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George Bloomer

Sid: Many people are crying out to God “I want to be free. I’ve prayed but I’m not free.” My guest this week is Bishop George Bloomer he’s Senior Pastor at Bethel Family Worship Center in Durham, North Carolina. Yesterday we found out he was a drug addict, he was involved in a cult, he was involved in gangs, he ended up in prison, and in prison he found the Lord. But he really abstained from drugs he was set free and shortly thereafter he continued in his life of drugs while preaching. But one day God had mercy and he was sovereignly set free of his cocaine addiction and he hasn’t had it since. There’s a big difference between deliverance and abstinence. Most Christians are moving in their own will power rather than being supernaturally sovereignly set free. Now another problem George that you had was as a child you were molested. What happened?

George: I call that experience 3D because it was in 453 Columbia Street Brooklyn, New York apartment 3D. There was a young lady who had a live in lover a common law husband and they broke up. They would come to our house on the weekends and gamble and play cards and party in the projects, that was the norm for the weekend. I would do errands for her run to the store, go to the laundry mat do things where she’d give me a $1 or so in those days. When he left her she would hug me and pay me and the hugs would get closer and more intense and the kisses would be closer to my mouth. One afternoon she took me into the adult world of sexuality. The thing that is indelibly impressed in mind and feared in mind about the deliverance is that it robbed me from my innocence at age, the latter part of my 11 year to age 12. This went on for about a year or so. She robbed me of my innocence; we used to play a little game in the streets in Brooklyn called Skelzies. Take bottle tops and fill them with asphalt and use them to knock other kid’s tops out of the box. Sort of like a homemade projects ghetto version of marbles. My pockets were filled with the bottle tops that I had won from the other kids. But when that sexual urge kicked in I would stand up and go upstairs for 10-20 minutes be a man and then return right back downstairs sweating and playing Skelzies again. It bothered me as I grew up it made it impossible for me to date and look at younger ladies who were my age. There was a young girl in the projects whose name was Tanya I was really really excited about her and I liked her. I started talking to her and her mother came and put her fist in my chest and pushed me against the wall and told me “No Bloomer was ever going to be involved with her daughters for me to stay away from her daughter!” That stayed with me years and years and years and I remembered at age 32 I was called back to Red Hook to the school that I grew up in, Public School 27. About a thousand people showed up and I’m back on my own soil in my own area to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. Up comes to me this woman who’s asking me if I remember who she is, and I didn’t. When she told me her name she said “I’m Tanya’s mother” immediately I remembered and she told me Tanya’s fate and plight in life and how she was strung out on drugs, and she had crack babies, 3 babies who were born crack addicts. She turned to walk away from me and looked back at me said to “I sure wished you and Tanya would have stayed together.” Immediately I was overwhelmed by the presence of God. The little boy whose head was stuck in my chest, and whose feet was stuck in my ankles, and fingers and hands that was stuck at my wrists began to grow into my physical hands, my physical feet and come up through my neck and choke me as that little boy began to grow in me. I believe that was the day the Lord delivered me. The rejection that I had received from this woman held me hostage, held this little 12 year old boy hostage entrapped inside a 32 year old man with all the sexual problems and addictions that I had dealt with in coming up. It seemed to me like I needed to be released, or affirmed, or accepted by this woman who had rejected me so many years prior to that.

Sid: How did this change your life?

George: Oh completely, completely. I’m married and I have 2 children…

Sid: Were you married at the time?

George: Absolutely. I was married but quiet in my marriage. Not as attentive, not as loving as I should have been. My marriage changed totally. I was able to fully embrace my wife and trust her as a woman and protect and cover my children. Not become overbearing but to protect and to cover them and they’ve grown up to become very very beautiful young ladies ages of 16 and 17. It brought a great deliverance in my life and I speak to those in your listening audience may have been abused and are dealing with secrets and addictions, and rejections as it goes. To find someone that you can confide in and tell them your story, get free from you so that you can live the rest of your life.

Sid: How does someone handle… God developed the human mind in such a way that sometimes when trauma happens to us when we’re young we block it and bury it so deeply we don’t even know what it is.  We just know the symptoms of it, we don’t even remember what happened like you remembered what happened to you. What should someone do about that?

