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SANDRA: Third, is that he said operate in the authority of the royal priesthood. That you and I, he made us priests, kings, and priest unto him, and he is now in this season above all seasons, expecting us to operate as royal priesthood, guarding his word, feeding his people, taking his word as truth, and walking it out, so that those who do not know him, those who don’t know anything about healing, those who do not know anything about his signs and wonders, those who not know about his love, and how wonderful God is to us, it is our day, our time to be priest to the people.

SANDRA: In the Old Testament, the priests guarded the health of the community, and that we are to show forth his glory, and he’s trying to show us over and over and over again, that the times are upon us for his return. The times are upon us for his people to step forth light. They have never done it in all of history, to step forth.

SID: Now no one, can tell Sandra Kennedy that miracles are not for today. You’ve seen it all. Tell me just a few things you’ve seen.

SANDRA: Well, we’ve seen three people who were dead, raised three people from the dead. We’re talking about just here, not out on foreign field somewhere, just right here. We’ve had nine brain dead people who’ve come up. We’ve… You could not name something, Sid, that we have not seen. Plus we continue to see it on a daily basis almost. From all over the world we get reports back, that people’s lives are changed and transformed, just simply by the word of God. Taking God at his word. And it doesn’t matter how long somebody has had something. It doesn’t matter to what degree they are.

SID: But someone that’s had something that they, “I’m going to live with this.” So you have to pound the word into them to know, no, you don’t have to live with this.

SANDRA: Well, you just gave the sinkhole right there, yourself. When you just said that they had just made their minds up that they had to live with it. And that’s the problem, is that the solace area is sinking everybody. Your mind, your will, your emotions, how you think, sinks you. And you have to get where you think that’s who we are called to be. We have the mind of Christ. We are called to think like, God. Well, the only way I can think like God, is to know what this book says, because this is God talking to me. So I have to change and start thinking, no matter what my body says to me, remember a symptom is not a sickness. Your mouth can turn it into one now.

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ROB: And I said, well, I got in a fight with one of your congregational members. And he goes, who was he? I said, I don’t know. I didn’t catch his name. And he goes, tell me what he looks like. And I said, well, he’s about five, nine. And I said, he’s 300-ish type pounds. And the pastor goes, good. I know exactly who that is. And I said, well, praise the Lord. Why good? And he responds. He says, Rob, God used you to give that man what he needed. He said, but I couldn’t give him that. He said, God has called me to be the shepherd, the pastor, and I got to love him, but God loves him so much, he gave him what he needed. And he began to tell me the rest of the story. That man, that I’m speaking about today, still attends that church. He’s become an elder in that ministry, and he wears what took place that day on that altar as a badge of honor, because he knows that God mightily set free.

SID: Not everyone is called to be a prophet. It’s called the fivefold ministry, like Rob. But the Bible says all can prophesy. And you say, it’s simple to prophesy. If you’re an all and a believer, it’s simple, you say. Give me a few tips.

ROB: My favorite scripture is revelations 19:10. Worship God. The testimony of Christ Jesus is the spirit of prophecy. And as I begin to research and look and ask God for wisdom to teach this, he said, teach people how to give a testimony, teach people that when they testify on behalf of my name, the spirit of prophecy is released. He said, teach them to give a word of encouragement by the scriptures. He said, Rob, it’s so easy. He says, ask people that said they’ve never prophesied, if they ever wrote in a card, a scripture and gave it to a friend or a family member.

ROB: And so I began to ask people, have you ever prophesied? They said, no. And I say, have you ever written a scripture on a card, and given it to a loved one? Have you ever been asked—

SID: Texted the scripture.

ROB: Texted. Yeah. I even asked, have you ever been asked to pray for someone and suddenly in prayer, a scripture comes out? And they said, yes. I said, that’s the spirit of prophecy. I asked them, have you ever wore a shirt or a hat that has a scripture or a verse or a Godly saying? They say, yes. I said, you become a billboard. You are in motion, a spirit of prophecy walking through the earth, because when people look at the scripture, they can’t just look at it. They have to say it and they have to speak it out, or they read it out and it gets into the atmosphere.

