SID: Hi. Sid Roth here with Rick Joyner and a pretty sobering program. Rick, there are some serious things going on in the United States of America. From your dream you saw the foundation all over being attacked. But then you got a call from a friend of yours that’s an orthodox Jewish rabbi that had a dream, that was confirmation to you. Explain.

RICK: Yeah. It was quite a startling dream. He had it on the evening of October 29th, and he saw this huge bear. And, you know, to cut right to the chase, it was a bear market that preceded 1929. In his dream it was much larger than the bear that was struck in 1929, which he also saw in this dream.

SID: Well ’29 was a pretty bad bear market.

RICK: Yes.

SID: This is going to be worse, is what he saw?

RICK: That’s what he saw. Now both of these dreams, mine, too, with the entire foundation, I don’t think the Lord would have said, “Get your wife, get the hose,” if we could not put that fire out, if we couldn’t stop this from happening. And I think the same with him, he was shown in this dream a gun that was used to kill the 1929 bear, which was basically the Lord’s kingdom is coming, to have that faith, to have that peace, and seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness. Those scriptures were, you know, they were burned into that gun. They were engraved into it and the gun that shot the first bear, well he said, in this dream, he was told, “You can kill this bigger bear with the same gun.” We have to seek God’s kingdom above everything else. That is the only answer.

SID: So you know the credentials of Rick Joyner. I’m just finding out about this orthodox Jewish rabbi that believes in Jesus, that I mean, he lives by faith. What did he tell you about money materializing?

RICK: He went through a period of time where he would open his Bible. Of course, he reads the Hebrew Bible and he reads the Greek one, and every time there’s money it. Now it was not possible for anyone to slip in and put money in the situation. He kept emailing me and saying, “This is incredible.” Money is appearing in my Bibles. And this went on for a long period of time, and I think it was a sign. But, you know, the Lord did that. He told Peter, “Go get this fish and you’ll find the money in the fish.”

SID: Okay. How have these two dreams changed your life, Rick Joyner?

RICK: Well they were so, so brief. I mean, what I saw in my own dream is like planted. It was so real. I remember it like a real experience, not like a dream. And it’s just branded on me. And I feel that God has, you know, shown me that the foundation that he put in our country, he’s had me on a search of that in the last few years to really see His handy work in His hand, and He’s just planted something and we can’t lose this country. He really has a destiny that we have not yet fulfilled in this country. But we will lose it if the church does not wake up and does not speak the truth with clarity, with boldness, without compromise.

SID: Okay. Rick, a lot of people are enthusiastic that there’s going to be some solutions for this country in the political arena. What do you think?

RICK: Well I thank God that Christians are waking up and becoming the salt and light we’re called to be. When he said, “Go into all the world,” it wasn’t just geographical. We’re supposed to be getting, Christians should be going into government, business and, you know, entertainment, the arts, everything as missionaries, and I think this is happening. So I am very thankful that Christians are awakening and getting engaged and involved. But I think many of the ultimate issues are already beyond human remedy. We’ve got to have God to make it through what’s coming. We’ve got to seek first the kingdom. That doesn’t mean we’re not engaged in politics and that doesn’t have some of the answers. But we need wisdom from above. We need Josephs and Daniels, prophetic voices in the ear of our political leaders, government leaders and everything else, or we really aren’t gonna make it through the times.

SID: Now tell me a bit about Islam and the Islamization of Paris, of England, which to me is kind of like a preview of what’s going to happen in the United States.

RICK: Well it is remarkable.

SID: Unless–

RICK: Unless we wake up.

SID: Correct.

RICK: One thing, you know, we’re supposed to understand the times. The Lord called them hypocrites who did not understand the signs of the times or who understood the weather better. We are supposed to understand. You cannot understand the modern world without understanding Islam. And yet we’ve been made to think you can’t understand it. Don’t touch it. You know, that’s Islamaphobia. But the whole country is waking up to know we have to understand this issue. It’s not just a religion. It is a totalitarian form of government called Sharia Law that they’re seeking to impose on every nation on earth. That is what jihad is about. It’s not just getting people to convert to Islam. They just assume you didn’t convert because, you know, according to that doctrine and in their book you either become a convert to Islam or you become a slave, or they have the right to kill you. So they would just assume have plenty of slaves. But we really need to understand what this religion is all about. It’s not just a religion. It’s using religion for domineering and also, I think, in the same spirit of seeking to wipe out the Jewish people. That we have to realize that they are operating in the same spirit that rose up in the ‘30s and ‘40s in Europe, and this is happening all over the world.

SID: Okay. We see what’s happening in Islam. We see what’s happening in the United States of America. We see the foundation of the whole United States is shaking and about ready to collapse. Is there real hope, in your opinion, real hope?

RICK: Absolutely. Absolutely. All these things, God is not sitting in Heaven wringing his hand over any of this. Now He says the heavens and the heavens of the Lord, the earth he’s given into the hands of the sons of men. So, you know, the Holy Spirit is the helper, not the doer. He expects us to get engaged, but He will help us. He can change all of this, turn all of this into a great victory for the truth, a great victory for His people and His kingdom, and everything else, but we have to get engaged. He won’t do things on the earth until we pray. He said, “The heavens are mine, but I gave you the earth. I’ll help you, but you’ve got to ask me.”

SID: You know what I believe? I believe we’re about ready to have, Rick, the greatest revival the world has ever seen, and I believe that the United States of America’s days are not finished. But the balance, as Rick is saying, is up to the sleeping giant. Will the sleeping giant lay down their differences? Will the sleeping giant put God’s kingdom first as opposed to their kingdom? Do you know something? Jesus didn’t start with a whole lot of people. He started just with a dozen, a dozen men and women that no God, Rick, I believe could change this earth. I believe we’re about ready have a tsunami, a major tsunami of God’s spirit, and you can be a part of it as long as Jesus is your Lord. If not, do something right now. You know what to do.

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