SID: Hello, Sid Roth here with Richard Madison. Richard was brain-dead, for how many days?


RICHARD: 27 days.


SID: 27 days, his body was in a horrible auto accident. Even his broken neck was healed, but there was a problem. They didn’t even fool much with his legs because he was brain dead, they don’t think, you know, it is worth the investment, but a miracle happens, he survives, and what about being in the wheelchair, what did the doctors say about your legs?


RICHARD: Well they waited 25 days to repair the broken bones and after repairing them they accidentally severed the sciatic nerve into my left leg, took three bones out of my right foot and told me that with three steel plates, and 19 screws and two pins I probably would never be able to walk, maybe in a year I could walk with arm crutches, and after leaving the hospital after 49 days I leave in a wheelchair and 8 weeks later I’m praying, I am learning how to pray, I am learning how to use the Name of Jesus, and I …


SID: You were a little baby believer at this point.


RICHARD: Baby believer, I don’t know anything, and I start praying, my mouth is wired shut I said Jesus put feeling in my legs and I will get up and walk. And I heard an audible voice, a whisper, “Arise and walk.” And I said I know that is Jesus, I know that is you but I can’t walk I don’t have any feeling in my legs. He said, “You don’t walk by feeling you walk by faith.” And I said how do you walk by faith? He said, “You just trust me, stand up and walk.” And I locked the wheels on the wheelchair and I stood up.


SID: Wait, didn’t the doctor tell you that if you did that you would mess everything up?


RICHARD: Yes, he told me not to even push against anything even at the foot of the bed to scoot myself up, somebody had to move me.


SID: But you knew all of this, why did you stand up?


RICHARD: I wanted out of the wheelchair.


SID: Okay.


RICHARD: And I just trusted the voice of God, I knew it was Jesus because I knew the enemy

wasn’t going to tell me I could walk. And as I stood up I lost my balance and I began to run, and I ran through the living room and I am trying to grab a hold of something, nothing to grab hold of, open air, and I ran about thirty feet, grabbed hold of a door face, and I stopped myself, and is said Jesus I just ran out of a wheelchair I will never doubt you again. Then I looked around and I realized I was about thirty feet from my wheelchair and I said oh Jesus get me back to my wheelchair.


SID: I’m sure. What happened when the doctors saw you?


RICHARD: Well I went back to the doctors just a few weeks after that and the orthopedic surgeon could not believe that I had walked in his office. I actually walked in his office, I had no control over my walking and my aunt and uncle that I was living with at the time they rented me a walker because I just went through the house and grabbed hold of them, about knocked them down, they got me a walker. My mother bought me a walking stick, and I walk in his office with a walking stick and he cannot believe I am on my legs, His thought was you are going to break

and destroy everything that has been accomplished and I tell him but you don’t understand this is Jesus; this is the power of God. And I late picked up, a few days after that picked up an elderly man hitchhiking on the side of the road, took him 90 miles where he said he wanted to go, when he got out his little suitcase, he said to me real sad, “I wish I had a walking stick, I don’t have a walking stick, I left mine on the side of the road where you picked me up.” And I reached over and handed him mine, felt compassion for him, and I said I will get another one. And by the time I got halfway back home Hebrews 13:2 came up in my spirit and I grabbed the Bible and looked at it and read it, Beware lest you entertain angels unaware.” Well I got to my aunt and uncles home and I start chasing them through the house to tell them about this man that could have been an angel and I found out right them you could have a revelation from the Lord and everybody

else doesn’t get excited about it. But all of a sudden my aunt said, where is your walking stick, how come you are not limping anymore? And I looked down and I said I gave my limp away.

I never limped after that.


SID: There is such a presence of God in the studio, it is almost like even from the beginning, it is getting very heavy, what does God want to do right now Richard?


RICHARD: I believe that the Lord is wanting people to expect the unexpected, I believe the viewers that are watching and those that may even be able to get this in a loved ones hands, is that the can have this anointing in their home, in their lives, they can walk in this same anointing, in the same faith, that is available to you and I and we have to learn how to receive. I didn’t know how to receive.


SID: That’s really what I got out of your book, and I have to tell you I have read a lot of books

on healing but this is at a different level, did God tell you anything about this book?


RICHARD: he told me to write the book and told me that I was to write it to help his people understand how to receive, and every time he healed me he taught me something about healing, how to receive, how to expect, how to see others healed, how to receive healing from others, how to speak the word, how to stand on faith, how to proclaim what you are believing God to do. So many ways to receive from God and one day it may work this way and another day it may work another way.


SID: I can tell you how it is going to work right at this minute, right this second, God is telling me that there are people with problems in their hips, and in Jesus Name you are healed, whatever it takes, a miracle, be restored, just as Richard stopped limping you stop limping, in Jesus Name.

and someone’s back is, it is wonderful, any problem, you stand up and Richard will tell you, faith without a corresponding action is dead, you stand up and bend over, you will see the pain is gone and Richard, someone’s neck  was just healed also, is God showing you anything?


RICHARD: Well, you mentioned the hip, the first thing that came to my mind was the sciatic nerve, and I sense that there are people watching that had severe pain running down from the base of their hip down their leg, all the way to their foot, a burning sensation, irritating, even for a sheet to lay upon their foot, and that sciatic nerve is being healed and tat the irritation from the bone and around the nerve is being removed so that they won’t have any more complications from the pain in their legs.


SID: Now God has also opened up the gift of prophecy, you saw your wife before you married her, of course she saw you before you married her, you saw things that would happen in the world, according to my notes, you saw a lot of end time things, you saw the war in Iraq before it happened, God told you about some explosions.


RICHARD: Yes, in 1987 God began to speak to me about the year 89 and about an earthquake in California, and about a release of an anointing for Jewish people to return to their homeland.

Well I began to preach it, and I began to tell people that there would also be a war with Iraq.

Many thought I was crazy, it did happen, even in 89 earthquake in San Francisco, the Berlin wall fell, many hundreds of thousands of Jewish people went back to Israel, and of course we know just a few years after that Saddam Hussein was trying to take over Kuwait and the war that started there, Operation Desert Storm.


SID: What is he shown you that hasn’t happened yet?


RICHARD: Ezekiel chapter 38 and 39 is right on the verge of taking place, also Isaiah chapter 17.


SID: Which is, summarize it very quickly, what is that?


RICHARD: Ezekiel chapter 38 and 39 is when there is an invasion upon the Jewish people from the Arab world with a coalition backed by the Russian army and it speaks of that, how that he is going to bring all these armies together against Israel, and that is being set up even as we speak right now, and that is soon to happen just in the next short time.


SID: The other scripture you mentioned?


RICHARD: The other scripture is Isaiah chapter 17, which says Damascus, shall be come a ruin and heap and shall be no more.


SID: Is that going to happen soon?


RICHARD: That’s going to happen soon.


SID: Well let me tell you something there is also one more thing that is going to happen soon, and I am going to prophecy because God has shown me what, he has shown me that he loves you so much he doesn’t care what you have ever done because he sees the man and the woman that you could be, that he created you to be, if you tell God you are sorry for your sins you don’t need any classic prayer, you just humble yourself and say, God creator of the universe I’m sorry, and I believe the blood of Jesus washes away my sins, in your own words, and I make you Lord as best I can, I want to know you the way Richard knows you, I want to know you the way Sid does, and his guests know you, I want to have some peace. You have cried out I just need some peace. Well there is only one peace that is not in the world and it is not in people and it is not in money and it is not in things, it is only in intimacy with God. It is not religion, it is intimacy with God, I say you are ready to walk into the greatest adventure of your life.

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