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KEVIN: Yeah, but we need to be, we need to become like children again. The way the Earth is right now, the world system is very complicated. We were not made that way. We’re not made to be in a broken world. So you have to remember that. We are fallen and we’ve been redeemed in our spirit, but we need to get our soul and our body in line with our spirit.

SID: What does God’s voice sound like?

KEVIN: A loving father. And it’s very reassuring. He’s standing on our future. According to Psalm 139:5, he is standing on our future and he’s paved a way to it. So he’s bidding us to come to our future, which is his now.

KEVIN: … just read, just our thinking and be transformed, because the soul needs to be transformed by the renewing of our mind, by the word of God. That is what Paul told us in Romans chapter 12. So that’s what we need to do. Then we need to tell our body, like he told in Corinthians, he said, “I discipline my body daily,” so that after I preached Christ said, “I, myself, am not a castaway.” In other words, your body could rule you and your mind could rule you, but your spirit is supposed to rule you. We are born again. We’re new creatures. And that’s where God speaks to us in the spirit, in our spirit. That’s where he speaks. He’s spirit. He speaks spirit to spirit. That’s the key. There is so many voices right now out there, but there’s only one that we need to hear, and that’s the commander of our faith. That’s our father. That is the Holy Spirit who has been sent, all three of those are talking to us because they are in us.

KEVIN: The God inside of us, this is the hope of glory. And every Christian needs to get this way. We’ve only got a short amount of time before we’re going to be tested again, and we need to hear God’s voice.

SID: Now, you and your wife. I see you pray in tongues for hours and hours and hours. Why do you?

KEVIN: Because I saw in heaven, praying in the spirit connects us with the books of destiny that’s in heaven, because the spirit of God is taking hold of us and helping us to intercede on behalf of the perfect will of God for our life. There are books in heaven, Sid, and God sees those books because he wrote them, and the angels are told to enforce those books in our life. And I agree with it every day. Sid, I recommend that everyone agree with their books and pray in the spirit because that’s what we’re doing. We’re opening the pages of our books and the spirit is proclaiming what God has already ordained.

SID: I just can’t wait for you to hear about Kevin’s five-hour visitation, it just happened recently, with Jesus. It will change you. It’ll change you forever.

SID: Kevin, I saw you looking out, and what were you looking at during the break?

KEVIN: Well, I saw that the world as we know it, it’s going to change and get darker, but then I saw that it’s going to break forth with great light. I saw that next year there was going to be a breaking forth and that this broadcast and this network was a great part of transferring from the heavenly realms the message that Jesus has for this hour. And that is to look up, for your redemption is drawing nigh, and he’s preparing his bride. That’s what’s happening right now. And it’s a message of hope and God has not left us. He is with us in a mighty way, and he’s given us tools right now, down here on this Earth, to bring his kingdom and bring justice in this realm down here.

SID: Speaking of tools, why did you send me the four CDs of your recent five-hour visitation? Why did you send it to me?

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JOAN: Okay. Now let me sit down again.

Usher. Yes, ma’am.

JOAN: And then you bring them to me. Yes, you come, precious. You come up.

Woman #7: My ears sometimes ring at night and when I take a shower –

JOAN: All right. Sit down in that seat. All right? Now we’re going to go through this really fast. All right, you’re going to feel a pressure and then they’re going to pop. And it’s going to be over. All right? [spits in hands] Who else has hearing problems? Come up here. Each one of you that have hearing – only the hearing. Anybody here? A hearing problem? Okay. Come up closer to me. Okay. Father. Oh! You know you can feel a deaf ear? You can feel a deaf ear. The ear feels different. There’s a hardening about that ear. The ears get harder. God, I bind that Spirit of deafness! And Father, I ask You to lose it in Jesus’ name! Cause her to hear perfectly in JESUS’ – WOW! WOW! WOW! WOW! Did you see that Sid? WOW!

Audience: [clapping]

JOAN: Ahh! See I did that but I didn’t! Oh my gosh, you can hear!

Woman #7: Yes.

JOAN: What happened to you? What just happened to you?

Woman #7: Umm, it’s just you could feel the clearing. I think it was fluid in there and it’s gone!

JOAN: And it went that quick! [laughs] Have you ever been to a medical physician with that?

Woman #7: No.

JOAN: Oh, you’ve never been to a medical physician.

Woman #7: Whenever I take a shower I could feel it and I could feel when you did that. I don’t know.

JOAN: And it’s gone?

Woman #7: Yes.

JOAN: All right. Turn around.  Say “I can hear.”