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SID: Hello, Sid Roth here with Tim Sheets. And I have to tell you something, my guests keep doing this to me, Tim, you provoke to jealousy. January 2020, you had two specific phrases revealed to you, what were they, and explain them briefly?

Holy S,pirit spoke to me and he said, “Tell my people to raise the bar and I will raise the anointing.” Now raising the bar was a word that initially came through in the Olympics. When the high jumpers jump.

SID: Yeah.

TIM: You raise the bar and the highest one wins. In other words, go to another level. Holy Spirit said, “I want you to tell my people, take it to another level.” In other words, press in to the spirit realm and engage with me this year. Pray at levels you haven’t prayed at before, believe me for greater things, and if you will do that, I will pour out the anointing on you at a greater level. And then he spoke these words, “I want you to loose my heir force.” And I knew it was H-E-I-R, the force behind the heirs, which is angels. According to Hebrews one and verse 14, “The angels are ministering spirits sent to minister for the heirs of salvation.” That is you and me, the born again ones, we’re the heirs. Angels are ministering to the heirs at a different level.

And I began to see, this is the year when he’s going to engage the multiple divisions of angel armies and assist the heirs. And he said, “Loose the heir force.” Now how we do that is with the decrees of our mouth.

SID: When did God start talking to you about angel armies?

TIM: I was out by the lake praying, I had prayed all night, one night. And was praying into the second night and he began to talk to me about angel armies. And he said this, “I will now lead another campaign on earth similar to Acts chapter two.” But then he said, “This time I will be bringing far more of the angel armies.”

I sat there afraid to move. I was under such anointing, and shaking. And then he added this phrase, I’ve said it up a thousand times. He said, “The greatest days in church history are not in your past, they’re in your present and in your future. We are entering into the greatest days of church history, the greatest harvest of church history, the greatest miracles that we’ve ever seen in church history.”

SID: You call it the Mega Pentecost.

TIM: It is a Mega Pentecost because the Holy Spirit spoke to me and said, “We are now entering into the third literal Pentecost.” It is fascinating, the first literal Pentecost goes back to the Exodus after the Passover.

SID: Right.

TIM: You go 50 days at the Exodus to Mount Sinai. So anyway, and Moses gets the 10 commandments, they celebrate the feast there and then Exodus 12. And it’s kind of overlooked, people don’t see it but in Exodus 12 says, “When they went out, all the hosts went with them.” Hosts of AA. And that means angel armies.

SID: Right.

TIM: Or angel warriors. They went too, why did they leave?

SID: They weren’t alone.

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SID: Now, in the resources we’re making available, you teach on how to steward these encounters, explain that.

DAVID: So I think there’s a heart of expectation. There’s so much power in the word expectation because we wake up in the morning believing that God’s going to move. I don’t plan of what to change if God shows up, I plan for God to show up and then we can make the adjustments there because we were willing to give Him preeminence. We want to give Him first place in everything that we’re doing. God’s always moving. It’s by His nature, He’s moving, He’s doing things in our earth. And if we have eyes to see what He is doing and take our eyes off what He isn’t doing, then I think that will create an excellent spirit of expectation.

SID: You also talk about revisiting these moments.

DAVID: So an encounter, I think anything given from heaven to earth is eternal because it came from eternity. Now, some of the times when heaven touches us, our spirits can absorb like a sponge a lot more than our minds can at the moment. And so on some of my encounters I’ve revisited them. I would pray and meditate and go back into the encounter. I would revisit that encounter and then realize, oh my gosh, God did so much more in that moment than I realized my first time through. God is so good, so glorious. And just a moment in His presence energizes us, it transforms us. I got delivered from things I didn’t even know I struggled with in God’s presence because it sticks with you. It energizes you, and it fuels you for the future.

SID: In this stewarding, you seem to be very careful that it’s not a natural thing, and you don’t want to attribute a natural event to God Himself.