George: What you said is absolutely true because for a number of years I didn’t remember, I knew something was wrong.

Sid: Hmm.

George: But subconsciously I didn’t remember but God knew that He was moving me into this vein of ministry. So in order to deal with it He had to bring me back to it. I’ll tell you a quick story, before I went preach for Bishop T.D. Jakes at Manpower he called me and asked me would I be one of the speakers. I said “Yes.” A friend of mine’s son plays opposite to Denzel Washington in a movie entitled “The Hurricane.” I bought the video and began to watch the video because I wanted, you know support his son’s role and I wanted to know about his nephew. I was watching the video at a party that I had given, and when I got to the part in the movie where Denzel Washington was locked in solitary confinement cell. He came apart from himself physically and emotionally I couldn’t handle it. I started crying and sobbing in the middle of the movie was and I got up walked into the hallway. A friend of mine came out and he said “What’s wrong?” I told him “I can’t handle all this I don’t know what’s happening but I can’t handle it.” What God was doing at that moment was reminding me of all of the issues that I hadn’t dealt with and that I needed to get free from it because I was put into a solitary confinement cell and there I would talk to myself constantly and contemplate killing myself and taking myself out laughing and joking with myself over these 4 weeks that I was in the dark in a confinement cell with defecation coming down the walls when they’d flush the commodes from upstairs. God had to help me to deal with that before I could go into that arena and minister to those 36,000 men who had come from all different walks of life to Manpower to be set free.

Sid: Your book, your new book “Weapons for Warriors.” If you don’t mind I’ve subtitled it “Armed and Dangerous.” What will happen when someone reads your book?

George: A number of things when they begin to read the 18 lessons on spiritual warfare and realize that you can be set free and delivered from anything that has happened to you in your past. When they begin to realize that there’s lessons in the book that deals with the sovereignty of God and confrontational lessons. The first lesson is “Satan You’re not a Solvent.” To put Satan in his place and let him know that God is solvent over our lives. The next lesson is “The Plot to Destroy our Destiny” and that’s going to set a lot of people free. There’s a lesson in there that deals with Satan’s fall…

Sid: Most people are missing their destiny because of the snares that the devil has set. Like for instance, if you weren’t set free the last thing in the world you’d be dead right now, I’m sure.

George: I’d be dead. I’d be dead. The heroin would’ve taken me out. A few weeks before I walked down the DeKalb Avenue to go into the church to get set free, I had started contemplating shooting up heroin. I had been talking to people finding getting me information on it because the high of snorting cocaine and smoking it I was looking for a greater high going to another level. It was there that God delivered and set me free before I was going to… my destiny would have been destroyed I would have been dead. But Satan is a defeated foe and the people of God need to know that. When we get know our adversary and know the demonology and government and the devices of Satan and how he uses depression, oppression in order to possess us. Then God will teach us how to cast the devil out. When we understand that we understand the very phases of demonology and what is witchcraft, and religious demons and how to identify and break generational curses. How to reject rejection, and then those…

Sid: I love that title: “Reject rejection.”

George: (Laughing) Those addictions won’t be able to hold us then God will help us to be… to confront the spirit of pride, and embrace the power of worship and realize that He has encamped angels round and about us. That He has truly taken us from the old existence of Adam and placed us in His loving tender care. The new Adam which is Christ Jesus and you will be armed and dangerous with this book.

Sid: But let me ask you this, usually people have to come in person to be ministered. Can someone really be set free just through following what this book says?

George: Absolutely, totally.

Sid: Are you seeing many people set free?

George: Well first I was set free. I was putting together the final edits on my book “Witchcraft in the Pews,” and my family had gone out to the state fair and I was in the house alone by myself. I was doing some writing but I was listening to a tape because…

Sid: Ohh! We’re out of time we’ll tell this story on tomorrow’s broadcast.

