admin on December 7th, 2019

SID: Now, this should not happen to you. Jodie is in her living room with her daughter and all of a sudden the sliding door slides open and what did you see? JODIE: Yeah, I saw a spirit of death, a demonic, dark spirit that landed at our back door and immediately– SID: What did […]

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admin on November 26th, 2019

SID: I really, really pray you catch what I’m about ready to say because it is essential you be on the right side of the coin where we are in history and not make any mistakes. I am seeing a tie in with the greater glory and the salvation of Israel. First, I want you […]

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admin on November 16th, 2019

SID: Okay. So, Dr. Joe…his wife by the way, he was the spiritual rock. He was the spiritual giant in his household. But he was helpless in bed all the time. So, what did Heidi do about that? DR. JOE: Well, she started realizing that I had no faith. My faith was completely gone. So, […]

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admin on November 6th, 2019

ADAM: As we grow into this language, it says in Hebrews, we move on from the elementary teachings of Christ, and we go into maturity. And God wants us to mature, to understand the language of heaven. When I shared earlier about being captured— SID: I mean it’d be pretty bad, if we get to […]

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admin on October 27th, 2019

SID: I’m here with my friend Guillermo Maldonado. And now Guillermo, I have been hearing reports about you. Every time I hear you’re in another part of the world. But there is a glory going on in your meetings that are doing things almost unprecedented. For instance, let’s just pick one of the countries you’ve […]

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