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SID: Tell me about how angels are involved in the prophetic?

MICHAEL: Angels respond … The Bible says that angels heed the voice of God. So when we speak something God said, they hear it as if God was speaking it. There’s a great word in the New Testament, Sid, it’s called a two-edged sword. The Bible is called that. But the two-edged sword in the Greek is [foreign language]. [foreign language] means two, and [foreign language] means mouths. It looks like it means that there are two mouths to God’s Word. When God speaks to us by revelation … either a promise of Scripture coming alive, or a prophetic word, one half of that blade form that sword. But when we say what we’ve heard God say, we form the other half of the sword of the Spirit. So there is so much God needs partners to say. God can’t do it until we say it. And when we say what we’ve heard, we’re going to see what we’ve said.

SID: When we return, Michael will activate you in the prophetic and pray that your gift of prophecy will be released. I know you’re coming back.

SID: Michael, it changes someone’s life when you hear from God and tell them. Tell me about the mother that went to your church, whose son was in Africa that was actually in an insane asylum. What happened?

MICHAEL: Rose is one of our outreach pastors and she’s an immigrant from Africa. She came to me tearfully one Sunday and said her son had lost his mind, that witch doctors in that area had cursed him. He was a very prominent business person. They had locked him up. He couldn’t even speak, he was so dissociative. So he is literally now diagnosed as insane. I, in the parking lot of our church, I begin to prophesy in that moment. We began to speak God’s Word. Psalm 107:20 says, “He sent His Word and healed them and delivered them from destruction.” So we prayed for her son just for a few moments, and then I went about doing the services. And then the next Sunday, Rose came rushing across the parking lot. She said, “Pastor. Pastor. Pastor, my son was delivered. He called me the next day.” And when she asked him when he came into his right mind after being gone for a couple of years, it was the exact moment we were praying in the parking lot.

He said the glory of God came into his room and it was like chains falling off of his body, his mind, his soul. He actually stood up, knocked on the door and said, “I’m okay now. Everything is okay now.” And they let him go because they saw his life transformed.

SID: Tell me a time you were on the airplane, and there was a long haired, Jewish multimillionaire seated next to you.

MICHAEL: It was a great story. I was heading to Seattle from Phoenix and on the way there, I was tired and going to sleep. And there’s a person next to me who I think was flying Southwest Airlines. He had long hair and holey jeans. Before holey jeans were the in thing, he had holey jeans and sandals on in an airplane. So I’m finding that a little bit objectionable. But anyways, as soon as I closed my eyes, God starts talking to me about him. The Lord said things they were so different than my opinion. The Lord said, “Tell him that I’m going to make him a multimillionaire within 90 days, tell him that I’m his Messiah.” I had made these superficial judgments by his appearance. Here’s what he tells me. “He’s a Harvard graduated attorney that had just been made president of the largest record label company in the world. And they had just signed the biggest rock band in the world. He had just come from signing them on a contract.”

And he said, “Within 90 days, what you say will come to pass. ‘I will be a multimillionaire because I signed them.'” And then He told me he was Jewish. So as we’re landing into Seattle, he’s opening his heart to receive his Messiah. It was a beautiful moment that would not have happened without a prophetic encounter that he had with God.

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SID: You say something else, you say that we have to change our thinking process. What do you mean by that, yeah?

JOE: When Jesus said in Matthew 4:17, “Repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand,” He is not just implying or saying although He is, to turn from our sin, He’s saying, “You need to change the way that you think.” I believe that many believers need to change the way that they think, especially in the supernatural dimension, because it is the will of God for people not just to live a nice Christian life and not use profanity and pay their tithes, but to move in the demonstration of the power of God. Jesus said, “Repent for the Kingdom of God is at hand.” He also says, “To pray thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” So we are ambassadors of the living God as if God were making His embassy through us on earth as it is in heaven.

