SID: Hello, Sid Roth here with Delores Winder, and I am so excited I have been looking forward to this segment and I know you have been looking forward to this segment because I have had a chance to observe Delores, you know my luggage was lost, I mean lost, lost in the airlines, and I called up Delores and I told her, I was complaining, and she just matter of fact said, you’ll have it tomorrow. See the jacket I’m wearing? I wouldn’t have had this if her word wasn’t true, she knows things about people, she knows. When she prophesizes it comes to past. Delores I pray in Yeshua’s name, I draw the gifts of the Holy Spirit out of you to minister to God’s people right now, will you do that?


DELORES: The one thing you need to know is I don’t know anything God doesn’t’ want me to know about a person. I don’t know everything about a person only what God wants me to know so he can use it to bring them out of whatever they are in. And there are people in that audience right now Sid, who are living in such guilt and shame, they can’t move beyond where they are.


SID: Talk directly to them Delores.


DELORES: All right, come out of that guilt and that shame. You know Paul said what was in the past I leave behind. Some of you have pasts that you need to leave behind now and let the Holy Spirit bring the new life to you that God has for you. You went to him and asked you to forgive you, now accept that forgiveness, forgive yourself, and see what God will do. But the Holy Spirit is here, recognize him, start speaking to him, he is a person with us. So many of you out there, there is a man right now who has a back and neck problem, and I have to say this because this is what I am hearing, all you have done is complain, God says praise him. Praise him and see what he does in your back and our neck to release you. We have to praise him. You know Sid, I had a word of knowledge about that person who had the tremors in their hand when we were on the phone, and I still see that. Someone who has tremors in your right hand, and you have been ashamed because it was tremoring all the time, be still and know that he is God and let him take care of that. There is a heart doing flip-flops right now and you think it is because you are excited about what you are hearing, that’s not it, you are being healed. That heart is flipping over as the Lord is calling it to, to make it beat right, accept that now and move in it. God is so good; he told me one time, “Be greedy for the things of Him,” be greedy. And if you know the Holy Spirit then the gifts are in you. Let him bring them forth, all people watching, listening, if you are a Christian, let the Holy Spirit work through you. So many hurting, broken people, and he will use you if you are willing; if you are willing let the gifts flow. Let the gifts flow. There is a man who is on dialysis right now, in fact I think you are sitting there now having dialysis, I don’t know where you are having it that this program would be on, but you are there, and God is saying, “That’s the end of the dialysis, your kidneys are cleansed and healed.” In the mighty name of Jesus. I see cancer going, cancer, just going, being washed out of bodies, let it happen, let it happen, be free. And if you are not filled with the Holy Spirit you are missing what Jesus died to give you besides eternal life. He said, “Be filled, be empowered by the Holy Spirit to do the work of the ministry of Jesus.” That’s what it is all about. Churches, this is the call of God for churches.

Pastors, stop being afraid of the Holy Spirit let him do his work, he will increase, increase your numbers. He will increase your joy if you will let him do it. If you don’t let him do it, it won’t happen. Quit being afraid of man but fear God. And what he is saying to you, many of you are pushing this aside because you don’t’ want involved, you are going to stand before the Lord one day and he is going to say, “Did you do everything I called you to do?” And you are going to have to answer, and I pray that I can stand and say Lord, everything I heard you call I did. Someone has been having mental problems, a young woman with mental problems, and the Holy Spirit has his hand on you right now, fill his presence, he has got his hands on your shoulder, he is taking them up over your head, be free now, be cut free of those bondages. This went back in your family, cut free of the ties of generationals in the mighty name of Jesus. Nothing evil of generations past has the right to touch us. Only the good things of generations past. So don’t take this anymore, come out of it and let it even be a backflow to other members of your family, your mother, her sister, let it flow back that they can be healed also. My father’s back was healed after I was healed without a prayer, without being spoken.


SID: You know what I believe there is such power on what is going on, the Holy spirit is so pleased that I believe that whatever your need, it is yours. But you know what I noticed Delores, when you talk about the Holy Spirit, his presence increases. Who is the Holy Spirit to you?


DELORES: God alive with us right now. The Holy Spirit came when Jesus returned to be with the Father, he loved us so much he sent the third person of the Trinity, he is God and he is here with us. And he not only wants to be around us, he wants to fill us with his presence and his power that we go out as a witness to Jesus, that we go out in the ministry of Jesus, doing the same things Jesus did, that’s what he says, “You will do even greater things,” we are waiting for that. But people must come into the understanding that the word of God is Truth, and if we live by the word of God, we are going to live a life full of hope.


SID: So many people are man pleasers, where are the God pleasers? If you have your sins forgiven, there is only one way, through the blood of Jesus, and you have made Jesus your

Lord, wouldn’t you like to be filled with his Holy Spirit? You have the Holy Spirit in you if Jesus  is your Lord, but wouldn’t you like to be, see you have to be Jewish to understand this, baptized with the Holy Spirit is (Jewish word) or totally immersed in the Holy Spirit. It is not how much you have of the Holy Spirit; it is how much he has of you. And I just know that if you will do  what King David did, he was such a sinner, an adulterer, a murderer, a liar, but he had a heart after God. If you will do what King David did as a man after worship, lift your holy, yes if they are under the blood of Yeshua, look at your hands, the are holy if they are under the blood of Jesus, lift your holy hands to God, begin to worship him and say Jesus fill me with your Holy Spirit. Fill me, there is enough presence of God’s Spirit flooding you right now that your life will never be the same. That’s not so bad, your life, everything you have been praying for, everything you have been wanting for is found in a person, it is found in the Spirit of the Living God who loves you so much he is filling you right now with his presence and I have just heard that a spine is healed, a hip is healed, a back is healed, but most important your heart is healed. If God be for you what sickness can be against you? And God is for you.

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