admin on April 22nd, 2018

DAVID: Thank You for your healing. Thank You for your miracles. Thank You for your power now. Thank You for the power of your resurrection. Thank You for the healing now. Just press in again right now. We’re just flowing by the direction of the Holy Spirit. You can do anything and you’ve done it […]

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admin on April 15th, 2018

SID: Now Jesus taught Kevin how to play the sax the way Jesus played it, but he also taught you how to pray the way he prayed. What did he tell you?   KEVIN: He told me that I didn’t have enough depth in my prayers, that I didn’t have enough access to the depths […]

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SID: Now, I have all three of the prophets that are here today are personal friends. But I really appreciate the gift that Chuck Pierce brought to the body. One of the things you have revealed to us is the understanding from ancient Israel of understanding how to have access to God, how to worship […]

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