SID: Hello, Sid Roth here with David and Anita Duggan. Now David, you are kind of a glutton for punishment, you decide after four months to marry Anita, who is facing federal charges for the biggest drug bust, a sting operation, they had all the proof against her, why did you marry her? 

DAVID: Well God brought us together; he gave us a love for each other that was very strong. 

SID: Yes, but if she is going to prison for the next couple of decades. 

DAVID: No, no, no, the Lord spoke to me very clearly as he can do with all of us who know him, and he told me in no uncertain terms with multiple confirmations, that she would not serve time in prison. So I had faith based on what God had said to me that if we went forward in obedience to God that the matter would be resolved without her serving time in prison. 

SID: Okay, Anita, what happened? 

ANITA: Well, one of the things that happened was the day that I took my marijuana, broke it up into little pieces and flushed it down the toilet, little, 

SID: How much value was that do you think? 

ANITA: A lot, who knows, it was a lot, it was several pounds, it was amazing the toilet didn’t clog up. 

SID: That proves there was a change in your life, because that was like, money! 

ANITA: It was, but I’ll tell you something that happened that was amazing. 

SID: What? 

ANITA: I had not even known the word yet, I had even read the Bible yet, because I was a brand new baby, born again Christian, all right. I received a word from God, he spoke to me and he said to me, “My word will I hide in your heart if you do not sin against me.” 

SID: That’s in the Bible; you didn’t read it? 

ANITA: I didn’t know it, David told me. I said God spoke to me after I got rid of all the marijuana, and I told him what the word was, and he said that’s in Psalms 119, and he opened up the Bible and showed it to me. And I said I heard a voice though, am I going crazy, he said no, that’s what happens when you give your life to God, he begins to speak to you, he regenerates your spirit. 

SID: Now, but you’re still facing this big, kind of bottom line, what happened as far as that big sentence, I mean? 

ANITA: Right, yeah, the bottom line was, is, again, one day crying out to God because I would not confess, I was listening to my attorney’s, my attorney’s kept saying don’t confess, don’t confess, we’ll get you off, and I wouldn’t confess, and one day I was reading the Bible and God spoke to me and said, “If you will confess your sin before man, I will publicly vindicate you.” And I held on to that scripture, And the attorney, our new attorney, we switched attorney’s, wound up going to the judge and saying, “You

Honor, I throw my defendant to the mercy of this court. She has turned from her ways, she has moved out of Miami, she has married a man who has never gotten in trouble, and she has embraced Christianity to the fullest. You Honor, please have mercy and let her go.” Which was he word God gave me. 

SID: What did he do? 

ANITA: He let me go. 

SID: What happened to the other ones that were charged? 

ANITA: They all went to prison, all five of them. 

SID: Now, for those of you that did not get the meaning of grace, you just got the meaning of grace. What is your definition of the meaning of grace? 

DAVID: Grace is unconditional love of God given to those who do not deserve it, and it comes because of the sacrifice that Jesus has made for us, God loves us, he wants to bless every one of us, and he has made that possible for us through the sacrifice of his only son, the Messiah, Jesus. 

SID: And you know what my favorite thing is, not a close second, hearing God’s voice, and you know what happened just as I said that, I just heard God’s voice, and he said there are people who have pain in their neck, if you’ll move your head you’ll see the pain is gone, there is another person with pain in your back, just bend over, you will see you’ll be healed, and migraine headaches, poof, it’s gone and, I like to use his Hebrew name, Jesus, his Hebrew name, Yeshua’s name, you literally work for a friend of mine that I have interviewed before, and I have his book here, Gary Oates, he teaches people how their spiritual eyes can be opened to see what God is already doing in heaven, on earth. Anita, you told me you gave this book, you give it to lots of people, what feedback do you get? 

ANITA: Well, I can give you one wonderful example. We have a woman who comes and stays at our house when we go to other countries. And she is very, very excited about angelic visitations. And she was laying in bed one night in our home and she got to the point where you pray the prayer about God opening your eyes and just fine tuning all of your senses in the spirit. 

SID: It really is a supernatural prayer. 

ANITA: It’s a fabulous prayer, it really is, and it bears great fruit in people’s lives, that’s what is so wonderful. Anyway, she prayed the prayers and went to sleep, and the Lord opened her up in the middle of the night, and there was an angel standing there, right at the doorway, staring at her, this woman, it changed her life. 

SID: You know both of you, because you walk in such a presence of God, both of you have seen so many miracles, the things that is mind-blowing to me is, you were telling me about you literally can see the glory or the manifest presence of God in a room. And you were in a hotel room and you were not the only one that saw it, briefly tell me what happened? 

DAVID: Yes, we were in Metazene, Colombia, and I was shaving in the bathroom, I was worshipping and interceding as I was listening to some Christian music, and when I finished and I stepped out into the hotel room, the room was full of smoke, and Sid, it wasn’t natural smoke, there was no smell of smoke, the density of the smoke was greater near the floor than it was at the ceiling, which is the exact opposite of natural smoke, and I went over and opened the window, there was so much smoke from the glory of God that it began to billow out the window, and I was actually looking outside to see if anybody was in the parking lot because I was concerned that they would think that there was a fire in the room. And as I was looking out, the phone rang, it was the desk from the hotel, my smoke alarm had gone off, they were calling and asking me is there a fire in your room? I said no, are you smoking in your room? No, your smoke alarm has gone off sir and we are very concerned and I said my room is full of smoke and I was laughing from the joy of the Lord, being in such a manifest presence of his glory. And they said well we are going to send up a maintenance engineer to check this out. In a couple of minutes a young man comes in, his eyes immediately gets as big as saucers, he sees the smoke just as Anita and I had seen it, he goes through the same process I did, he looks at the air conditioning vent to see if it’s being introduced into the room, no, he checks the smoke alarm, nothing is amiss there, he goes over, looks out the window to see if there is a fire outside that could have introduced the smoke, no, he asked me all the same questions, I tell him no fire, no smoking, and about that time Anita stepped out of the bathroom and she said to him, sir, this is a manifestation of the glory of God.  

SID: Did you hear that, someone that doesn’t even know God could see God’s presence? What would you give to hear God’s voice, to see God’s presence, to have no fear, to be immersed in the glory, the presence of God? You know in his presence you can’t be afraid of anything, if you tell God you are sorry for your sins and believe that Jesus died in your place, his blood will wash your sins away and He will become your Lord.


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