SID: There are many of you that have not had experiential knowledge of God, you’ve had intellectual experience of God. The Kingdom of God is in the invincible realm, and I believe that if you pray this prayer with Joe right now you will enter the experiential spiritual realm of God and better yet, Jesus will enter you. Would you pray?

JOE: Absolutely. I want you if you want to receive Christ right now, you must confess that Jesus is Lord. Submit your entire being to Him, repent of your sins, put your faith in the death and resurrection of Him. If you want to do that right now I want you to pray, dear Jesus.

SID: Dear Jesus.

JOE: I ask you today.

SID: I ask you today.

JOE: To wash me of my sin.

SID: To wash me of my sins.

JOE: To cleanse me.

SID: To cleanse me.

JOE: Jesus.

SID: Jesus.

JOE: I confess.

SID: I confess.

JOE: That you are my Lord.

SID: That you are my Lord.

JOE: And I give my life to you.

SID: And I give my life to you.

JOE: 100%.

SID: 100%.

JOE: In Jesus’ name.

SID: In Jesus name.

JOE: Amen.

SID: Amen. Pray the empowerment prayer. Pray the fire to hit everyone watching us right now.

JOE: Absolutely.

SID: But you know what? The universal sign of surrender is… David knew it in the Bible, I lift holy hands to God. If you said that prayer and meant it or you’ve done that previously, your hands are holy. Lift holy hands to God and follow Joe in this prayer.

JOE: That’s exactly what I was going to say, Sid. In Jesus’ name, Lord, I pray for the presence and the fire of the Holy Spirit to fall in every bedroom, bar room, living room, in every place every individual is watching. Holy Spirit I ask for the wind of God to blow in such a way that it will be unambiguously powerful that there would be no question. God, move, heal, deliver, set free. Let your fire fall in the name of Jesus. Receive it, believe it because it’s for you.

SID: And I believe that pain of all kinds, in this glory that is here, is leaving right now. Especially backs, if you bend over right now, if you have a back pain, you’ll see that you’re bending right into the glory and coming out healed. Hip, you have a hip pain? Stand up and start walking, move that hip. You have any pain and any injury on your ankle, right now in Jesus’ name. Are you catching anything?

JOE: Lord, I just pray for discs in backs to move right now in Jesus’ name. Scoliosis straighten. If you have asthma gently lift your hands right now, somebody is going to write in to this show with a miracle of being healed of asthma. Right now you’re going to breathe. Breathe, breathe right now in Jesus’ name. Take a breath, asthma goes now in Jesus’ name. There’s tightness that are leaving chests right now, lungs are filling up with air right now, all over the world right now that’s happening in Jesus’ name.

SID: And cancer must go in Jesus’ name, go.

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DONNA: Hello. Welcome to ‚ “Something More.” I’m your host, Donna Chavis. And, you know, I was thinking that sometimes in order to really appreciate someone and their ministry, it helps to know where they came from. And that‚ is what we are going to do today. We‚ are going to start with a little bit of background information on our guest who is all the way from Russia with us today, Natasha Schedrivaya. Hi Natasha.

NATASHA: Hi. Nice meeting you.

DONNA: Oh, thanks for being with us. Give us just a little bit of, just a brief history of your background.

NATASHA: Well, I was born again in 1990. I had just turned 30. Up until that time I grew up in three generations of Communists. I never heard about Jesus. I had never seen a Bible in my life. And my father was a political officer in the Soviet Army teaching Communist ideology. We were moving from one military base to another. So I grew up with no, with any notion about God as a reality.

DONNA: So, Communist and Atheist were where you came from.

NATASHA: It’s true. That’s true.

DONNA: Three Generations. And very strict and hard. I mean, sometimes we hear about the Russian people there. They’re very strict. They’re very hard. 

NATASHA: Uh-huh. Well, you know, the system was such that, you know, the life was tough. The life was hard. The ideology was, we were brainwashed by ideology. So, you know, by the age of 29 I just didn’t believe in, you know, in, well, I didn’t know anything about God. But, you know, my generation we were very skeptical already about the whole system.

