SID: Hello Sid Roth here with Mary Jo Pennington, known as MaJo, and he granddaughter frequently goes to heaven. And what a blessing you have to be able to talk to here and what you told me is she doesn’t like to look up because when she looks up she is in heaven and I mean if she wants to be playing with her rabbits and her little horse’s she is like a normal, well she is 7 now, but it must be there is so many things in this book and experiences that she had and people are saying when they read this book heaven becomes so real to them, because it is in the eyes of a 4 year old, but how about music did she hear any music in heaven?

MARY JO: Well as a matter of fact just as she was leaving the little girls place she wanted to explore, she was looking for the boys section and she walked through glancing at there rooms she heard some music and she said it wasn’t like anything she had ever heard on earth it was really beautiful, beautiful music and she went and looked in a window and she saw that there was a teenage boy in there writing a song and Jesus was helping him and Jesus rainbow was actually changing the color of the room to different colors as it animated out from him it comes out it isn’t static it comes away from him in glory, the glory colors roar from him like they are alive and his room was changing colors, but they invited her in and she went in she had picked up some gold dust that is everywhere in heaven, she had some in her hand and as she went in Jesus and the teenage boy asked her to fix the old instrument he was playing because it was broken in two and she reached out with her hand with that gold dust in it and zoom, it went back together, that is how she said it, and then she and Jesus went to the throne room from there and as Jesus walked into the throne room he had this massively, large rainbow circling him and as the front edge of his rainbow touched the massive, awesome glory of God that emanate from him there two rainbows combined and it was like an explosion of color like fireworks and they more or less danced together they were like living colors and they more or less danced together and made fireworks, color she had never seen. And then she saw a place in front of the throne, it was like a lake and she said they were dancing on the water, she thought it was water and it was the Crystal Sea. And one day beside the pool, she stretched her arms out as though she was holding onto somebody on both sides of her and she did a very graceful, beautiful turning and wonderful dancing, much like the Hebrew dancing but they were doing this on the Crystal Sea, and she did that with them on the Crystal Sea.

SID: Did you, or did she get any insight as to what she is getting prepared for? I mean this is a highly unusual thing; she is highly favored.


SID: What is she being prepared for?

MARY JO: She made the statement not two weeks ago, I was sent back here to preach, I am going to be a preacher, I am going to be a lady pastor, but she knows that she is not ready yet, she says I don’t have the power yet. And I know God will let her know that when the power comes upon her and she will preach, but she is very private now.

SID: You know I am reminded of this you took her to a Messianic Jewish Synagogue and she saw the circle Jewish dances was it similar to what was in heaven?

MARY JO: Actually yes it was almost identical and when they had, when it was Hanukah, they had some songs in Hebrew up on a screen which we couldn’t see because there were very tall people in front of us and as they were dancing everybody in the congregation were singing these three songs in Hebrew, and she was singing every word in Hebrew and everybody on both sides of her could hear her and we have no idea how she knew that and later when questioning her she admitted she had sang those songs when she was on the Crystal Sea with the saints.

SID: My goodness speaking of Jewish songs you had the dream about Israel? Tell me about it.

MARY JO: Yes I did, I dreamed that my husband, myself, Victoria and her mommy Sandy were in Israel and we were about to go into Jerusalem and we were being bombed and a lot of people were hurt and we were hurt and we had hidden in this little garage and as we stepped out the atmosphere was thick like jell-o not quite as firm as jell-o but you could feel the atmosphere was thick you could see things floating in the atmosphere, like we could see the DNA and the cell and the atom and rainbows floating and a voice came out of the atmosphere saying “Drink in, open your mouth, drink in my protoplasm, drink in my DNA, drink in my atoms and cells and rainbows” and as we did we were pulling them to our mouths and opening our mouth and breathing them in and we were made totally whole all of our hurts were healed, we were made to feel so light and airy and full of energy that we could of floated to Jerusalem we were so airy and just so full of the holy spirit it was just an awesome experience in this dream I don’t know what that means but I do know that God’s presence is all around us at all times I believe that we are surrounded by his DNA that will heal us if we just receive it into our souls.

SID: You know one thought I am having as you are talking about this, I am talking thinking about the book of Ester. Remember Ester soaked for six months in oil of Maurer, and then six months in perfume and all the virgins were just soaking in this oil, and as Majo was sharing this  dream that she had I nearly believe that it is possible to soak in the presence of God and take you know I can vision this, I can vision you know if someone is going in for an operation they might put a mask on so that they will go asleep and what you do is you breath in deep, and when you breath this in, before you know it the bad stuff is all over, well I believe that is what Ester was really breathing in, that is what all of the virgins in the land were breathing in and that is what not just the people of Israel but were ever you live I believe it is possible for you to breath in rarefied air, what is this rarefied air? It is the air of heaven and when this life just comes into you it is like a river and it will heal wherever this river goes. I am reminded of Ezekiel, are you familiar with that where the water from the temple went up to the ankles and then to the knees and they had to swim I mean we are hearing such horrible things going on in the world we are hearing about potential nations that are going to bomb other nations we are hearing about bird flu, we are hearing about earthquakes and hurricanes and volcanoes we are hearing about things going on in the economy we are hearing things about terrorist, I mean you can hear enough stuff to go abistle musugar, that is crazy, but what if we could breath in the life of God. Why don’t you do that right now the life of God has a name in Hebrew it is Yeshua in English it is Jesus, just picture that mask going over your face and you are breathing in the life of God and you say thank you Yeshua and I believe that every time you breath in more of gods life wherever the river goes Ezekiel 47 tells us and wherever God goes there is life one more quick thought about heaven.

MARY JO: Well heaven has got so much joy, she spent so much time with the children, the children can jump into a rainbow and they can swim fly up to a cloud and on that cloud are waiting for them a lot of those little animals and they slide back down the other side of the slide and there are two different places she mentioned landing, she lands in piles of gold dust and sometimes they land in the river and just float down the river back to the baby place. But the essence of heaven is thicker, then the essence of earth, the air is thicker and the presence of God and Jesus is really thick and when she is on his lap it flows between God and her it is like a substance, when he says I love you Victoria a substance flows into her, and when she says I love you father it flows back to him. When she would say Jesus I love you, it would flow between them, she thought there cheeks would be wet because that substance the is all around them, it smells good, it taste good and she can hear angels in it.

SID: Listen God is good, have you been breathing in that rarefied air, it is in Yeshuas name there is life in his name, healing in his name.

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