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Suzy Harbinson

Sid: My guest by way of telephone is Suzy Harbinson. I’m speaking to her at her home in Derry, New Hampshire.  Suzy came from a conservative Jewish background but she was a child prodigy, played for the New Hampshire Philharmonic, Violinist. And the worst thing possible happened to her, she fell, she injured her hand.  Worse than that the doctors said that if she doesn’t get feeling back in 2 years she’ll never get feeling back, well the feeling did not come back. She had no feeling in that hand and therefore she couldn’t play the violin.  She became an angry person, things got progressively worse, she got a divorce from her husband, her house was in foreclosure, she had 2 small children. And a friend of hers… her sister came over and shared the gospel.  Suzy said it really didn’t make a whole lot of sense but to get her off her back she repeated the prayer and it was supernatural. Even though it was to get her off of her back you can’t talk to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob in the name of the Messiah of Israel Yeshua Jesus the anointed without something happening.  And then something did happen and she went to another meeting and then a friend of hers had a vision from God tell me about that.

Suzy: My friend Karen came over to my house at the time and I was crying because of my situation with my husband leaving and she started to pray for me.  And all I wanted to hear was these good words about “Oh he’ll come back and you know everything’s going to be okay.” Well when Karen was praying for me she stopped and she looked at me and she said “Suzy I had a vision, I had a vision of you standing in God’s throne room and you are playing a violin and He said ‘If you take it out I will restore.’”

Sid: Now wait a second did she know that you even played the violin?

Suzy: She did not know.

Sid: But did she know that you’re hand was useless and medically there was nothing could be done?

Suzy: Yes she did know that that I had injury not so much didn’t get into any detail it never came up in conversation but it was noticeable just the way I held my hand.

Sid: Okay, well tell me what is it she saw in this vision exactly?

Suzy: She saw me standing in God’s throne room and I was playing a violin and He looked at me and said “If you take it out I will restore.” Now only me I would know what he meant by that, and Karen turned to me and my mouth dropped to the floor. And Karen turned to me and she said “Do you play the violin?” And I said “Well, I did about 15 years ago I played the violin and I had put that violin in my closet.” Sid I didn’t touch it, I didn’t look at it it was gone.  And this was a divine appointment the Lord was telling me that if I took it out of my closet He would restore my hand.

Sid: Did you believe that?

Suzy: I had no other explanation at that point yes, I knew that that was the Lord speaking through my friend Karen.  I knew that God was speaking through her.  And I was so surprised, shocked, amazed, I had so many feelings going through me at the time I just had to digest it.  But I did come to believe it I was very excited and I just thought “What could He mean?”  And there was no way that she could have known that she could have known, no way possible that she could have known that I played.

Sid: So Suzy then you went over a friend’s house who was aware of this prophetic word and what happened?

Suzy: So he encouraged me to come over and bring my violin and “Why don’t you come over and play your violin. You know you need to be obedient and listen to God.”  And so I did reluctantly but I did and I brought my violin and a music player a CD player down to the river near his home and I set it up and I started to play my violin. As I was playing I just kept sort of praying saying “God if You’re really there, if You are who You say You are please heal my hand I would love nothing more than to play for You.”  And at that moment while I said that and I kept playing I felt this incredible heat on my hand, it was so hot that it felt like someone took a blow torch…

Sid: Now was it just your hand or whole body?

Suzy: No my hand it just.

Sid: Just the hand that had the injury.

Suzy: The hand that had the injury I had a ball of scar tissue in the palm of my hand and it was just supernatural because I never felt anything like this before; my hand just got all tingly and numb and it hurt.  And I stopped playing and I heard Jerry my friend up at the top of the house say “You’re not done playing yet, keep playing.” And I just couldn’t play it was just tremendous the heat that I felt in my hand.  So then I went back up to his house and I told him what had happened. I didn’t think much more of it afterwards but the next morning when I woke up I started to move my hand around and I felt complete feeling in my left hand.

Sid: What about the scar tissue was it still the same when you looked at it?

Suzy:  The scar tissue had dissolved it was incredible I had this big ball of scar tissue where I could barely close my hand to make a fist. And now I was closing and opening my hand; I had mobility I couldn’t believe it I absolutely couldn’t believe it.

Sid: Wait a second medically the doctor said “There’s no way you’ll never get your feelings back,” right?

