Sid:  Now all this week John Paul Jackson, I have been talking a little bit about the bonus CD were offering with the two disk set and its different teaching on each.  One is a CD and one is a DVD called “Keys to Receiving God’s Justice” and that is so important, that’s why we have been emphasizing it.  But I am so amazed of what you captured on this CD called “Naturally Supernatural.”  You’re talking about the supernatural and God decides to back you up.  This was in 1997 in South Hampton, England.  Tell me what happened.

John Paul:  Well, I was teaching on light on some of the experiences I had.  James talks about God is the Father of Lights and John talks about God being a Light.  And so I was talking about those issues and some experiences I had had with just angelic and light you know, coming in lights and I’m not sure what the lights are all the times; there’s just things but God doesn’t tell everything. I was talking about this and the biblical nature of that and how Paul, it was in the Upper Room and he heals.  This little boy falls out the window but before the little boy falls out the window it says its midnight and there were many lights in the room.  Now, we would typically gloss over that but I asked the question.  If it’s midnight, and we were holding a midnight meeting would we say that it was midnight and all the lights in the room were turned on.  And so I began to investigate that whole issue.  What are all of those lights mean?  It basically means luminaries, and so with luminaries I think, luminaries oh my goodness I’m talking about this and you know, bringing this up to the people, there’s about 400 people there in this afternoon setting.  And so I’m talking to them and all of a sudden, people start pointing up at the ceiling behind me and I turn around and I see some lights.  There are about 400 people or so are seeing these lights and their flying all around they start flying all around the room and I keep trying to talk and…

Sid:  I have heard of one person seeing this.  I have heard of several people seeing this but there were 400 people in the meeting and when I hear that CD it sounds like all 400 people are saying oooh, ah I mean it’s their thrill that they are amazed. 

John Paul: We were all amazed.  It was one of those moments that you say I wish I could have it all the time.  And you don’t know why God chooses that particular moment but when you hear the CD I have heard people say, warn.  You need to put a warning label on this do not play while driving your car. 

Sid:  (laughter)

John Paul:  Something happens when you hear this.

Sid: Besides seeing those lights, there were other things that went on that evening.  Tell me.

John Paul:  There were, well people began to come down out of the balcony.  There was a holy; it was a combination of the Holy Presence of God and this awe and amazement at the same time.  And people were falling out of their chairs; just literally the Presence of God was coming on them; they were falling out of their chairs and laying on the floor and some were crying and weeping and others were yelling and ecstatic at what they were seeing; and after people started coming out of other classrooms down the hallway, because there was other breakout sessions that were going on that afternoon. They could hear me clear down the hallways and they begin to come out of their classrooms to find out what was going on.

Sid: Describe to me what someone might have seen at that meeting.

John Paul:  People have told me, and I also saw this as well, I saw like balls of light that were solid colors and brilliant colors.  But we also saw balls of light that had rainboweste type of color in them.  We saw a large bar that was like 30’ wide and 4” to 6” thick just go from the front of the auditorium back behind me over everybody’s heads to the back of the auditorium of the church.  And then back over my head and into the curtain and it seems like as that bar moved across the room, almost like a rainbow of light in a way the other lights just got even more active. Their being flying at a faster rate, I mean Sid we are talking 100’s of lights here at one point that had entered into the room that were flying everywhere.  It is like effervescent…

Sid:  I would have loved to have been able to give the altar call after a manifestation of God’s presence like that.  Could you picture, if that had been a meeting of all unsaved people and you gave a simple altar call?

John Paul:  Oh my, oh my.  Well I needed to share this.  There was about six people who came up to me afterwards after it was all done who came up to me and said John Paul we didn’t see anything.  Now they weren’t sitting together, they didn’t know each other and they said we didn’t we see anything?  I said, bless your heart because you didn’t see proves that I didn’t make it happen.  It wasn’t some laser light show that happened.  It wasn’t something that I conjured up.  You didn’t see it God used you to prove that it was him.  Because if everybody would have seen it then somebody could have said, well he just made that happen through lasers or something; but because you didn’t see it that removed that issue.  Believe me, God will make up to you.  He will make up to you.  You didn’t see this but He will show you something else that will be equal to this in your life.  It will change you; you will be changed.  You were used by the Lord to prove that it was Him. 