Woman #7: I can hear.

JOAN: I can hear.

Woman #7: I can hear.

JOAN: Jesus has made me whole.

Woman #7: Jesus has made me whole

JOAN: I can hear.

Woman #7: I can hear.

JOAN: I no longer am deaf.

Woman #7: I no longer am deaf.

JOAN: I can hear.

Woman #7: I can hear.

JOAN: I’m free!

Woman #7: I’m free!

JOAN: He did as His word promised!

Woman #7: Amen.

JOAN: Lay hands on the sick and they will recover. Remember that!

Woman #7: Hallelujah!

Audience: [clapping]

JOAN: Speak the word of freedom and they will receive! God bless you, honey! God bless you. Come over here, honey. What have you got here? What? What is this?

Woman #8: Umm, I have endometrial cancer.

JOAN: Okay. Sit down, honey. Sit down.

JOAN: Endometriosis. You had endometriosis.

Woman #8: Cancer. Cancer.

JOAN: Oh, you had cancer. Okay. Where did the endometriosis come? You said that first.

Woman #8: No. Endometrial cancer.

JOAN: Oh, I see. Okay. All right.

Woman #8: And I’ve had surgery.

JOAN: Yeah.

Woman #8: In 2015.

JOAN: Yeah. Wait a minute. Wait a minute, precious. There’s somebody that really had a bad, bad hip. And the pain was excruciating and it’s been – that’s you? Oh. God has just healed you. God has just healed you! A very bad hip. The pain has been there forever. All right. Is that anybody that’s standing up here? Anybody? All right. Who in the congregation? Come on up, honey! Come on up. Run up here! Run up here with that green jacket on!

Audience: [laughter]

JOAN: Run up here! Look at that! All right! Could you do that before today?

Woman #9: It’s been cominÆ and goinÆ.

JOAN: Well God, we ask it never let it come again! Father, from the crown of her head to the soles of her feet heal her! Heal her, Lord Jesus! Come closer. Come closer. All right. Move that crutch, will you please somebody? All right. Just stand right here. Come on around here. All right. Stay around here.

Woman #9: [laughs]

JOAN: All right.

Woman #9: Ooooh! Ooooh!

JOAN: Oh. Yeah, yeah, yeah! That’s it! [slap sounds] In the name of Jesus!

Woman #9: [laughing]

JOAN: That’s it! [slap sounds] In the name of Jesus! In the name of Jesus! In the –

Woman #9: [laughing] She – [laughing] She tells it. [laughing] Speaks to it. That’s so funny! It’s like just so cute! [laughing] Isn’t that cute?

JOAN: [laughs] What do you mean cute? I’m 80 years old. There’s nothing cute about that!

Woman #9: [kissing sound]

JOAN: [laughing]

Woman #9: Yes, you are! You’re beautiful!

JOAN: I’m buying it and selling it if it’s cute!

Woman #9: Okay!

JOAN: Okay? [laughs]

Woman #9: Okay, me too!

JOAN: All right, now run!

Woman #9: Okay.

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SID ROTH: You know in my lifetime [music and applause ends] I have never seen such a high miracle anointing than that of Miss Kathryn Kuhlman. And Joan Gieson, you had such a high privilege of working with her, praying with her for the 10 years before she died. And she was healed of an incurable illness. She was dying. She would have been blind and dead and she went to that meeting with an expectation. I don’t know how you had an expectation.


SID: But you did! And she got healed and she couldn’t keep her mouth shut! She had to tell everyone!

JOAN: [laughs]

SID: But I had a friend knowing that we were going to do this show today and he said: “Sid, I have one of the chairs from the church in Pittsburgh from Kuhlman’s ministry.” Can you read that on the back? And camera – let’s get a camera on that if we can. What’s that say?

JOAN: Beautiful. Kuhlman.

SID: Say it with your mic.

JOAN: Kuhlman. K – u- h – l – m – a – n. [laughs]  

SID: So I kind of wanted to – it arrived this morning and I kind of wanted Holy Spirit to have a seat right there next to you.

Audience: [laughter]

JOAN: Ohh! [laughs] Isn’t that beautiful!

Audience: [applause]

JOAN: Ohh! Ohh!

SID: So I have to ask you one thing though.

JOAN: Yes. Yes.

SID: Because Miss Kuhlman trusted you to walk up to people and know they were going to be healed and pray for them! Tell me the very first time this happened in her meetings.