Suzy: Correct and what do you think the first thing I did? I ran and grabbed a safety-pin (Laughing)

Sid: Ohhh (laughing).

Suzy: And I took that pin and I started to poke my finger and my thumb and I said “Ouch this hurts.” I could feel it I started crying in joy because I knew that God had healed my hand.

Sid: You know even more important than being able to play the violin again which you can, even more important than getting feelings back in your hand which you have is you were pushed over the edge with Jesus.

Suzy: Absolutely.  I love Jesus. I have grown so close to Him since I have gotten to know Him and it’s not just because of the healing but the healing was… Jesus knew that’s what it was going to take for me individually He knew that I was a show me girl.

Sid:  And also you’re not only a show me girl you’re also Biblical because the Bible says the Jew requires a sign.

Suzy: He gave me a sign (she laughed) one that I will never ever forget.

Sid: Well now you play the violin. When I was with you recently and we did a television show we taped you playing the violin and I want to do a little excerpt from it. But before I even do that I want to set the stage what goes on to people when you play the violin?  What type of an anointing do you have from the Lord?

Suzy: I have been told by people while I’ve been playing there have been a couple that have approached me and said that while I am playing the notes that I play just goes right to their spirit and if they’ve had an emotional problem they weep uncontrollably and that they’ve been healed of neck pain, back pain. I’ve been told recently from a minister that’s a friend of my pastor’s that I had the anointing of healing…

Sid: Okay Suzy Harbinson playing the violin which medical doctors have said “Impossible.” Get ready to receive the healing anointing or your spirit and of your soul and of your body.

Suzy Harbinson playing an excerpt on her violin

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SID: Sid Roth here with Shira Sorko-Ram. Shira, you tell me based on your research that American universities are opening their doors to the Islamic agenda. It’s so hard for me to believe. What are they doing in the universities?

SHIRA: Well here’s an example. I saw a video where a pro-Israeli activist got a flag of ISIS and just put it around him, and walked down the steps of one of the California universities, and as he did, the guys and girls going by, they’d say, oh hi, bro, hi. There was nothing against the ISIS flag. And then a few minutes later, he put an Israeli flag against him and he began to get spit at and yelled at, and cursed at. That’s what’s going on in the universities. You see, that’s a target, the universities, they know that in a few years the graduates of these big universities, they’re going to be in Congress, they’re going to be in government. They’re going to be the people who make the decisions for America and so they have really, really targeted.

SID: As a matter of fact I read in the newspaper just yesterday that there’s an ISIS group right outside of Texas in Mexico training to invade the United States and they’re going to let the Mafia type people in Mexico are escorting them into the United States. You told me about the sexual exploitation of ISIS, which is, what is the big attraction of ISIS to these young men? Tell me briefly.

SHIRA: Well in the biographies of Mohammed, he and, he gives instructions to his followers to go out and conquer, conquer land, conquer peoples for Islam. And when you conquer them all the possessions are yours and the men you kill, if they’re heathen, and you can actually rape the wives in front of the men before you kill them, it’s right there. It’s in his instructions.

SID: Now I never heard this in the American press.

SHIRA: No you haven’t.

SID: But where we are right at this moment.

SHIRA: Yeah.

SID: Is Islam winning?

SHIRA: It is winning in that it is increasing at a very rapid pace in America. And because the press as squashed it, nothing about it in the press, because the universities are growing in influence and because of the White House now accepting many advisors from the Muslim Brotherhood, it’s growing. It’s growing very fast and I think, you know, even in these little towns, my son-in-law was in Alabama in a small town. There was a huge, huge center, Muslim center, and he was saying, what could such a big center be for a such a little town? But they’re going up. They’re building all over the United States putting their footprint all over the U.S. and they plan to take over. They really do. I just finished an article on the Shiite belief of the Mahdi, M-A-H-D-I, Mahdi.

SID: This is their version of their Messiah.

SHIRA: The Messiah.

SID: Yeah.

SHIRA: And they are working, Iran today, that is their central focus is to bring the Mahdi back. The Mahdi is going to come when there’s war and when people are really out there with the sword and jihad, and killing the Christians, and killing the rest of the heathen. Then the Mahdi is going to come.