DONNA: Yes. Yes.

NATASHA: And so I guess our generation was ready for the truth.

DONNA: Yes. Well, I, for one, am very thankful that you had a radical, radical transformation. And after that, you wanted to tell everybody about the good news of the Gospel. And you did something, Natasha, for years and years. All of your life you resisted.

NATASHA: That’s true.

DONNA: And I look at that word resisted. And that’s what you did. Not even politely resisted.

NATASHA: [laughs]

DONNA: And even some of your friends, you said, “Don’t talk to me about that anymore. I don’t want to hear it. I don’t believe it. Don’t call me. If I want to talk to you, I’ll call you.” Wow. That’s harsh. [laughs]

NATASHA: It’s true.

DONNA: So, you didn’t even just politely resist. You harshly resisted.

NATASHA: Uh-huh.

DONNA: But when you got born again God revealed a secret to you. What was that?

NS; Yes. And the secret is that my purpose in life, my purpose on this earth, is to make Jesus irresistible. When I preach the Gospel, or when I minister, my main goal is to make Jesus irresistible and to reveal God’s heart to people. 

DONNA: Yes. [laughs] And I mentioned that word, you resisted. Resist, resist, resist. So the secret that God told you was – Alright. Let’s get past all that. Let’s make Him irresistible. How did you do that?

NATASHA: Well, you know, I grew up, when I became a Christian in 1990 I was 30. And so I grew up in the faith movement. And it was wonderful. It was great. You know, the books were translated into Russian. I went to the very first Bible School that ever started in the former Soviet Union. And so we had all kinds of wonderful ministers, teachers that came from abroad and taught. And I was interpreting. So I grew up with them, you know, a strong foundation of faith. But, you know, somewhere, when I began to minister and travel, and study churches, somewhere down the line I realized, you know, in growing with my relationship with God, I realized that there is another way. Not just another way, there is, you know, there is always progress with God.


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RON: See you! And I said that a lot of times so I could stay there and do what God wanted me to do in the life of that church! And so if I could give you some advice as a church member you don’t know what that man or woman of God is having to put up with! You don’t know why they fired that staff member because in Tennessee personnel is confidential. If I tell you why I had to fire them they could sue me for revealing what happened! You don’t know what’s going on! You know how well I’ll tell you he hurt somebody’s feelings. Well they may have been a whoremonger or an adulterer. You don’t know what was going on! You need to learn in these Last Days and what Brother Hagin said years ago: The only law in the kingdom is the law of love.

AUDIENCE: Amen. That’s right.

RON: That’s right. Just love people. And love them and as a pastor if they won’t be loved I can love them but I’m a good daddy. I can spank too if I need to.


RON: You know what I mean? Be patient. The Judge is coming. Be patient. When your harvest shows up it’s going to be twice as much as you expected!


RON: ! Listen to this: My brethren, take the prophets who spoke in the name of the Lord, this is James, as an example of suffering and patience. Indeed we count them blessed who endure. You have heard of the perseverance of Job and seen the end intended by the Lord. What was the end intended by the Lord? A double portion! He got back twice everything he lost! And he had, he had those children die. And I love the fact that the children he got was the same number that left because the ones that left were in heaven so he hadn’t lost them!

AUDIENCE: ! Yeah! Yes! Praise God! [CLAPPING]

 RON: I’ve lost a loved one, not if they’re saved. They’ve just been transferred! [laughs]


RON: This angel’s really bothering me over here, I’m telling you. They’re telling me to hurry up!


RON: [LAUGHING] All right. Number Five: Be patient. Your prayers can change things! He tells them in verse 12: don’t swear. Let your yes be yes. Tell the truth. Then he says anyone among you suffering let him pray. Anyone cheerful let him sing. Anyone sick let him call the elders of the church. Pray over him, anoint him with oil in the name of the Lord. The prayer of faith will save the sick and the Lord will raise him up. If he’s committed sins he’ll be forgiven. Wow! Isn’t it great? You see what got me to this study I’m going to tell you right now. I’ve anointed lots of people with oil and a lot of them didn’t get healed.


