SID: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. My guest, Tony Kemp, was just like you and now he’s moving in such miracles. I mean, he had one meeting in which seven deaf people got their hearing back. Tony, you went how long without seeing miracles like this? You’ve been in ministry how long?

TONY: At that time before that miracle, I had been in a ministry 26 years. I had received the Messiah Jesus in 1972. I had become a deacon, which means you’re serving in the church. I had become a youth pastor, which means you work with young people. Several years I had become the associate pastor, a parish pastor, which means you met the needs the people in the church, and preached the Good News concerning Jesus the Messiah for years. Saw maybe in 26 years, maybe a hundred people receive Jesus into their hearts. I had prayed for many sick people, Sid, but only saw maybe ten people healed. And the ten that I did see healed by Jesus had stomachaches, back aches. No serious diseases like the blind, the deaf, the crippled.

SID: So you know what a lot of people do, Tony, when that occurs? They come up with new theology. And the new theology is God’s not doing the same thing today that He did back then. I don’t quite understand it, but He’s not. But you didn’t come up with that. You came up with something is wrong and how in the world did you start watching “It’s Supernatural” television?

TONY: Well I began with looking at the ministry of the Messiah Jesus. I began to look in the Bible the Word of God and what it says. I looked at the Book of Acts and what it said the apostles did. And then I began to go on a search. And when I was searching, Sid, I came across your program and I began to listen to your interviews with your various guests. And I began to see what God was doing for them, and what God was doing in them and through them. And the thing that struck me was that they were just ordinary people. There didn’t seem to be anything extraordinary about them. And I thought, these people are like me and look what God is doing for them, in them and through them. And if God can use them God can use me. And so what I did, Sid is I actually went on the Internet and I began to watch your program five to eight hours a day. And I began to be saturated in it.

SID: How many days a week?

TONY: Five days a week, easily.

SID: That was a full time job.

TONY: Yes, absolutely. And I was a full time pastor. And the people in my congregation and the other ministers who work with me, they understood that I was chasing God. And so nobody complained because we want our pastor to actually know God and get a hold of God. And so they understood. So nobody complained. What happened is after, you know, maybe a couple of years they began to see the results of my chasing God.

SID: Okay. So he sees one of my guests and he relates to the fellow. And he said, “Boy, I’d like to meet him.” And a series of circumstances occur that he has lunch with this particular guest. And what did you ask him at lunch, Dr. Renny McClean? That was who he had lunch with.

TONY: Well first, I saw him on your program and he made this statement: “You court the Lord Jesus through his worship.” And when he made that statement that struck a chord in me. And so I knew this pastor. This pastor was also a businessman. I couldn’t believe it. They were asking me to actually call Dr. McLean office, talk with his wife. Dr. McLean changed his flight schedule, I’m a total stranger, just to meet with me. And so we actually brought a tape recorder, set it down at the table and said, “Talk to us about the supernatural.” And so that’s what occurred.

SID: And then after that you had a speaking assignment. And did you have a clue that something so supernatural was gonna happen?

TONY: Well one of the things that Dr. McLean stressed was you court the Lord through worship. And essentially what that means is, is the Lord inhales your praise, He exhales His presence. He inhales your worship, He exhales His glory. And in the presence and the glory of God is when miracles happen. And so I just began sharing the Word that Jesus is a healer, a miracle worker, and that God does miracles today. And so people began to hear the Word. And there were seven deaf people in the service who came forward and I prayed for them in the name of the Messiah Jesus, and instantly ever single one of them heard. Now Sid that stuff never happened to me before. But I began to say the Word works. What I’m reading about in the Word of God, in the life of Jesus the Messiah I’m now seeing in my own life. And so when I heard the people that you interviewed talk about it, now it was my experience.

SID: And one of the things that is so wonderful is the way God had prepared Tony to stand and worship. Now when you and I think of worship we think of a church service where there is worship and then there is announcements, and then there’s offering, and then there is the message. But Tony, that’s not what God’s showing you, is it?

TONY: Right. Whenever we follow the teachings of the Messiah Jesus and do his work, everything we do is worship. So if I pray to the Father in the name of Yeshua, that’s worship. If I praise God, that’s worship. If I just tell God, I love you in the name of the Messiah Jesus, that’s worship. But then when I just love my wife, because the Word of God says, “Husbands love your wives,” God considers that as worship. If I love my natural child or my spiritual children, because Jesus said, “In the very same way I’ve loved you, love one another,” God considers that worship. And so the Word of God says this, that whatever you do–talking, living, life–do it in the name of the Messiah Jesus and to God’s glory. And that’s all worship.

SID: So what I’m hearing you say is worship is walking in love 24-7.

TONY: Yes.

SID: That’s what Tony is saying. But I have to tell you Tony, I don’t meet too many people that walk in love like you do. How do you walk in such love? I mean, give me some clues.

TONY: Okay. What happened Sid was, in1989, I had an experience with God that changed my life.

SID: Hold that thought. We’ll be right back after this word.

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