SID: Hello. Sid Roth here with Bruce Allen. And Bruce just said during the commercial break to me angels show up all the time and do outstanding things. Tell me again about what happened in Ireland.

BRUCE: This was in Belfast, Northern Ireland, about four years ago now. This was a leadership training for a ministry over there. This woman came in. Her name was Sharon Morrison. And we were teaching on the Christian’s birthright to be able to see clearly in the realm of the spirit. She was a little bit dubious. But when she came up for a prayer she came up and asked for a prayer for heart. She said, “I have had this heart condition for a number of years. I’m on medicine.” She said, “I don’t want a healed heart. I don’t want something that’s a refit. I want a new heart.” And I said, “Okay. God can do that.” And so as I stood there for a minute dialoging with the Lord and asked Him how to pray, I saw out of the corner of my right eye an angel walk into the room and he had a platter, a silver platter he was holding, and on that platter was a beating brand new heart. Well she saw me glance to the right, and so she looked and she was terrified. I mean, in Godly terror. Her eyes got as big as saucers and she closed them tightly. And I started laughing. I said, “Oh, you saw him, too.” And she didn’t speak again. The angel walked up and stood between us, so I backed up a step. It took the heart off the platter, put it into her chest and she said afterwards she felt his hand. Her heart stopped for one beat and she felt it moving in there, because she was squirming. And then I saw the angel reach lower and I thought, she didn’t tell me about that need. What had happened is he healed an abdominal situation as well at the same time.

SID: Now how did you know this?

BRUCE: She told me the story afterwards.

SID: Okay.

BRUCE: I saw what was taking place. But what she did after that experience, she didn’t say another word. I said, “Well we don’t have to pray. We’ll agree with what we saw the Lord doing.” She said, “Yes” and sat down. She went home that night and she threw out her heart medication, and she cooked something she hadn’t been able to eat in years because of the problem. She slept soundly for the first time in years. When she went back to the doctor she had a regular check-up for this heart condition. The doctor was astounded. He said, “What have you been doing? Your heart’s like new.” And she told the doctor what happened, and that’s when the doctor almost had a cardiac arrest. “Did you have withdrawal symptoms?” She said, “None.” And the doctor just threw up her hands and said, “Whatever you’re doing keep doing it.”

SID: So do you see people getting new body parts often like this?

BRUCE: I do.

SID: What happened in Singapore?

BRUCE: Singapore was a little bit different. We were ministering at a church and this lady who had invited us to minister at this youth group was there, and after we ministered to the youth and prayed for them, she said, “I want prayer, too.” She said, “But I’m not gonna name anything.” Well I knew from an acquaintance what was going on, but I asked the Lord, “What do you want me to do?” He said, “I just want you to take the sword of the spirit and pierce her heart.” Now that sounds a little bit strange.

SID: It’s like a prophetic act.

BRUCE: It was a prophetic act. So when he says things like that I just do it. It looks foolish to man.

SID: Listen, you get those kind of results, go for it.

BRUCE: Absolutely. And so I did that. When I did that she fell down, and what happened is the power of God touched her body which caused it to short circuit. She fell down. When she got up she said, “Oh that was great, super.” We found out afterwards via the friend that new her that the brain cancer was gone.

SID: That is so phenomenal. Now we talked about the seventh day that the promises are going to speed up. But what I think of the seventh of day or the Sabbath I think of rest. What does that mean to us practically if we’re entering the morning of rest?

BRUCE: I’m glad you asked that. The day of rest speaks of ceasing from our own works, just as God did from His. That’s in Hebrews. What that says is that we have to learn to be led of the spirit and stop being led of a program or a formula. Those things at the worst can lead to stagnation and witchcraft, but at best will cause people to just get stuck in a rut. But if we learn to be at rest by doing what he says to do when he says to do it, how he says to do it, we will see an acceleration and the fulfillment of all of these promises and we’ll see greater creative miracles, signs and wonders.

SID: It seems to me when the Messiah says over and over again, “Fear not” or “Be at peace” that there is a supernatural, this is what I’ve been pondering lately, there’s a supernatural place and it’s called peace, and we can walk into that place. And is that not the morning of the seventh day rest that you’ve been talking about?

BRUCE: Absolutely. That’s a facet of it. Rest and peace are a little bit different. But on the whole that is exactly what God is saying. The more you trust somebody, the more peace and rest you have around that person. So the seventh day also speaks of a tremendous revelation of intimacy with God. We’re coming into that place of such intimacy with God. The things of this life pale in comparison when you’ve seen the Lord. And when you see what He’s prepared for us in that realm you’re not worried about looking foolish to man. You’re not worried about pleasing man. You’re not worried about reputation. You’re doing this because you love God, because you have an audience of one.

SID: You know, I’m thinking of the scripture that says, “Yet once more I’m going to shake this earth,” and those that are not on a firm foundation when it shakes guess what happens? You’re going to fall. However, those that have entered into that morning of the seventh day rest, they’re gonna literally be in a euphoric state of peace and intimacy with God. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

BRUCE: It’s a bastion of peace. I like to provoke people this way. The worst the world can do is threaten us with heaven. So it’s win-win.

SID: Okay. Are you ready to win-win? Me, too. Don’t go away. You’re going to find out. As a matter of fact I’m going to ask Bruce to pray for you when we come back. We’ll be back right after this.

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