I […]

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