SID: Hello, Sid Roth here with Delores Winder. Delores had what many consider the greatest miracle of the twentieth century, but even more important than that, what started happening to your hands, Delores?


DELORES: I started getting hot spots about the size of a silver dollar in my hands, and I didn’t know what it was about.


SID: You were at a Bible Study, and a woman brushed by you, and what happened?


DELORES: She fell over.


SID: She just tripped?


DELORES: No, first of all we were praying for a young boy who had been in an automobile accident, and I got those hot spots, I knew I didn’t want to touch anyone and so I pulled back from the prayer chain, and one of the women was having a hard time getting up off the floor and I reached over to help her and when I did she went over. And another woman went over and I panicked. I started trying to get out of there and I was touching other ones and it was…


SID: When you were touching other people what happened to them?


DELORES: They were falling over.


SID: It was like our hands were charged with electricity.


DELORES: Yes, yes, yes, and all I could think of was get out of here, get out of here. And I grabbed my purse and Bible and I took off. And I went down, bill wasn’t home he was still at  work at that time and I went down to our church to our pastor. And I went in crying; he said what’s the matter? And I said something happened today a Bible Study, and I didn’t like it and I don’t understand it. and after I told him what happened he said, “Okay, lets’ go talk to them and see what happened.” And the one woman had not cried in 18 years, her grandfather who was very special to her had died, she had a father who was an alcoholic who beat her, he could not tolerate them crying, and so she had not cried from the time her grandfather died and her father beat her because she couldn’t go to the funeral and she was crying that day. Another woman was healed, another one just everything was happening to them.


SID: So in other words when they fell down under the power of God it wasn’t just emotionalism,

It wasn’t just falling down, something wonderful was happening to them.


DELORES: Yes, yes, yes. For each one of them something had happened. And then I understood, all right, this does happen, it had happened to me the night I was healed and I still didn’t want to believe it, and it was happening again. And I got very angry, got angry at God.


SID: Why, it sounds wonderful?


DELORES: No, at that time it was not wonderful to me.


SID: Why?


DELORES: All I wanted to do was be like everybody else and go back to my church and sit there and I find out I couldn’t. Now you have got to remember this was 32 years ago, healing wasn’t prevalent like it is now, wasn’t talked about like it is now, and I said to the Lord I was a freak in a body cast and a neck brace and you just turned me into a different kind of freak, I was ready to come home, I wasn’t ready for this. And I tried to hide it, tried to hide what I did and finally I went to the Lord and I said, “What is wrong with me, what did you do?” He said, “I blew away your theology.”


SID: For sure.


DELORES: “You now do not have a handle on theology.” And I said, “All right, then you had better give me yours.” And for three months he took me through the word showing me this is all for today as it was back then. Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever. We would say that, but we wouldn’t really mean it. But he is, and the Holy Spirit is here, he brought the power of God for us, Jesus didn’t leave us with nothing, he left us with the third person of the Trinity,

the Holy Spirit, he loved us that much. And when I came to realize that, and I realized, then Bill said to me, “You’ve got to do this.” And Chris said, “Mother if you don’t do this you will die.”

And is aid what do you mean and he said I don’t know but I know you will die. And I think it would have been his spiritual death. So we had to start traveling and we traveled for all the years.


SID: Let me ask you a question. One of the supporters of “It’s Supernatural,” I was talking to and he told me about you and I said I want to meet this woman and the truth of the matter is I really just wanted to meet you, I would have liked you to have been a guest, but I just wanted to meet you, and I called and I said would you be a guest, and you said I have to pray about it. But then you did something wonderful, you prayed instantly.


DELORES: I prayed for you.


SID: I know and what did you say to me?


DELORES: And then as I was praying for you I heard, “You will do this.” And I stopped praying for a minute and I heard, “You will do this.”


SID: How many television shows have you done here in the United States since this great miracle

beyond Kathryn Kulman’s initial show?


DELORES: Only a few in California that I couldn’t get out of.


SID: Why?


DELORES: I don’t like much what I saw on television.


SID: I believe that you did this show because you are going to change people’s hearts; you are going to change people’s destinies.


DELORES: Well, one of the things Sid, is our work was in the denominational churches, churches that never heard, never knew, and you can’t be a superstar and go into churches and have them accept you.


SID: Just a moment, the Holy Spirit is about ready to splash on you, don’t go away, we’ll be right back.

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