JOAN: It was in Chicago Illinois. And I had got on a plane and flew in by myself. And I told Miss Kuhlman I would be there but that really didn’t mean all that much. And Maggie and Ruth were the two beautiful ladies that had served in that ministry forever. And so I sat there through the whole entire service and now the music started to play and I felt in my spirit, felt not a tingling, not a goose-pimply, but His Spirit inside of me said, “Get up now.” No training. Maggie didn’t take me around and say “this what you do.” Ruth didn’t take me around and say what you do. And I sat in that Chicago auditorium in a big hotel He said, “Get up now.” And so I got up and I walked to whom I thought He wanted me to walk to. It was a man and he was sitting right on the edge of the row. And so I stopped and I said to him “Sir. Sir. God has just healed your stomach.” And he didn’t say a word. And I said “Sir. Sir.” And I touched him and he kind of shook me off. I said, “God is healing your stomach!” And he still didn’t answer me. And I said, “Sir, do not grieve the Holy Spirit cause if you do there’s great danger there!” He said “Look, lady! There’s never been anything wrong with my stomach! Absolutely nothing has ever been wrong with my stomach! I’ve never even had my appendix out!” And I said, “Don’t grieve the Holy Spirit!” I didn’t even feel embarrassed. You know normally when you make that big of a mistake you could just fall down and die?

Audience: That’s right.

JOAN: And hope they just kick you under the seat? Well no, I didn’t do that. I just turned around and I walked from him. And as I walked away I heard this. “Huh, huh, huh. Huh, huh, huh, huh.” [crying] And I thought “Oh, no! Now, what is it?” Cause I just messed up with him. What happened? And I turned around and here was the lady sitting next to him. And she’s sobbing so hard that she’s shaking the seat! And I walked back to her and I said “Why are you crying? What’s wrong with you?” She said “You don’t understand. My husband was in the service and a bomb blew up near him and it blew his eardrums out and he’s never heard a word in 40 years!”

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SID: 2015, the fire, a guide, and you’ll be amazed at the man that visited his church, visited him. What happened?

JAMES: Yes. The reason I wrote the book. It was a snowy night in February in 2015. I had a guest speaker supposed to come in. We were in the middle of worship, and he said, “I’m canceled at my connecting flight.”

SID: Was this the church you’re in now?


SID: And tell me just briefly what that…

JAMES: Absolutely. Historic church, New London, Connecticut, one of the first 50 churches ever in America, 750-seat sanctuary, but here’s the kicker. Jonathan Edwards, George Whitfield, David Brainerd. I have the notes. Some of the greatest awakeners ever in the history of America preached in that building.

SID: That was called the Great Awakening. And he has the building they preached in. Okay. So what happened that night?

JAMES: So the minute he canceled, I mean, obviously I could speak, but I felt a different presence in the room, and I knew that something special was going to happen. So I got on my face, I started praying, and I was going to set the pace for what He wanted to do. And all of a sudden, I looked, and in the front of the church on the right was a baptismal. Jesus is standing behind that, and I see fire bubbling from the inside of the baptismal. And the Father said this to me, “I am reigniting the fire of Awakening again. And my people will be like flames of fire. And it will go out into the street and bring in an end time Awakening.” And he said this, “It will not go out. My fire will burn in the streets. My fire will burn in the streets.”

That night, miracles took place. We were all undone. We knew that God was speaking clearly. The altar was filled. Worship, prophetic worship was filling the sanctuary. And I basically crawled back into my office. And as I’m in the office, we’re still worshiping through the wall, I hear an explosion. I mean, boom.

SID: A real explosion?

JAMES: Oh, yeah. In the natural. And we all got scared. I had ushers running to the door seeing what happened. Nothing. I’m like, “What was that sound?” And they’re looking, checking the premises. Everything seemed okay for a minute. So we’re still, they’re kind of now trying to get back into worship. There was a knock on the door that leads to the outside of my office. A woman in the church says, “Pastor, fire in the streets.” I said, “And it won’t go out this time.” She said, “No, no, no. Fire is in the street.” She said, “Not your vision. Literally.”

We ran to the street, and here’s what happened. And keep in mind the city’s like 200, 300 years old. A transformer exploded underneath the ground near our church. The word I got for the year was transformation. I get one word for the year. It was amazing. And what happened was when the explosion happened, it blew off manhole covers all around our church. Come on. The lids of men are coming off. And fire was shooting out of the street all around our church not even anywhere in the city, just right around our church, fire spitting out of the streets.

SID: That was a sign from God of your commission and your calling. You said something to me I’ve never heard before. I thought, if you’re really, really hungry for God, you’ll attract the fire. You said yes, but also the reverse is true. He told me if the fire of God comes on you, you will be hungry and repentant before God. I like it that way too.

