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SID:  —and “It’s Supernatural!” because that’s what we do. We equip you. It’s wonderful that Robby had all these things happen to him. I mean I’m overwhelmed with the experience that he and his family have had. But I want it to happen to you. You want it to happen to you. And more important than that God wants it to happen to you! He wants it. It’s His greatest desire! So, and we want to get you equipped. We want you to get Robby’s book, “Do What Jesus Did.” It’s actually the “Do What Jesus Did” package. 4 CD’s. We’re making it available for an investment of 39 dollars. Robby, I still can’t believe this story about your wife! She goes, she visits a woman that has a child who has been tremendously physically and mentally and emotionally abused. Take me from there.

ROBBY:  Yeah, it was actually she had two small children and she was pregnant with her third.

SID:  Oy vey!

 Robby: And she was 19 years old.

SID:  And she’s being abused that viscously? Hmmm!  

ROBBY:  Yeah, it was a terrible situation. The man that she was with he was just actually just a year older but he was a, had been in gangs and was you know just involved in crime life. Had been a drug dealer and was actually hooked on crystal meth. And, and her mother had sent some money because— He, he had started coming to the church. They both had started coming to the church and so he was, he was moving away from the gang life-style and, but the problem is is that was he trying to figure out how to still make the kind of money at work.

SID:  Right.

ROBBY:  And he was really wanting the drugs and the mother had sent some money for the baby for some formula and he wanted the money to go buy drugs and she wouldn’t give it to him and so he beat her. And my wife and kids had gone to show up. I was actually out of town at the time. And my wife and kids had showed up to their apartment which they lived in a real slummy place. It was really sad. And so my wife wanted to go pick ‘em up and say hey, let me show you there’s something free in town you can do. And she went there and the guy had already left. He had taken the money cause he beat her and so you know her hair was all messed up. She was bleeding. And so my wife cleaned her up and said well, you know the girl told her the story and she said well you’re going to come home and you’re going to live with us she goes, cause I’m not going to have him treat you this way, especially, you know, period,  but you know especially you know treating a pregnant woman this way.

SID:  But how did you feel at having 2 and a half children now come into your house?  

ROBBY:  Well we already have because we have six.

SID: Oh no! (laughing)

ROBBY:  So this was quite an addition! And here’s the other thing. My wife was already watching during the day three kids with pretty severe learning disabilities.  

SID: Whooo!

 ROBBY:  So we, you know this was adding—

SID: So how’d you feel? How’d you feel?

ROBBY:  —Not just three more children. It would be a whole total of eleven! (laughing)

SID: How’d you feel about it?

ROBBY:  Well, I mean it, we, we had big hearts and big desires—

SID: Okay.

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SID:  Yes, Jesus appearing was instrumental. But what your mom and dad did I think that broke him more than Jesus appearing from what I’m hearing you say.       

ROBBY:  Yeah, yeah. I mean he could not— I would hear him tell the story over and over again afterwards and he couldn’t, he just couldn’t believe that people would be that loving, that caring. You know He had not experienced that at home. You know he had experienced a lot of rejection and a lot of hurt and so he was just shocked you know that there was just that much love. And after he told it to me I ran to my parent’s bedroom because I was just, I was just overwhelmed with emotion and I just literally burst in. You got to remember this was early in the morning, it was still kind of you know it was daybreak so it wasn’t fully light yet and I burst into my parent’s bedroom and it woke my dad up and he turned the light on and he said what did he do? You know cause he thought maybe something inappropriate had happened or that he’d scared me and because as soon as I burst in the room and I just burst into tears. And I through tears I told my parents you know trying to get the words out and choking through them I said I told them what he had just related to me. And I looked at my parents and I said “That’s what I want tosee the rest of my life!” I want tosee. Because you know, Sid, his face completely looked different. His, his— there was a sense in the room, I mean I was, I was a child and I’m nine years old but I could feel, I could feel something in that room. I could feel what I would now know as God’s presence, the reality of God’s tangible presence. There’s two people right now listening that are feeling that right now. They’re feeling that tingling—

SID:  No, there’s three, I’m feeling it too!

ROBBY:  —and that reality of God’s presence.  

SID:  There’s three. I’m feeling it too! (laughing)

ROBBY:  It’s right there I can sense it. I’m feeling it and I know and there’s two people—

SID:  Four, do I hear five? (laughing)

ROOBY:  And one of them. And yeah. You know one of them is somebody who’s battling— they’re struggling with drugs right now and right now Jesus is doing what he did to my friend He’s doing to you right now. He’s breaking the power of that addiction off you right now and it’s going now by the authority of Christ. We thank You for that Jesus! Yeah!  