SID: So that may be why they’re pushing so hard to get nuclear bombs.

SHIRA: Oh I believe it. I believe it. Now when the Mahdi comes back, according to the Shiites, Jesus is also going to come back. He’s going to be the Mahdi’s assistant.

SID: Oh that’s nonsense.

SHIRA: And he’s going to be a prophet, and he’s going to come and explain how what people believed about him before as the son of God is a lie. It’s not true. And he’s going to help the Mahdi convert the whole world to Islam. That is the Shiite belief. That’s what’s going on.

SID: Why do you say Israel is the key to understanding the End Times?

SHIRA: Right. Because I have seen from my lifetime when a Christian leader or just layman doesn’t understand God’s plan for Israel, they don’t understand the importance of Israel. They don’t understand that Allah is not God. How do we know? Because God is the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. God is the God of Israel. So if we leave all that out, well we’re open to, well Allah, maybe it’s the same god. See? But Allah hates Israel. The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob loves Israel. They’re not the same God. So unless people are tuned into what the Bible says about Israel, Old Testament, New Testament, it says, it says in Romans 11 that, “The day is going to come when Israel returns to God and it’s going to be like life from the death for the whole world.” So Israel has to come to salvation at the same time the great outpouring of God upon the world.

SID: I got news for you. We serve the Living God. I want to concentrate on the good news, and the good news is he’s coming back soon. He loves you and if you take a little step towards him he’s going to run and he’s going to put his arm around you, and you’re going to experience true love, not Hollywood love, but you’re going to experience true love. Just tell God you’re sorry, that’s a good start, for the mistakes you’ve made and say, Yeshua become real to me. Say it with your mouth, I make you the Lord of my life. Come inside. Help me understand you. Read your Bible, and come on, join the happiest people on Earth. Yeshua, Jesus, the King of the Jews. Get with it. Get a little excited for the only thing worth being excited, Jesus.

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SID: Keith, the residue that came on him that caused his son to get up out of the death bed, wherever he speaks this happens. And as a matter of fact, while we were talking during the commercial break, you told me you had a vision.

KEITH: I did.

SID: Tell me about that.

KEITH: I did, Sid. While we were talking, just you and I just talking here on the set, I saw the word “prostate” come up, and I saw that men around the world that are suffering with a prostate problem, the Lord is going to begin to heal them. You’re going to begin to feel heat. And I tell people that when you get healed under my ministry, I tell them to go to the doctor because it will hold up under the doctors. I think, you know, you need to go and find out what’s wrong with you and then we need to pray for you, but it will hold up because God, when God does something, he does it good. And what I see is I see, I see men that are, that can’t sleep at night, that are rolling in the bed. They can’t rest. They’re having all kinds of issues in that area. And I just speak right now to you across this world that God is going to take away that tormenting spirit of that prostate problem and when you go back to the doctor, you’re going to get a supernatural good clean bill of health, Sid.

SID: And I’m hearing that people with problems in your teeth, teeth are loose or need, have cavities, anything in your teeth you’re being healed, and any problem in your back you’re being healed. What about cancer? Have you seen many people with cancer healed? Tell me one.

KEITH: Okay. I’ve seen many people with cancer healed. We just had a lady that came to one of our meetings and she had stage 4 cancer. She could not eat at all. She was just like a rail. I even, you know, I mean, it was the most amazing thing. She came to me and said that, “Somebody told me that you had prayed for people and tumors would fall off and stuff like that, and cancers were healed.” And I said, “Yep, that happens. Have you been to the doctor?” She said, “Yes, it’s diagnosed. It’s stage 4 lung cancer.” So we prayed for that in the service. I said, “Come,” several times, because the first time I didn’t know, I mean, I wasn’t sure that she understood completely. But she came. She did exactly what I told her. I said, “You’re going to get your minute with God.” She kept coming. She’d come to several services. One night she goes, “I got it! I felt something come out on me. It was like it was around me and it came on me.” She just went back to the doctor, just came to see us lately at our church. She stood up with her daughter from New York.