DAVID: We want to protect the integrity of the encounter. Whenever we go into an environment, we observe what’s happening in the natural, we felt the voice of God blow through many times but I’m also making sure I don’t attribute the wind of God to the fan that’s sitting right next to me or to the air conditioner. One time, the wind of God came into a group of youth students that we were ministering to. Now, it’s one thing to feel the wind of God by yourself, or to pray for someone in the prayer line, but the wind, that God isn’t something you can fake for a room full of teenagers. And so that was challenging because I knew the Lord wanted me to share this encounter with them. There was a talk about purity and wow, what if we highlight purity, with an extravagant touch of God’s presence? And so after the talk on purity, I said, “I think God really wants to touch you guys. I feel like the wind of God is going to blow through the room.”

DAVID: I thought I was going to have to pray to coach them into it, before I could even open my mouth the wind of God blew through the room. The teenager’s eyes went wide open, their mouths dropped.

SID: Talk about grabbing a teenager’s attention, when a wind blows in a room, if that doesn’t do it, I don’t know what will.

DAVID: One young man began jumping up and down going, “I’ve never seen anything like this before.” When you have His presence, He authenticates His presence. You don’t have to fake the encounter, you don’t have to manufacture something because people know when you’re being genuine, they know when you’re being sincere. But I want to make sure I’ve measured the environment so that our testimony is true when people hear it.

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TRACY: And so then next, and here’s the thing you’ve got to clear your schedule. You’ve got to clear your schedule and you have to have an appointment with God. And you got to ask him first of all, “How do you want to meet with me?” Because God gets to say, because he knows what your life looks like. And so we’ve got to say, “Okay, God, what does this look like for me?” And so he’s going to tell you when to meet with him. And then you’ve got to go and meet with him because you’ve got an appointment, and guess what? God is already there. He’s waiting for you to show up, because he knows that you’re going to be there. So he’s waiting for you to come. It will be just like if I was working out and I had a personal trainer. You’ve got a personal trainer in the Lord and he wants to exercise your ears and your eyes in that place. And so next you’ve got to clear your soul. And this is something that I didn’t realize when I first started.

SID: What do you mean by clear your soul?

TRACY: Well, I have a very loud soul life, which means my mind goes a mile a minute. I’m a very busy person. I have seven children, I have 13 grandchildren. My husband has three businesses and I have a church. So very busy person. So when I come before the Lord, I’m coming with a very active life, and today even more so. I think people’s attention span these days are what, a minute. So when you sit down to be quiet, it’s not something that we’re accustomed to and we have to train ourselves to do it. And so I keep a journal next to me. And as I sit before the Lord, all of a sudden my mind will get really busy with everything I haven’t done or everything I need to do. So I’ll just list all of my to-dos and my laundry list, or people I need to email or whatever.

TRACY: And I do a brain flush. David commanded his soul to worship the Lord. And so what I’m doing is I’m commanding my soul to come into alignment with my spirit. And so my soul will come down and get quiet. And my spirit man rises up to connect with the Holy Spirit. And so in that time, I just then after I’d done that, it usually takes me about 15 minutes. Some people would take longer if they’re not used to doing this. God started showing up and he came to me. You know when you go to a conference or in a worship experience with a corporate body, you’re feeling the presence of God so thick and strongly. He started coming like that during my prayer time set. And I would be just weeping before the Lord. And he was just washing over my soul and taking things out of me like pride and idolatry and jealousy and envy and all of this stuff that was so dirty.

TRACY: And he was washing me with His word. You know, I’m reading the Bible, he’s washing me with his rhema word. And so during those times I would get so close to him and I would hear his voice. It was training my ears to hear that still small voice, not that booming, external voice, but the witness of the Holy Spirit. And so I became so sensitive to the witness of the Holy Spirit now, that wherever I go out in the world, I’m yielded to that and I can hear him or an impression that he’s giving me, and I’ll follow it right away. So again, it’s that worship of obedience and sacrifice.

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