SID:  Well, and let me take you, jump you a little bit. You’re now a youth pastor. You’re discouraged. You’re young. You get a phone call and there’s someone on the other line talkin’ about her dad. Well what happened?   

ROBBY:  Yeah. You know that was so incredible because I had prayed for so many people for healing and nobody got better. They got worse. And I was just—

SID:  I did the same thing so I can relate. Go ahead.

ROBBY:   I mean it—  

SID:  I had some—

ROBBY:  —it was like running joke.

SID:  But what, what, what, what, what. Did you ever have anyone ever die on you? I did!

ROBBY:  Multiple people!

SID:  Oh! (laughing)

ROBBY:  As a matter of fact it was a running joke. At the church where I worked at, the church where I was a youth pastor it was a running joke. Don’t have Dawkins pray for ya. He can turn paper cuts into cancer. (laughing) And so people— and I would pray for people and they got worse. You know and I mean it was just, and I was just like I’m going to save people’s lives and not pray for healing!    


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SID: Okay, your dad heard something. What was it?

LADONNA: That night when he saw that Miracle, he said it was like 10,000 voices twirling over his head saying, “You can do that, you can do this. That’s what Jesus did, that’s what the Disciples did. That’s what the Early Church did. You can do that. That’s the answer. You can do that.” That was an absolute transforming experience.

SID: And here’s the exciting thing. What those voices were saying to T.L. Osborn, they’re saying to you right now. They’re saying if T.L. can do it, you can. Because I found out that T.L. didn’t work in exceptional gifting.


SID: He didn’t have the Words of Knowledge of William Branham, he just was a Farmer and LaDonna said. And he would get up there and he would say, because what he did after he heard this, is he started studying the Gospels, the book of Acts. And then he went off to Jamaica, and according to my notes here, 90 Blind people. That was his first meeting after this; 90 Blind people got their sight back. 125 Deaf and Mute people could hear and speak, and I tell you, in fact, I’m so excited about his book because this is according to LaDonna, his classic. His best book that we’re making available to you. It’s called “Biblical Healing.” It’s so simple, it’s so easy. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever read anything that your father put in print that wasn’t simple and easy to understand. And I’m telling you, we’re coming into a time in which God is going to show Himself off. And you need this simple the through training. How many people would you say have read your mother and father’s materials, and then been able to do what they do?

LADONNA: My tens-of-thousands, everywhere I go, all over the world. People will come to me and tell me about reading different books. This one for example “Biblical Healing”, and they said, “I’ve read it, I’ve taught it, it changed my ministry, it changed my life. I go to the market, I pray for people. I go to the hospital, I see Miracles all the time.” So, you’re right, this makes it so simple.

SID: So, LaDonna we’re going to give the book by T.L. Osborn, “Biblical Healing”, we going to take your 3 CD series by LaDonna, “Physical Healing” and we have to include a bonus. Here’s the bonus. We’re going to include a CD of LaDonna’s Mother and Father sharing in detail their evolution to going from seeing a Miracle one in a great while, “Back in 1955 there was a Miracle—.” No, no, no! To making Miracles, thousands, wherever they would go. And when he shares this, he has more Miracles than anything he’s ever done. We’re going to put this in a package for you. All for an investment of $45. Why do I say investment? Because any profits we make, or if you put extra money in, is poured into Jewish ministry. And I have got ‘Good News’ for you! This is the ‘set time to favor Zion’. When we come back I’m going to really have to find out with LaDonna. She was really raised on the platform at meeting watching this as a little child. You might have been playing with dolls or something [music]. She was watching Miracles.

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BRIAN: Right there! And so I really mean this. As you go it’s a lifestyle! Wherever you are God’s presence, the kingdom of God is always there!

DONNA: Uh-huh! Uh-huh!

BRIAN: In every moment!

DONNA: How exciting if we can grasp that! How exciting that must be because all of us are going all the time.

BRIAN: Yeah!

DONNA: You know we go, like you said, to the grocery store. We go to kids go to school. We go to work. So always going. As you go.

BRIAN: Yeah.

DONNA: If we can grasp that and know that the kingdom is wide open!

BRIAN: Yeah!

DONNA: You don’t have to call a meeting or a church service. It’s just wide open everywhere we go! 

BRIAN: Just be available.

DONNA: Yes! Yes!

BRIAN: Yes! Just show up!


BRIAN: Because where you go, the kingdom of God it comes, right?


BRIAN: Yeah!

DONNA: Yes! Well, we’ve got a couple of minutes left and I would love it if you would take a couple of minutes and just maybe minister to those that are watching today! Whatever you feel like. I know God gives you a lot of words of knowledge. I know people need healing. I know people need Jesus.

BRIAN: Right.

DONNA: So would you take a couple of minutes and minister to them?