RON: How many of you have anointed somebody with oil and they didn’t get healed? Yeah, a few of you won’t admit it but –


RON: Does that bother you?

AUDIENCE: Yes. Sure.

RON: Well I know the Lord didn’t tell me to heal them just to anoint them. And we do like some and blame it on them say well you didn’t have any faith.


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Cause a cute little lamb tied up by the doorpost would not have kept the death angel away. The lamb had to be sacrificed and its blood poured out. We have Passover. Then fifty days later we come to Pentecost. Now when we think about Pentecost we think about Acts, chapter 2. The heavens open. The Holy Spirit descends. There’s the rumble of a mighty rushing wind, darting flames of fire, people speaking in other tongues. 3000 people getting saved and the Church is born. And that is Pentecost. But there’s a lot more to Pentecost than that. See it’s important to understand that Pentecost did not start in Acts, chapter 2. The disciples had celebrated Pentecost all their lives. Pentecost was a time to celebrate God’s provision. It initially celebrated God’s physical provision.

It marked the ingathering of the wheat harvest. The first sheaves of the new wheat harvest had ripened. It was time to be thankful so the Jews said “Blessed are You, O Lord our God, King of the universe who brings forth bread from the earth.” Pentecost was celebrated by praise and by giving. It was a time for a massive outpouring of giving. Bird offerings, grain offerings, every kind of offering. But it was especially a time for “first fruits” offering. For a Pentecost “first fruits” offering they presented two loaves of bread made from the first ripened wheat of the new harvest and that “first fruits” offering secured God’s provision for the year ahead. To celebrate Pentecost the people would bring their offerings to the Lord at the Temple. And then they would go back to their homes and feast with their families and friends to celebrate God’s goodness. But God provided more than bread at Pentecost. It was also at Pentecost that God called Moses up to the top of Mount Sinai and gave him Torah. God provided the revelation they needed at Pentecost.

You know it’s interesting to hear how the Jews pictured that event at Mount Sinai at Pentecost. This is what the Jews thought of when they thought of Pentecost. One Jewish writer said this. When God gave the Torah on Sinai He displayed untold marvels to Israel with His voice. God spoke and the voice reverberated throughout the world. Rabbi Yohanan said that God’s voice as it was uttered split up into 70 voices and 70 languages so all the nations could understand and when each nation heard the voice in their own vernacular they were in fear. And the sons of Israel not only heard the Lord’s voice but they saw the sound waves as they emerged from the Lord’s mouth and they visualized them as a fiery substance and each commandment traveled around the entire camp and came to every Jew individually.

And finally the fiery substance which they saw engraved itself on the stones. That’s how the Jews pictured Pentecost. Israel received God’s Torah at Pentecost in the midst of a loud roaring sound, revelation given in tongues and darting flames of fire. Sounds just like Acts 2. So Pentecost celebrates the release of God’s revelation. The traditional celebration of Pentecost would be to get together with your friends and stay up all night studying the Bible. It’s a way of saying Lord, we’re so thankful for Your word. Then they would have gone back to their house and they would have feasted together. Celebrating God. Pentecost is a celebration of God’s provision. And then they would have stayed up all night studying Torah. Jesus had just talked about the outpouring of the Spirit. They probably studied passages like Joel chapter 2.

It was a way of showing their love for God’s word. And that’s why when morning dawned on the Day of Pentecost they were all together in one place. They were in a house where they had spent the night praising and feasting and rejoicing and honoring God for His goodness and on Pentecost morning all Jerusalem heard the sound of a mighty roaring wind and God released the third level of provision on Pentecost. The Holy Spirit. The Spirit came and filled the house. God’s fire came on each of them. They were empowered by Holy Spirit and spoke in tongues. And they ran out into the streets where an amazed crowd was gathering to see what the sound had been and Peter preaches his Pentecost sermon and by the end of the day 3000 people are saved.

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