JAMES: Come on. Hallelujah.

SID: Okay. You had a vision of the glory spreading. Tell me about that vision.

JAMES: Yeah. I feel that we are entering in this day. I was in prayer and meditation one morning, and I just had this vision and I was like, I felt this glory. I was laid out. And what I saw was a wave, a tsunami wave. And it was coming from east to west, right over the United States. And the wave was called glory. And the Lord told me that we are entering an era where this wave is going to hit. No man’s going to claim this. It’s going to be God alone. It’s going to be His presence. And what I saw in the wave was miracles and healings, every day occurrence, resurrections from the dead, glorified people stepping into their destiny.

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So you know I’ll say every one with a growth, tumor, or warts of any kind stand up. Jesus is going to heal you. Well I can’t rush down there and touch them, right? I can’t do that. But I can send the? (audience says “word”) Word. So you will see words of knowledge, sometimes words of wisdom too, and sending the word work together. So sometimes God will just give you something special for someone or a group of people. You know like I had all the people stand with arthritis. Are you hearing me? And so I feel that people are going to get delivered from tumors today. If you have a tumor or a growth of any kind I want you to stand up. My granddaughter had a growth on her foot and she stood up like this and it didn’t disappear right away, it was like 3 days and the thing was gone.

So sometimes healing is instant and sometimes it is process. “As they went they recovered,” right? Okay, so the Bible says “believers lay hands on the sick and they will?” (audience says ‘recover”) So that can be process. So don’t be discouraged. Say: ‘stay in faith” (audience says ‘stay in faith”). All right, now. I have a great team here. I feel your faith. So extend your hand toward someone that is standing. It’s fine to put your hand on them if you’re close. And pray with me, say: Father, in Jesus’” name, I come against every growth, every tumor, every wart in this body. In Jesus’” name, I curse it! Dry up! Disappear! Don’t come back! In Jesus’” name. Amen. Now don’t sit down. Check yourself. I was in Keith Butler’s church in Detroit and a woman had 26 growths in her breast and all 26 disappeared.

AUDIENCE: Whoaaaa!

MARILYN: My husband one night, it was a midweek service, I felt led to pray for tumors and growths, and he had a little growth on his eye and it fell on the floor. Can you imagine the person who cleaned, picking up a growth? Say “yuck” three times. Yuck, yuck, yuck. Now check yourself, check yourself. Is it gone? Check yourself. Is it smaller? Has it changed color? There are instant miracles here, but there’s also process. Stay in the process, keep your faith. Okay? How many of you definitely can tell a difference? Wave at me. How many of you say it totally gone? Wave at me. Totally gone. Okay, tell us a little bit about how long had you had it?

WOMAN # 1: Just a few weeks ago. I developed a growth in my mouth and I just kept speaking against it and claiming Mark 11: 22 and 23.

MARILYN: And it’s gone? Not there? And not coming back. So put up your hands. Say: “Bye, bye growth.” You’re not coming back!” Amen. Amen. Stay in faith. Let’s see, was that four?


SID: Marilyn


SID: I just have a hunch. I want her to testify. Would you come here, please? Let’s get by the light. But what did God just do for you?

WOMAN #2: I had a growth. I’ve had it almost a year. And I keep covering it up by make-up. And it’s, it kept growing, it was red, it was right here on my nose, and it was getting very large. And I claimed my healing and it’s gone. (laughing) Right here where everybody can see it. Amen.


MARILYN: Now who prayed for her? Say we did! (audience says “we did”) Amen. So this is happening because we are united in the name of Jesus, it’s His provision and the cross. Now you have 4, right? Okay, I’m going to give you the 5th one. And this is “healing through transference.” So of course the laying on of hands is part of that. But also the anointing of oil. You know James tells us to anoint the sick and we see the disciples doing it. So what is that? That’s a transference of anointing. When I lay hands on someone, I’m transferring anointing. But also I can anoint someone with oil. Now this is not hokey, pokey, spooky stuff. This is Bible. And our faith is in the name of Jesus. But there’s something with people with our faith sometimes it helps us if we see something, do you know what I’m saying, and you anoint people with oil [and] some way they release their faith because that helps them. The other way, and of course there are more than this way, look at the River Jordan that Naaman dipped in. That’s kind of an unusual transference, isn’t it? The Jordan River, don’t go and try to jump in it. But I think prayer cloths in Acts 19, 11 and 12, they took cloths from the body of Paul, not spooky, put it on the sick and demon possessed, and people were healed. Am I right?

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