BRIAN: Absolutely! Well, I just want to encourage you that God really is inviting you! I believe this! That Jesus is standing on the sea of humanity and the church is in the boat and He’s beckoning us to call, calling us to come out of the boat onto the water just like He did Peter! And so listen! I believe God really wants to empower you just to do what I’ve been talking about! As you go it’s a lifestyle! And so I just want to pray. I don’t understand how all this stuff works, but the Bible said freely receive, you freely give! Holy Spirit, would You come right now and would You begin just to touch those that are watching! If you just begin to hold out your hands right now, I believe the presence of God is going to begin to touch you! Now you’re going to begin to start feeling warmth in your hands. That’s the healing anointing, I believe, coming on your life! And God just wants you to know that if you’ll just, seriously just take that step, if you’ll become available, God will put His anointing, His ability on your availability! And I just – I think just take that time just to receive right now in this moment, this sanctuary moment with God and then in that sanctuary moment I just want to encourage you to take it out into the streets and go do what Jesus did! I also believe right now that God is wanting to release just some healing! And I saw a guy named Chuck is the word I heard. And I saw something about like you had injured your elbow in some kind of accident and it’s been happening for the last 4 years. It hasn’t healed right. And I believe right now the Lord is healing you, Chuck, right now in your elbow! If you begin to move that right now I believe you’re going to find healing has come! And so Jesus, I just thank You for Your presence and I just bless what you’re doing!    

DONNA: Amen!

BRIAN: Amen!

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SID: Is this why He says Kingdom of heaven, Kingdom of God, our purposes to declare it? Is that part of what He means?

KEVIN: Yes it is. Sid, I’m telling you, there’s words that He gave me in this book that are beyond what you would hear. He went beyond and said the word “dominion.” We’re used to hearing the word “authority,” but dominion is a stronger word because it has to do with a King, a kingdom and his domain. So I’m seeing this book is being released at a time where we’re going to see a step up in the atmosphere of heaven on the earth in this coming year.

SID: You said actually these words paralyze the enemy and cause supernatural shifts. You’ve seen from heaven how these words are operating here on earth.

KEVIN: Yes, Sid. When you mention like repentance and the blood of Jesus, or talking about dominion, or the believer’s destiny, I saw waves coming out. There were shockwaves from the words, they were hitting demons and demons were acting like they got shot, like they had been hit with something and they were confused. They actually literally started to look confused, like they were stunned. So I thought, “Man, I got to tell people about these words because it looks like a lot of these words are being extracted from the Christians’ vocabulary these days, because they think they’re offensive.” Like blood of Jesus and crucified life, things like that.

SID: What happens in the invisible world when a believer knows … and that’s what you do, he teaches about these words. You see, it’s not just some magic thing where you say a word. You have to understand deep, deep, deep within what these words mean. You say not just people you see on TV, every believer no matter what your circumstances is called to demonstrate the Kingdom, is called to walk in the government of God, is called to present. There are people that you know that Kevin and I will never talk to, we’ll never even know them, that there is no better person on the planet than you.

KEVIN: Your relationship with God is your ministry. This next move is not about just the fivefold ministry, this next move of God is about the believer. The believing one shall have these signs following them. This next move is about the believer and their relationship with their Father God, and moving out and doing the works of Jesus. I saw this, I saw that everyone is valuable. They’re sitting in their homes right now, and the single mothers with their baby. And they have just as much power in their words when they release these into this realm.

SID: Before you got into ministry, you for many years, you were a flight attendant. How did this vibration on these words affect you just being a flight attendant?

KEVIN: Well, it was sink or swim for me. I was already trained for ministry, had been to college many years and was already invited. And then all of a sudden, I’m thrown into this secular job, you would say. I was in the marketplace. I had a sink or swim right then and there, I had to swim. And I’m telling you, every day I had to start using these words. I would have … Literally, I’d go to the hotels and I’d start saying these words and praying, and literally things would start falling off the shelves, things would start … Fights would break out outside of my hotel room. I would have all kinds of manifestations. I would just pace the floors and pray in the Spirit, and then I would have these words come up and I would start to proclaim those words. And it started to unravel whatever was working behind the scenes in the place I was at. So when I would go to work, same thing. I would start praying over all the drinks as I would serve the people. I started praying over them, then I’d start prophesying to the businessmen.

I started giving them words and people start crying, they said, “There’s no way you can know what you just said.” And they would give their life to the Lord. I would just grab their hand right there and lead them to the Lord real quickly. This happened many times and I realized that the believing one should stand up in the marketplace and minister, that this is my relationship with God. I didn’t need a pulpit.

SID: Wait, but you were out in the public.

KEVIN: Yeah.

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