Sid:  And then the next morning, you had about double the people at your meeting.  You had about 800 people showed up and what happened?

John Paul:  Well, it happened again.  It happened again but only for about half the length of time this time but it happened again.  Now the other time it happened for over an hour.  This happened for about twenty to thirty minutes. And it happened again and people were doing the same thing.  It was just the awesome presence of God entered into room.

Sid: You know what? I think that people are thinking as they are listening to us John Paul how outrageous but I believe that just before the Messiah comes; probably people that have an eleventh hour ministry; which is what the angel prophesized to your mother you would have; there are going to be signs and wonders that people of our generation have never seen before.

John Paul:  Yea, the scripture passage that says “Eyes have not seen ears that have not heard nor entered into the heart of any man the things that God has prepared for those that loved Him,”  I believe will be fulfilled.  Right now, we’ve limited it to if we can think of it, or if it is logical or tangible then it can be God. Which is a Aristotelian mindset but the day will come when we’ll realize that if we can’t think of it we have just limited God.  It is beyond what we can think.  It is beyond what we can imagine.  It has never entered into our heart the things that God wants to do for those that are seeking after him who love him with all their heart.

Sid:  You know, a lot of people read in Revelation and other books about and in the gospels about false signs but you can’t have a false sign unless a counterfeit of something authentic. Where’s the authentic? Where’s the beef?  I want to see beef, the real thing.

John Paul:  That’s where I’m at, I want to see the real thing and I want to see more of it and I want to see it consistently.  That’s my cry the cry of my heart.

Sid:  Well, I understand these lights have almost followed you as you speak about God.  But the thing that intrigues me even more is when a light comes upon an individual and then perhaps their healed or you have a prophetic word for them.  How does this work?

John Paul:  I’m not sure exactly how it works other than you know that it’s God.  He shines a light, it is almost like you would take a, in some cases you take a flash light and you would shine it  on an individual and then he starts talking to me about that person.  I will call that person out of the congregation and tell them what either the Lord has shown me or spoke to me.  So He illumines them, that’s what I call it.  He illumines them.  Some may have a light over them. Some may have a light on them. Some may radiate with a light.  Some may have like a rainbow type of light over them.

Sid:  Tell me one person that comes to mind, not necessarily their name but what you saw and what you said to them.

John Paul:  I just got a letter from a lady who lives near Dayton, Ohio, I’ll just leave it at that I didn’t get her permission.  She was barren.  I saw a light over her and in the light it talked about her bareness.  It talked about her family issues that she had gone through, it talked about her childhood.  It talked about how she had said that she didn’t want any children if they would have to go through the same thing she had to go through and she was barren.  She couldn’t have any.  I called her out, had her stand up and told her those issues because I saw the light shining down on her like a cylinder of light like amberesque type of light shinning down on her.  I called her out and said you will bare a son, within a year you will have a son and this is what will happen to your son.  And he will have a prophetic gift and he will be a champion in the end time army of God; and he will start having this gift at a very young age of four to five year of age this type of thing will begin to happen to him.  He will have dreams, he will have encounters etc.  She writes me and said I just wanted to tell you this is what happened.  Exactly what you said was true.  The baby you said would come; my heart was healed that night as you spoke to me.  My husband and I we conceived a baby, within 10 months later they gave birth to this little baby boy.  At four years of age he had his first angelic encounter and he is now 12 years of age and has been seeing angels and hearing things of the Lord. I’ll give you what has happened and it has saved our family from financial distress on three occasions and we are prospering because of the word of the Lord spoken through you and my son is living proof of what you said.

Sid:  Well what you said a little earlier in the week about the financial bubble bursting in what, the next year in America.  People need desperately need your teaching on God’s justice.  It’s called “Keys to receiving God’s Justice.”  There’s a CD and a completely different teaching on the DVD but the most important thing is that it teaches you how to understand this and then how to implement God’s plan for justice in your life.  The bonus is his teaching in England called “Naturally Supernatural” it’s a CD. It’s almost like your there when the lights are happening.

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