Woman: This is my daughter.

Man: What is your prognosis?

Woman: I went to the doctor.

KEITH: No trace of cancer.

SID: What about a blind person? Tell me one story.

KEITH: Let me give you this, I’ve seen many blind people healed, many blind. There was a lady who came to our church recently with, she had a cane. She was walking with cane and she had these dark glasses on. She asked me to pray for her and I did. I said, “What do you want me to pray for?” And she asked me to pray for something besides blindness. So she came again and she came again. And then one night I said, “Tonight blind people are being healed.” She was sitting there. I never even went down and laid my hands on her. I don’t have to do that. I have a word. You know, God just gives me the word, I just say the word. And so I said, “Blind people are being healed.” All of a sudden I looked and she took off the dark glasses.

Woman: I can see! I can see!

SID: This one minute with God, where did it come from?

KEITH: The one minute with God came, well of course, from Justin my son, that minute God gave me. I hadn’t really thought about it a lot. But not long ago I came in from doing a meeting. I was really tired, prayed for a lot of people. I laid down in my recliner, leaned back and fell off to sleep. All of a sudden, I woke up and I saw the picture of a stop watch and it went from zero to 60 seconds, and the Lord said to me, he said, “My people can have what you had that night.” I said, “What was that, Lord?” He said, “One minute with God, 60 supernatural seconds that can change their life forever.” He said, “I want you to begin to teach that. I want you to begin to tell that.” And I began telling it and it started happening. I would look at people and say, “Your pain will be gone in one minute.” Then they would go out and they would tell somebody they loved, and all of a sudden they’d get healed. We started getting reports from all over that one minute with God could change somebody’s life forever. People started going back to the doctor. The reports began to change. Something was there before, it wasn’t there now. That’s God, one minute with God.

SID: I want you to teach a couple of nuggets of how can I have one minute with God in his presence, how can the viewers have this.

KEITH: You know, Sid, the thing that thrilled me about God is even when I was away from God, I had left the Lord. You know, I think God will give anybody a minute. You know that? I think he will. I think he’ll give, and he came to me when I was away from him, and he appeared to me. I was just crying, “Lord, help us. We don’t know what else to do. Lord, help us.” And I knew I wasn’t right. But just like that prodigal son came to the Father, I went to the Father. And I said, “Father, help us.” And you know what? God gave me that one minute, Jesus appeared to me and it has changed my life forever. And I found the secret out about God. If you will spend that quality, quiet time with him and listen, and look in here, if you read the Word, if you’ll stay close to him and get under some anointed teaching, they’re getting that, faith cometh by hearing and hearing the Word of God, and they’ll begin to feel that residue that came upon me. It’s on the set with me and you right now, Sid.

SID: The set, it is here. I believe that you should pray right now for people to have the impartation.


SID: Of one minute with God. Would you do that?

KEITH: Yeah. I want to say to everybody that’s watching now, you’ve been hungry, you’ve been thirsty. And you know what the enemy will do? He’ll tell you that, you know, you’re not qualified to get that one minute with God because he is the father of lies and he’ll say that. And I want to tell you that right now, that I learned something from God during that encounter, that vision, that David went down, and when Goliath held Israel captive for 40 days and 40 nights with his mouth, and he was on top of the enemy, David went down and he said, “This day, God will deliver you into my hand.” And what he was doing, God told me, he said, “Did you notice something there?” He said, “He never gave him a chance to say anything again.” David had the final word. And I want to say today that the final word is some of you are about to get the greatest miracle, the greatest breakthrough, the greatest financial turnaround that you’ve ever had in your life. So I release an impartation. I release an anointing right now. Set your hands towards me. I release that power of God right now, that residue that came on me to break the yolk, to break the bondage and to give you that one minute with God. It might come tonight, it might come next week, it might come in a month. But you get your one minute with God and don’t be denied it. And when you hear that voice saying, you can’t have it, you do like that. You have the final word and you say, “God is going to give that to me in Jesus’ mighty name.”

SID: Wow. This is eternal life, that you might have experiential knowledge with Jesus. You see, you took the first step. You said a prayer for your sins to be forgiven, for Jesus to live inside of you and be your Lord, but now it’s time for experiential knowledge. If you hunger and thirst for righteousness this is God’s promise to you. You will be filled, no might, no maybe. You will be filled if you hunger and thirst for righteousness in Jesus’ name.


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SID: So the doctor says, “Randy, you can’t fly anymore.” I mean, you must have felt awful when he gave you that prognosis.

RANDY: Yeah, he said, “You should never get on another airplane.” He said, “You have this because you’ve done a lot of long international flights.” I said, “Yes, how did you know?” He said, “Because you have classic travelers back. You don’t have a curve on the bottom.” So after 90 days I still can’t touch my foot to the floor without severe pain. And the way I got healed was a man in Louisiana, an oil and gas businessman, had a vision in a little church of me, sees my spine and all the vertebrae, and discs and nerves, and the Lord speaks to him and says, “Push this stuff, it squirted out, pushed it back in.”

SID: He’s not in your presence.

RANDY: No, he’s a thousand miles away.

SID: Okay.

RANDY: And he did this that night. I woke up the next morning not knowing a thing about this, reached for my crutches, touched my foot to the floor accidentally. It didn’t hurt. Got up and walked, but it didn’t hurt. Went up and down the stairs, didn’t hurt. I yelled to my wife, “I’ve been healed, but I don’t know how!” I knew who did it, but I didn’t know how he did it. I knew it was the Lord. So this guy then, five hours later, sends me this email about this bizarre experience he had. I called him instantly and said, “This was really the Lord. I am healed.” And so he did it to me and I have flown a million miles since then.

SID: The proof is in the pudding. I know because he told me, I know by the Spirit, during the break, I know that God has given him words of knowledge and every word that he speaks, if it is your condition, you are healed in Yeshua’s name, in Jesus’ name. Would you release it now?

RANDY: Yeah. Someone is having arthritic pain or something is wrong with the knuckles, middle knuckles in your left hand. I know it’s the Lord’s will to heal you. And he’s showing us what he wants to do. It’s kind of like he said to the disciple, “Go and tell blind Bartimaeus, be encouraged on your feet.” He’s calling you. So he’s calling you. Be encouraged. Receive what he has for you. And then on the outside of the left foot, the left ankle, the outside left ankle, something is wrong with it. God wants to heal it. And then there’s the shoulder, collarbone on the left side and the right elbow here, and also there’s metal in the right ankle. You have something wrong with your ankle. You got metal in there. You got problems in there. God wants to heal that. And there’s somebody, either you’re going to have to have surgery or you had surgery. I heard the word “surgery”. I don’t know how to interpret it though, surgery. But it deals with the tailbone. So I don’t know if you’re facing it or you’ve had it and had complications. So I want to pray for these things. Father, first of all, I just want to say thank you for what you’re about to do, the Hebrew word “todah” is this word, it means praise for what’s about to happen. So I offer up todah, praise for what you’re about to do, healing of the left ankle, healing of the left collarbone, healing of the right elbow, healing of the right ankle with problems related to metal and healing of that tailbone. In Jesus’ name I thank you for what you’re about to do and I just speak to the pain. I command the pain to leave and Father, I don’t know how you do this, but I just thank you for the miracles you’re doing with metal. People watching that have metal in their bodies we pray many of them would experience your power. Lord, I know that even 90-some-odd percent I studied I, felt the healing of the metal, felt heat come into their bodies. I pray that supernatural heat flow into their body in Jesus’ name. Help them to understand it’s a sign that their healing coming right now in this next just few moments. In the name of Jesus we bless them. Amen.

SID: Randy, there is such a flow of God’s spirit right now that without a word of knowledge, and you know this and I know this, and now you know this, without a word of knowledge I tell you rise up right now no matter what is the matter with you and believe that you are walking into that invisible presence of God and wherever that river flows there is life, and the river of healing is flowing. Backs are being healed right now, necks, cancer, anything you need, just get into the river. Jump in. Just do a little swimming like this. Swim in that river. It’s so refreshing. Be refreshed in the river of the living God. In Yeshua’s name be healed.

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